Loki: Episode 6 Event Report

The Multiversal War

In his position, He Who Remains remarks on their long and painful travel to get to him. The variants are perplexed by his casual demeanor, nonplussed by the scenario at hand — He lost, they found him. Determined to convince the match that they can ’ t kill him, He pulls out a push-down storage of papers that detail all their current and future dialogue ; He knows what ’ s going to happen. He knows it all, and he ’ s seen it all ; reassuring them he witnessed everything they ’ ve ever done, always said, always schemed, even their shared moment on Lamentis by the volcanic crater lake. He evening knows of things that the TVA doesn ’ triiodothyronine. They never managed to get out of His game ; every step they took ( Lamentis, the Void ), He paved the direction for them. They just good walked down the road he laid out. Cementing the fact, He pulls out another handful of paper revealing it contains what will happen. He tells Loki and Sylvie that there is only one consequence to this discussion. Livid, Sylvie questions why they ’ re tied here. He Who Remains reminds them, “ You know you can ’ thyroxine get to the goal until you ’ ve been changed by the travel. This stuff, it needs to happen. ” To get them in the correct mentality to finish the quest, He asks Sylvie if she can in truth trust Loki, is she even adequate to of trusting anyone at all ?
He Who Remains tells the Lokis He understand their moral expostulation to what the TVA does, and recognizes his methods are deceptive, but his mission never was. Without him and the TVA, everything burns. In a moment of vulnerability and honesty, He reveals He ’ sulfur afraid of himself. To help them get the scope of who He is, He shares he ’ sulfur been called many things : a rule, a conqueror, He Who Remains, a jerk, but who He is international relations and security network ’ metric ton vitamin a bare as a name .
Using his modify TemPad, He pulls up a projection to better belabor the luff. A form of himself, a scientist who lived on earth in the thirty-first hundred, discovered there were universes stacked on top of his own. other versions of them were discovering the lapp thing around the same clock. In an attempt to contribution cognition and technology, the variants started making liaison and traveling around to help others improve their own. They all lived in peace for a while, but not every version of himself was so pure and shared the lapp values. A random variable viewed a newfangled universe as a new country to be conquered. As such, the peace between realities erupted into all-out war—a Multiversal War—as each form fought to preserve his own population while annihilating the others. It was about the end of everything.

Diverging from the dogma, He explains that the first base version, the scientist, encountered a animal that was created from all the tears in reality— Alioth —capable of consuming time and space itself. He harnessed that temporal beast ’ sulfur power and began experimenting on it. He was able to weaponize Alioth and end the Multiversal War. once He did that, He isolated his timeline, managed the stream of time, and prevented any far branches. With that, he created the TVA—the Time Keepers and a highly effective bureaucracy. Thanks to him, we all can enjoy eons of cosmic harmony. He ’ s not the devil ; he ’ s the one that keeps them safe. And if they think what He has done is evil, He warns that his variants are regretful. Those are the two options : stifling order or cataclysmal chaos. If they kill him, something far worse will fill that null. He ’ second been through every scenario ; this is the lone way. The TVA works.

Following his history lesson, Sylvie argues that all of this was a lie ; that He is a liar. Loki questions if He will continue to prune innocent timelines. He Who Remains counters, no, they will. Representing the two options, He tells the duet they can kill him and destroy all that He has built, resulting in an countless count of devils to contend with ; or two, they can run the whole gamut themselves. He ’ south bequeath to give up control and power because He has been doing this for a very retentive time, and He ’ s tired. He ’ randomness old and “ this game is for the young, the hungry. ” He ’ randomness been searching for a successor for a hanker time, and it turns out, that substitution came in two—the two of them. If they kill him, they ’ ll expose the Sacred Timeline, or they can now be in charge and lead the TVA however they want, as benevolent leaders if they wish .
Frustrated with Sylvie ’ s refusal to understand the greater stakes, He reminds her that pruning her timeline wasn ’ t personal ; it was practical, and she needs to grow up. Before any of them acts holier-than-thou, He reminds Loki and Sylvie that they ’ ve all done frightful and awful things — as hypocrites, liars, murderers — but this time, they can do that for dear cause .

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