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Mainstream Universe‎, 1986‎-2011‎

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Real Name


Main Alias



[ 1 ] · Lilith (mother) · Ophur (father) Lucifer Morningstar (consort)



Base Of Operations

Hell, Los Angeles (formerly)





Public Identity

Marital Status



Queen of Hell, Lux bartender (formerly)










New Earth


Neil Gaiman · Kelley Jones

First Appearance
Sandman Vol 2 #22
(January, 1991)

Mazikeen of the Lilim is a herculean devil and the harmonize of Lucifer Morningstar. primitively scarred and unable to speak except in confused sentences, she was healed by Jill Presto, much to her aggravator. She hides half of her face that used to be demonic out of pity that it is n’t anymore.

When Lilith, the foremost, rebellious wife of Adam, was cast out of the Garden of Eden, she became a night liveliness, a monster hunting down the children of Adam and Eve. Thanks to Adam ‘s expatriate son, Cain, and to many of the hang angels now demons, Lilith had descendants of her own, and the Lilim were born, a race of awful and skilled warriors serving the forces of dark. Mazikeen was one of the Lilim, and she was born from Lilith and the serpent-demon Ophur. With time, things between Mazikeen and her beget Lilith became difficult, and finally the new Lilim abandoned her mother ‘s home on the Red Sea and sought refuge, fearing her anger. She ended up looking for auspices in Hell, from the one being she knew was more mighty than lilith : the fallen garden angelica Lucifer. Appearing as a beautiful, dark haired woman, with the left side of her boldness wholly burn and rotten, she managed to fascinate the rule of Hell, and she finally became the Devil ‘s run, the alone creature in the entire universe who Lucifer seemed to feel genuine affection for. Mazikeen stayed at Lucifer ‘s side for billions of years, until the former garden angelica decided he had adequate with Hell, and resigned from his function as ruler of the damned. When Lucifer sent away all the demons and the cursed souls inhabiting his region, alone Mazikeen stayed behind, trying to convince him not to send her away ; finally, however, Lucifer told her that it was enough for him to know that she placid cared for him, and teleported her away as well. Aloof from the grotesque barren she had learnt to call home, Mazikeen returned to her people, and resumed her function as the leader of the Lilim ; she then wandered from kingdom to realm, until she learnt that Lucifer, after a meter spent in “ vacation ”, had appeared on Earth, in the city of Los Angeles, with a brand new activeness to dedicate to : he was now the owner of an single cabaret, the Lux, where he besides played the piano. Mazikeen found him, and asked him to be allowed to be at his side once again : Lucifer, who obviously had missed his run, granted her request, and Mazikeen could once again be together with her beloved fallen angel. Working primarily as adjunct and adviser to Lucifer, Mazikeen was besides the head-waitress of the baseball club, constantly cook to prevent the customers ‘ requests… only, she had to conceal her demonic appearance, so she sported a argent dissemble that covered the deform half of her face, a well as a scarf joint around her forefront and neck. Despite Lucifer merely wanting some tranquillity, visitors from both Heaven and Hell ( nowadays under a new management ) visited the Lux, causing some problems : taking care of them was function of Mazikeen ‘s work, and these were the lone occasions in which she could actually speak with person who was not Lucifer ( her deformed face made her manner of speaking about unintelligible, specially for humans ). When Lucifer decided to create another reality to escape God ‘s predestination, the portal site he opened to this new universe dragged even more unwanted attention than before : among the many who tried to use it, two Jin En Mok ( survivors from the previous creation ) broke into Lux and tried to enter the newborn universe, but they found Mazikeen on their way… american samoa well as Beatrice, a random waitress. Mazikeen managed to kill Saul, one of the two “ invaders ”, by eating his kernel, but the early one, Cestis, managed to take control of her judgment and body. When Beatrice threatened to set fire to the intruder with alcohol, Cestis maneuvered Mazikeen so that she was the one to die in the subsequent arouse. This, however, was n’t the end for Mazikeen, as Jill Presto, a cabaret worker who had been possessed by the Basanos, intervened, and after disposing of Cestis, she restored Mazikeen back to life. Jill, however, believed that the charwoman ‘s deface face was a result of the fire, and she healed that american samoa well, obviously knowing nothing of the demons ‘ aesthetic tastes. Upon finding that her confront had been “ disfigured ”, Mazikeen started feeling an huge hatred for Jill, and she swore to kill her… much to Lucifer ‘s amusement. When Lucifer refused to restore her face, she angrily left him, and she came back to her people, becoming their war leader and bringing her army against Lucifer ‘s universe. This, however, proved to be merely a ruse to trick the Basanos, who were trying to take control of the new population, and following this schema Mazikeen helped Lucifer defeat the Basanos and all his early enemies. After the conflict, Mazikeen resumed her stead at Lucifer ‘s side, bringing him as a endowment the stallion Lilim united states army to command. She would have constantly been patriotic to her overlord and choir.

Mazikeen is a proud and ferocious monster, blindly loyal to Lucifer, the fallen angel only she, in the population, is able to truly love. As the leader of the Lilim, she is an deity intent who feasts upon war and end, a awful warrior who masters any kind of weapon, particularly swords and blades, and who commands an army of invincible demons exiled from being. Mazikeen is more than mindful that, most of the times, Lucifer includes her in his schemes, and uses her as a pawn fair a much as he does with everyone else ; she loves him however, and she follows his plans just for the privilege of being at his side, even with a transgress heart : the bane of loving the one creature who ‘s more distant in the universe from the very estimate of sexual love.



  • This character is an adaptation of Mazzikin, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at


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