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dame Deadpool is a female adaptation of Deadpool from the understudy reality Earth-3010, named Wanda Wilson. Out of a motivation to belong and feel wanted, she joins the side of a group of rebels fighting against loyalists in the United States ( a situation started by factions within the government by fascists and from choose states seceding ) .


Wanda Wilson was created by the creative team of writer Victor Gischler and artist Rob Liefeld .

Major Story Arcs

Wanda is a relatively cloistered person, not wanting to go out into the sun until her cable goes out. once outside she is hired by Shamus Onus to protect the face of some “ Rebel ‘s Force. ” Wanda promptly falls in sexual love with the fail actor turned Rebel Leader Charles Randolph, who happens to already have a girlfriend .Lady Deadpool (One-Shot)Lady Deadpool (One-Shot) Wanda continues to try and impress Charles one manner or another. Lucky for Charles she was there when a identical angry man, who had been left by his wife and kids because they wanted to follow the rebellion, decided to assault Charles with his brake shoe. Wanda is there to intercept the shoe with her expression. She lost several teeth in the procedure but considered it worth it. After she blows the man to “ smithereens ” Charles romantically lifts her from the floor, cementing in Wanda ‘s thinker the estimate that they ‘re meant to be together.

Determined to be with Charles, Wanda interrupts an intimate here and now between Charles and “ Ginger ”, the aforesaid girlfriend, which is then interrupted in twist by General America. Wanda begins to refuse to let that happen but Ginger assaults her with a Taser, rendering her helpless. General America takes Charles to a mystery compound and Onus succeeds in persuading Wanda to rescue him by offering her a ready meal of spill the beans deep-dish pie and shepherd ‘s pie. Of class she takes the job, and ends up fighting General America for her sleep together again. General America is leading the loyalists and Wanda heads an rape against forces in Washington D.C. The two have met before – leading to Deadpool ‘s intervention ( with Headpool ) and the amputation of the General ‘s right arm. As the two meet again, he starts to get the better of her but Deadpool teleports in and helps Wanda take out General America. Deadpool inform Wanda of the predicament at hand and because she is so easily wheedle into things, she cursorily accepts and the two teleport out of that universe. late, when Deadpool returned to his apartment with Headpool, Lady Deadpool is found playing Guitar Hero with Kidpool .

Powers and Abilities

Being the alternate universe version of Deadpool, Wanda Wilson besides has incredible athletic ability and fighting art. She is skilled with firearms and besides has Deadpool ‘s incredible heal factor. It is assumed that she has all the lapp powers as Deadpool, which include :

  • She’s an expert in both close and ranged combat weaponry.
  • She has a limited immunity to telepathy due to her constantly fluctuating brain cells
  • Olympic-level strength, speed, stamina, and agility.
  • Lady Deadpool is fluent in several languages, including English, French, Japanese, and Spanish
  • Lady Deadpool also has had several personal transportation devices
  • Lady Deadpool has an ability often referred to as “bottomless satchel”, where she can pull guns, explosives, food (usually Hic. brand beer cans) and ammunition, out of nowhere (usually by reaching into one of her pockets, often times pulling out something that was bigger than the pocket itself).
  • Lady Deadpool has a very strong healing factor obtained from Wolverine. This healing factor healed her completely from cancer, and grants her the ability to heal any injury within seconds, more complex injuries can take longer. She can even re-grow lost limbs and organs.
  • She is one of the few people with enough skill to handle Captain America’s shield.
  • Her unpredictable fighting style can be advantageous against the likes of Taskmaster, as Taskmaster learns the moves of others using his advanced memory and learns strengths and weaknesses based upon past experience.

Other Media


Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Marvel Heroes lady Deadpool is a playable fictional character in the Marvel Heroes game as a understudy costume for Deadpool. She is voiced by Alanna Ubach.

Quotes “ You ‘ve got one second to rephrase that and possibly say something dainty about my haircloth ”. “As hard as you can. Go on, make me taste throw up”. “ I love this accelerator. I mean I like shooting things generally, but this gun I want to marry ”. “ Okay, this does n’t seem therefore parlous, what ‘s the catch ? ”


Bishoujo and Marvel LegendsBishoujo and Marvel Legends

  • Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita designed a Lady Deadpool statue for Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line of Marvel heroines. The statue comes with an alternate head depicting her unmasked face.
  • Lady Deadpool was featured in Diamond Collectibles’ Marvel Select line.
  • Diamond Select released a Lady Deadpool vinyl statue.
  • Diamond Select released a Lady Deadpool Minimate as part of a New York Comic-Con exclusive Deadpool Corps box set.
  • Hasbro released a 3.75 inch Lady Deadpool figure as part of the Deadpool Corps Taco Truck box set, which was released at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.
  • Lady Deadpool was featured in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line.
  • Lady Deadpool appeared in Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line as part of the Sauron Build-a-Figure wave.

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