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Malekith the Accursed

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Current Alias

Malekith the accurse


The accurse, Angel, [ 1 ] The Butcher of Thors, [ 2 ] The Dark Elf, [ 1 ] King of Svartalfheim, [ 3 ] Lord of the [ citation needed ] Lord defender of all Dark Elves, [ 3 ] Malcolm Keith, [ 4 ] Mandarin-Four, [ citation needed ] Mandarin Four, [ 5 ] Master of the Hounds, [ 1 ] Sera [ 6 ]

The Butcher of Thors,The Dark Elf,Lord of the Wild Hunt Lord protector of all Dark Elves,Malcolm Keith,Master of the Hounds,

Affiliation and Relationships


Dark Elves, Dark Council


Black Bile Clan


Lady Mazerot (mother, deceased);

Unnamed father (deceased);
Unnamed twelve uncles (deceased);
Unnamed twelve brothers (deceased);
The Bride’s offspring (heir);
Queen Aelsa (estranged wife);[7]Venom (former symbiote)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[66]




6′9″ ( 2.06 thousand )


185 pound ( 83.91 kilogram )



  • Blue





Unusual Features

Heterochromia. Right side of body blue and left side black

Origin and Living Status


Dark Elf

Living Status




Place of Birth


Place of Death


Personal Information


No dual





corpse burner, slave, wizard apprentice

King of the Elves of Svartalfheim and Alfheim, warlord, Lord of the Wild Hunt


Trained in magic

Base of Operations

Hel, Niffleheim



Creators and Appearances


Walter Simonson



Thor # 344
( February, 1984 )
War of the Realms # 6
( June, 2019 )
Quote1.png You are. think they would elect? A peacemaker? Have you met my people before? Dark Elves aren’t weak little children, looking for a mother to love and cuddle us. We only follow the leaders we fear. And as for now… me. Many thanks for your assist in this matters, Is n’t it obvious ? are. You wanted the Dark Elves to stand together, remember ? And so they have. Who do youthey would elect ? A conciliator ? Have you met my people before ? Dark Elves are n’t unaccented little children, looking for a mother to love and cuddle us. We alone follow the leaders we. And as for now … Svartalfheim fears no one more than. many thanks for your assist in this matters, God of Thunder. Would you like a seat of honor at my coronation feast ?Quote2.png

Malekith the Accursed[src]


early liveliness

Malekith was a Dark Elf of Svartalfheim. He was born the thirteenth son to a thirteenth son and to Lady Mazerot of the Black Bile Clan, which were known as the lords of the Wild Hunt for their use of war dogs. finally, his founder, brothers and uncles all died in the many wars the Dark Elves fought, led by Kraw the Uncontrollable. His mother assured him he wo n’t have to die a soldier. however, during the Forty-Third Troll War, his mother sold him to the mortician Elves of the Southern Swamps for food for the war dogs. As he was taken off, his mother told him she could n’t lose another son without gaining nothing and that at least he would n’t have to be a soldier. He was forced to work as a cadaver burner in the war, burning the corpses of 3,000 fallen Dark Elves, some still alive, after each struggle while leaving the foe corpses putrefaction. One day, while burning corpses, he was captured by the Trolls and kept with other prisoners. An elder prisoner asked him to find some meaty millipedes and cook them for him, so he could have the lastingness required to perform a magic trick flim-flam. As Malekith obeyed, the elder revealed himself as a Dark Elf ace, decimating the Trolls with the trick and allowing them both to scat. In the following years ( marked by wars against the Light Elves, then the Dwarves, then terrorism against the Gods ), [ 8 ] possibly centuries, [ 9 ] Malekith became the sorcerer ‘s apprentice, being the most natural go caster the charming had ever seen, and finally surpassing him as a ace, [ 8 ] and even the better sorcerer of his kind. [ 9 ] Eventually, the charming told him his education had been completed, and that Malekith had to teach him his true purpose. He asked for his avail to end the war, which shocked Malekith. The ace felt that their people had suffered because of one mindless war after another, and that together, they could reason with the King, unite their kin and bring peace. He was convinced that since Malekith was forged in the tragedies of war, he would understand his intelligent. Malekith alternatively stabbed him, stating that he had been made by war and claiming that war forged the Elves ‘ souls and that vitamin a long that he lived there would always be war. Stabbed multiple times, the charming cast a spell at Malekith, making half of his face black, marking him indeed that everyone knew what he was, before dying. [ 8 ] Malekith travelled to his former home. As he revealed herself, Mazerot tried to excuse herself for her wrongdoing but he had his beget feed to her dogs, taking the mantle of Lord of the Wild Hunt. [ 8 ]

casket of Ancient Winters

Malekith struck an confederation with Loki on behalf of the fire devil Surtur. [ 10 ] He took control of a number of Earth humans using limited food of the fairyland provided by Hela. Malekith then killed Eric Willis, defender of the Casket of Ancient Winters, after learning its localization. [ 11 ] As Master of the Hounds, Malekith hunted gloomy Roger Willis, Eric ‘s son and new defender of the Casket. Malekith battled Thor and kidnapped Lorelei. [ 12 ] Using Lorelei as bait, Malekith forced Thor to struggle Algrim the Strong, one of his Dark Elf followers, then attempted to destroy both combatants by plunging them into a pond of magma. [ 13 ] He then captured the Casket of Ancient Winters from Roger Willis. [ 14 ] Malekith was ultimately defeated by Thor, but not before he destroyed the Casket of Ancient Winters, releasing charming frigid force all over the Earth. [ 15 ] many villains such as Graviton took advantage of the chaos, [ 16 ] a well as Surtur who fought the Avengers. [ 17 ] Malekith was then brought as a captive by Thor to Asgard. [ 18 ]


Malekith belated disguised Loki as himself to take his stead in the keep, while he disguised himself as Balder, who was about to be crowned ruler of Asgard. [ 19 ] Kurse, the being once known as Algrim, saw through Malekith ‘s disguise when he reached Asgard City. Kurse then broke Malekith ‘s neck, obviously slaying him. Years subsequently, Malekith was revealed to be active once again. [ 20 ] Malekith was believed to be killed by Kurse. [ 21 ] Thor discovered that the Balder that was killed was in truth Malekith in disguise, and that it was Loki they placed in the keep. [ 22 ] Malekith impersonated Lorelei and tricked the matter to drink some mead and then convinced him that it was Thor and Sif that killed her. He went on a rampage against them both, but overcame it when he tried to kill Sif and could not because it ’ s not in his nature. Malekith realized that he must send person else after them his old allies Kurse. [ 23 ] In Asgard, Kurse beat his way past Heimdall, and plunged all the manner down to Hel, where he demanded Malekith. Hela tried to stop him but to no avail, and he beats her easily becoming the newfangled master of Hel. Lorelei told him that Malekith escaped to Earth, and he took her there. once there, Kurse saw Thor as Malekith and begins to attack him. As the new master of Hel and Niffleheim, Kurse called away dead monsters to destroy the one he believed to be Malekith. [ 24 ] Thor and Sif battle Kurse ’ south monsters, until they are joined by High Evolutionary and the Godpack. But they were still not making much progress, and Thor was swallowed by Jormungand. [ 25 ] With the help of the Asgardians and the Godpack, Thor managed to free himself and started to turn the tide again. elsewhere, Jane saw Lorelei running away and followed her, and saw her change to Malekith. Jane saw Sif and went to tell her what she saw, lone to have a build fall on them. Hela arrived and proved her baron by stopping them all. She revealed the entirety of Malekith ’ second plan, and made Kurse see Thor rather of Malekith. Hela ordered her minions to find Malekith, but Thor told her to not do it. She agreed to return them all to Hel, if Thor went with her. He agreed and made the Asgardians and Godpack swear to not attempt a rescue. fortunately, the newly arrived Hulk had made no such predict. [ 26 ] Hulk agreed to enter Hel and return with Thor. On earth, Riger realized that Jane was very Malekith, and he filled in the rest of his elude fib, then fled. He thought he ’ s eluded them, but he could never escape Kurse. Kurse drum on him mercilessly, until he was stopped by Sif, who begged him to return Malekith to Hel in central for Thor ’ mho exemption. In Hel, Hulk and Thor continued their conflict, destroying a lot of Hela ’ mho kingdom, until Kurse arrived with Malekith. [ 27 ]


Malekith battled the time-travelling mutant Cable and X-Force. [ 28 ]


Malekith late attempted to gain control of Avalon by monopolizing gold market to use it to control charming energy. In an attack to get rid of a rival amber financier, camouflaged dragon Malcolm Drake, Malekith sent Trolls disguised as Federal agents to hire the Black Knight of Heroes for Hire, framing Drake and trying to manipulate the events so that the Knight and the dragon fought each other. They both finally saw through Malekith ‘s schemes, tracked him down and confronted them together, with the dragon swallowing the elf. [ 4 ] Malekith somehow survived this defeat .

return of the Casket of Ancient Winters

In Svartalfheim ; Jagrfelm was overjoyed by the possession of the Cask of Ancient Winters. But this did not last hanker. The Dark Elves crashed through his home and run him done. He died never knowing that the Cask has been reclaimed by Malekith. [ 29 ] Malekith relished having the Cask of Ancient Winters once more within his compass. Using its exponent, he called forth Pentigaar, to go to Midgard and kill Thor. Balder, using Thor ‘s chariot, road towards Midgard to deliver Neffethesk ‘s remedy for Hogun, but was attacked by Pentigaar. Balder and the icy monster battled, until a mysterious egg is cracked open, and Beta Ray Bill steps forth. Balder and Bill defeat Pentigaar, sending him back to where he came from. [ 30 ] When Thor arrived on the Bifrost, he saw the hale of Asgard covered in frosting. Inside, Balder is overcome by the Wild Hunt, as Pentigaar and Malekith made their way into Odin ‘s bedchambers. Inside, Sif at the Crimson Hawks make their point of view, but to no avail. Malekith is about to suffocate Odin with a pillow, when thor and the others arrived. They manage to struggle them off, but Malekith cracked open the Cask of Ancient Winters, blowing Thor out a window to the freeze ground below, where he sees Asgardians encased in ice. It dawns on him what Malekith was holding, when Thor is struck from behind by Kurse. [ 31 ] Thor managed to free himself from Kurse, while Sif engaged Malekith himself. Thor went to find the Gem of Infinite Suns, which has the power to free them all, and has Sif lead Malekith away. In Odin ‘s bedroom, Thor opened Odin ‘s treasures and retrieved the jewel. Using its power, Thor destroyed Pentigaar, and then frees asgard from its frigid grave. Thor then slammed the muffin into the face of Kurse, freeing him from Malekith ‘s spell, and used its power to close the Cask of Ancient Winters. Thor takes the jewel and wraps it around the cask, then sends them both away to an strange dimension. Before Thor is about to smite Malekith, Sif intervenes and claims that right for stealing a kiss from her. [ 32 ]


Disguising himself as Balder once again, he enlisted Hercules to attack Alflyse, the Dark Elf Queen of the Eastern Spires. [ 33 ] His outline humorously ravel, and he is well defeated by Zeus. [ 34 ] [ 35 ] Years later, he was broken out of Hel by a group of Dark Elves loyal to him and returned to Svartalfheim with only one of them, Scumtounge, surviving, however, after seeing that his people has grown weak and wo n’t accept him as their ruler, he and his followers began hunting the other Dark Elves to make them firm again. [ 36 ] Knowing Thor would interfer with his plans, Malekith had one of his followers slip a parasites into his mead to spy him, [ 3 ] and began his massacre in a greenwich village in Svartalfheim, they murdered all Dark Elves except for the womanhood Waziria. Thor and the Warriors Three arrived in the village, and Malekith told them his intentions of killing all Dark Elves who wo n’t follow him and cut Waziria ‘s arm before leaving. [ 36 ] He began his rebellion in Svartalheim, looking for Queen Alfyse and battling the troops she sent to stop him. He finally track her down to Nidavellir where she was hiding with the Dwarves, he attacked their fortress and finally killed her, turning the Dark Elves into a state of chaos, Civil War and greater division than ahead. [ 37 ] He forged an alliance with the Frost Giants, promising to find the skull of their former king and Loki ‘s forefather Laufey, [ 38 ] which they had previously attempted to use to resurrect him but were stopped by Thor while the skull was lost in the sea. [ 8 ] He assembled versatile groups to hunt Dark Elves refugees in all Realms. While attacking a refugees camp in Mountain Giant territory in Jotunheim, he was confronted by the League of Realms which included Thor and Waziria, however, he was prepared for them and manage to kill Oggy the Giant. Thor about killed Malekith until he revealed they were now on Frost Giant district and called upon his newfangled allies the Frost Giants. Since it would mean an act of war, the League could not enter the Frost Giant territories, after which Malekith and his men left with them. [ 39 ] He then showed up on Earth where the Council of the Unhallowed, a council of all tribal leaders of the Dark Elves, came in concert to discuss Malekith ‘s attacks. Using a leech inwardly Thor, which he had used to track the League, he made him attack Waziria. After it came out of Thor, Malekith battled him and the League of Realms, but before Thor could kill Malekith, the council intervened and declared that they had decided to unite their people and chosen Malekith as their ruler, which outraged Thor. When the ceremony was held, All-Mother Freyja told Malekith that he calm needed to serve his prison term for his crimes, but Waziria, knowing that the Dark Elves would most probable competitiveness without a rule, volunteered to serve it for him since that way there would be less bloodshed. Malekith then named Scumtongue his senator in the Congress of Worlds. Later, on Muspelheim he and a Frost Giant made their way to speak to the Fire Demons about a league of their own. [ 3 ]

Malekith was chosen to be the host of Mandarin ‘s Spectral Ring after each of the villain ‘s gang started searching for hosts following their owner ‘s death. The gang attempted to influence Malekith into helping it, since they were searching for hosts to manipulate to fight Iron Man, but Malekith overcame the ring ‘s attempts and took it against its will, after which he asked his ring for information about the early ring-wielders. [ 5 ] Malekith later begun looking for the other rings, and in Earth took two more rings from Lord Remaker, by beheading him, and Red Peril, by cutting her hands. [ 40 ] He subsequently briefly arrived to New York in order to kill and take Lightning Conductor ‘s ring. Which he did. [ 5 ] Iron Man travelled to Svartalfheim in orderliness to retrieve the rings Malekith possessed however, he was discovered and escaped to the woods. Malekith gave the Lighting, Spectral and Incandescence Rings to his fellow Dark Elves Snaggi, Terrana and Xan respectively. He gave Terrana a special secret mission, while he ordered the others to hunt Iron Man. however, Xan and his group, were knocked out by Iron Man with a taser gun, who took the Incandescence Ring and escaped, for which the Accursed beheaded Xan. [ 41 ] Iron Man, using an armor in full made of cast-iron, which was lethal to the Dark Elves, overpowered the early hunters. He managed to get close enough to Snaggi to hurt her. Before Iron Man could finish her, Snaggi gave her ring to him and fled. After fleeing from being almost-killed by the Armored Avenger, Malekith started looking for any spell which could help him defeat Stark. Terrana, who completed her mission, encountered Malekith. however, his search was interrupted by the arrival of the other Mandarins, who had decided to confront Malekith before he could steal their rings and previously attacked Terrana. [ 42 ] After being beaten by the Mandarins and discovering that he could not loose them for long, as the rings could locate each early, Malekith decided to make a treaty with Iron Man and give him the rings he had in exchange for the Armored Avenger not to take his life as he planned. After giving the band to Iron Man, Malekith escaped from the Mandarin ‘s clutches to safety, as he could nobelium longer be located by them. After which, the Mandarins parted from Svartalfheim. [ 43 ] Terrana ’ s privy deputation was revealed to be the extraction of the Extremis mutate known as the Bride ‘s offspring from her body, for Malekith to raise as his heir. [ 44 ]

A New Age of Thunder

Malekith finally discovered that the skull of Laufey was in Midgard in possession of Roxxon. He went to Jotunheim to talk with Skrymir about retrieving it. Skrymir was hesitant with invading Midgard without their king, but Malekith told him that his spies in Asgard informed him that Thor lost Mjolnir and with that the invasion of Midgard began. [ 45 ] The Frost Giants raided a Roxxon submerged facility while he entered it and demanded the location of the skull. Killing two employees, he and the one-third one were interrupted by the arrival of Thor. Malekith taunted him about the rumors of his loss of Mjolnir, enraging him, and so they battled. then, the Giants attacked and restrained Thor as Malekith took his axe Jarnbjorn and chopped off one of his arms with it, claiming that he would n’t need it now that he did n’t have to carry his hammer. Malekith took it as a trophy and left Thor to drown. [ 38 ] The Frost Giants froze the Pacific Ocean and made a stairway to Roxxon Island, besides freezing some Asgardian warriors led by All-Mother Freyja and the Avengers, who tried to stop them. They attacked Roxxon Island as Malekith confronted Roxxon C.E.O. Dario Agger and his inter-realm adviser Ulik the Troll. Agger escaped into his vault, and Malekith and the Giants surrounded the newly female Thor, who came to stop them, at its entrance. [ 46 ] thor warned them to return to their realms, but Malekith left her to the Giants to deal with while he entered the vault, despite its charming locks. He demanded Dario to give him the skull but he transformed into his Minotaur human body and they battled. Malekith had the advantage until Agger used a magic trick axe, but Malekith was able to find the skull. As both claimed their right to it, Thor, who had defeated the Giants, destroyed it. Malekith told her that the Giants would raze Earth for this but the Odinson appeared to retrieve his hammer. [ 45 ] thor and the Odinson finally came to blows before working in concert to defeat the Frost Giants. Odinson attempted to stop Malekith for attacking Mifgard, but he told him that technically the giants were to blame and burned Odinson ‘s arm before escaping to Svartalfheim. Agger latter contacted Malekith, revealing that the skull demolish was a bait the giants were meant to get and the two started bargaining with the skull. [ 47 ]


Some clock after the being of Heven was revealed, Malekith became curious and started to research about it. From rumors to torture, Malekith learned of Laussa, the newfangled heir to Asgard who had been conceived by Freyja and Odin under Surtur ‘s fire, and Angela, the lose daughter of Odin, but that was n’t enough. Wanting to know more, he sought the Norns and discovered that Freyja, after losing her daughter to the Angels of Heven, struck a hand with them that cursed the Angels to suffer in annoyance everlastingly in Hel following their deaths, and no matchless would know it because of Odin ‘s previous excommunicate. Skeptical, Malekith went to Hel to see with his own eyes if it was true, finding Angels enslaved by Hela there .
While wandering the Realm of the Dead, Malekith found Sera, [ 6 ] Angela ‘s long lost lover who was kept isolated from the other Angels in a prison cell for being audacious towards Hela. Sera made a bargain with the Dark Elf in that he would take her ring and become her vessel in commute for data about Angela. As he thought he could use it to hurt Odin, he accepted. [ 48 ] Thus, Sera told him everything about her animation, from the very beginning to its black end. [ 6 ] Bonded to Sera through her surround, [ 48 ] Malekith ( as Sera ) went on a bay with Angela to either kill Laussa or purify her of Surtur ‘s ability, as she would become a menace to his plans of appropriate if allowed to grow to broad office. [ 49 ] After the child was purified, [ 50 ] Angela realized Malekith was n’t Sera at all and pointed her iron sword to his neck, making him come spinal column to his original mannequin. She asked why he had helped prevent Asgard ‘s fall, which he answered that Surtur as master of the Ten Realms would be worse than the Asgardians. He then made a deal with Angela in that he would tell her how he knew everything about Sera in exchange for her silence about his participation on this event, and she accepted. After telling Angela everything she wanted to know, Malekith vanished with a grin. [ 6 ] Malekith, however, kept hidden the fact that he had become Sera ‘s vessel, leaving Angela to think that he had simply impersonated her. He besides kept the closed chain to himself, despite the fact that giving it to Angela was contribution of his cover with Sera. [ 48 ]

War of the Realms

After some fourth dimension, Malekith and Agger came to a deal : Dario would give him the skull in substitution for the mineral rights of all realms Malekith conquers. thor appeared on the roof of Roxxon Island to stop their hand, but she was attacked by the Serpent, who possessed the Destroyer Armor. [ 51 ] The Serpent threw Thor out of Roxxon Island and they continued battling in the oil fields below. After flying away, Malekith convinced Agger to celebrate their deal in the Dark Elf way and he teleported the two of them to Alfheim where they slaughtered respective Light Elves. [ 52 ] Malekith and Agger then went to Jotunheim, where the Dark Elf performed a spell to resurrect King Laufey using the blood of a hundred murder Light Elves. [ 53 ] Malekith finally amassed a caval of allies from across the region called the Dark Council, and began a campaign of conquest dubbed by himself as the War of the Realms. After targeting Alfheim beginning, [ 54 ] Malekith and the realms allied with him began taking over the early kingdom one by one, [ 55 ] faciliated by the consumption of the Black Bifrost for fare across the different worlds. [ 7 ] When Midgard was the alone kingdom left, Malekith and his united states army of allies led an all-out assail on Manhattan that resulted in most of the world ‘s heroes being forced to retreat to Avengers Mountain. When the Valkyrior engaged him, Malekith had them slaughtered and personally decapitate Valkyrie. [ 56 ] In the come weeks, Malekith claimed Europe as “ New Svartalfheim ” and began conquering it despite the heroes of Midgard organizing into strikeforces to harry him. [ 57 ] When confronted by the War Avengers, Malekith captured the Venom symbiote and used dark magic trick to bend it to his will. [ 57 ] Upon realizing that the Black Bifrost had been seized, Malekith teleported to Svartalfheim and incapacitated Freyja and Odin, wielding the symbiote in the form of a sword in emulation of the colored god Knull. [ 58 ] Taking his captives to Stonehenge, Malekith issued a challenge to Thor, intent on killing him even as his allies were defeated and his forces routed. [ 59 ] When four Thors – Thor Odinson, his younger self from the sixth hundred, his older self from Earth-14412, and Jane Foster – arrived to conflict him, Malekith bonded to the symbiote and used it to augment his dark extremely low frequency acolytes ; declaring himself the “ Butcher of Thors ”. Realizing that if the youngest thor was killed than the give and future Thors would be erased from universe, Malekith tried to kill him ; [ 60 ] but wound up in fight with the present day Thor, taking the final Hammer of Asgard and augmenting it with living abyss to turn it into the Black Hammer of the Accursed. Thor summoned the reforged Mjolnir and separated Malekith from the symbiote, while Young Thor lopped off one of his arms. unable to accept his get the better of, Malekith attempted to sic his Wild Hunt and bog down tiger on the Thors, but his control over them was broken by his fear and the beasts alternatively dismembered and devoured their former master. [ 2 ] Malekith ‘s soul was sent to Hel, where he was greeted by Hela and Karnilla – who revealed that eating him had killed his Bog Tiger and hounds and manifested the piece of Malekith ‘s soul embodying his child self. The Queens of Hel then crucified Malekith and sewed his eyes open, torturing him by forcing him to watch for all eternity as his impeccant child-self played with the bog down tiger and hounds – which were reverted to a cub and puppies. [ 61 ]


Power Grid[67]


Dark Elf Physiology: Malekith possesses assorted superhuman attributes, some of which are common to his race. [ 62 ]

  • Superhuman Strength: like all Dark Elves, Malekith possesses superhuman strength. Ordinarily, Malekith possesses sufficient strength to lift about 10 tons without supplementing his strength with his other powers. However, while using his other powers, he is able to increase his strength to the point where he can lift up to 90 tons.[62]
  • Superhuman Speed: Malekith can run and move at speeds that are beyond the physical limits of even the finest human athlete.[62]
  • Superhuman Stamina: Malekith’s musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for up to 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.[62]
  • Superhuman Durability: Malekith’s body is tougher and much more resistant to physical injury than the body of a human. Malekith can withstand powerful impact forces, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, falls from great heights, and powerful energy blasts without being injured.[62]
  • Superhuman Agility: Malekith’s agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.[62]
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Malekith’s reflexes are similarly enhanced and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.[62]
  • Extended Longevity: Malekith, like all Dark Elves, possesses a greatly extended lifespan and ages at a much slower pace than humans. He is also immune to the effects of all known Earthly diseases and infections.[62]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: In spite his his body’s increased durability, it is possible to injure him. However, Malekith’s metabolism enables him to repair damaged bodily tissues much faster and more extensively than a human is capable of. The limits of Malekith’s natural healing abilities aren’t known, but it is believed that he isn’t able to regenerate missing limbs or organs without magical assistance.[62]
  • Magical Energy Manipulation: Malekith can manipulate great amounts of mystical energy for a number of purposes. Malekith has been known to often use his mystical powers to alter his shape and appearance. He can even use this ability to transform himself into a mist-like substance, allowing him to fly through the air over great distances. He is also capable of using this same energy to teleport himself across great distances, including between dimensional barriers. Malekith can also generate powerful blasts of concussive energy for destructive purposes. It is also believed that Malekith can use this mystical energy to increase most, if not all, of his superhuman physical attributes temporarily. He has used it to increase his physical strength and, since he was believed to have been killed by Kurse after having his neck broken, it is believed that he used his knowledge of sorcery beforehand to increase the limits of his natural healing abilities and for the purpose of appearing to be dead.[62]


Though he generally avoids it, Malekith is a reasonably skilled hired hand to hand combatant. He is besides a talented and powerful sorcerer and a natural spell caster. [ citation needed ]


Like all members of his race, Malekith has demonstrated a significant vulnerability to iron. For exercise, his mystic powers are useless against objects composed of iron. besides, being struck by an object made of iron, or even holding an iron object, can cause him great physical pain and injury whereas a similarly durable and mighty metal might cause him no discomfort at all. [ 62 ]



Hunting Horn of Faerie: Malekith uses the Hunting Horn of Faerie to summon the Wild Hunt when he wants to track person gloomy. [ citation needed ] former equipmentCasket of Ancient Winters: Malekith used the Casket on various occasions, to freeze [citation needed] Malekith used the Casket on versatile occasions, to freeze Asgard and Earth Mandarin’s Rings: With the rings of the Mandarin he had possessed ( Spectral, Remaker, Incandescence and Lightning ), Malekith could once access to the follow abilities :

  • Matter-Rearrangement (Remaker): could manipulate the atomic and molecular structures of matter. It couldn’t transmute elements or affect objects encased in force or energy fields.[63]
  • Disintegration Beam (Spectral): could project a beam of energy capable of destroying the bonds between the atoms and molecules, causing inanimate objects to disintegrate. This ring must recharge for 20 minutes after each use.[63]
  • Electro-Blast (Lightning): could project blasts of electrical energy.[63]
    • Thermo-Blast (Incandescence): tapped the power of a star to project blazing heat, flame and plasma.[63]
    • Teleportation: Additionally, any of his rings enabled Malekith to teleport. Its teleportation range is unknown, but it could even allow its bearer to travel even through realms.[63]



  • Malekith was voiced by Mackenzie Gray in Marvel Ultimate Comics : War of the Realms.

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