THEY’RE BACK! Classic MARVEL Black Light Posters Revived for 2021

A high-end solicitation is coming this summer — and now you can see what posters will ultimately be re-released…
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You may recall that last year there was much ballyhoo over the Amazon listing of a 2021 calendar that was to sport reproductions of the authoritative 1971 Marvel/Third Eye black clean posters .
Then… nothing. Zilch. Nada. nothing. never happened.

well, it turns out that Abrams ComicArts, which was to produce the calendar, and the House of Ideas alone shifted gears — announcing this workweek that there will indeed be a solicitation of reprint posters, only it will be a high-end portfolio of material alternatively of a calendar .
Dig this official description of the Marvel Classic Black Light Collectible Poster Portfolio from Abrams ComicArts :
Timed for the 50th anniversary, a collectible portfolio featuring 12 ready-to-frame reproductions of the iconic Marvel Comics black light posters
The Marvel Super Heroes are here ! Fans will light up when they see this psychedelic, collectible portfolio featuring 12 frameable black light posters of observe Marvel Comics characters, including Captain America, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and Doctor Strange, illustrated by fabled artists Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Tom Palmer, and others. first printed in 1971 by Marvel Comics and the celebrated black light publisher Third Eye, Inc., 12 rare images from the original series of 24 are reproduced here for the foremost time. besides included is a brief history of Third Eye and their Marvel Comics black sparkle print by historian and early Marvel editor in chief Roy Thomas, along with images of the original comedian book art featured on the posters. This vibrant, far-out collection is perfective for fans who are looking to brighten their lives .
Features include:
— 12 high-quality reproduction posters ready-to-frame in criterion 20″ ten 30″ frames
— Printed in fluorescent inks for viewing in black light
— Fully designed keepsake packaging for safe storing
— Brief history of the posters and the original comedian script artwork by historian and former Marvel editor program in chief Roy Thomas

A few thoughts :
— Wan sodium know which 12 are included ? Well, check out the back cover posted on Amazon :

— OK, this is where it gets interesting : The tilt price is $ 125 — but this is a wholly different concept from the $ 29.99 calendar that was planned. ( And $ 125 is a proportional dicker when you consider how much the originals can fetch on the collectors ’ grocery store. )
— The original theme was a calendar with removable and frameable 16 adam 20 prints. The portfolio prints will fit in a 20 adam 30 skeletal system, which is only a act smaller than the 1971 originals. Despite the boastfully cost differential, I have to say I ’ megabyte flush more concern than I was ahead. And since there are merely 12 included, I imagine a second bulk will be forthcoming if this sells well .
— The portfolio is scheduled for an Aug. 3 secrete .
— H/T to Arlen Schumer, who flagged this on Facebook .

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