12 Best Male Naruto Characters You Must Know

There are many OP characters in Naruto. So, nowadays we are here with some of the best male Naruto characters who wholly are OP. Naruto has given many emotional and connecting moments to fans. so, here comes the list of the top 12 best male Naruto characters .


HIRUZEN SARUTOBI Male Naruto Characters The Kage, or drawing card, of a Hidden Village, is normally the most impregnable ninja in the area at the prison term. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, was the greenwich village ’ s most formidable ninja for numerous generations .


GAARA OF THE DESERT Gaara of the Desert, one of the most popular characters on the program, began as a cruddy and potent adolescent ninja with the foreign ability to manipulate sand. He was born as the unintentional vehicle of Shukaku, the desert ’ s one-tailed demon. One of the best male naruto characters ever .

10. A

A Male Naruto Characters even when compared to the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, who could teleport using a space-time proficiency, A could use his chakra to wrap his body with an electric aura that accelerated his focal ratio enormously.

He ’ s so immediate that he was able to beat Tsunade in an arm-wrestling pit because of his adeptness. He ’ s besides physically potent, however, he doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use jutsu to achieve this ; alternatively, he just works out .


KAKASHI HATAKE tied though Naruto is wax of mighty characters that push the boundaries of plausibility with their skills, Kakashi Hatake, the first shinobi to be depicted as overpowering .
Kakashi displayed his ability to manage four chakra components as a child omen from an early age. His firm commitment to the shinobi way of life compelled him to train intensively, putting him ahead of his colleagues .


JIRAIYA THE TOAD SAGE Male Naruto Characters He was one of the three Sanin, a group comprising him, Tsunade, and Orochimaru who represented the greatest shinobi of the Hidden Leaf during one of the numerous shinobi battles. Jiraiya ( Toad Sage ), is a formidable shinobi who could boost his persuasiveness and travel rapidly by channeling sage chakra. One of the best male naruto characters ever .


MIGHT GUY Despite his ability to use ninjutsu, Might Guy chooses to focus on taijutsu and is without a doubt the most competent and potent physical combatant in the Naruto universe. The guy was able to stave off Itachi and Kisame as they attempted to invade the Leaf Village using alone his fight skills .


OROCHIMARU Male Naruto Characters Orochimaru ’ s intensity was lone equaled by his double objectives of mastering every jutsu ever devised and attaining immortality as the most herculean of the Hidden Leaf ’ s legendary Sannin. He excelled in bodily procedures and evening developed an Immortality Jutsu that allowed him to transfer his soul between many vessels to stay active .
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OBITO UCHIHA Obito and the incredible heights of baron he attained may have been the most shark-jumping moment in the integral series. He was found and cured by Madara after being assumed dead on a deputation as a child. Madara kept him alive with cells from the First Hokage, allowing Obito to wield Wood Style to a limited extent.

Obito was able to access the Sharingan as an Uchiha, and his Sharingan evolved into its Mangekyo form after he watched his crush being slaughtered by his closest acquaintance. One of the best male naruto characters always .
Obito ’ s Mangekyo Sharingan, like its counterpart wielded by Kakashi, granted him the Kamui power to warp sections of his body in and out of other realms, making him closely invincible .


MADARA UCHIHA He was one of the most herculean ninjas in history, with world-breaking abilities. Madara unlocked the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan by implanting his brothers ’ eyes into his own, giving him access to the ideal Susanoo, an unbreakable, fully-formed chakra embodiment that could be employed for both attacking and defensive reasons, among other skills .


ITACHI UCHIHA Male Naruto Characters He was an Uchiha omen, having unlocked his Sharingan at a young age, joined Anbu black ops at the old age of 11, and triggered his Mangekyo Sharingan while he was in his teens .
He chose an impossible job since he was therefore herculean at such a young old age. His kin was murmuring about the possibility of a coup attempt. Itachi had to massacre the majority of his kin in one night to avoid this, leaving just his younger brother Sasuke alert .


SASUKE UCHIHA Male Naruto Characters Sasuke could easily struggle Akatsuki or many Kages simultaneously after murdering Itachi and activating his Mangekyo Sharingan, and he even murdered Danzo for his partially in the Leaf plot, defeating the reality-warping Izanagi in the process .
The sage of Six Paths personally gifted Sasuke Six Paths chakra, opening the Rinnegan in his left eye, during the Fourth Great Ninja War. While this affords him access to the Six Paths, it besides grants him Amenotejikara, a rare space-time technique that allows him to swap places with a aim in an blink of an eye.


NARUTO UZUMAKI Naruto can surround himself with a boiling aura of chakra that gives him beast-like powers, allows him to stretch his limbs, and allows him to wield the destructive Tailed-Beast Bomb by accessing the chakra of the nine-tailed fox named Kurama that is locked inside him .
Naruto ’ second sage mode allows him to employ the Frog Kata physical contend proficiency arsenic well as the Rasenshuriken, a more potent interpretation of his common rape that he can toss like a phonograph record .
so, these were some of the male naruto characters who are way OP .

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