Is Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Being Teased for Sony’s Madame Web? (Photo)

As exciting as all of Marvel Studios ’ Hall H announcements were at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, Sony ’ s Spider-Man films are endlessly under development american samoa well. The studio’s most holocene film was Jared Leto ’ sulfur Morbius, which earned itself a theatrical re-release, but ended up flopping. Next up ? There ’ s Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, Venom 3, El Muerto, and probable respective more in development .
While Aaron Taylor-Johnson ’ s anti-hero movie has finished film, Madame Web is Sony ’ s biggest Spider-Man project presently in output. The movie ’ s lead actress, Dakota Johnson, has even been seen on arrange a few times in a fashionable red leather jacket .
But what precisely will the film be about ? While that ’ s not known, some previous set photos have brought up some adult questions. recently, some images made it online that seem to indicate how the movie might have a meaning connection to Tobey Maguire ’ s original Sam Raimi Spider-Man films .
now, it seems there might be even more clues that the approaching project might directly connect to Raimi ’ s previous superhero universe.

New Spider-Man Easter Egg Spotted in Madame Web

New arrange photos made their way online from Madame Web and might have revealed another connection to Tobey Maguire ’ s original Spider-Man movies .
In a tweet from @ silverxsable, the drug user noted how one of the newspapers mentions “bravest pulls girl from fire.”
Could this be in character to the large setting in Spider-Man 2 where Peter Parker rescues the child from a burning build ?
Spider-Man 2

In the context of the report, Peter had given up his superhero act, fueled by having troubles with his powers.

Spider-Man 2

however, that did n’t stop the hero from running into a burning build to save a child from certain death .
Spider-Man 2

The set photos can be seen in the tweet below :

What is Sony’s Madame Web up To?

This is far from a confirmation of a direct connection. A brave person pulling person from a ardor could relate to an endless sum of things—but when put into the context of former dress photos, it ’ second worth at least thinking about .
If there is a connection, this would be the first clock time that Sony ’ s Spider-Man Universe has immediately related to the webhead himself. Seeing as the nominal character does have direct ties to the Spider-Verse and the Multiverse in general, it wouldn ’ thyroxine be besides surprising if the studio was attempting to connect this girl to its previous outings.

But, if a connection does truly exist between the approaching film and the original Spider-Man films, what are the odds that Tobey Maguire shows up ? probably slim as Marvel Studios was likely lucky to have even gotten him for Spider-Man : No Way Home, so it ’ second hard to see Sony being able to bring him back for something like Madame Web .
At the least, these set photos have surely been intriguing. Hopefully, more information becomes available sooner rather than subsequently. If fans learn that a connection to Maguire ’ mho world is a real hypothesis or if any early Spideys might show up, audiences might get more stimulate about the film .
Madame Web hits theaters on October 6, 2023 .

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