Debut Adventure Comics #210 (March 1955)
Created by Otto Binder & Curt Swan
Portrayed by see In other media
AKA Superdog
Classification Kryptonian canine
Affiliation Legion of Super-Pets
Abilities standard Kryptonian

Krypto is Superman ‘s frank, a canine-like species from the planet Krypton .


The original Krypto

As explained in his first base appearance, Krypto was primitively the toddler Kal-El ‘s frank while they were on Krypton. Jor-El, testing prototypes for the rocket that would finally send Kal-El to Earth, decided to use Krypto as a test subject. however, Krypto ‘s rocket was knocked off-course ; the skyrocket drifted through space for years until it finally landed on Earth, where Krypto was reunited with the now-teenaged superhero, Superboy.

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Like all descendants of Krypton under a scandalmongering sunlight and lower graveness environment ( vs. Krypton ‘s crimson sunday and arduous graveness ), Krypto possessed the same powers and abilities as his master, although his physical abilities were harmonious to his smaller size and species, similar to an ordinary andiron vs. a homo. Krypto besides had super-canine news ( approximately human flat, though with his canine traits and interests still present ) ; the comics expressed this via the use of thought balloons indicating what Krypto was thinking. Krypto was drawn as a blank frank of generic pedigree. When fighting crime, he normally wore a aureate collar, a miniature fax of the celebrated Superman- ” S ” symbol for a dog tag, and a dog-sized version of Superman ‘s cape. When not accompanying Superboy/Superman, Krypto spent much of his clock romping through distance ; while on Earth, however, he stayed with the Kent kin, posing as their pet chase, “ Skip ”. In that identity, his guardians applied a brown dye patch on his back for a disguise which Krypto could burn off with his heat imagination when he went into costume. Krypto had the distinction of belonging to not one but two organizations of super-animals ; the thirtieth century Legion of Super-Pets, and the Space Canine Patrol Agency. In the final ( noncanonical ) pre-Crisis Superman fib, Alan Moore ‘s Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow ?, Krypto sacrificed his biography to save Superman by biting the throat out of the Kryptonite Man. The villain died, but Krypto was irradiated by him and died american samoa well. In Superboy # 126 ( Jan 1966 ) “ Krypto ‘s Family Tree ”, Krypto ‘s founder ‘s name was given as Zypto, his grandfather as Nypto and his great-grandfather as Vypto .

The modern Krypto

Pocket universe Krypto

Following the 1985-1986 crisis on Infinite Earths limited series, Superman ‘s history was extensively rewrite, initially eliminating all other survivors of Krypton in the revised adaptation of his lineage, including Krypto, thus as to once again make the precede that Superman was in truth the “ last son of Krypton ” a valid one. This rewrite has in fact been dubbed by some as “ krypto-revisionism ”. finally, however, Krypto ( in respective forms ) was reintroduced to the Superman mythos, the first being as basically an claim transcript of the pre-crisis Krypto existing in a pocket universe created by the Time Trapper. In this early Post-Crisis storyline, Superman found himself in this pocket universe in which, similar to the Pre-Crisis Earth-Prime of Superboy Prime, his adolescent counterpart was the merely superhuman on Earth. Combating the genocidal forces of the three Phantom Zone criminals, this alternate Superboy had an intelligent Krypto counterpart adenine well, who heroically sacrificed his powers for his passkey. This was the same pouch reality from which the “ Matrix ” Supergirl originated .

Krypto and Bibbo

The second modern Krypto was a minor white pet pawl, rescued, and late named by Bibbo Bibbowski. originally, Bibbo had wanted to name the cad Krypton after Superman ‘s home planet. however, the engraver of the pawl chase ( knowing that Bibbo had recently won the lottery ) intentionally dropped the letter “ nitrogen ” ( “ Six letters or less for 1 dollar ” ), so he was trying to extort more money from Bibbo ; an angry Bibbo refused to comply and renamed the cad as Krypto. soon after, the dog found two people who had been trapped in a bomb calorimeter shelter for a calendar month following Superman ‘s battle with Doomsday. They were barely animated but would make it. He was subsequently acquired by the modern Superboy, Kon-El ; however, this interpretation of Krypto was an ordinary earth cad with no superpowers, and the andiron and Kon-El did n’t get along at all. The cad was finally dropped from the series, remaining in Hawaii when Superboy returned to Project Cadmus .

The dog from Krypton

The third gear and more familiar interpretation of Krypto was introduced in the early 2000s Superman comics, as a pawl from a false, idealize Krypton ( that coincidentally resembled the pre-Crisis Krypton ) that was created as a trap by one of Superman ‘s enemies ; Superman was able to defeat the trap, and when he returned to Earth, Krypto followed him. This newfangled version of Krypto has all the physical abilities of his pre-Crisis predecessor, but with a normal canine reason, which initially caused a bang-up deal of trouble for his new master when, for exemplify, he would scratch at a doorway to indicate he wanted to go out and unintentionally gouged big chunks out of the doorway with his super-strength, or inflicting grave bodily damage when battle villains ( since Krypto bites the direction a regular canine would, merely without being careful about his super-strength ). As a leave, Krypto was for some time locked away in the Fortress of Solitude under the care of one of Superman ‘s robots programmed to emit the perfume of the cad ‘s real master. Superman has gone to bang-up lengths to train the frump, and he now occasionally accompanies the valet of Steel on missions. Batman never misses an opportunity to poke playfulness at Krypto when Batman and Superman do n’t see eye-to-eye.

Krypto had a amazingly crimson chemical reaction to Kara Zor-El when he first gear encountered her. The chase happened upon the girl while she was exploring the Fortress of Solitude and attacked, going therefore army for the liberation of rwanda as to use his heat vision and other potentially deadly attacks. Around this time Krypto operated on his own for a shortstop period of time, helping out when disasters rocked the planet because of the plans of the invade Imperiex. Some prison term late, Superman left Krypto in Superboy ‘s care, saying that Smallville ‘s overt spaces were a better place for the dog, and that Superboy could use a friend ( as shown in the 2003 Teen Titans # 7 ). Their kinship had a rickety get down, not helped by Krypto getting Superboy in trouble with the superheroine Starfire for destroying her alien garden. however, they have lento developed a close friendship, in which Krypto willingly does anything he can to protect Conner. One exemplar of this commitment was Krypto ‘s agile defense of Conner from an outraged Superboy-Prime. Although Krypto was injured, this only strengthened his relationship with Conner. With the end of Superboy during the Infinite Crisis limited serial, it has not however been revealed what has happened to Krypto and who cares for him in the current DC Universe, One year belated. He was primitively supposed to return in Superman # 659, but it has been held up for nameless reasons .

Alternate versions

In the Elseworlds floor JLA : The Nail Krypto is an early on product of an experiment in splicing Kryptonian deoxyribonucleic acid to Earth creatures. He has a huge distended center and pseudopods emerging from his back, creating a resemblance to Starro. In DC One Million, Krypto is a ringer of the master and drawing card of the Legion of Executive Familiars in the 251st century. His Kryptonian powers have been increased to the ninth power. A super-powered Krypto with a canine temperament appeared in All Star Superman # 6.

In other media

inspire serial

Krypto ‘s first base appearance outside the world of comics was as a companion of Superboy in the 1966 television cartoon The New Adventures of Superman. One scenery of the Batman : The Animated Series episode “ bass freeze ” had a group of automatic toys which all resembled classical comic script characters, Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzptlk and Streaky the Supercat and one of the toys resembled Krypto. Krypto besides appeared as a puppy on Krypton in the first episode of the 1990s acid : The Animated Series, in the episode “ The final Son of Krypton : share 1 ” although he is not named. In the episode “ Bizarro ‘s World ”, Bizarro enters the Fortress of Solitude and releases a total of alien animals kept there, including a reptile creature he named Krypto. The animated serial Legion of Superheroes has on more than one juncture featured creatures of the like design as Bizarro ‘s Krypto, but larger. In the Justice League Unlimited episode For the man Who Has Everything Krypto appears as a positron emission tomography of Superman ‘s imagine son Van-El. This Krypto is depicted as having no powers ( as he is calm on Krypton ) but differently looks similar to other versions of Krypto but without a costume. In April 2005, Cartoon Network debuted Krypto in his own series, Krypto the Superdog, teaming him with boyfriend animal superheroes Streaky the Supercat, the Dog Star Patrol, and Ace the Bat-Hound. In this series, Krypto lives with a young son in a Metropolis suburb, and fights crime against respective foes, including a space cyborg feline named Mechanikat and his feline agents ( including his buddy, the evil genius foreigner kitten Snooky Wookums ), the Joker ‘s darling hyenas Bud and Lou, The Penguin ‘s trained birds ( Artie the Puffin, Griff the Vulture, Waddles the Penguin ), Catwoman ‘s guy Isis, and Ignatius, a darling common iguana of Superman enemy Lex Luthor. This interpretation of Krypto shares the origin of the foremost Krypto, having been launched by Jor-El from Krypton in a similar turn of events, but he did not arrive till after Superman was already grown. otherwise, the display is an original interpretation created barely for this series, and is not based on any of the previous comedian reserve versions. A detectable change from the original is that this Krypto can talk, as can all of his other animal friends and enemies, and can be understood by his boy caretaker, Kevin, through the use of an ear-implanted interpreter. Krypto used to be a beloved frank, and Superman ‘s best acquaintance. In this continuity, Superman knows wide well about Krypto ‘s being but he decided that it was best the frank last out with Kevin, particularly after he realized how they had bonded already .


Krypto has so far to appear in an episode of Smallville. however, in episode 4-14 ( “ Krypto ” ) of the 2000s television receiver series Smallville, the express introduced a gold retriever with lastingness like Clark Kent ‘s. This chase had originated from an experiment with Kryptonite. Clark Kent kept the frank, and considered naming him “ Krypto ” ( Lois asked why that mention, Clark responded it was because of his cabalistic origins ). Lois disliked the name telling him, “ You can name your future cad Krypto ”. and he finally named him “ Shelby, ” after one of Martha ‘s honest-to-god dogs. even though he was a male andiron, Clark felt it was a better identify over Lois ‘ choice : “ Clarkie. ” Shelby besides appeared as Clark Kent ‘s grow frank in the four-part comedian Superman For All Seasons. This name was used because Superman For All Seasons ‘s artist Tim Sale has a dog named Shelby.

Superman Returns

A dog lives with Martha on the Kent farm in Superman Returns, but he is not named, nor is there any evidence that he is of Kryptonian origin. In fact the chase does n’t look like Krypto at all as he is a golden retriever there for it could be assumed that he must be Shelby or Rusty .
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