Madame Rouge

Madame Rouge


Background information

First episode

Homecoming – part 2 “


Hynden Walch

Character information

Real name

Laura DeMille

Other names

Nice Lady (by Hot Spot)



Reading: Madame Rouge


Brotherhood of Evil


World domination, elimination of Titans (all failed)

Place of origin



The Brotherhood’s secret base underneath the Eiffel Tower, Paris


The Brain,
Monsieur Mallah,
General Immortus

Powers and abilities

  • Shape-shifting
  • Regeneration
  • Full-body elasticity
  • Limited super strength
  • Enhanced speed and endurance
  • Master spy
  • Dangerous hand-to-hand combatant


None but her own body

Quote1.png Vhen vill the children learn? No von escapes the reach of Madame Rouge!Quote2.png
―Madame Rouge[src]

Madame Rouge is a core extremity of the Brotherhood of Evil and one of Beast Boy ‘s arch-enemies. She is a major antagonist in Season 5 .

Character history

nothing is known of Madame Rouge ‘s by before she joined the Brotherhood of Evil as their co-leader and dominate spy. Although according to DC records, she is a erstwhile actress/teacher. As the most conventionally super-powered of the core Brotherhood, the Brain viewed Rouge as one of his most valuable agents and sent her out on special missions. She soon gained a widespread reputation for being one of the most pitiless and persistent villainesses around. After the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol had defeated the Brotherhood ‘s latest system, the Brain decided that the Titans, with their youthful capriciousness, were now their most dangerous enemies. To facilitate his plan to eliminate the adjacent genesis of young superheroes, he sent out Rouge to capture the Titans Communicator from Honorary Titan Wildebeest ; however, Rouge failed when Wildebeest dropped his communicator off a cliff. She targeted Hot Spot future, and after much campaign, aided well by her shape-shifting abilities, she was given a new communicator by Robin after she had posed as Hot Spot. Madame Rouge took the get the better of Wildebeest and Hot Spot to the Brotherhood of Evil ‘s base to be flash-frozen as victory trophies. sometime by and by, the H.I.V.E. Five appropriate Kid Flash. Their drawing card Jinx had been idolizing Madame Rouge, and she contacted her to deliver Kid Flash in regulate to rise into the Brotherhood ‘s ranks and gain Rouge ‘s regard. Before Rouge arrived at the H.I.V.E. Five ‘s hideout, Kid Flash managed to escape, and derisively dismissing the nefarious youths, Jinx included, as incompetent children, Rouge went after Kid Flash herself. Kid Flash merely barely managed to get away from her, only to be captured by Jinx ; but as Jinx prepared to surrender him to Madam Rouge, the villainess struck her down and demeaned her efforts and idolizing. Fed up with this treatment, and touched by Kid Flash ‘s efforts to make her vacate her life of crime, Jinx allowed the young hero to get aside and strike Rouge down as she attempted to hit her again. ironically, this made Rouge bequeath to re-evaluate Jinx, but it was excessively late : jonah left the H.I.V.E. Five and her life as a villainess behind and joined Kid Flash. When the Brotherhood executed the global assume against the Titans and their allies, Rouge took on Robin, while taunting him on his giving her the communicator rather of Hot Spot. They fought and she overpowered him but could not stop him from setting the communicators to self-destruct, preventing any further attempts by the Brain to track their movements. When the remaining Titans under Beast Boy ‘s leadership attacked the Brotherhood ‘s base, Rouge was seen battling Pantha. She started to tease the Brain about his plan failing, and when Mas y Menos unfroze the appropriate Titans, Madame Rouge decided to do things her way and was instantaneously tackled by Starfire. As the Brotherhood ‘s members dwindled, Madame Rouge seemed confident that she could take all of them, but Hot Spot and Wildebeest tackled her. hex showed up and trapped Madame Rouge ‘s leg in the land and Wildebeest and Hot Spot threw her straight into the freeze irradiate, earning their payback for being captured and ending her acts of cruelty. She was freeze alongside the other freeze villains and her teammates of the Brotherhood of Evil.

Rouge besides appears in the Teen Titans Go! comedian serial, first in a flashback in exit # 28. She has besides turned up in Justice League Adventures, more close resembling her mainstream comics appearance .
She appeared again in issue # 46 Wildfire. Starfire was wondering what had happened to her brother a retentive time ago, but she saw him come out of a pod that blastoff towards Earth. After a heartwarming reunion, she introduced him to the early Titans and they had a party at Titans Tower. however, after everybody went to bed, Wildfire started attacking the Titans ( Raven and Cyborg ). Starfire confronted him, and she discovered that her “ brother ” was, in fact, Madame Rouge in disguise. It turns out that Blackfire, Starfire ‘s malefic sister, had hired Madame Rouge to kill Starfire. Afterward, Blackfire was thrown in jail once again, and Starfire denounces her as a sister and vows to find Wildfire one day .

physical appearance

Though her physical appearance can be changed entirely at will, Madame Rouge is by and large a improbable and slender charwoman with a black A-Line Bob haircut, piercing gloomy eyes, large crimson lips, and a narrow face while her body is chiefly an hourglass figure with slender arms and tall legs. Her attire resembles a loss latex bodysuit with a skirt at the buttocks and two bombastic bootleg belts around the shank and a grandiloquent black collar around the neck. She besides wears long black latex paint gloves that stop in metallic bands around her upper arms and tall black latex high-heel boots that end in metallic bands at her upper berth thigh, though her clothing in more than probably only a product of her shapeshifting abilities .


Madame Rouge, duplicitous, cunning and twisted in every sense of the word.

Madame Rouge is one of the most pitiless and sadistic characters in the animated series. She is very arrogant and believes herself to be superior over most of her opponents. A flower example of this is at the end of “ Titans Together “ when she was one of the last villains standing. She seemed very confident that she could take on the Titans by herself, though this led to her fall. Rouge besides has a snatch of a disaffected streak, as she doubts the Brain ‘s plans from Trust to Titans Together, and she finally says that she will do things “ her manner ” after the get Titans were released. rouge despises children as well. She thinks that they are quite useless ( shown in ‘ Lightspeed ‘ ) and thinks that only she and the Brotherhood leaders are worthy of being “ true villains ”. Due to her extreme arrogance, she is bigheaded and quite a snob which matches her stereotyped RUSSIAN stress .

Powers and abilities

I am whatever I wish to be.
―Madame Rouge[src]

Madame Rouge possesses full see over her torso structure, enabling her to change her shape and appearance at will. She is a maestro of disguise, able to assimilate even the part of the persons she imitates and may stretch her limbs across hanker distances. She appears to be able to stretch identical fast, tied faster than Kid Flash can run, as shown in the episode Lightspeed “ when she stopped him in his tracks many times good by stretching her arms. rouge is besides able to stretch her torso in such a means that she can physically absorb an enemy, as demonstrated in “ Trust “. Rouge besides possesses enhanced forte, survival, and travel rapidly, and is able of positive feedback of huge physical damage to herself, including sum dismemberment. While not being the strongest villain out there, she is able to punch holes in brick walls with fiddling effort, and she was able to knock over an entire construct with one kick back. ascribable to her torso ‘s malleability, however, Rouge is vulnerable to heat and cold, which made her vulnerable to Hot Spot and let him last against her a long as he did.

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As for more mundane skills, Madame Rouge is a master spy and infiltrator, and a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant. Her cruelty has granted her the ability of intimidation. Almost every Titan she ‘s fight has shown signs of concern when confronted by her .


When fighting person or something hot, like Hot Spot, she starts to melt, which besides could ruin her disguise if in one .


adolescent Titans

Season 5

Teen Titans Go!


  • Even though she was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, she does not appear as a boss in Teen Titans 2 for the Game Boy Advance.
  • While Rouge is the French word for red and also the French word for cosmetic blush (all in all, her name being French), her accent in the show is more Eastern European than French.
  • The television show’s version of Madame Rouge is unlike the original comics incarnation, in that she is not depicted within its encompassing episodes her morally dual personality, that the Madame Rouge from the DC Comics is known for.


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