Luke Cage (Earth-616)

Luke Cage

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Luke Cage
( legally changed from Carl Lucas


Power Man [ 1 ]
Editorial Names :
Luke Cage, Hero for Hire
Nicknames :
Mr. Street-Tough Black [ 2 ]
Impersonations :
Black Avenger [ 3 ]
early Aliases :
Ace of Spades, [ 1 ] Black-Man, [ 4 ] Hero for Hire, [ 5 ] Mark Lucas, [ 5 ] Phoenix Man, [ 6 ] Uncle Luke [ 7 ]

Codenames:Editorial Names:Nicknames:Mr. Street-Tough BlackImpersonations:Other Aliases:Black-Man,Uncle Luke

Affiliation and Relationships



Jotunheim Strikeforce, The Crew, Defenders, Mighty Avengers ( Cage ), Avengers, New Avengers, Thunderbolts, Dark Avengers, Secret Avengers ( Civil War ), Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire ( Oracle Inc. ), Secret Defenders, Marvel Knights, Future Iron Man ‘s team, The Rivals, Chicago Spectator Cortex Inc. (undercover), Axis Defenders (Manhattan), Partner of Iron Fist in the Heroes for Hire


( founder ) ;

Parents: James Lucas (father);

Esther Lucas (mother, deceased);
Joanne Lucas (step-mother)
James Lucas Jr. (brother, deceased)
Jessica Jones (wife)
Danielle Cage (daughter)
Other Relatives:
Mrs. Campbell (mother in-law, deceased);
Dave Campbell (father in-law, deceased);

( brother in-law, deceased ) Phillip Campbell (brother in-law, deceased)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[83]




6′6″ ( 1.98 thousand )


425 pound ( 192.78 kilogram )



  • Brown



originally Black

Origin and Living Status


Human mutate ;
Dr. Noah Burstein recruited Lucas as a unpaid for experimental cell regeneration using exchangeable principles as observed in the Super-Soldier process he had previously used to imbue Warhawk. Burstein immersed Lucas in an electrical field conducted by an

Dr. Noah Burstein recruited Lucas as a volunteer for experimental cell regeneration using similar principles as observed in the Super-Soldier process he had previously used to imbue Warhawk. Burstein immersed Lucas in an electrical field conducted by an organic chemical compound ; when he left Lucas unattended, Rackham, in an attempt to kill Lucas, caused the machine to overload inducing body-wide enhancement that gave him unbreakable skin, astronomical strength as well as stamina.

Living Status




Place of Birth

Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York

Personal Information


No double





bar owner, bodyguard, mercenary, theater owner, private investigator, various odd jobs

Adventurer, vigilante, Mayor of New York City


High school dropout; self-educated in many areas

Base of Operations

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones ‘ Apartment, Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York


Gem Theater, Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Avengers Tower ( Original ), Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Captain America ‘s Apartment, Brooklyn, New York City, New York City, New York ; Sanctum Sanctorum, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Luke Cage ‘s Bar, Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Luke Cage ‘s Apartment, Chicago, Illinois New York ; “Avengers Apartment”, Manhattan

Creators and Appearances


Archie Goodwin, John Romita Sr., George Tuska


Hero for Hire # 1
( March, 1972 )


early life

Carl Lucas, the man that would one day be known as “Luke Cage” was born and raised on the streets of New York in the district of Harlem. He was the son of Esther and James Lucas, a put out N.Y.P.D. detective. Lucas spent his young causing worry on the streets with his friends Willis Stryker and Reva Connors. He finally joined a gang called The Rivals along with his best acquaintance Stryker. He fought the equal gang the Diablos and committed assorted petty thefts, often on behalf of deform crime-lord Sonny Caputo a.k.a. Hammer. [ 8 ] Lucas was in and out of adolescent homes throughout his teens. He dreamed of becoming a major New York racketeer until he ultimately realized how his actions were hurting his family. Culminating in his voice reservations about robbing a young prince from across the populace, the two finally parting on amicable terms after a brief scuffle brought on by Lucas ‘s palpate insulted over said acquaintance using a bogus nickname. The hood even gifting his manque pigeon becoming parting advice about family for the future out of favor of taking interest in said pretend identity. [ 9 ] late seeking to better himself as an adult, finally finding legitimate use. [ 10 ] meanwhile, Stryker rose through the ranks of crime, but the two men remained friends. [ 11 ] finally Stryker ‘s activities came to the attention of the Maggia ( a.k.a. the consortium ). He was ill attacked in a mob hit, but Lucas was there to save him. After that Reva ended their relationship and turned to Lucas for comfort. This created a rift between the two erstwhile friends and Stryker believed Lucas was the lawsuit of the break-up. Stryker planted heroin stolen from Cottonmouth ‘s organization in Lucas ‘ place and tipped off the cops. [ 12 ] Lucas was arrested and sentenced to prison ; he attempted to get revenge by contacting the Maggia, merely for the group ‘s attempt on Stryker ‘s animation to go askew – Stryker survived, while Reva was killed in the process. [ 5 ] After that Lucas lost contact with his family ascribable to the resentment of his brother James, Jr., who intercepted his brother ‘s letters to their father and finally led each to believe the other was dead. [ 11 ]

Seagate Prison

While in prison, Lucas was consumed with hate and rage by his friends betrayal and the supposed personnel casualty of his father. He spent his time getting into brawls along with versatile elude attempts. Because of this he was transferred to Seagate Prison, one of the toughest facilities off the seashore of the State of Georgia. On his first gear day he became target of one racist and sadistic prison guard duty ; Albert “ Billy Bob ” Rackham. His brutality toward Lucas was the reason he was belated demoted, which made him hate the inmate even more. During his tenure Carl would watch news program about a certain royal ( whom said jail bird had unwittingly met anterior to his imprisonment ) revealing the traditionalistically hidden company he hailed from to the wide world at boastfully. [ 13 ] Hearing tell of this, Luke came to admire the entirely black baron whom was lord of his own improbable metropolis ; no matter how much cruller Rackham became to him in reaction. [ 14 ] Dr. Noah Burstein came to the prison to carry out unavowed medical research and recruited Lucas as a volunteer. He was secretly working on experimental cell regeneration based on a variant of the Super-Soldier process. He had previously used to empower Warhawk. [ 11 ] He immersed Lucas in the “ Electro-Biochemical System “, a device that contained an electrical field conducted by an organic chemical compound. When he left equipment neglected, Rackham tampered with the controls, hoping to kill Lucas. however, the discussion was accelerated past its intended purpose causing mutagenic deepen throughout Lucas ‘ body, fortifying his cells giving him superhuman force and lastingness. Lucas used his new-found powers to escape the prison and make his means bet on to Harlem. A casual encounter with criminals inspired him to use his new powers for profit. [ 11 ]

hero for Hire

still a want man, he adopted the alias “ Luke Cage ”. now that he had powers, he decided to don a distinctive costume, and start a new career as a “ Hero for Hire ”. He would help anyone who could meet his price. He found an office above Times Square ‘s Gem Theater, which was owned by film student D.W. Griffith ‘s syndicate. [ 5 ] Dr. Burstein besides relocated to New York and opened the Storefront Clinic, assisted by Dr. Claire Temple. He first met Claire after he was attacked by hitmen hired by his old friend Stryker. When she rushed to help him she was shocked to find that he was n’t injured by the attack, but insisted on having her colleague look at his bruises. At the clinic he met old ally Dr. Burnstein. When Burnstein was attacked by the consortium looking to convince them into paying a protective covering fee, Claire suggested that they take up Luke ‘s services. Claire was kidnapped and Luke tracked her to the perpetrators lair, where he was surprised to find that it was his erstwhile friend and double-crosser Stryker. The two former friends fight. During the fight Stryker fell through a skylight and was blown up by one of his own flim-flam switchblades, ruining any hope Luke had that Stryker could clear his name. [ 12 ] Luke was next hired by seasoned Owen Ridgely who had learned about Col. Gideon Mace, an embitter seasoned who planned retaliation on the u politics. Mace enlisted disgruntled veterans, to paralyze Manhattan for a day to distract the cops. however this was a decoy as he planned to attack and rob Wall Street. Ridgely was murdered by Mace ‘s men so he hunted devour Mace and attacked his hideout, but when Mace tried to flee in a helicopter, Luke caused it to crash into the Hudson River. [ 15 ] After a apparitional attack at the Gem Theater in the in-between of the nox, Luke was confronted by Daily Bugle reporter Phil Fox who was concern in doing a patch about Cage. He refused but that lone furthered Fox ‘s interest in the Hero for Hire. Luke was adjacent hired by Jasper Brunt to investigate the “ Phantom of 45th Street ”. In investigating, Luke learned that the Phantom was actually Armand Lorning, the son of Brunt ‘s early business spouse. The two men fought but they fell out the window to their deaths. [ 16 ]

Black Mariah

Luke had an appointment with a man named Frank Jenks in the upper balcony of the Gem Theater. Luke arrived to find two thugs beating on Jenks. He managed to fight off the attackers but not before Jenks was stabbed. Luke went to the lobby to call Jenks ‘ wife to inform her of his death and then placed a call to the police. Returning to the balcony, Luke was shocked to learn that Jenks ‘ body had already been taken away by an ambulance. Luke made a vow to Jenks ‘ wife to find his body. Jenks ‘ body had been taken by members of the Rat Pack, a group of criminals who use juke ambulances to rob dead people, working for Black Mariah, an corpulent crime lord. Luke tracked the ambulance back to a warehouse on 17th street. He noticed an ambulance pull out of the warehouse but once the driver spotted Luke he turned around and promptly drove back inside. fishy, Luke went in after him, amply expecting an ambush. His suspicions were confirmed when he was attacked by Mariah ‘s men. Luke pretended to get knocked out and was dragged before Black Mariah herself. Luke sprung back into action and beat up his captors. Mariah attempted to shoot him but the bullets bounced off Luke ‘s unbreakable skin. Mariah tried a different tactic and lunged at Luke, using her weight and enormous size to her advantage. loath to hit a woman, Luke braced himself against a wall and let Mariah run into it. Thinking herself bested, Mariah tried to flee on a speedboat. Luke jumped from a gantry and landed on the boat, capsizing it and leaving Mariah floating in the water. She was late arrested. [ 17 ]

doctor of the church doom

Doctor Doom the rule of Latveria, hired Luke to defeat a bunch together of rogue Doombots who have disguised themselves as african-american New Yorkers. Luke took the job and destroyed the Doombots with still. however Doom skipped town without paying his $ 200 tip, Luke borrowed the Fantastic Four ‘s jet, flew to Latveria, and beat the live hell out of Doom until he paid him his fee. After he was paid he left Doom in peace and returned to the States. [ 18 ]

Calling Himself Power man

During a mission in which Orville Smythe duped him into stealing an experimental starsuit from Stark International, Cage followed the exemplar of his new peers and took the codename of Power Man. [ 1 ] He besides fought with Steeplejack. [ 19 ]


shortly subsequently, Luke Cage began associating with the loose-knit super-team the Defenders, aboard whom he battled the Wrecking Crew and the Sons of the Serpent. [ 20 ] Called to assist the Defenders against the Plantman, Cage began to complain that his participation in their group was interfering with his paying oeuvre. affluent Defenders extremity Nighthawk solved this trouble by placing Power Man on retainer, giving Luke a steadily paycheck for his Defenders activities. For some prison term thereafter, Power Man served as a core member of the Defenders. But soon Cage felt out of place in the often-bizarre exploits of the Defenders and finally resigned. [ 21 ]

The Man Called Cottonmouth

Returning to his office after a recent battle, [ 19 ] Luke found a package waiting for him. Inside were two hot, poisonous snakes. Luke well defeated them, tied them both together, and tossed them aside. D.W. entered the position, attracted by the disturbance, and informed Luke that he had visitors. Two large men walked in and introduced themselves as Mike and Ike. The duet noticed that Luke had received their boss ‘s give and wondered if Luke would appreciate his offer american samoa well. Luke grew annoyed and snap up Mike, demanding who they were working for. After a brief contend, Luke threatened to shove the two snakes down Mike ‘s throat if he did n’t give up his emboss ‘ appoint. Getting the answers he needed, Luke traveled to the Midtown office of drug headpin Cottonmouth. [ 22 ] Cottonmouth explained that he had sent the snakes as a quiz to see if Luke was desirable of a put in his organization ‘s hierarchy. Luke, fishy that the heroin used to frame him and send him to prion came from Cottonmouth ‘s administration, accepted the problem, reasoning that he would have a better opportunity at clearing his name if he was on the inside. [ 22 ] For his fist mission, Luke was sent to retrieve a cargo of heroin that was stolen by Boss Morgan ‘s gang. [ 22 ] Luke succeeded and was amply welcomed into Cottonmouth ‘s organization. Over the pursue days, Cottonmouth ‘s bantam adjunct Mr. Slick showed Luke the ins and outs of the operation. During this time, Luke hoped to find records of Cottonmouth ‘s dealings that could clear his name but to no avail. Growing increasingly frustrated by his lack of advancement, Luke resolved to call the cops, figuring that possibly they could find the records or at the very least shut the process down. Cottonmouth learned of Luke ‘s treachery and attacked him. During the battle, Mr. Slick was incidentally knocked out the window and plummeted thirty five stories to his death. Distraught, Cottonmouth surrendered. Luke demanded Cottonmouth show him his records, a request Cottonmouth laughed at. Cottonmouth told Luke that Mr. Slick, who had a photographic memory, was his records. Luke knocked Cottonmouth out and called the police to have him arrested. [ 23 ]

fantastic Four

When the Thing temporarily lost his superhuman powers, Cage was hired to replace him in the Fantastic Four, [ 24 ] but his tenure proved brief after the Puppet Master took see of him to fight his new teammates. [ 25 ]

Power Man & Iron Fist

Having obtained proof of Cage ‘s artlessness in his original drug charges, the criminal Bushmaster abducted Burstein and Temple. Bushmaster used their condom and his hope of acquittal to blackmail Cage into abducting Detective Misty Knight, who humiliated Bushmaster in an earlier confrontation. Cage ‘s efforts led to a fight with Knight ‘s boyfriend, the warlike artist Iron Fist. Upon learning of Cage ‘s situation, Iron Fist and Knight helped him defeat Bushmaster and rescue his friends. [ 26 ] Cleared of criminal charges, Power Man legally changed his name to “ Lucas Cage ”. He briefly worked for Misty Knight and Colleen Wing ‘s detective means, Nightwing Restorations, but soon elected to join Iron Fist in a two-man team, Heroes for Hire, founded by lawyer Jeryn Hogarth and staffed by administrative wunderkind Jennie Royce. Although the streetwise Power Man and the unsophisticated Iron Fist seem to have little in coarse, they soon become the best of friends. [ 27 ] Power Man and Iron Fist achieved great success with Heroes for Hire, earning an external reputation and fighting a wide variety of criminals. During this clock, Luke briefly dated New York socialite and model Harmony Young .

Island of No Return

After a day of working as a Hero for Hire, Luke went out to go on a date with Misty Knight but she did not show up. Luke went to the patrol place and after getting the information out of a criminal, discovered that Misty and other heroes around the city were disappearing. Luke went to her apartment, but was by chance attacked by Cyclops and then intentionally attacked by a group of former foes. Luke escaped this group but was then caught off guard, knocked unconscious, and brought to a mysterious island. [ 28 ] however, Luke woke up and escaped precisely before getting there and swam to the island. He was chased by his kidnappers Mr. Lion and Mr. Tiger, who pursued him through the jungle and finally caught Luke again after he fell unconscious after smelling some hallucinogenic flowers. [ 29 ] Professor Soos revealed himself as the man behind this and the heroes had been kidnapped for the purposes of fighting in a tournament to find a person skilled enough to fight the professor himself. entirely Luke successfully defeated the professor ‘s creations and as a “ reward ” faced Professor Soos himself. Professor Soos was initially winning, however, Luke knocked out Soos. [ 30 ]

Meeting Jessica Jones

cage besides befriended Jessica Jones, a.k.a. Knightress, a young woman whose super-strength and improper style matched his own. [ 31 ]


downfall of Heroes for Hire began when the cryptic government representation S.M.I.L.E. manipulated Power Man and Iron Fist into the employment of Consolidated Conglomerates, Inc., which finally framed Cage for the apparent murder of Iron Fist, causing cage to become a fugitive. [ 32 ] A fugitive again, Cage broke liaison with his New York friends and relocated to Chicago, [ 33 ] but, with Hogarth ‘s assistant, he was cleared of condemnable charges when Iron Fist turned up alive. While staying in Chicago, Cage abandoned his Power Man guise and began operating as the plainclothes Luke Cage, Hero for Hire. During his stay, he befriended Detective Dakota North and fight Bushmasters son Cruz, saving Burstein ‘s wife Emma. During his battle with the Bushmasters, Cage ‘s powers were augmented far by exposure to the Power Man virus. [ 34 ]


While Cage tried to locate his surviving family members with the aid of Dakota North, his buddy kept moving his church father around to keep Cage away from them. James, Jr., was finally recruited by the criminal Corporation, whose power-enhancing scientist Doctor Karl Malus mutated him into the superhuman Coldfire. As Coldfire, James, Jr., hoped to be a match for his brother, who he regarded as a terror. Though James, Jr. worked with the Corporation quite willingly, Malus had James, Sr. held hostage as extra indemnity of Coldfire ‘s cooperation. When cage learned the Corporation was holding his family, he invaded their headquarters and battled Coldfire. The brothers ultimately joined forces to rescue their father from Malus, and Coldfire sacrificed himself to destroy the Corporation ‘s headquarter .

Heroes for Hire Return

cage returned to New York and, deciding his heart was no longer in superheroics, became co-owner of the Gem Theater with his supporter D.W. Griffith. even an invitation from Iron Fist to join a new and expanded Heroes for Hire failed to matter to him ; so far when the master of the World tried to recruit Cage as a spy within Iron Fist ‘s team, destroying Cage ‘s dramaturgy in the action, a curious Cage played along. cage joined Heroes for Hire and served with them for some clock while reporting to the Master. cage began to sympathize with the more beneficent aspects of the Master ‘s goals, but in the end, Cage could neither betray Iron Fist nor accommodate himself to the enormous passing of life sentence the Master ‘s plans of conquest will entail, and he helped Heroes for Hire destroy the master of the World ‘s plans. batting cage remained with the group thereafter, and dated a mate member, the She-Hulk. When the Stark-Fujikawa Corporation bought out Heroes for Hire, Cage and Ant-Man were fired because of their prison records, and the rest of the team foreswear in protest. Deciding that a retort to basics was in order, he re-established his hero for Hire activities and soon learned that, despite his external fame, he was about forgotten on the streets where he in the first place made his reputation. He invested his money in a bar and set about ridding his contiguous neighborhood of condemnable elements, deciding that the business of world-saving was best left to others .

Cage & Jones

After a sexual meet with a bibulous Jessica Jones, now a secret detective, Cage ‘s life was concisely shed into disarray by Jones ‘ reaction to the incident. [ 35 ] The two made peace while working as bodyguards for Matt Murdock. [ 36 ] Cage extended emotional support to Jones when she was forced to revisit past abuses by the nefarious Purple Man, and Cage ‘s feelings for her grew. [ 37 ] After Jones revealed that she was pregnant from their tryst, she and Cage moved in together. [ 38 ] Soon subsequently, Jones became a superhuman adviser with the Daily Bugle. After she was attacked by the Green Goblin during a Bugle investigation, Cage, helped by Spider-Man, measuredly attacked Norman Osborn in orderliness to provoke him into revealing he was the Goblin. [ 39 ]

Secret War

At some distributor point after this, Nick Fury asked Cage for a favor. He and a number of other super heroes including : Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Captain America, and the Black Widow were asked to travel to Latveria to help Fury overthrow the government of Lucia von Bardas, whom be discovered to be financing a number of technologically-based super-criminals in the United States. [ 40 ] Recognizing the likely terrorist ramifications of such an act, Fury decided to eliminate the threat despite being told to leave it alone by the American President. [ 41 ] Unbeknownst to the assemble heroes, Fury planned to make an exercise of von Bardas and brought down Castle Doom onto the city below, killing an untold number of people. Knowing that the superheroes could never condone such an action, he had the previous two days ‘ activities erased from their minds. [ 42 ] On the year anniversary of their attack on Latveria, Cage and Jessica Jones came home to their Harlem apartment to find von Bardas, who survived their attack, though now dreadfully disfigured, there waiting for him. She then blasted Cage with a saturated energy balance beam which leveled his integral apartment as an act of revenge. Both Cage and Jones survived the blast, though Cage sustained a great deal of price to his internal organs and lie in a coma. This was further compounded by the fact that Cage ‘s unbreakable bark made it impossible for doctors to operate on him. [ 43 ] Realizing that the attack on batting cage was possibly a retaliation for their Secret War in Latveria, Fury visited Cage in hospital. Captain America besides arrived and got into an argument with Fury, having regained his memories about their actions in Latveria some months previously. The two men and Danny Rand then took the unconscious mind cage and removed him from the hospital to ensure his condom from farther acts of vengeance. [ 41 ] When Jessica returned to Cage ‘s hospital room, she found it empty and the hospital was under heavy attack. [ 43 ] Jessica spent the following respective days searching for her boyfriend with the serve of Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich. They last found him at the Night Nurse ‘s medical clinic, a place where extremely heroes can secretly go to receive aesculapian attention. Rand brought Cage there after Fury told him to bring his ally somewhere condom. Nick Fury then appeared to both a now-conscious cage and Jessica and apologized for messing up their lives. He vowed that he would no longer interfere with them, or anyone else, and told them that they were good people. [ 44 ]

marriage and the New Avengers

cage was recruited by Captain America into a new incarnation of the Avengers after a massive prison break on Ryker ‘s Island and proving himself to Cap. [ 45 ] Jessica and Cage are now the parents of a daughter and have gotten married. At the start of the Civil War Luke sent both Jessica and his daughter to Canada to avoid adjustment, though he himself refused to leave. S.H.I.E.L.D. forces came to arrest him at the stroke of midnight despite not having used his powers since the Act went into effect. He fought his way to safety with the serve of Captain America, the Falcon, and Iron Fist ( posing as Daredevil ), and was a dedicate penis of Captain America ‘s “ Secret Avengers “ until Cap ‘s resignation to U.S. authorities. [ 46 ] After the events of the superhuman Civil War, Jessica returned with their baby from Canada due to awful death of their beneficial ally Captain America. Luke Cage and Spider-Man rounded up some of the remaining unregistered superhumans ; Iron Fist ( Daniel Rand ), Spider-Woman ( who was in truth the Skrull queen Veranke ), Wolverine, and Doctor Strange to form a new team of New Avengers. Taking refugee in Doctor Strange ‘s Sanctum Sanctorum, Cage tasked the New Avengers with opposing the numerous escapees from the Raft prison while uncovering and exposing the accuracy behind the Raft break, the corruption in S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA, the Civil War, and finding the connection between each of them. [ 47 ] cage and his comrades were often opposed by authorities and the Mighty Avengers for function as illegal, unregistered superhumans. These actions caused him to develop a strong sense of caution, and even distrust when associating with file superintendent heroes such as Falcon. He initially found bang-up difficulty trusting Clint Barton ( once Hawkeye ) for wanting to join the New Avengers ‘ causal agent due to the former costumed crime combatant ‘s original ties to the founding Avengers and why he wanted to work with a group of strangers rather of his friends. Doctor Strange however, proved to Cage Barton ‘s commitment and trustworthiness causing cage to accept him as teammate and a acquaintance. [ 48 ] cage proved to be an effective sphere leader, but was sometimes confronted with unmanageable situations that required extra tactical cognition to determine the course of action. The New Avengers rescue mission in Japan and the time mislaid Invaders are two examples of this. He and Jessica finally named their newborn daughter “ Danielle “ after his best friend Daniel Rand, whom they besides declared as her godfather. Danielle and Jessica are, and continue to be, Cage ‘s inhalation to his super-heroic activities .

unavowed invasion

In class of the New Avengers ‘ mission to rescue Echo in Japan, the team discovered the Hand ‘s drawing card, Elektra, to be a Skrull imposter after Echo killed her in conflict. cage and his teammates became identical restless ascribable to the extraterrestrial being ‘s ability to absolutely impersonate any person and were not stray of the mind of there being more Skrulls on Earth. misgiving became misgiving as many of his teammates were no longer sure of one another ‘s identity ; Cage included. The team was soon betrayed by Spider-Woman ( Queen Veranke ), who stole the Skrull body in order to present it to Tony Stark and cut her ties to the New Avengers and newfangled recruit, Echo. After Strange ‘s Sanctum was stormed by the Hood and his underworld of superhuman criminals, Cage relocated with the remainder of his team to one of Iron Fist ‘s rent apartments, but his wife and child took refugee with the Mighty Avengers at Avengers Tower. Angry that his wife had abandoned him with his child, he confronted her outside of the loom on her decision to register with the law and end all touch with him. Discovering she had no intention of returning with him due to a dangerous, and unsuitable environment for their child, Cage stormed back to his team ‘s new headquarters. He was identical disturbed with Jessica ‘s decision. due to the discovery of the Skrull invader, he was very disquieted about his family ‘s guard ; equally well as his marriage. [ 49 ] After a Skrull ship crashed in the Savage Land, Luke took the New Avengers there, confronting the Mighty Avengers. During the struggle, Luke ripped open the Skrull ship, alone to have a large group of 1970 ‘s versions of several heroes, including himself, emerge claiming to be the real heroes. however they were exposed as Skrulls, thanks to a device made by Reed Richards. The Avengers flew rear to New York and meet up with the other heroes to fight the final conflict with the Skrulls in Central Park. During the midst of the battle Jessica Jones came into the conflict and crusade with the heroes, while admitting that Luke was right about the Skrulls and apologized. After the Skrulls surrendered the Skrull pose Jarvis disappeared with their daughter, leaving Jessica desperate and disturbance. [ 50 ]

Dark Reign

After the battle ended, Captain America ( James “ Bucky ” Barnes ) organized a merging with the New Avengers at his home, offering it as their infrastructure of operations. When Luke, Jessica and Carol arrived at Bucky ‘s home, the New Avengers contacted the Fantastic Four and Iron Fist to begin searching for Danielle. They attacked versatile villains such as A.I.M., HYDRA, Electro, and Red Skull for any information regarding the Jarvis-Skrull, thinking he might have contacted them for a manner to escape New York City, possibly the ground. finally they found a Skrull dissemble to be an ex-SHIELD agent at a bar. After a brief confrontation, the Skrull was about to reveal where Danielle was when another agentive role shot the Skrull in the head, leaving Jessica convinced Skrull Jarvis was going to kill Danielle. meanwhile, with the rest of the New Avengers unaware, Luke asked Norman Osborn for help in their search, agreeing do to anything he asked of him. Osborn helped Cage recover Danielle, but when Bullseye killed the Jarvis-Skrull, Cage reneged on his volunteer to serve Osborn and returned to the New Avengers. cage was attacked by the Hood ‘s Gang when Harrow use his power drainer on the New Avengers. Afterwards Cage went into cardiac apprehension forcing him to ask Osborn for help ascribable to his unbreakable hide and the fact that he possessed the disruptor. cage was late saved by the Avengers before he could be interrogated by H.A.M.M.E.R., but during the operation a bomb had been placed in his kernel, forcing The Wasp and Doctor Strange to save him. [ 51 ]

Heroic Age

After Osborn was defeated in the Siege, Steve Rogers became the state ‘s top bull. Taking over the Avengers organization, he offered Luke a point on the team. unfortunately, Luke had no interest in joining up with another government-driven Avengers. Despite Steve assuring him that it was all on a volunteer basis, Luke considered taking the put up to be a giant star pace backwards. As a solution, Tony sold the old Avengers Mansion to Cage for one dollar ( which he had to borrow from Iron Fist ), and Cage was allowed to operate his own independent Avengers team with minimal interference from the government. He, his wife Jessica, Iron Fist, and respective other heroes soon moved into the sign of the zodiac and set up shop. [ 52 ]


Luke besides took on the occupation of running the Thunderbolts program for Steve Rogers in order to give super-powered criminals a gamble to turn their lives around like he did. [ 53 ]


When Daredevil suddenly returned to New York by building a castle out of a destroy build up, Cage was one of the many “ street-level ” heroes who thought Murdock was getting out of hand. When news that he had a change of kernel in his heroism ( shown when he mercilessly killed Bullseye ) reached his ears, Power Man and Iron Fist went to confront him, but the Man without Fear retreated. [ 54 ] Later, while at Rand ‘s restaurant, the two conversed about Murdock ‘s growing ‘insanity. ‘ [ 55 ]

Avengers vs. X-Men

When it was revealed that the Phoenix Force was heading towards Earth looking for a new horde, Cage answered Captain America ‘s call in invading Utopia. [ 56 ] [ 57 ] He helped Thing fight the Atlantean Namor. [ 58 ] He late left the New Avengers to raise his daughter peacefully. [ 59 ]

Mighty Avengers

Luke and his Heroes for Hire fought the Plunderer, and after Spider-Man intervened, he and Power Man grabbed a coffee. He insisted that the heroes were n’t doing enough to keep the populace safe. He and his team, immediately the Mighty Avengers, began fighting off Thanos ‘ invasion on Earth. [ 60 ] After the initial menace was complete, he formally declared the new assembled group to be Avengers. [ 61 ] The Mighty Avengers were finally forced to close their mathematical process after being sued by a morally inverted Tony Stark for using the brand name of “ Avengers. ” [ 62 ]

All-New All-Different

After dealing with former Heroes for Hire employee Jennifer Royce turned evil by the office of an ancient african amulet, Luke ( reluctantly ) and Iron Fist reverted to crime-fighting as the Heroes for Hire. [ 63 ] Luke and Iron Fist late helped out some reforming former criminals conflict the Americops which resulted in Danny being arrested. Luke then came into conflict with Captain Marvel after the Inhuman profiler Ulysses Cain predicted him orchestrating a break. [ 64 ]

Secret empire

During Hydra ‘s emanation to world power Luke, aboard Jessica, Daredevil, and Iron Fist would form the Defenders. The Defenders, aboard Cloak and Dagger, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Woman would team up to take on the Army of Evil however they would end up defeated by the ace villain Nitro. Luke and the rest of his team would discover that Manhattan was covered in a dome made of Darkforce energy created by Blackout whose powers were enhanced by Baron Helmut Zemo using the Darkhold. [ 65 ]

Hunt For Wolverine

When news diffuse that Wolverine ‘s body had been removed from an unmarked grave, Luke and Jessica joined Iron Man and Spider-Man in investigating the whereabouts of the cadaver. The first gear lead in the group ‘s investigation brought them to a submarine where genetic material was being auctioned off. To Luke and Jessica ‘s jolt the genetic material belonged to their daughter Danielle. [ 66 ] The auction was disrupted by Mister Sinister who attacked the nameless seller, claiming they stole the D.N.A sample of Wolverine. Luke ‘s body was used by Jessica to plug up the hole created by Mister Sinister. [ 67 ]

Devil ‘s Reign

Luke and Jessica tried to keep a low visibility while Mayor Wilson Fisk started a war against vigilantism and superintendent heroes as separate of a vendetta against Daredevil, but when the Shocker caused a bus to crash while trying to arrest Darkhawk, Luke and Jessica had to step in, rescuing some civilians. They both defeated Shocker and the Thunderbolt units that tried to arrest them, with Luke giving a speech to the people about how Mayor Fisk ca n’t stop them from helping people. As Luke and Jessica tried to get out of town with Dani before they came to arrest them, they found Tony Stark standing at their door, claiming that he wanted to run for Mayor to stop Fisk. [ 68 ]


Power Grid[84]


  • Burstein Process: Luke Cage possesses various superhuman physical enhancements after undergoing a Super-Soldier experiment known as the Burstein Process, which was designed to increase his body’s cellular regeneration rate.[5][69]
    • Superhuman Strength: 200?cb=20190208180645 After undergoing the original experiment, Cage’s strength was increased to superhuman levels. Initially, it was only sufficient enough to lift approximately 5 tons. However, with extensive physical training and years of experience as a super hero, his strength was increased to approximately 25 tons and he is able to punch through barriers as thick as 4-inch steel plate.[70][69] While his experience in fighting crime allows for him to gauge the amount of force he exerts, Cage has been known to cut loose in cases of extreme stress often hinting that he’s much stronger than his limits suggest;[71] for example, Cage was seen lifting a large bulldozer over his head and throwing it without any strain.[71] His strength has been currently increased to 50 tons or much more.[71][72] Cage was able to easily bend a metal baseball bat with his bare hands.[71] He was able to knockout the Rhino, a villain known to be a rival with the likes of the Hulk, with one punch.[11] Cage’s herculean strength allows him to seamlessly move extremely heavy objects with ease or trade blows with insanely strong extraterrestrials resulting in mild seismic activity,[73] as seen when Luke Cage almost effortlessly carried a semi truck over seven city blocks because he couldn’t get the engine to start.[72] He was strong enough to send a woman flying with just the impact of his thunderclap.[52] His strength also extends to his legs enabling him to leap in a manner similar to the Hulk; however, his leaping is not equal to the Hulk. Nevertheless, he can carry himself at speeds that outdo even the fittest of athletes.[61][72] His most impressive feat of strength is grabbing onto the bottom of the airplane and dragging it hard enough to caused the pilot to shut down the plane.[74]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Cage’s muscles generate less fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans, granting him superhuman stamina. This helps Cage pull off astonishing feats of athleticism despite his excess mass.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Luke Cage’s body is as hard as titanium steel.[5] His muscles and bones tissue are super-dense, granting him much greater resistances to physical injury.[69] He can withstand conventional handgun fire of 4 feet and cannot be cut by the sharpest of blades, although in the event of required surgery his skin can be lacerated with an over-powered medical laser.[69] He can withstand up to one-ton impacts or blasts of 150 pounds of TNT without serious injury, and he is impervious to temperature extremes and electrical shocks.[69] His current level of durability enables him to withstand gunfire at point-blank range, and to withstand being lit on fire without suffering any serious or permanent injuries. He has withstood impacts from superhumans a good deal stronger than himself, destructive energy attacks including electricity, and falls from great heights such as ninety story high skyscrapers.
    • Accelerated Healing Factor: Luke’s invulnerability is usually enough to protect him from damages. However, if injured, Luke’s recovery time from injury or trauma is customarily one-third that of an ordinary human.[69] This ability allows for him to rarely require medical attention after even his most tedious of fights. [70]

former PowersPhoenix Force: During the [75] During the Phoenix Force ‘s tournament, Luke Cage became empowered by a helping of its power. He was stripped of this boost after losing to American Eagle, which disqualified him from the contest .


  • Expert Combatant: Cage is a self-taught hand-to-hand combatant with years of street fighting experience. He also says he has had extensive training with Iron Fist. Through him, he has learned to utilize leverage with his strength in order to increase his combat effectiveness against more powerful opponents.[76][69]
  • Skilled Athlete: He is also a gifted athlete, even without his superhuman abilities.[76][69]
  • Extended Education: Cage is self-educated in the law and fluent in several languages.[69]
  • Strong Speaker: He has proven to be very good at speaking positively, truthfully, and with charisma in front of large audiences. His innate nobility has earned him the respect and friendship from a good number of different persons.[77]


  • Near-Unbreakable Flesh: Since Cage’s skin cannot be lacerated by conventional materials, his superhuman durability is a hindrance if he suffers injuries that are too severe for him to heal on his own and require surgery, such as internal injuries. While his skin can be lacerated by a highly powerful medical laser and weapons composed of Adamantium, neither of these would be readily available or easily accessible.[78]
  • Radiation: Enough exposure to massive amounts of radiation and the resulting burns can kill Cage, if the injuries are extensive enough.[79]



  • Cage owns a leather jacket which is, like his skin, impervious to virtually any injury; however, he wears it infrequently and is often left with shredded clothing in the wake of his adventures.[69]

transportation system

  • Avengers Quinjet, Teleportation through Doctor Strange’s magic.


  • Noted for the catchphrase, “Sweet Christmas!”.[80]
  • His former code-name “Power Man” had its origins in the term “Black Power”, Luke deciding to call himself that when Orville Smythe was surprised that he managed to break into his escape vehicle and Cage responded “Just chalk it up to Black Power, man!”[1]
  • When Luke Cage was still going by the name Carl Lucas he met the future Panther King in Harlem while they were still youths. Although initially taking offense when the latter used the moniker ‘Luke Charles’, knowing the name was false, Carl later remarked ‘I like that name Luke, though’. Raising the possibility that Cage took inspiration from T’Challa’s fake identity when choosing his own new name later on.[9]
  • He was voiced by Deven Mack in War of the Realms, Iron Fist : ultimate Comics



  • Luke Cage was the first black super hero to helm his own ongoing title. Black Panther headlined in Jungle Action Vol 2 the following year, and wouldn’t get his own self-titled book until 1977, five years after champion for Hire #1.
  • Actor Nicolas Cage (who would go on to play, among others, the original Ghost Rider), changed his surname from Coppola to Cage based on the character, so he could pursue his acting career without relying on his relation to filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, his uncle.
  • Luke Cage was Marvel’s response to the “blaxploitation” movies of the time such as Shaft and Baadassss.
  • Nick Fury’s intel classified him as power level 8,[81] while Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Tony Stark considered him to be a Beta level Threat.[82]

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