Mark Russell’s 10 Best Comic Book Series, Ranked

Mark Russell has already left a distinguish on the amusing industry with his amazing exploit. here are the best series ‘ he ‘s worked on. Mark Russell is relatively modern to the amusing record writing view, however has already significantly impacted the industry. Since his introduction in 2015 with DC Comics, Russell has built a reputation for himself as a go-to writer through his work at versatile publishers and with his creator-owned properties .
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As a writer, Russell is a comedic genius with his own creations and can take existing properties and reconceptualize them for a more mature and sophisticated readership. Over the years, he has shown that comics are not entirely an escape from the veridical earth but can be used to address current socially relevant issues.


10 Prez

DC PREZ 2015 In 2015 as the build-up to the 2016 Presidental election began, DC Comics tapped Russell to reimagine Joe Simon and artist Jerry Grandenetti ‘s 1970s character Prez Rickard, the first adolescent to serve as President of the United States. In the original 70s series, the Constitution was changed, which allowed Rickard to be elected to the state ‘s highest political position. The holocene series, starring Twitter sensation Beth “ Corndog Girl ” Ross, is elected President in the year 2036 and thrust into the political universe where corporations hold political position, and the poor are used as human advertisements .
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This boot of the character was funny story, pointed, and full of sarcasm exposing everything incorrectly with the current state of american politics. initially slated for a 12-issue series, it was reduced to six issues, leaving many more stories to be told with this character .

9 God Is Disappointed In You / Apocrypha Now

God Is Disappointed In You The original graphic novels God Is Disappointed ( 2013 ) in You and Apocrypha immediately by Russell and Shannon Wheeler ‘s ( Too much Coffee Man ), faithful yet-irreverent approaches to these religious textbook. Pairing Russell ‘s impertinent prose interpretations of the sacred textbook with Wheeler ‘s humorous single-panel cartoons provides readers with a comedic however compelling narrative. These apparently irreverent repeat of Bible stories cut straight to the heart and bone, translating these books into terms that allow advanced readers not merely to understand but enjoy .

8 Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins - WOnder Comics The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, first appeared in the 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon The All-New Super Friends Hour, cursorily becoming a punchline for C-level comic bible sidekicks. The extraterrestrial siblings have what could be labeled as the silliest hardening of powers. Zan can take any form of water, and his sister, Janya, can transform herself into any animal. When the series ended, the duet was banished to comic book oblivion, alone to make sporadic appearances and references .
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In 2019, Russell was tapped to write a six-issue Wonder Twins miniskirt for DC ‘s Wonder Comics banner. The series was met with rave reviews and lengthed to a 12-issue maxiseries. Using these two characters, Russell brought his singular storytelling expressive style mix with social comment, leaving readers wanting more from the characters and proving that comics can be both fishy and dangerous .

7 Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter Of Terror – The Monsters Serials

Ahoy Edgar Allen Poe Snifter of Terror In 2019, Ahoy Comics debuted a new horror-anthology entitled Edgar Allen Poe ‘s Snifter Of Terror. In the first emergence of the series, Russell penned the story “ Dark Chocolate, ” a narrative that starred parodies of the long-familiar breakfast cereal mascots such as Count Chocula, the Lucky Charms leprechaun, Lucky, and many more. Since that first episode, the cereal monster stories have become a hallmark of the anthology series, telling the tales of such characters as Franken Cherrie ( Frankenberry ), Leprechaun King ( Lucky ), Captain Crackle ( Captain Crunch ), and Beau Berrie. These stories are sugary, skittish, and hauntingly delicious .

6 Year Of The Villain One-shots – The Riddler, Sinestro, and Harley Quinn

Year of the Villain DC Comics Company-wide events and crossovers are one of the things driving the comic industry these days ; normally, the one-shot issues that link to the overall stories can be hit and miss—however, not Russell ‘s contributions to DC ‘s recent year of the Villain event. As separate of this DC Comics event, Russell contributed one-shots have Sinestro, Harley Quinn, and The Riddler .
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Russell took these installments, which could have been an opportunity to tell a childlike floor, but alternatively turned each of these into a high-concept fib that works on multiple levels. not only were his three contributions high-concept, but he besides took different angles on the event .

5 Green Lantern / Huckleberry Hound

Green Lantern Huckleberry Hound Combining two wholly unlike comic properties can be difficult, and suit said narrative into a complicated continuity could be closely farfetched. however, in the 2018 Green Lantern / Huckleberry Hound one-shot, Russell pulled off both components flawlessly while telling the floor in his key signature manner. Set during the Vietnam War earned run average, John Stewert is completing his green Lantern trail and must decide if and how he will use his newly acquired abilities to help solve the political issues, the Civil Rights Movement, and Vietnam War the country was facing at that meter. While in a banish, Stewert meets Huckleberry Hound, a bleached celebrity, as the two study together to confront these issues in their humble Mississippi hometown .

4 Billionaire Island

Billionaire Island - AHOY COMICS Billionaire Island, a timely sarcasm about the ultra-rich, is about a place the rich run low, and anything is possible adenine long as one can afford it. This six-issue miniseries published by Ahoy Comics is a satirical yet scathing search at the real-world offspring of the inadequate distribution of wealth. Centering on an island designed entirely for the ultra-rich to indulge in their hedonic urges, the chief story follows a reporter who, after threatening to expose its universe, is taken prisoner and must escape .
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The series is a very on-the-nose criticism of the current world economic situation and a collected history with a definite ending. however, there is always the possibility that Russell and Ahoy Comics could return to the series for another season with small trouble .

3 The Flintstones

The Flintstones Following his study on Prez, Russell was tapped to write the Hanna-Barbera property, The Flintstones, originally an enliven situation comedy that premiered in the 1960s. This 12-issue series, published as function of the DC/Hanna-Barbera Beyond line, allowed Russell and artist Steve Pugh to take these beloved characters and use the “ modern-stone long time family ” in a post-modern direction to comment on current events while maintaining a playfulness and humorous note for the book.b From the first base to survive issue, Russell ‘s dark yet amusing and relevant work earned him two Eisner nominations and a nominating speech for a Harvey Award for Book of the class. It besides brought Russell into the diligence spotlight as an astir and coming creator .

2 Snaglepuss: Exit Stage Left

Snagglepuss Exit Stage Left Russell then tackled, reinvented, and made the B-list Hanna Barbera cartoon character, Sugglepuss, into a relevant gay icon. After debuting as a backstory in the Suicide Squad/ Banana Splits one-shot as a southerly gay, Tennesse Williams-esque dramatist live in the 1950s drive, Snagglepuss was ready for the comic book foreground under Russell ‘s adept hand in exit stage Left : The Snaggpuss Chronicles .
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Russell ‘s tragic even honest portrayal of the dramatist ‘s journey from the respected dramatist to television cartoon star provides the fictional character with a new and meaningful origin. Russell ‘s work on exit stagecoach Left : The Snaggpuss Chronicles earned him two more Eisner nominations, but the 2019 GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comic .

1 Second Coming

Second Coming AHOY Mark Russell is no foreign to controversy with his write, and his latest series from Ahoy Comics, Second Coming, is possibly his best work to date does not shy away from sensitive topics. In this serial, Russell puts the tenements of modern Christianity focus on stage as he crafts a narrative that has Jesus returning to Earth and mentored by Sunstar, a Superman analogue, at God ‘s request. in the first place slated to be released through the DC Comics Vertigo imprint, the series ultimately found a home at Ahoy Comics after news about this series garnered mainstream care, and news sites raised a stir due to the fact the serial was inappropriate and blasphemous. In reality, Jesus comes off as the best character, and the series is more a comment on what people have made the teaching of Christianity has become over meter .
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