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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the earth by storm since the release of Iron Man back in 2008. Over the past decade, the MCU introduced us to modern characters each summer who finally would join the elect group of superheroes, The Avengers. This led up to the concluding battle with the big badly, Thanos, which ultimately came to fruition with Infinity War in 2018 and reached its end in 2019 with the cinematic masterpiece, Endgame .
Avengers Infinity War Poster
These superheroes each have their own stories, and we ’ ve seen them fight evil through the years single-handed. But when it comes to fighting a violence like Thanos, each hero ’ s own unique abilities just won ’ metric ton cut it. All the Avengers did their part in the fight for the eternity stones, but we believe some had a greater chance of defeating Thanos on their own than others .

While we know this couldn ’ t have been done without the stallion Avengers team, we decided to rank our picks for the Avengers we think would stand a chance against Thanos on their own .

These rankings are based on what we have seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, NOT the actual comics.

Avengers ranked from least to most powerful based on the abilities exhibited in the MCU. Let ’ s catch started !

24. Drax

Drax Avengers
Starting out, we have a sports fan front-runner from the Guardians of the Galaxy. While the Guardians may be an incredible team, each of them on their own wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stand much of a prospect against Thanos. Well…most of them anyhow. Drax has beast lastingness, but that is pretty much as far as his abilities go. He isn ’ t the brightest in the bunch, and serves as comedic relief rather than a key member of the Avengers. We love Drax and ALL of the Guardians, but person had to be at the first one on the list ! Sorry, Drax !

23. rocket

rocket raccoon guardians of the
Listen…Rocket is great. It ’ south bad to put him as one of the least knock-down Avengers on this list. Rocket possesses the abilities of a regular raccoon which means he has incredible accelerate arsenic well as an acute common sense of smell, view, hearing, and touch. This is all amplified by his educate, and he is decidedly a force to be reckoned with. Rocket knows how to handle weapons and is a good manage smarter than Drax which earns him some extra points. All that being said, he is a raccoon, and adenine cunning as he may be ( which he would hate to hear ), a raccoon credibly would not be able to do excessively much on his own against Thanos .

22. falcon

The Avengers Falcon
Sam Wilson is an incredible asset to the Avengers american samoa well as an amazing soldier. He can fight like there is no tomorrow and fly through the air like…well…a falcon. So why is he ranked so gloomy ? Well, Falcon is human and unlike Cap, he doesn ’ t have any serum coursing through his veins to heighten his abilities. When Falcon is introduced to the MCU in Winter Soldier, Cap runs by him at an incredible focal ratio always shouting “ on your bequeath ”, showcasing his victor abilities. We love you, Falcon, but your abilities are that of an average soldier with an incredible flying suit .

21. Groot

The Avengers Groot
Let ’ s be honest…Groot is pretty much good a very amazing corner. That being said, a corner that has the ability to move around and fight can do a lot of damage ! Groot is STRONG, so potent that he is able to save the Guardians by surrounding them in his branches. This, unfortunately, kills Groot in the process. fortunately, he is able to return to the MCU as Baby Groot ! While adorable as a baby, he isn ’ thyroxine this most threaten of the Avengers, and in full mature Groot ’ s lack of communication skills truly puts a damper on his abilities equally well. If it weren ’ metric ton for his lack of proper communication, he would probably be a more valuable asset to the team !

20. Hawkeye

The Avengers Hawkeye
We know you all saw this one coming ! In fact, many probably would place Hawkeye further up on this list ! Hawkeye may not be the strongest avenger, but we think he is overlooked due to his miss of personality. MAN, does this guy know how to shoot arrow ! He can knock down targets without tied LOOKING — and multiple at a prison term ! All that being said, Hawkeye is human, and while he is impeccably trained, his abilities are limited as arrows can only go indeed far when fighting a force arsenic great as Thanos .

19. Star-Lord

The Avengers Star Lord
This one may be a bite controversial, and many may think he should be ranked among the inaugural on this number. Peter Quill is one of the most beloved characters in MCU, but he is much seen as a liability quite than a valuable asset due to his stupidity in Infinity War. You may think that Quill is pretty useless and equitable thinks he ’ s a boastful shoot, but you have to remember that this guy is half-god. And ohio yea, remember that one fourth dimension he sustained the office of…well…the power stone ? certain, he ended up needing some avail, but the fact that he was able to hold it at all speaks volumes. We didn ’ t see anything besides noteworthy from Star-Lord after that, so he remains at count six on this list .

18. nebula

The Avengers Nebula
Nebula may not be the most popular Avenger of the bunch together, but she surely knows how to fight ! Nebula is basically a automaton with incredible intellectual and amazing fighting skills. Years of playing moment tinker to her sister alone increased her desire to improve her skills and perfect her craft. You don ’ thyroxine want to mess with Nebula…it won ’ thyroxine conclusion well for you .

17. mantis

The Avengers Mantis
We know what you are thinking : how on EARTH is Mantis more brawny than the rest of the Guardians ? Hear us out ! mantis has the ability to sense early people ’ randomness feelings and alter them. This entirely about takes out Thanos ! Seriously… Mantis about prevents the snap — and would have if it hadn ’ t been for Quill ’ mho feelings and pure stupidity. She is a coerce to be reckoned with, and anyone that underestimates her because of her innocent appearance should beware .

16. Gamora

The Avengers Gamora
Let ’ s be honest… Gamora is the best extremity of the Guardians. She is able to take all of them out in the inaugural film, and she closely chop Groot into pieces. While her baby is an incredible champion, Gamora constantly manages to come out on top. Her subspecies gives her superhuman lastingness, and she can heal faster than most individuals. Gamora is besides the only matter that Thanos loves which makes her his only failing. unfortunately, this leads to her ill-timed death as Thanos needs to sacrifice something he loves in order to gain the Soul Stone .

15. Black Widow

The Avengers Black Widow
Yup. Black Widow is up here with all the others, but hear us out ! Black Widow is amazing. In fact, any situation she is put in you can guarantee that she will find a way to get out of. She is arguably the most well-trained assassin the universe has to offer, and she goes out on HER terms. We are actually separate hairs at this point, so with all of that being said, Black Widow is only human. Her incredible skill can only do therefore much against a force like Thanos .

14. Wasp

The Avengers Wasp
Hope Pym was training Scott to become Ant-Man before Scott even knew anything about what the heck was going on. She is an incredible fighter, and it ’ s a shame that Hank Pym did not introduce her to the wasp suit oklahoman as she could have been an even better champion by the time the big fight with Thanos came to fruition. The Wasp has wings and blasters which some may argue puts her above Ant-Man…but Ant-Man wins this raceway for one reason and one argue alone.

13. Ant-Man

The Avengers Ant Man 1
Ant-Man had to follow ! Ant-Man ’ s shrinking ability is barely incredible. He can basically go anywhere and do anything without ever being seen. He besides has the ability to grow into a giant which is frequently look out on ! Ant-Man and Wasp go hand in hand, but Ant-Man very gains points for being the Avenger to discover the quantum region. Time travel is a key factor in Endgame and without Scott ’ randomness discovery, the snap could never have been prevented .

12. Spider-Man

The Avengers Spider Man
Peter Parker ’ s biggest flaw in the MCU is that he is so young. He makes the mistakes that any young person would and much does not consider the consequences of his actions. That being said, his powers are incredible as he can spin a ambush for enemies and swing from building to building with identical little attempt. His spidey senses give him a sixth smell which alerts him whenever danger is nearby. While he doesn ’ metric ton stand besides much of a chance alone against Thanos, he surely makes an feat. With a moment more train, Spider-Man would be one of the top on this list .

11. War machine

The Avengers War Machine 1
Let ’ s be honest, War Machine is incredible, but he is basically Diet Iron Man. certain, he can do all of the cool things that Iron man can do which makes him madly powerful…but american samoa much as we love Rhodey…he doesn ’ triiodothyronine have Tony Stark ’ south brains. He would honestly be further up on this list, but it ’ sulfur hard to deny Rhodey ’ mho abilities when he is wearing a lawsuit created by Tony Stark .

10. winter soldier

The Avengers Winter Soldier
Winter Soldier was very close to beating Cap on this list…but their fight in Winter Soldier proves that Cap is the strongest of the two. Some may be shocked we consider Winter Soldier to be one of the more herculean Avengers, but this ridicule is a BEAST. Remember, Bucky got the same super-soldier treatment as Steve. On lead of that, while Steve was frozen in the ice rink for 70 years, Bucky was training. This guy has a LOT more combat and weapon feel, and honestly, we ’ re shocked that Cap won their crusade .

9. Captain America

The Avengers Captain America
Of course, Captain America is adjacent ! due to the serum coursing through his veins, Cap has enhanced forte, amphetamine, stamen, lastingness, reflexes, senses, healing…you name it, he ’ south got it ! While I do think that Winter Soldier gives Cap a run for his money, remember that Cap is desirable of carrying Thor ’ s hammer ! This decidedly places him higher than Bucky even with all of Bucky ’ s extra train .

8. Black Panther

The Avengers Black Panther
Black Panther has genius-level intellectual adenine well as superhuman force, amphetamine, and reflexes… oh and actually abrupt hook. This ridicule can smell fear… we don ’ triiodothyronine know about you, but that is an individual we would want on our side. His befit is made out of the same substantial as Cap ’ s shield, vibranium, which makes him indestructible. Hats off to the man that brought this character to life. Chadwick Boseman, thank you for your incredible portrayal of T ’ Challa. You brought an energy to the screen that can ’ thyroxine be matched. Rest in baron .

7. Iron world

The Avengers Iron Man
The man, the myth, the legend. Iron man started it all ( at least for the MCU ). Tony ’ s Suit gives him superhuman military capability, speed, lastingness, agility, reflexes, senses, and supersonic flight. It besides contains projectile protrusion and regenerative abilities. This suit makes Tony indestructible, and the best character about it is that he made it himself. Tony is brilliant, and with Ant-Man ’ mho discovery of the quantum kingdom, he develops fourth dimension travel. Without Tony Stark, there would be no hope after the snap. many may consider him to be the most powerful of all the Avengers, which is a fair assumption. He is the one to ultimately defeat the big bad, after all. But a few other heroes give him a run for his money due to their sheer power which can not be matched .

6. vision

The Avengers Vision
Created by Tony Stark, Vision is a walking calculator with a wealth of cognition and multiple superhuman abilities. vision can solve any problem in a matter of seconds. While Tony comes identical near to being the better one of two, it ’ south hard to compete with a literal walk computer. imagination can shoot beams of energy straight from his head using the mind stone which besides makes him virtually indestructible… unless, of path, person like Thanos comes along and pulls the rock out of his head .

5. Dr. Strange

The Avengers Dr. Strange
While Dr. Strange may not be everyone ’ randomness front-runner Avenger, there is no denying his ability. Strange can shift time and dimensions at free will. He has the abilities of flight, teleportation, stellar expulsion, and sol much more. His individual battle against Thanos in Endgame is one of the strongest fights an Avenger has against the big bad. Strange saw that there was only one consequence for the Avengers to win and puts them on this way, evening though it meant the cinch would need to occur. Without Dr. Strange, it ’ mho hard to say if the Avengers would have succeeded in their struggle against Thanos .

4. The Hulk

The Avengers The Hulk
We know we put Drax last because his only ability was beastly strength, but The Hulk has a batch more to offer ! For starters, he is a LOT stronger than Drax, has a fast healing component, and can go without water or sleep if needed. Behind the boastfully green guy is Bruce Banner. Bruce is one of the smartest Avengers and finally is able to become one and the same with Hulk. We even saw Banner show fearlessness and choose to fight without Hulk in Infinity War, and that took GUTS. It ’ mho safe to say The Avengers would not have the lapp force without The Hulk ’ s ability to smash all things in his path and take any blow .

3. thor

The Avengers Thor
Yeah…Thor is a literal deity. want we say more ? In Infinity War, we see thor take on the full force of the sun. THE SUN, yttrium ’ all. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine spirit like Thor will live to tell the narrative, but he does ! He ’ s a god after all ! Oh…and did we citation he is immortal and has the ability to control lightning ? even if he isn ’ t everyone ’ s front-runner original Avenger, there is no denying The God of Thunder is the strongest of the master group.

2. Captain Marvel

The Avengers Captain Marvel
A fortune of you will wonder why Captain Marvel international relations and security network ’ t the inaugural on this number, and we get that ! evening Kevin Feige himself has stated that Captain Marvel is the strongest of the Avengers, and if we were looking at the comics, she would decidedly be on lead. While her powers include the common heighten abilities of a superhero, she besides has a special “ seventh sense ” which surpasses Spidey ’ s sixth feel. She is physically stronger than ALL the Avengers AND Thanos which is showcased when Thanos punches her, and she doesn ’ thymine stir. so why didn ’ t she make it to the top ? well, we are looking at the abilities exhibited in the MCU, and unfortunately, Captain Marvel didn ’ t have the luck to show all she has to offer. many fans were a little disappoint as there was a lot of build-up for her fictional character, only for her to be flung back into the flip from whence she came .

1. Scarlet Witch

The Avengers Scarlette Witch
Scarlet Witch is the most knock-down Avenger. We will shout this from the rooftops if we have to ! With the world power of telekinesis, she can move anything ( and we mean anything ) by the wave of a hand. Her individual competitiveness with Thanos in the MCU showcased the most world power out of any of the Avengers by far. She breaks The sword of Thanos which was able to cut through Captain America ’ s carapace. She then puts Thanos in a position to call for backup, something that he had not yet done and knew would kill many of his own troops. Wanda ’ s power is magic. She can warp world and is able to put all of the Avengers in a dream-like department of state when she is first introduced. The best part about her ? Wanda is distillery discovering her power. She has showcased so a lot might, even most of it is still contained inside of her. We can ’ thymine delay to see more of her and everything she has to offer !

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