Mari-Ell (Earth-616)

Marie Danvers

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Mari-Ell [ 1 ]

Current Alias

Marie Danvers


Captain Mari-Ell [ 1 ]

Affiliation and Relationships


Elite Guard of the Supreme Protectorate


Joseph Danvers, Sr. (husband, deceased);

Richie Danvers (brother-in-law);
Carol Danvers (daughter);
Lauri-Ell (daughter);[2]Steve Danvers (stepson, deceased);
Joseph Danvers, Jr. (stepson);

( “ grandson, ” deceased ) Marcus Immortus (“grandson,” deceased)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics





  • Blue



Origin and Living Status


Kree [ 3 ]

Living Status




Place of Birth

Hala, Pama, Large Magellanic Cloud

Personal Information


No double


American, formerly Kree Empire


Champion of the Kree Empire first of the Supreme Protectorate.

Base of Operations

Bar Harbor, Maine


Beverly, Massachusetts, Pama, Large Magellanic Cloud Earth ; formerly Hala

Creators and Appearances


Chris Claremont, Jim Mooney



Ms. Marvel # 13
( October, 1977 )
Life of Captain Marvel ( Vol. 2 ) # 5
( December, 2018 )
Quote1.png death. Nobody prepared us for an outcome where we lived… But I did. I lived to see To be Kree is to be at war. We were trained to fight to theNobody train us for an consequence where weButdid. I lived to see my daughter grow up. I grew old. I stopped dreaming of Hala. Maybe I precisely stopped dreaming .Quote2.png

Marie Danvers[src]


Mari-Ell was a pink-skinned Kree raised on Hala, shaped by her people ‘s constant state of war. She was a champion for the Kree at a very young age, becoming the youngest captain in the Elite Guard. As separate of the Kree ‘s war efforts, Mari-Ell was personally appointed by Empress Pam ‘ a on a deputation to assimilate with the humans of Earth, and give birth to a Kree/human loanblend. To this end, she was given the Amulet of Pam ‘ a, a dissemble device that would allow Mari-Ell to hide her identity .
When Mari-Ell arrived on earth, she was blown off target and landed in the waters of Boston, Massachusetts. She was rescued from drowning by Joe Danvers, a local anesthetic boater. Mari-Ell fell for Joe ‘s forgivingness, and assumed the identity of “ Marie ” to date him, primitively intending to use him only for her cover. Marie finally decided to reveal her on-key nature to Joe, and he convinced her to remain together. Marie became mother to two sons Joe had had with his former, late wife, Joe Jr. and Stevie. Marie and Joe married after she became pregnant with a child, having become fond of the passive life on Earth. The baby was born afterwards, named Carol, adapted from the Kree name Car-Ell. To consolidate her new life on Earth, Marie turned off a Kree track device she carried, cutting her murder from the Kree.

Marie decided to raise Carol by the values she had n’t been taught, namely to use her kernel and not her fists. however, she besides kept her ties to the Kree in secret and did everything to keep Carol ‘s eyes on Earth, which was n’t easy due to Carol ‘s idolatry to become an astronaut. As the years went by, Joe became increasingly apprehensive about potential retribution from the Kree for Marie ‘s abandonment, causing him to grow abusive. [ 1 ] Marie would much ignore the confrontational relationship between Joe and Carol. [ 4 ] When Joe could only afford to send one of his kids to college, he chose Stevie. [ 5 ] Steve alternatively enlisted in the military and was killed in action. Steve ‘s death devastated the class, causing Joe to drink heavily. [ 4 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] When Carol was an pornographic, she became the super champion Ms. Marvel after an accident with a Kree device called the Psyche-Magnitron awakened her latent superhuman powers, but she remained unaware of her origins. When Carol came to visit her parents with her ally Michael Barnett, [ 8 ] Joe was attacked by Steeplejack. Carol saved him as Ms. Marvel, but he was embarrassed about it. Marie saw through her daughter ‘s disguise and asked her not to judge her forefather. [ 9 ] Carol late went back to live with her mother after her outburst as Warbird. Iron man came to visit to check up on her and Marie escorted him to her room. [ 10 ] The Danvers late moved to Bar Harbor, Maine where Joe was diagnosed with lung cancer and the disease spread thus quickly that he needed a gasmask to breathe. Carol returned to visit her dying don, hoping to make peace with him but wound up arguing with Marie over not visiting them in years. The two reconciled their differences and she hugged her daughter before she left. [ 7 ] Joe died not long subsequently. [ 11 ] Carol returned to her class ‘s summer home in Harpswell and she stayed with them for months after Joe Jr. had a dangerous car accident. While looking through her father ‘s belongings, Carol discovered the Kree tracker and by chance turned it on. The device sent out a signal that awakened a Kree Kleaner. The Kleaner arrived on Earth to executed Mari-Ell for treason. When the soldier confronted Marie, she saw herself forced to reveal her true nature to Carol. Marie and Carol ‘s unite forces managed to wound the Kleaner, giving Marie adequate time to explain everything to her children. Carol and Marie fought the Kleaner together again when it resurfaced concisely afterwards, and Marie was fatally hurt blocking a spear mean for Carol. The Kleaner discorporated after completing her mission, and Carol took Marie to the Moon, where she gave her the Amulet of Pam ‘ a. Afterwards, Marie asked to be taken to Harpswell ‘s beacon, and she died in Carol ‘s arms. [ 12 ]



Kree Physiology [ 3 ]

  • Superhuman Strength[1]
  • Superhuman Durability[1]
  • Flight[3]

Energy Manipulation [ 12 ]

  • Photonic Blasts[12]


  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant[1]



Kree Uniform


  • Although Mari-Ell wore the captain uniform as a child her latest suit resembled that of Mahr Vehl from Earth-1610.[13]

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