Loki Saying Love Hurts? A Mood.

Loki holding a dagger **Spoilers for  Loki episode 3 “Lamentis” lie within.** One of my favorite aspects of WandaVision was the exploration of Wanda ’ south grief, and it gave us a beautiful line : “ What is grief if not love preserving ? ” That idea, that our grief and pain from losing person is equitable our love for them continuing on, is a comforting room of thinking about that pain. We can all relate to times in our life when grief overtook us, and having that connection is meaningful to thus many of us.

It ’ s a quote that got mocked, praised, and everything in between, but it even meant a fortune to me, chiefly because I understood that pain. It ’ mho one I ’ ve feel, and there was a beautiful quote to explain that grief. And then there is Loki with another relatable quote—maybe not a elegant as WandaVision ’ s take on grief, but one that truly had me going, “ Wow, like, ” out loud on my couch. In the third sequence of the show, titled “ Lamentis, ” Loki and the discrepancy known as Sylvie are taking a caravan on a dying planet, trying to get their ticket back to the TVA charged. Loki gets trashed, as one is wont to do, and answers a motion that Sylvie asked of him when they were relating to each other and their share floor. The interview ? It ’ randomness about love and what it means. Sylvie says that “ love is maleficence, ” and Loki, only some champagne in, says no, but he ’ five hundred have to drink some more and think about it. so what does Loki then, wholly drink, say love is ? Well … a dagger. “ Love is a dagger. It ’ s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It ’ s beautiful until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it, ” Loki says as he makes the dagger fly, prompting Sylvie to finish : “ It international relations and security network ’ t very. ”

The way this quote punched me in the gut is shockingly exchangeable to the way the WandaVision quotation strike. Is it because I ’ thousand just … alone and depress and individual ? credibly ! But it besides shows the pain that Loki has distinctly gone through in his life. You don ’ t determine that pain from plainly watching beloved. You go through that shed blood pain and grief from feeling it. So my next question is : Who hurt Loki ? certain, he could be referring to his brother or his syndicate, but this kind of love he ’ second describing ? That ’ s romantic. No matter who hurt Loki, one thing remains : This is highly relatable. Am I Loki ? Just sitting in misery and holding on to the impression that love hurts and will make you bleed and isn ’ t real ? sadly, possibly. But thank you, Bisha K. Ali ( who wrote this sequence ), for giving me the most relatable quotation out of probably any Marvel place. ( image : Marvel Entertainment )

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