Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash

At the Justice League Headquarters, Cyborg manages to get a high-score on the trail regimen, before getting upstaged by Ace the Bat-Hound. They are then greeted by Superman and [ [ Bruce Wayne ( Lego DC Heroes ) |Ba

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Ethan Spaulding


Benjamin Melniker · Michael Uslan


Jim Krieg · Jeremy Adams


Tim Kelly


Cris Mertens


Warner Home Video

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February 13, 2018

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Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash is a 2018 direct-to-DVD animated movie, part of the Lego DC Heroes lineage.

outline for “ Lego DC Comics Super Heroes : The Flash ”

At the Justice League Headquarters, Cyborg manages to get a high-score on the prepare regimen, before getting upstaged by Ace the Bat-Hound. They are then greeted by Superman and Batman, introducing the new science-minded superhero Atom to the Justice League. As the League gathers together, they witness a distress cry from Metropolis, attacked by the Joker. The League fights the Joker as Atom figures out the means to negate Joker ‘s venom and bring around infected citizens and superheroes. As Batman keeps waiting for the Flash to finally react to the Justice League distress call, Barry Allen wakes up at his appartment and takes his angelic meter helping round Central City, eating donuts in Gotham and drink in milkshakes in Star City, while besides stopping Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang. He finally arrives to help the League after the Joker has successfully used his Fun Cannon and turned Batman and the whole daily Planet construct into clowns. however, as Atom activates the anti-Joker vaccine, the Justice League gets healed from catching laughter and Joker tried to run. He ‘s stopped by the Flash at the last moment, resulting in the speedster superhero getting all the praise for saving Metropolis from the Joker. He is then taunted by a mysterious vibrating calculate of a man in yellow and races, trying to catch him. Barry is unsuccesful, and trying to increase his amphetamine leads him into a wormhole back to the begin of the day. Barry repeats the day numerous times with negative results, until Batman figures out that his agitate answer comes from experiencing a meter loop and uses turn back psychology to bait the Flash into far increasing his speed to get out of the time loop topology. This, however, leads to worse results for the Flash. While Barry was stuck in a loop, the man in yellow would assume his identity, holographically modifying his appearance to that of the Flash, and lived as the Flash for some clock time, ruining his repute among the citizens of Central City and the Justice League. When Barry used the extent of his power to catch the cryptic speedster and break the loop, he ended up a few days into the future, in a world where his connection to the Speed Force was severed, the city hated him, and the Justice League members blamed him for pranking them at least 52 times. As the solution of the Reverse-Flash ‘s actions, the Flash was fired from the League. As Barry returned home, he was confronted by the mysterious speedster, who has revealed himself to be a time traveler from the future, who has assumed the Flash ‘s appearance using a holographic projector. The yellow-suited speedster taunted his counterpart, revealing that the Flash has become a pawn in his plans, wasting his powers in the time cringle while the time traveler turned everyone against him. When the Flash questioned him on his motives, the speedster exasperatedly told him of how the Flash ‘s perfect repute has purportedly harmed and hindered him all his life sentence ( since, while he had alike powers and was even faster than the Flash, the global ignored him in favor of celebrating the Flash as the most popular superhero ). He declared himself to be the Reverse-Flash, as he was nefarious, while the Flash was heroic, and when Barry suggested that it would make him “ Evil Flash ” ( since he was n’t super-slow or moving in reverse ), the Reverse-Flash noted that now he was besides fast, while the Flash was slow, overcharge of his powers. With the Flash defamed, the Reverse-Flash trapped him in electric handcuffs and ran away to assume his fresh life as universe ‘s greatest superhero that the Flash would nowadays never become. however, the Atom was listening to the whole conversation, secretly sent by the League to keep an center on Barry. He managed to free the Flash from Thawne ‘s electric cuffs, but in the process his Atom swath and the communication organization was fried, keeping him in a miniaturize size. Nevertheless, Atom managed to help the Flash touch Doctor Fate, who ‘d help him to research the secrets of the Speed Force and restore his connection to the mysterious exponent. In the interim the Reverse-Flash has started his superhero campaign, upstaging the Justice League at every corner. He saved the mayor from Poison Ivy, turning her carinovrous plants into a garden for the mayor ‘s campaign ad, and upstage Firestorm. When Killer Croc kidnapped Superman ‘s pal Jimmy Olsen, the Reverse-Flash arrived and trapped the crocodile-like metahuman, leaving Superman and Plastic Man befuddled. former he saved a ship ‘s cargo from Deathstroke before Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg could. Traveling to Gotham City, the Reverse-Flash apprehended Oswald Cobblepot at hurry, causing Batman to fly into the Penguin ‘s rocket, by chance activating it, after which the new-found hero quickly raced across a wall, caught the skyrocket and unbuilt it with his super speed, turning it into a playground. To the impress citizens all around, the Reverse-Flash would gladly proclaim his alias and boast of his heroics and love for helping people in indigence. Afterwards, he ‘d apprehend the Trickster, Lex Luthor, and Cheetah. Proving himself as the fastest homo alert, the Reverse-Flash was succesfully taking down any threat in the global before the Justice League could react, making him the most popular superhero in the world, to the decimal point that he ‘s managed to get more friends on “ Herobook ” than Superman himself. When Batman decided to lead the League on a mission to sneak upon the Reverse-Flash ‘s appearance on a television receiver show and see if slips up and reveals crucial information, Eobard would crack jokes about the Justice League members together with the mayor of Metropolis, and was granted the Key to the City. When the League members have ungraciously fallen upon the stage, revealing their presence, the mayor and the Reverse-Flash rubbed their failing in their faces, calling them the “ Jobless League ”. To that, Batman has announced that the League would require, and returned to their base, waiting for the Reverse-Flash ‘s adjacent move. however, his newly-found popularity in a earth without the Flash was not enough for Eobard Thawne. He desired even more speed, and for that he ‘s awaited until Doctor Fate and Zatanna would lead the Flash to the Speed Force nexus, to take the trials necessary to restore his Speed Force connection. Knowing the mechanics of the Speed Force, but not wishing to risk his life on trials, the Reverse-Flash observed as the Flash has slowly figured out the way to solve all challenges and reached the Speed Force link, absorbing which would grant its drug user ultimate speed. Before he could do so, however, the Reverse-Flash has outran Barry, siphoning the Speed-Force link for himself, and comparing the taste of its power to consuming “ 52 milkshakes and a jar of jellybeans ”. He taunted the Flash again, leaving him with weakened powers alone in the Speed Force. Returning to Earth, the Reverse-Flash has appeared on the Justice League ‘s monitors, flaunting his victories and revealing that he reprogrammed Cyborg ‘s and Batman ‘s security system measures to hunt the League members and target their weaknesses. He then used extra bricks from the Speed Force zone to encircle the League ‘s headquarters with a gigantic statues of himself, trapping them. When Superman and Firestorm tried to break or transmute the bricks, the Speed Force energy rebukes their efforts. The Reverse-Flash then constructed more statues across the world and broadcasted himself upon the Daily Planet news distribution channel, saying that nowadays that he ‘s managed to rid Earth of crime wholly, all the world ‘s citizens should thank him by reporting to the statues and working alongside his orders, building new monuments in his award and celebrating the Reverse-Flash as the lone fastest serviceman animated. meanwhile, Barry has besides figured out the properties of Speed Force bricks and used them to build himself a vehicle that would allow dimensional travel and be able to destroy the Reverse-Flash ‘s statues. As the Reverse-Flash delivered his speech, he was confronted by the built Justice League and the “ Super-Pets ”, who has managed to rescue League members from the Reverse-Flash ‘s end trap. The League armed their vehicles with Speed Force bricks, delivered by the Flash from Speed Force zone. They split up to destroy the Reverse-Flash ‘s statues, forcing him to concentrate on moving then fast he ‘d be at multiple location at the lapp time. This hubris caused the Reverse-Flash to be distracted, ineffective to stop the league from destroying the statues, and besides unable to notice the incoming Flash, who, while the Reverse-Flash was vibrating to multiply himself, phased through him and took the Speed Force nexus period, taking it for himself. Exasperated on being outsmarted, the Reverse-Flash fumed at his rival, who has taunted him in revert. While reminding Barry that without his cognition the Flash would never flush found out about the beginning of speedsters ‘ powers, Eobard was still taunted by the Flash ‘s tease, and made the same mistake as his archnemesis, running onto the Speedway and overloading his speed Force connection while trying to outrun the nexus-powered Flash. This has severed the Reverse-Flash ‘s Speed Force association, robbing him of his powers and allowing the Justice League to safely imprison him. Eobard was thrown into a shared prison cellular telephone, with his cellmated being Killer Croc, obviously angry at Thawne for thwarting him before. Depowered and broken, the Reverse-Flash trembled before the physically overpowering metahuman as the cell ‘s doors closed before him. The Justice League celebrated their victory, and the Flash has released the power of the nexus back to the Speed Force, saying that no being should weild such office. While Batman warned the Flash of new trials coming for him, Barry tried to lighten up the atmosphere with milkshakes impertinently delivered from Star City. Doctor Fate and Zatanna have observed that all ended up well for the Justice League and the universe, with “ just a little charming ”.

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  • Zatanna (First appearance)

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