Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva


General Information

Real name:

Sandra Woosan

First Appearance:

Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #5 (December, 1975)

Created by:

Dennis O’Neil
Ric Estrada

Ric Estrada

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League of Assassins
Birds of Prey

The Brotherhood of the Fist


Able to read body language and anticipate an opponent’s actions, martial arts grandmaster. She is considered one of the best fighters in the DC Universe.

Portrayed by:

( Voice )
Kelly Hu ( Voice )

Sung-Hi Lee Finola Hughes (Voice)Kelly Hu (Voice)

Lady Shiva is one of the most deadly assassins in the DC Universe. Shiva has besides trained the third Robin, Tim Drake. Shiva ‘s daughter, Cassandra Cain, would belated become the new Batgirl. Over meter, she has become more close associated with Batman and related characters, both as an enemy and an ally. She is a martial arts grandmaster, one of the most skilled combatants in the stallion DC universe. She is an assassin-for-hire, who specializes in bare-handed kills .


Shiva was born in a chantey town, in an unknown country, and raised to be a warrior and defender of the greenwich village. finally, Shiva successfully fled the village with her sister. Years late, when the heroine Black Canary visits the greenwich village to experience Shiva ‘s trail, a village child named Sin is held hostage by the villagers, with the promise that if Canary fails to become the warrior-protector of the village, Sin is to take her identify, suggesting that Shiva ‘s sister was once used in a like manner. Speaking about her childhood, Sin says that Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul ‘s League of Assassins ran the village where she and Shiva were born and raised. The sisters moved to Detroit, using the names Sandra and Carolyn Wu-San. There, they devoted their time to practicing the warlike arts. Because of the girls ‘ new age, endowment, and unique bond as sisters, their practice evolved into a secret, perfect speech that merely they could share. Out of love for her sister, Sandra held rear in her spars with Carolyn. The assassin David Cain saw this restraint in Sandra one day when he visited Detroit to see the siblings perform. Considering Sandra a kin intent, Cain murdered Carolyn, in order to remove the obstruction that blunted Sandra ‘s true electric potential.
Discovering that David Cain had murdered her baby, Sandra hunted him down, lone to be lured into an ambush by Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul ‘s League of Assassins, of which Cain was a member. In the heat of a lose struggle, Sandra realized how Carolyn had held her back, and how a lot unexploited likely she had. Cain spared her life, and in substitute, Sandra agreed to bare Cain a child, and leave it for him to raise. The child, Cassandra Cain, was to be Ra ‘s alabama Ghul ‘s “ One Who Is All, ” a perfect bodyguard, whose lone class of communication was literacy in body lyric, and whose sole instinct was for hand-to-hand combat. With Carolyn gone, Cassandra and Sandra were the only two humans known to share this giving. The day of Cassandra ‘s birth, Sandra set out to become born-again as the Lady Shiva : godhead and destroyer. Shiva set out with her martial arts and began training to perfect them. She went on adventures with Richard Dragon and became addicted to the epinephrine rush that is gained from biography or death situations. She finally became a materialistic for hire in order to finance her activities. She became sol skilled that people will pay high prices for her services .
Shiva continued to work as a mercantile for money, challenge, and perfection of her skills. finally, she encountered the League of Assassins, and its drawing card, Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul, and began an on-and-off association with them. Though she has kept cheeseparing ties with the League, she sometimes works against their interests, as seen during Batman : bequest. While training prospective assassins, mercenaries, and terrorists in war-torn Lebanon, she was approached by Jason Todd, the second Robin and his defender Batman, acting on a rumor that she had associated with Todd ‘s church father, and speculating that she might be his mother. tidal bore to finally face Batman continuous, Shiva knocked Robin unconscious mind and challenged the Dark Knight. Initially underestimate Shiva and think that she was precisely showing off, Batman soon found that her skills were such that she could kill him, and began to fight in earnest. It took intervention from Robin to knock Shiva unconscious mind and overcome her for interrogation. When asked if she was Jason ’ randomness beget, Shiva laughed, sarcastically claiming to have littered dozens of babies across the ball. When Batman dosed her with sodium thiopental, Shiva claimed to have no children, confirming that Jason was not her son. arguably, the late summation of Cassandra as Shiva ‘s biological child could be canonically explained as Shiva considering her identity as Sandra Woosan to be wholly branch from her current identity as Lady Shiva. Batman left her in the abandon intelligent that she would soon free herself from her bonds. Shiva warned him that they would meet again, to which Batman plainly answered “ Too bad ” — but it is not specified if this was a show of contempt for Shiva ‘s threat, or awful of another replay. Shiva finally traveled to Manchuria to visit with her godfather the O-Sensei, erstwhile teacher of Richard Dragon and Bronze Tiger. After living over 150 years, he had last decided to die. He intended to fulfill a promise to his wife, and be buried alongside her, but his wife ‘s family had hidden her remains out of wrath at his abandonment. The O-Sensei had Shiva choose three warriors to aid him in the search for her remains : the question, Green Arrow, and Batman. Reluctant to acknowledge the O-Sensei ‘s death wish, Shiva expressed her ambivalence both verbally and physically, unnecessarily applying deadly wedge in battles with O-Sensei ‘s assailants. Shiva and the O-Sensei then traveled to Hub City, meeting with the Question, who, in turn, brokered Shiva ‘s first gear suffer with Batman. Compelled to test his skill, Shiva immediately fought the vigilante alone to be stopped by the O-Sensei. They did, however, convert Batman to aid them. In their search for Green Arrow, Shiva encountered slave traders, killing all except one who successfully cut her, whom she rewarded with a kiss on the frontal bone. After locating green Arrow, she met Black Canary for the first base time, and sparred with the hero. Although Canary did not know it at the time, the two had both studied under Sensei Otomo, though nonconcurrently.

When Batman discovered that the remains of the O-Sensei ‘s wife had been moved to a humble island, Shiva, the O-Sensei, Green Arrow, and the Question set out for the island, merely to be caught in a storm. The O-Sensei was lost overboard, but the group discovered that his wife ‘s remains had besides been lost overboard, years earlier, while in ecstasy, leaving O-Sensei ‘s promise fulfilled .

Getting involved with Gotham

In far avocation of her art, Shiva tracked the defeats of martial arts masters, in regulate to discover fresh techniques. In this direction, she developed an pastime in the defeat of Koroshi, headmaster of the art of empty-handed fight. Gaining no information from Koroshi himself, she began to search for King Snake, the valet rumored to have defeated him. During her search, she met Tim Drake, who was fighting King Snake ‘s criminal constitution, the Ghost Dragons, as part of his coach to become the third base Robin. Shiva saw electric potential in Drake, and took him on as a scholar. As a bonus, she offered to train him in one weapon, and he chose the bo staff. Shiva derisively mentioned that it was not a deadly weapon, and Drake explained that was the reason he had chosen it. At the end of his train, he defeated Shiva in a spar equal with the bo, and she gifted him with a collapsible bo staff. finally, they discovered that the Ghost Dragons were creating a deadly plague. Robin, Shiva, and ally Clyde Rawlins attempted to stop them from releasing it, but the Dragons escaped with a few canisters. After tracking them to Hong Kong, they finally defeated King Snake, though Rawlins died in the try and Shiva by and large witnessed the proceedings. While King Snake hang precariously on the ledge of a construct, Shiva ordered Robin to kill him to signify his “ graduation ” and become her “ weapon. ” Robin refused and left. Shiva then threw the King Snake off the ledge herself, though he survived the spill. After Bane broke Batman ‘s back, Batman sought training from Shiva to help him regain his skills and fighting spirit. Though she deemed him unworthy of her efforts, she devised a trail regimen, out of respect for what he had been before his injuries. As part of this train, Shiva killed Gotham native, the Armless Master, ( a sensei luminary for training Catwoman ), while wearing a tengu masquerade, making sure that his end was both witness and relayed to his best students. Shiva then made Batman wear the dissemble while performing training missions. He was then ambushed by the master ’ randomness students, who mistook him for the “ Tengu Mask warrior. ” He defeated all of them in turn, but Shiva attempted to complete Batman ’ s train by manipulating him into killing an opponent using her fateful Leopard Blow. Batman plainly feigned using the manoeuver on an attacker to trick her into believe he used deadly effect. Shiva later discovered the accuracy, but did not seek vengeance. late, she helped Batman against Ra ‘s aluminum Ghul and his league of Assassins, including Bane, when Ghul attempted to release a baneful virus called Ebola Gulf A that would have killed half the worldly concern ( see Batman : bequest ). The chase had led Batman to Calcutta, India. Since their cognition of the city was limited, Oracle contacted Shiva, who agreed to help Batman. together they defeated Ghul ‘s men and prevented the virus from being released. Shiva subsequently traveled to an united states army base in Transbelvia to fight a young political insurgent and martial artist named Dava Sbörsc, who specialized in undefeatable “ single-blow techniques ” and wished to learn Shiva ‘s Leopard Blow. alternatively, Dava ‘s supporter, her former schoolchild Tim Drake, in his identity as Robin, jumped into the affray in her station. Granted superspeed by a drug Dava gave him, and unused to its effects, Robin unwittingly used deadly force, killing Shiva in struggle. He cursorily administered CPR, both reviving Shiva and dosing her with the drug. thus enhanced, she killed attacking soldiers while Robin and Dava made their elude, vanishing immediately after. In an earthquake-ravaged Gotham, Shiva contend in the Brotherhood of the Monkey Fist ‘s warlike arts tournament under the alias “ Paper Monkey. ” In a final, close conflict, she fought and won against Connor Hawke, the green Arrow. As repayment for saving her life, Robin asked her to spare Connor. She relented, warning Robin that this function of her favor mean she would challenge and kill him when he was older. Over the years, Shiva amassed groups of followers who worship her as an personification of Shiva, the Hindu personification of death. She pays them little attention, occasionally using them as lackeys or killing them when it suits her whims. Some of her followers have even created temples to honor her victories, one of which was Gotham, which she later destroyed. At historic period 8, Shiva ‘s daughter Cassandra fled David Cain, horrified and regretful after killing a man with her bare hands on her first assassination. She then wandered the populace as a mute, and, seeking redemption, found herself in Gotham City during the events of No Man ‘s Land. Seeing promise in Cassandra, Batman and former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, gave Cassandra their blessings to take up the mantel of Batgirl. finally, Batgirl ‘s skills caught Shiva ‘s attention. Without telling her of their relationship, Shiva challenged Batgirl to a battle to the death. To Shiva ‘s disappointment, she defeated Batgirl thoroughly. Batgirl ‘s consistency speech fluency was newly impaired by a telepath ‘s forcible inculcation of the ability to speak. Wanting to fight Batgirl at her point, Shiva refrained from killing her, and promised to retrain her on the condition that they have a replay in one year. The clandestine to being undefeatable, Shiva explained, was to not fear death, even to seek it. Under Shiva ‘s manage, Batgirl soon regained her abilities. shiva reappeared to fight Batgirl at the Forum of The Twelve Caesars, and killed her in fight. Realizing that Batgirl had not given her all, Shiva revived her. Batgirl admitted to harboring a death wish always since Cain first forced her to kill. Her ability to absolutely read the agony of her victim had deeply traumatized her. Having overcame her death wish, Batgirl fight again, shattering the sword Shiva wielded. In the midst of conflict, Batgirl accused Shiva of having a end wish herself, very alone traveling and fighting in search of her own death. Batgirl defeated Shiva by breaking her jaw, but refused to kill her .
In Gail Simone ‘s Birds of Prey serial, during a joint hunt with Black Canary for the murderer of a shared, beloved sensei, Shiva was beaten and kidnapped by supervillain Cheshire. Cheshire ties up, gags and locks Shiva in the torso of a cable car wired with explosives, then as to use the similarly asian charred cadaver in a design to fake her death and flee the area after murdering a senator. fortunately, Shiva is saved when Catwoman discovers her. After Cheshire confesses to murdering their sensei, Black Canary kicks her out of a helicopter to prevent Shiva from killing her in a revengeful fad. Shiva subsequently offers to contribution her cognition with Black Canary, who takes her extend under retainer. When Cassandra began to suspect that Shiva was her mother, but could not provoke Cain into an admission, she embarked on a search for Shiva, finally finding her as the new sensei the League of Assassins under the leadership of Nyssa Raatko, Ra ‘s alabama Ghul ‘s eldest daughter. In conflict, Cassandra sacrificed her life sentence to save former League member Tigress from an attack by her own abortive experimental predecessor, Mad Dog. Shiva decided to resurrect Cassandra in a Lazarus Pit to reveal the truth of her inheritance, and fight her once more. On reviving her, Shiva admitted that the reason she agreed to give birth was that she hoped her child would be the one to kill her. They began an evenly-matched struggle, which Cassandra won by dodging Shiva ‘s Leopard Blow and snapping her neck. Shiva, inactive alert, begged Cassandra not to heal her in the colliery. Cassandra, inactive unwilling to kill, shallowly impaled her beget ‘s shoulder on a hook suspended directly over the Lazarus Pit, and left. Having subsequently appeared active and uninjured, it is most likely that Shiva ‘s body fell into the Pit, which healed her .

Powers and Abilities

Martial Arts : lady Shiva is a deadly assassin and one of the big martial artists on the planet. She has combined many moves and elements from numerous martial arts including a few forget ones to create a combat class that matches her own strengths. Shiva is known to have studied the styles of Leopard Style Kung Fu, Dragon Style Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Judo, Capoeira, Kokusho, Savate, Karate and Stick Fighting. Medicine : It has been said that Shiva can heal deoxyadenosine monophosphate deftly as she can harm. Tactical Analysis : Shiva is very literate in body lyric. She can frequently predict what an adversary will do before they do it and better plan her attacks this room.

Indomitable Will : She can control her nervous system enabling her to deaden her body to physical annoyance, control her emotions. She can even control her bleeding rate .

In other Media

  • Shiva appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, in “Everybody Talks About the Weather!”, voiced by Kelly Hu. Where she teams and betrays all the heroes, and was later captured. This version of Shiva is Katana’s big sister and has an attraction to Gentleman Ghost.

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