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[ 1 ] Champs, [ 2 ] “ Young Avengers “ [ 3 ]

“Baby Avengers”,Champs,



Ms. Marvel ; formerly Viv

Current Member(s)

Active Roster:
Bombshell, Brawn, Dust, Falcon, Ironheart, The Locust, Ms. Marvel, Nova, Patriot, Pinpoint, Power Man, Snowguard, Spider-Man, Starling, Viv, Wasp
Reinforcement Roster:
Cloud 9, Moon Girl, Prodigy, Red Dagger, Scout, Silk
Cyclops [ 4 ]

Affiliation and Identity




Alpha Flight, Avengers, Ghost-Spider, Gwenpool, Hummingbird, Maddy Cho, Marauders, New Crystalium, Pixie, Power Pack, Red Room, Sparky, Swamp Queen Alliance, Underground, Viv 2.0, X-Men


Attuma, Blackheart, C.R.A.D.L.E., Disir, Draugr, Fangs of the Serpent, Fly, Freelancers, Mr. Gloom, Hela, High Evolutionary, Hydra, Kaldera, Master of Weirdworld, Mephisto, Modred, Nova Corps, Pagliacci, Psycho-Man, Rock Trolls, Scorpia, Senator Geoffrey Patrick, Thanos, Ultron, Warbringer, Zzzax

Origin and Status


A group of young heroes who banded together after the second superhuman Civil War, disillusioned by their elders such as the Avengers





Base of Operations

616 Hickory Branch Lane, Cherrydale, Arlington, Virginia ; Olympus Group Secret HQ ATX001, Texas

Formerly Champions Mobile Bunker

Place of Formation

George Washington Bridge, New York City, New York

Creators and Appearances


Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos


Champions ( Vol. 2 ) # 1
( October, 2016 )
Quote1.png with power punching down. Taking lives when they don’t have to. Meeting unarmed perps, even unarmed kids, with lethal firepower. That’s the inheriting, where violence does all the talking. But we can be better than that. We have to start enforcing justice without unjust force. What happened sickening. And stuff as bad — worse — happens every day in this world. The strong abuse the weak — who have to worry more all the time about who they can trust and who they can’t. You want that to change? Us, too. We’re in a war for a better tomorrow. Join us. Help us to not take the easy road, and I promise we’ll fight every fight they can throw at us. Help us win the hard way — the right way — not with hate, not with retribution, but with wisdom and hope. Help us become champions. We see it all around us more and more every day — peoplepower punchingTakingwhen they don’tto. meeting disarm perps, even unarmedwithThat ‘s the global we’rewheredoes all theBut we can bethan that. We have to startjustice withoutWhat happened here today wasAnd stuff as bad — happensin this populace. Theabuse thewho have to worry moreabout who they canand who theyYou want that toUs, We ‘re in afor gold. Help us to not take theroad, and Iwe ‘ll fightfight they canat us. Help ustheway — theway — not with hate, not withbut withandHelp us becomeQuote2.png

—Ms. Marvel[src]



The Champions were formed following the departure of Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man and Nova from the Avengers, when the trio became disillusioned by the demeanor of their elders, particularly in regards to the moment superhuman Civil War. The young heroes desired to rectify the state of distrust by the people towards superheroes in general, and soon recruited early teenagers with like ideals, the new Hulk, and Viv, daughter of the Vision. [ 5 ] After their first joint mission rescuing a group of girls being trafficked by Pagliacci, the unseasoned heroes revealed themselves to the public and Ms. Marvel proclaimed the team ‘s mission to foster a better tomorrow through hope and wisdom preferably than unfair push. Her speech became viral on the Internet, and the team was dubbed the “ Champions ” in social media. [ 5 ] One of the people encouraged by Ms. Marvel ‘s manner of speaking was the time-displaced young Cyclops, who was admitted into the Champions ‘ ranks after requesting membership. [ 6 ] In their further early on adventures, the Champions traveled to Sharzhad and helped a young girl named Amal stop competitive fundamentalists from enforcing a gender apartheid ; [ 7 ] they were confronted by an Atlantean colony while cruising over their waters ; [ 8 ] and were joined by adolescent hero Gwenpool in fighting the xenophobic head of Daly County ‘s patrol, Sheriff Studdard. [ 9 ] During the Leviathon Tide ‘s invasion on Earth, the Champions crossed paths with the Freelancers, a group of adolescent mercenaries, who were at the clock working for Roxxon to silence protesters. [ 1 ] The Freelancers ‘ employers would make efforts to discredit the Champions, framing the young heroes for attacking homeless people, [ 10 ] and late trademarking the Champions ‘ logo. The Champions managed to clean the name, and Nova started a countermovement to reject the Champions-branded trade. [ 11 ] When Hydra assumed control of the United States of America under the leadership of an evil alternate adaptation of Captain America, the Champions were separated. Nova became trapped beyond the Planetary Defense Shield in Earth Orbit. [ 12 ] Ms. Marvel worked with the Warriors to fight off Inhuman imprisonment camps, [ 13 ] and Scott was displaced to New Tian with America ‘s mutants. [ 14 ] Amadeus, Viv, and Miles finally joined the Underground where they associated with Ironheart, and the newfangled younger incarnations of Wasp, the Falcon and Patriot. [ 15 ] After Hydra leveled Las Vegas, Black Widow set out to assassinate Captain America. Spider-Man joined her, having decided to stop running away from his supposed fortune to kill Captain America, as prophesied by the Inhuman precog Ulysses Cain. The remaining Champions, aboard Ironheart, the Wasp and the Falcon, followed him to offer their support, frankincense joining Black Widow ‘s Red Room. [ 16 ] The teenagers were finally captured by Hydra after Widow ‘s assassination attack failed and resulted in her death. Spider-Man about killed Captain America, but the Wasp convinced him not after learning that Black Widow had tried to kill Rogers so that Miles would n’t. [ 17 ] When the contingent of super heroes launched a final attack on Hydra, the Red Room was freed by Taskmaster and Black Ant, who decided to switch sides in light of Hydra ‘s eventual kill. The Champions were reunited during the final battle, [ 18 ] which saw the recurrence of the real Captain America and fall of Hydra. [ 19 ]

Worlds Colliding

The Champions future interpret themselves forced into an uneasy alliance with the Avengers [ 2 ] [ 20 ] to stop the High Evolutionary from causing a collision between the Earth and his Counter-Earth. After being turned into an average homo by the High Evolutionary, [ 21 ] [ 22 ] Viv became trapped in another plane of universe while operating a device to foil the villain ‘s plans. The Vision built a Viv 2.0 to cope with Viv ‘s apparent death before Viv found her way home plate. [ 23 ] The two twins co-existed for a brief time until Viv 2.0 went amiss and Viv killed her in self-defense. [ 24 ] The Vision and the Wasp managed to rebuild her torso, but could n’t bring back her mind. As a way to both regain her powers and ensure her sister lived on through herself, Viv transferred her consciousness to Viv 2.0 ‘s body. [ 25 ] During this time, the Champions refrained from welcoming Viv 2.0 into the team taking into account Viv ‘s feelings, and decided alternatively to invite Ironheart, Patriot, the Falcon, and burgeoning fresh hero the Locust, to compensate for their belittled work force. [ 26 ] Following Viv ‘s return to the team, Cyclops saw himself forced to leave the Champions due to a shout to arms from his colleague time-displaced X-Men. [ 25 ] After joining the ranks of the Champions full-time, Ironheart and the Wasp helped Amadeus Cho create the Champions Mobile Bunker ( C.M.B. ), a new moving headquarters equipped with a control center plugged into global news to facilitate the team ‘s reception to crises. During an investigation in Nunavut, Canada, [ 27 ] the Champions stumbled into the machinations of Eshu, the master of the World, [ 28 ] and uncovered his capture of a local adolescent named Amka Aliyak, who had become infused with the Inua intent Sila, from whom Eshu was leeching off energy for his machinery. Amka escaped from Eshu ‘s enslavement, and joined the Champions, using the shapeshifting powers bestowed upon her by Sila to become the super hero Snowguard. [ 29 ]

The Champions became involved in an undertake of the Warbringer to cull his colleague Chitauri for serving Thanos after Nova was alerted of the Warbringer ‘s rape on the Nova Corps on his way to Chitauri Prime. Since Thanos had no interest in saving his minions, and because regular Chitauri own no will of their own, they did n’t defend themselves to the Warbringer ‘s thrashing. [ 30 ] The Champions saw themselves forced to fight the Warbringer ‘s united states army to save lives until Nova knocked out the villain. In the aftermath of the battle, Ironheart tried to confront Thanos, but was swiftly subdued and had her armor destroy, leaving her traumatize. When the team took Warbringer to the Nova Corps, Commander Scott Adsit confiscated his helmet since he was not an officially-recognized Nova. [ 31 ] Losing the source of his powers, Sam saw himself forced to step out of the front lines and become press down. While still reeling from Thanos ‘ attack, Riri designed her Mk 3 Armor. During this period, Amadeus underwent his own major variety, having become partially depowered and renaming himself “ Brawn. ” [ 32 ]

Champions of Weirdworld

While helping a tanzanian village suffer of water poison, the Champions discovered the Man-Thing inhabiting their swamp. Affected by Viv ‘s bottled-up fear from her late injury, the creature instinctively opened the Nexus of All Realities, sending Sam and the Wasp to the nonnatural Weirdworld. [ 33 ] The two were former tracked down by the maestro of the World, who had been keeping an eye on the Champions. He found Sam and Wasp amnesic and mutated by Weirdworld ‘s magic trick. [ 34 ] Eshu took them under his annex and used Sam ‘s ability to harness power from energy crystals to become a conqueror. [ 35 ] The lie of the Champions ventured into Weirdworld to find their teammates using the Siege Parallel, a charming amulet granted to Snowguard by Sila for this mission. They were scattered over the charming kingdom, having their appearance, identities and past history rewrite in the process. Ms. Marvel became the sorceress Mystic Marvel, Spider-Man became the furtive rogue Shadow-Spider, Brawn became the barbarian orc Brawnhammer, Viv became the crystal-powered golem Vivid Vessel, Snowguard became the maverick freedom combatant Snowgore, and Ironheart became the virtuous champion Lady Ironheart. only Riri remembered her previous liveliness, [ 36 ] and managed to reunite with her teammates. The Champions confronted Eshu, the nowadays self-proclaimed Master of Weirdworld, and stopped him from stealing a treasure trove of crystals from the New Crystalium which would have enabled him to exert his will on Weirdworld. During the crusade, Ironheart and Viv combined their wills to harness the power of the crystals to return themselves and their teammates to normalcy. Afterwards, Riri managed to snap Sam out of Eshu ‘s influence, and he relinquished his baron. Eshu escaped during the confusion, and the Man-Thing returned the Champions base. [ 35 ]

Champions Worldwide

Champions started operating globally after giving full membership to Falcon, Patriot, Locust, Bombshell, Pinpoint and Power Man. [ 37 ] When the Champions were fighting Zzzax, Ms. Marvel and Viv Vision were killed in the process. Mephisto arrived and offered to rewind back fourth dimension in to save their teammates. Miles accepted Mephisto ‘s offer, and the monster reversed time resurrecting their dead teammates but unwittingly allowing a daughter he saved previously die. This led to Spider-Man quitting the team. [ 38 ] Viv Vision led Brawn, Snowguard and Falcon to deal with an anti-mutant orgy in Manhattan, where Dust was already give. Sam Alexander was piloting the hover Champions Mobile Bunker which seems to have been hit by something. This seems to have dispelled the rioters. They were attacked by Kaldera with whom Sam left the team to find his helmet as Kaldera desired true fight with him as Nova and Sam can retrieve his helmet. [ 3 ] While Brawn and the Wasp started working simultaneously with Agents of Atlas [ 39 ] and G.I.R.L. [ 40 ] respectively. During the War of the Realms, the Champions fight with Rock Trolls in Australia. interim, Power Man and Pinpoint meet Cyclops while transporting supplies for X-Men, who had n’t expected them. Cyclops was surprised to learn that they were Champions and took tear in leading the Champions against the Rock Trolls. Cyclops revealed to Ms. Marvel that his younger self ‘s memories were merged with his own and gave her the inhalation to take control of the team. Ms. Marvel asked Dust, who had allied herself with the Champions to join them after Cyclops vouched for her. [ 41 ] Cyclops went back to Queens while the Champions went to São Paulo to defend it from Dísir, who have taken command over South America. Champions started fighting them, Dísir ‘s drawing card Brün attacked Ms. Marvel but Power Man sacrifice himself but he alternatively he draw Chi from Dísir and Champions managed to defeat them. [ 42 ] interim, Sam and Kaldera found Commander Scott Adsit and learned the helmet had been stolen by the Thieves Guild of New York and returned to Earth. Sam managed to find helmet and rejoin Champions as Nova before imprisoning Kaldera to Nova Corps. [ 43 ] Being held by Mephisto, Blackheart became toilet to his church father ‘s latest dodge and begun corrupting members of the Champions, starting with Ironheart, who had been pushing off Viv due to the synthezoid apparently having feelings for her. [ 31 ] [ 44 ] Spider-Man rejoined the team to help his friends. He, along with Ms. Marvel, besides revealed their identities to Nova in order to free him from Blackheart ‘s putrescence. Blackheart, tried to use the distribute that Miles made with Mephisto but Riri snapped out of his control condition ascribable to Viv ‘s affection and attacked him. Miles and Amadeus besides let go of their guilt from Mephisto ‘s deal. The Champions freed their teammates, united to defeat Blackheart, who was taken down by his founder since he ruined his plans. [ 45 ]



Each member ‘s personal equipment .


Each penis ‘s personal weapons .


pinpoint ‘s Portal ; [ 37 ] ; C.M.B. ; [ 27 ] once Cho ‘s Meat Wagon, [ 5 ] [ 46 ] a jet, [ 47 ] and a hand truck.


  • In Champions (Vol. 3) #1, Viv is listing the members of the Champions Reinforcement Roster when she is cut off by Spider-Man before she can finish mentioning a character whose name starts with “S.” Writer Jim Zub had no actual character in mind. He simply added the detail to make readers speculate, but intended to integrate somebody in the series whose name began with that letter if a choice good for him came up.[48]

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