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cable former asked Domino to help train X-Force and she joined the team as co-leader. On the eve of Earth being overlapped with Reality-295 during the Age of Apocalypse, Domino and Cable confessed their truthful feelings and kissed. After reality was restored, Domino helped cable restructure X-Force before investigating a series of murders committed by a feral Grizzly, who forced her to kill him. Domino agreed to partake a psionic link with Cable as a signboard of their common trust. Later, Domino and Cable received a call for aid from former Six Pack teammate Garrison Kane and discovered him with Copycat. The emotion-manipulating Psycho-Man made Domino attack Copycat, whom she already resented for her function in her year-long captivity, after which he kidnapped the mutant shapeshifter to the Microverse. Domino, Cable, and Kane teamed with the Micronauts to oppose the villain.

Domino soon learned Milo Thurman was alive when Donald Pierce and his cyborg Reavers captured him to gain his alleged prophetic abilities through cybernetic conversion. Domino was forced to kill Thurman to defeat Pierce ‘s plans. Domino was then asked by G.W. Bridge to help prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Danielle Moonstar from being exposed by the government ’ south process : Zero Tolerance. Moonstar was clandestine acting as a extremity of the Mutant Liberation Front ( MLF ) who had taken command of a medical research center they believed was engaged in anti-mutant inquiry. Posing as a television camera crew, Domino, Sunspot ( Roberto Da Costa ), and Siryn infiltrated the adeptness, unaware that Zero Tolerance forces had discerned their true identities. After being assaulted by Prime Sentinels, Domino was captured by their air force officer, Ekatarina Gryaznova, and a neural inhibitor was planted at the base of her skull that created a synaptical static which caused her automatic and reaction times to become increasingly erratic. Seeking to overcome the device ’ s effects and reclaim her fighting art, Domino left X-Force, broke up with Cable, and returned to her materialistic ways .
She was subsequently contacted by mutant Jesse Aaronson, who sought her help in finding his buddy. In exchange, Aaronson offered to reveal Gryaznova ’ mho whereabouts and took Domino to the Aguilar Institute in California where she was captured by her old foe, now calling herself Gryphon. Aaronson turned to X-Force for help oneself rescuing his ally and then used his technology disrupting exponent to deactivate Domino ’ s implant, after which she defeated Gryaznova.

subsequently rejoining X-Force, Domino drop out when Pete Wisdom offered to turn the team into a proactive black ops whole. She was late possessed by the Undying alien Aentaeros who sought to use her to kill its equal Semijan. however, Cable intervened and forced Aentaeros to release Domino. She drifted back into freelancer work and took an assignment that marked her as a target of mutant assassin Marcus Tsung, who killed her. She was soon revived by alien technology grafts, then turned to X-Force for help in defeating Tsung. Wisdom ’ s sister Romany had the extraterrestrial being technical school removed from Domino to create a techno-organic world locomotive, then sent British mutant Corben to kill X-Force. But he failed, and the team confronted their tormenter. The locomotive was destroyed in an explosion that apparently killed all of X-Force except Domino, though the others soon resurfaced.

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