Marvel Studios Rejected Black Widow Movie With High School Reunion Plot

One of the first movies in Phase 4 was none other than Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow. The establish Avenger finally got her own solo project, set between Captain America : Civil War and Avengers : Infinity War, which saw her forced to reunite with her erstwhile fake russian kin .
The reactions to it were broadly mix, with many people feeling that the project was curiously station and late to the party – not to mention how it wholly butchered Taskmaster. No topic what one may think of it, however, at the identical least the film introduced Florence Pugh ‘s Yelena Belova, who is now a fan-favorite shed member of the MCU .
While Black Widow let audiences meet Natasha ‘s old family, and took them into the center of the Red Room, there was once a identical unlike interpretation of the story pitched to Marvel Studios. It turns out that She-Hulk ‘s steer writer was once thinking about having Natasha Romanoff go to her high school reunion .

A Rejected Black Widow Plot

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In an interview with The Wrap, She-Hulk headway writer Jessica Gao talked about how she once pitched a version of Black Widow that included a high gear school reunion, and how she worked her manner into Marvel Studios ‘ graces.

When it came to her deliver for Natasha Romanoff ‘s solo out, Gao described it as “basically a Grosse Point Blank story” for the quality, where she had to “[go] back to the high school reunion and has to deal with the fallout of [her] fake identity [there] where she betrayed all [of those] people in high school:”

“ It was basically a ‘ Grosse Pointe Blank ’ story for Black Widow … basically you find out that in eminent school, as a adolescent spy/Russian agentive role, she was planted at an american high school, because she had to assassinate person ’ s dad and then 20 years by and by, she goes back to the high school reunion and has to deal with the fallout of this bogus identity where she betrayed all these people in senior high school educate. ”

Black Widow was n’t the merely movie the writer pitched for. She besides had ideas for Captain Marvel and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. however, her not getting those projects put her straight in the commission of She-Hulk .
Though, her clock time pitching those deny stories was n’t a pine away. Gao noted that she is “a big believer that every opportunity you miss is actually setting you up for something else,” and that every clock she pitched something, she “got to spend an hour” with the likes of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige and plainly haunt :

“ I ’ m a big believer that every opportunity you miss is actually setting you up for something else … I truly believe that I didn ’ triiodothyronine get any of those three Marvel movie jobs because it was building to this orient. Because what it truly did for me is every individual meter that I pitched to Kevin [ Feige ], and Lou [ D ’ Esposito ] and Victoria [ Alonso ], and Brad [ Winterbaum ], I get to spend an hour with him, and I get to shoot the damn and hang out and chat. then I get to pitch my movie. then, of class, they wholeheartedly reject me. But every clock time I would go in to pitch, it was like, ‘ Oh, hey, what ’ s up ? Is it the time of year where you reject me again ? Cool. What have you been up to since you rejected me ? ’ It just in truth made the room very warm. ”

The writer continued, explaining how “each time, they got to know [her] more, [and she] got to know them more,”  and that helped get her in the perfect topographic point to be chosen for Jennifer Walter ‘s history .

“ Each time, they got to know me more, I got to know them more. By the prison term I came into pitch ‘ She-Hulk, ’ I think they had a very good feel of what my common sense of temper was. They had a good feel of what type of writer I was, what kind of history I built. They barely had a very good indication of what I ’ molarity about. I think that that actually helped sell it, because they weren ’ t coming into me cold. They already talked to me so many times, they understood the quirks and nuances and the little things that I very infuse into everything. ”

The High School Reunion That Never Was

Gao surely has a bang-up expectation on life, and it ‘s worked out for her. Utilizing her time pitching under the systematization that its social time with the peak brass is simply brilliant—and wholly accurate. It ’ mho no wonder she ultimately landed a solid project .
Based on how people are reacting to She-Hulk, it would seem she landed on the right project. But what would a Black Widow high school reunion film look like ?
Would Yelena have possibly been an previous schoolmate ? Or even the same disconnected false sister, who was stuck playing a juke role in the United States school organization alongside Natasha.

The idea decidedly feels like it would have been a bunch less connected to the character ’ s wide fib. For example, it ’ sulfur hard to see how it would have hit upon the Red Room like what 2021 ’ second Black Widow did .
sadly, fans may never know what that movie looked like, unless Gao does get to make her high school reunion with an wholly different context. possibly a decade down the channel, she ’ ll write a playfulness narrative for Tom Holland ’ s Peter Parker as he ’ south forced to reconnect with an entire high school who do n’t remember he existed at all .
Black Widow is nowadays streaming on Disney+ .

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