Attack on Titan: Everything We Know About the Final Episode (So Far)

approach on Titan is one of the biggest anime series in history, and fans have known its stopping point would be a here and now to celebrate. After all, the series has been around for more than a ten, and temper four promised it would bring Eren ‘s narrative to an end. With just one sequence left, all eyes are on Attack on Titan to see how things turn out, and it is clean to say netizens have some big questions about the farewell. is here to set straight what we know about the series finale ( therefore far ) and what could be around the corner. so if you are ready to see how Attack on Titan bows out, then read on :

Title, Synopsis, Runtime

  • The final episode of season four will come around with Attack on Titan episode 87. Its title is “Dawn of Humanity” and is listed with the anime’s usual time slot and runtime overseas. As for its description, you can find the synopsis of episode 87 here: “What we saw that day. What we talked about on that day. What we chose that day. That was all he ever wanted. Nothing has changed for him.”

Episode Delay

  • Attack on Titan kickstarted the second half of season four this year, and if all went according to schedule, episode 87 would be out this weekend. However, its release was delayed. Now, episode 87 is expected to launch on April 3rd in Japan before making its way worldwide with the magic of simulcast.

What It’ll Adapt

  • When it comes to what this confirmed episode will tackle, manga readers are in the know. “Dawn of Humanity” will focus on flashbacks as fans learn more about Eren’s first undercover expedition of Marley. Audiences will learn more about his trip to the warring nation and his interactions with Mikasa while overseas. But while audiences reminisce about the past, Eren will continue to march his army forward to cull humanity while Mikasa’s group pulls ahead in hopes of stopping the former hero.

What May Come Next

  • Of course, the big question about Attack on Titan’s supposed series finale is whether episode 87 will be labeled as such. As of the end of March, MAPPA has yet to comment on the anime’s future as season four will not finish adapting Hajime Isayama’s manga. Episode 87 won’t even scratch the surface of the manga’s final fight, in fact. This has led fans to speculate about the addition of more episodes or perhaps a movie. At this point, something has to give as Attack on Titan is far from finishing Isayama’s vision, and the anime is far too popular to abandon without a proper ending in sight.

What do you think will go down when approach on Titan drops its adjacent episode ? How are you liking season four so far ? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @ MeganPetersCB .

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