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Lucky the Pizza Dog [ 1 ]
Good Boy [ 2 ]
Buddy [ 1 ]
Good Dog [ 1 ]
Little Ol ‘ Caesar [ 3 ]
Dogfather [ 3 ]
Sir Dog of Pizza [ 3 ]
A Couple of Strays ( with Kate Bishop ) [ 4 ]

Good BoyBuddyGood DogLittle Ol’ CaesarDogfatherSir Dog of PizzaA Couple of Strays








TV Series

Hawkeye ( 6 episodes )


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“Thawing out Pizza Dog’s breakfast.”
“Is that the dog’s name?”
―Kate Bishop and Clint Barton

Lucky the Pizza Dog is Kate Bishop ‘s adopted aureate retriever .


Adopted by Kate Bishop

Meeting Kate Bishop

“Hi. Heck of a party, huh?”
―Kate Bishop

In December 2024, Lucky was sitting alone in the snow outside the entrance of a hotel in which a charity gala was taking stead. Lucky was greeted by Kate Bishop, who had barely walked outside from the hotel, but was distracted by the healthy of a horn honk, running off to chase it. [ 2 ]

“Hey! Get off me! I’m gonna get you, you dumb dog! I’ll kill you!”

After the Tracksuit Mafia began a armed robbery of the black commercialize auction taking place below the charity gala, Lucky found a member near a truck loading the stolen goods into a truck. Lucky attacked the criminal, knocking the Mafia member to the ground and biting his branch. As the man struggled to shake Lucky off his leg, Kate Bishop, dressed in the Ronin Suit, arrived and knocked the criminal out with a kick to the face. With the Tracksuit Mafia member down, Lucky ran aside, pursued by Bishop .
Lucky ran away from the hotel into a busy street. Lucky stopped midway into the street, seconds aside from being hit by a fomite. Lucky was saved by Bishop who managed to run across dealings and roll out over the hood of a car to dive and grab Lucky fair in prison term to save his biography, bringing him to guard on the other side of the street. The heavy traffic temporarily stopped Kazi Kazimierczak and the rest of the Tracksuit Mafia, who were pursuing Bishop, allowing Lucky and Bishop to retreat safely. [ 2 ]

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna get you some food. Uh… Pizza? You want some pizza? Have some. Go on. Good boy. Wow. You like pizza.”
―Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop brought Lucky to her apartment and let him get settled in. Realizing that he was hungry, she searched her refrigerator and found a pizza box, revealing one pizza slice left. She provided him with the pizza to eat and Lucky excitedly ate it up. Bishop left Lucky entirely in her apartment while she went to investigate Armand Duquesne III, warning Lucky not to destroy the apartment in her absence. [ 2 ] shortly afterwards, Bishop returned to the apartment, now accompanied by Clint Barton, who found Lucky adjacent to the pizza box he had began chewing apart. After Bishop changed out of Ronin ‘s Suit, Lucky ran upstairs while Barton interrogated Bishop about the suit .
The Tracksuit Mafia managed to track Bishop to her apartment, throwing two Molotov cocktails inside, starting a fire in the kitchen. The two archers briefly attempted to prevent far damage, with Barton catching the future Molotov cocktail to throw back at the Mafia while Bishop shot another with an arrow. however, the fire intensified, forcing Bishop, Barton, and Lucky to have to escape through the fire safety valve. [ 1 ]

New Home

Escaping the Tracksuit Mafia

“I’ll be back in the morning, buddy. You’re a good dog.”
―Clint Barton

Fleeing from the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint Barton, Kate Bishop and Lucky used the metro to make their escape. Barton took them to a public toilet store to pick up some aesculapian supplies for Bishop ‘s injuries. At Bishop ‘s suggestion, the trio went to her aunt ‘s apartment to stay at since Bishop ‘s apartment had burned down .
golden stayed in the apartment with Bishop as Barton left to retrieve the Ronin Suit from Bishop ‘s apartment. Barton returned belated that night, and before leaving back to the hotel that he was staying at with his kids, pets Lucky and assured him he would be back in the dawn .
The following good morning, Lucky was fed pizza for breakfast by Bishop and ate it in a stadium while she watched the television. Lucky was left inside the apartment when Bishop and Barton left for the day. [ 1 ]

Going for a Walk

“Probably should walk the dog. Don’t you think? Been cooped up all day.”
―Clint Barton to Kate Bishop

The following day, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop returned to the apartment after being away for most of the day due to be detained by the Tracksuit Mafia. Realizing that Lucky had been cooped up in the apartment all day, Barton and Bishop decided to take Lucky with them as they left again for the day. Lucky sat with Barton and Bishop as they waited for an audiologist to arrive to fix Barton ‘s hear care that had been smashed .
The trio then went to Cranky Pete ‘s Deli for breakfast. Lucky sat down next to the table as Barton and Bishop discussed the realities of being a superhero and Barton ‘s “ brand ” issues. After their meal, Barton went to pay and told Bishop to name Lucky. Bishop tried calling Lucky a couple of names, watching his response to each one, as he apparently smiled when she called him “ Pizza Dog ” .
Afterwards, they went walking in Central Park. As they walked, Bishop and Barton discussed the Tracksuit Mafia and their history with Ronin. The three then hopped into a cab and, deciding to access the the Bishop Security database to research the Mafia and Jack Duquesne, Bishop had them taken to the Bishop Residence. When they entered, Bishop let Lucky off his collar and he went to explore the new area. [ 3 ] The three were surprised when they found Duquesne and Eleanor Bishop there as Bishop believed the house to be vacate. When Barton left them, Lucky stayed behind with Bishop and laid toss off beside her, as she talked with her mother. [ 5 ]

Celebrating Christmas

Kate Bishop and Lucky left and went to pick up pizza and Christmas festivities before returning to the apartment to be with Clint Barton and celebrate Christmas. When Lucky entered the apartment, he ran over to Barton and started eating the snacks he had on the end table. Lucky then laid on the couch as the two watch movies, drink slushies, and decorated the Christmas tree .
After Barton showed Bishop he could throw an decorate across the room to hit the power clitoris on the television, Bishop attempted it several times, about hitting Lucky on one attempt. later on, after Bishop and Barton had a deep conversation about the Blip and his time as Ronin, Bishop went to bed and took Lucky with her. [ 5 ]

Meeting the LARPers

The next day, after Clint Barton left the apartment, Lucky went with Kate Bishop to Central Park to meet with a NYPD military officer among the LARPers. When they found the LARPers, Lucky barked at them, confused by their practice fight, but Bishop told him they were not a terror .
Afterwards, Lucky and Bishop went to Grills ‘ apartment. Lucky laid nearby as Bishop tried on costumes made by Missy. When Barton arrived, he and Bishop left to track down the watch, while Lucky stayed behind with the function players where it would be safer for him. [ 5 ]

Staying with Grills

“You think you could look after the dog just for a few more days?”
“I got a hotel, and they don’t have, they don’t allow dogs.”
―Clint Barton and Grills

Lucky remained with Grills, who was thinking about a possible list for him, after learning that he was not named yet. That nox, Clint Barton came bet on from his battle and Lucky greeted him. Barton asked Grills if he could watch over Lucky for a few more days, which Grills agreed to, ampere well as offering Barton his frame to sleep on deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Lucky rested his point on Barton ‘s lap, as Barton pet him and fell asleep .
The future day, after Barton left the apartment, Lucky was trained by Grills to dance for a treat. The following morning, Barton and Kate Bishop returned and Lucky danced for Grills. Bishop tried to get him to do the same for her, though she failed. [ 6 ]

Christmas Day with the Barton Family

“Ah! The dog is so cute. What’s his name?”
“That’s Lucky.”
―Nathaniel Barton and Kate Bishop

That night, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton returned to Lucky and prepared for their deviation, as he invited them to come and live with him. The future dawn, on Christmas Day, Lucky ‘s name was finally decided on. The three left New York City and took a road slip to Barton ‘s home in Iowa .
belated that sidereal day, when they arrived, Lucky was excitedly greeted by Barton ‘s children, Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel. Lucky then sat with them, Laura, Barton, and Bishop as the family opened their christmas presents. [ 7 ]


golden appears to be a good evaluator of fictional character, realizing that the Tracksuit Mafia penis was a bad guy and attacking in response, while besides recognizing Kate Bishop and Clint Barton as individuals he can trust. Lucky enjoys eating pizza, sky-high eating it everytime Bishop offers some to him .





  • In the comics, Lucky the Pizza Dog is the pet of Clint Barton and later Kate Bishop, having originally belonged to the Tracksuit Draculas under the name Arrow.

Behind the Scenes

  • While Lucky is a male dog, he is portrayed by a female dog named Jolt.
  • Jolt’s sister, Eevee, was her double in the role of Lucky the Pizza Dog.
  • Lucky’s eye was digitally removed.[8]


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