Marvel Movies in Order: How to Watch Every MCU Film and Show

You can send it extra-terrestrial threats. You can snap half of it out of being. You can put it through the wringers of the multiverse. But whatever you do, you ca n’t keep the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU ) down. You have to hand it to them : They ‘ve made it through 29 movies and countless television episodes without any reboots, remakes or re-castings ( with one luminary exception ). According to the Marvel Studios executives at this year ‘s San Diego Comic Con, this November ‘s Black Panther : Wakanda Forever will wrap up “ phase four ” of the franchise, and February ‘s Ant-Man and the Wasp : Quantumania will begin “ phase five “ ( whatever that means ). As we move from one phase to the future, it might be a good time to refresh and remember everything that came before .

How to watch and stream every MCU film

If you ’ re looking for how to watch all the Marvel movies and shows on streaming services at home, they ‘re all now available through thor : Love and Thunder. You can find them on and, and about all of them are besides on the Disney+ stream serve. But there ‘s one big exception to the Disney+ principle : sadly for Spidey fans, the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies are technically owned by Sony, so they ‘re not on Disney+ right now — although the two studios may have a deal that will allow Disney to stream them in the future.

How to watch all of the Marvel movies in order of release

One thing to note : This list is in order of theatrical performance acquittance. If you want to watch them in an order that makes one unite chronology from WWII to nowadays, you ’ ll need the Time Stone and a a lot geekier wall socket than this one. But I would argue that the exhaust regulate is the correct order : This is how Marvel assumed you ‘d watch them, and data that connects one movie to another is doled out accordingly.

besides, these are precisely the theatrical films. The full list does not include the television shows, because in the beginning television was its own little fiefdom ; events that happened in Jessica Jones or Inhumans did n’t truly have any ramifications on the MCU at bombastic. But now that the television receiver shows and the movies are more seamlessly connected, I ‘ve included a list at the conclusion if you want to see the orderliness of every Marvel viewing property. here, your re-watch road map, plus a look at what ‘s up adjacent for phases five and six of the MCU.

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