DC’s Ares vs. Marvel’s Ares: Which God of War Reigns Supreme?

Both Marvel and DC have their own version of Ares, but one company ‘s greek deity of war is even tougher and more violent than the other one. Since the characters are in the public domain, it ‘s no surprise that both Marvel Comics and DC Comics have their own takes on Greco-Roman mythology. These gods interact with both the Amazon princess Wonder Woman and the Norse god of thunder Thor, with a outstanding exercise of two takes on the lapp fictional character being Ares. Though both companies use the Greek god of war, they use him in vastly different ways .
Marvel ‘s Ares is normally a villain, though he ‘s besides taken on more epic attributes before. DC ‘s translation, on the other hand, is a villain through and through, thriving off of struggle and becoming strong from it. In the end, if these two deities were to meet in battle, it would be a bloodbath like no early, with only one idol of war walking away from it .

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Marvel’s Ares Is One of the Strongest Olympians

Ares Vs Hercules Debuting in Thor # 129, Marvel ‘s Ares was introduced by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, developing a fierce competition with both Thor and his stepbrother Hercules. Though he would sometimes fight alongside the Avengers, evening joining the roll of Norman Osborn ‘s Dark Avengers, he ‘s normally portrayed as trying to influence ferocity for violence ‘s sake. For this reason, he ‘s come to oppose the late changes to The Punisher, who has become a member of The Hand. He sees this is diluting the pure essence of Frank Castle ‘s violence, showing that Ares ‘ morality begins and ends at the battlefield .
physically, Ares ‘ might is bested only by two other Olympians : Zeus and Hercules. He ‘s normally beyond the range of deadly weapons to harm, but that ‘s not always the event. One incident in the series Ares : God of War had him beaten by convention bullets due to his then weakened express. Mortals with no charming or godly status can besides beat him, such as when The Sentry mercilessly killed him. Ares is besides an amateur when it comes to magic, making him feel about “ street level ” compared to early gods. Given his function, it makes feel that he ‘s basically equitable a brawler like Thor and Hercules, as pure rough-and-tumble bloodshed is his specialization .
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DC’s Ares Is the Greatest of All Wonder Woman Enemies

Wonder Woman's villain, the god Ares, shakes his fist menacingly in DC Comics DC ‘s interpretation of Ares theoretically debuted back in the Golden Age in the first ever consequence of Wonder Woman, being created by Diana ‘s “ don ” William Moulton Marston and artist H.G. Peter. He would quickly begin using the Roman name Mars, however, and a general dismiss for using the allow names would proliferate in Wonder Woman ‘s mythology until 1987. There, George Pérez rebooted Wonder Woman and her mythology, making things much more accurate to Greek myth, including Ares. now decked out in a demonic-looking horned armor, Ares was Diana ‘s greatest threat.

Ares is vastly more potent than even the mighty Wonder Woman, with conflict and chaos alone making him stronger. For this cause, it was completely impossible for Diana to physically defeat him when she first came to Man ‘s World. In the New 52 boot ( where he was redesigned by artist Cliff Chiang to resemble series writer Brian Azzarello ), his mere presence would force mortals into a crimson craze. merely charming and divine weapons have any effect on him, and evening these could be negligible. On lead of these defenses, Ares can change his form to suit his needs, angstrom good as teleport wherever he needs to go .
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DC’s Ares Stomps the Floor With Marvel’s War God

DC Ares When it comes to both raw might and charming art, the Ares of the DC Universe is plainly besides much for Marvel ‘s version to handle. As mentioned, his physical form is about invincible, made greater by the fact that conflict, anger and violence merely far empower the rival of Princess Diana. lone charming weapons have any opportunity against him, whereas mere deadly ones have been shown to have some impression on Marvel ‘s Ares.

On top of this, DC ‘s interpretation has all the charming acumen that one would expect of a idol. His shapeshifting, flight and teleportation abilities are things that Marvel ‘s adaptation plainly do n’t have, and he besides has a a lot greater resistance to even the most knock-down magicks. Marvel ‘s Ares, interim, was turned to stone by a spell casting by a scholar of Morgan le Fay, meaning that any magic trick DC ‘s version could employ would be likely obliterate him. frankincense, when all is said and done, merely DC ‘s Ares would walk away from the smoldering wreckage of the Areopagus, going on to vex his don and Wonder Woman another day .

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