‘Loki’ Episode 6 Ending Explained: What Happens Next?

Editor ’ second notice : The following contains spoilers for Loki Episode 6 .
At long last, the Loki finale is here. even though the foremost season of the Marvel Disney+ show entirely consisted of six episodes, we ’ ve been through a bunch together. We began way bet on at the Battle of New York, as that translation of Tom Hiddleston ’ s Loki was plucked from the timeline and arrested by the TVA, entirely to then aid the TVA in hunting down a homicidal Loki variant, alone to then team up with and kinda fall in sexual love with said homicidal Loki version, alone to then discover the TVA is nonsense and everything they ’ ve been told is a lie down. We ran through a draw of report in six hours, but it ’ s a testament to the filmmaking team, writers, and performers that it all felt wholly character-focused, right up through the end .
speaking of, that Loki Episode 6 ending is a act of a humdinger, not only concluding the first season of the show in thrilling fashion, but besides wholly changing the crippled in a way that sets up future MCU movies and shows.

If you ’ re a piece confuse as to what, precisely, happened, who Jonathan Majors is playing, and how this sets up films like Doctor Strange 2, let ’ s grok in .
The Loki stopping point found Loki and Sylvie ( Sophia Di Martino ) ultimately making it to the end of the timeline, coming face to face with the person who ’ s been running the TVA all along. And it turns out that person is Kang the Conqueror – or a version of Kang. Played by Lovecraft Country and Da 5 Bloods actor Jonathan Majors, “ He Who Remains ” tells Loki and Sylvie he ’ south been expecting them, and in fact knows everything that ’ mho going to happen – up to a point .
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“ Eons ago, ” he says, a version of himself lived on land in the thirty-first century. This was before the TVA existed, and that version discovered the universe of multiple alternate universes – a multiverse, if you will. At the same time, early variants of Kang besides discovered the universe of the multiverse, and began interacting with one another. All was harmonious until it wasn ’ metric ton – “ Naturally they made contact, and for a while there was peace. egotistic, self-congratulatory peace. ” These variants shared engineering and cognition to make each universe better, “ however not every adaptation of me was therefore pure of heart. ” He Who Remains retain, revealing that “ to some of us, raw worlds meant only one thing, new lands to be conquered. ” And thus the peace between realities was demolished by a crowd of Kang variants .
loki-episode-6-jonathan-majors Image via Marvel Studios What happened following is where the truthful story deviates from the dogma. The Timekeepers didn ’ thymine mistreat in and create the Sacred Timeline. “ That beginning form encountered a creature created from all the tears in reality, capable of consuming time and space itself. ” This is Alioth, the animal that Loki and Sylvie encountered in The Void and enchanted. But here ’ randomness where it gets matter to – at this point, He Who Remains stops speaking about a random variable of himself and switches to first person : “ I harnessed the animal ’ sulfur office and began experimenting on it. I weaponized Alioth, and I ended the multiversal war. ” This suggests that either the Kang sitting in presence of Loki and Sylvie is in fact that inaugural form who discovered the multiverse in the first place, eons ago, or he ’ second another discrepancy who happened upon Alioth after the creature was discovered by “ that first variant. ”
Either direction, Kang has been in manipulate of the Sacred Timeline and the TVA for a identical long fourth dimension, and he offers Loki and Sylvie a choice. They can either kill him and allow the timeline to branch, which he says would result in thousands of variants of himself vying for baron and simply taking his place, wreaking havoc on the timeline in the process. Or they can take over for him, running the TVA as they see fit and continuing to prune “ variants ” then as not to open up the multiverse .
Loki and Sylvie are at odds on this – Loki believes Kang, and credibly kinda-sorta besides wants exponent and possibly to live in a earth he can run aboard Sylvie. But for Sylvie, this is personal, and she wants revenge against the person who robbed her of her life. Loki and Sylvie fight, but Sylvie gets the upper pass and transports Loki second to the TVA using Kang ’ s Tempad-like device .

Sylvie then proceeds to kill Kang, but with his dying breath he says, “ See you soon, ” hint at the variants to come. We look out the window at the end of time to see the timeline branch like never before, irreparably severed from the “ Sacred Timeline ” and now allowing free will to run rampant. loki-episode-6-gugu-mbatha-raw Image via Marvel Studios As for Ravonna Renslayer ( Gugu Mbatha-Raw ), she admits to Mobius ( Owen Wilson ) she knows the Timekeepers are n’t real, but hangs onto the mind that this all ca n’t be for naught. That person is in control condition, and she wants to do their bid. Kang anonymously sends her some kind of documents via Miss Minutes, and the final we see of her she ‘s stepping into a portal vein “ in search of release will, ” alluding to her recognition earlier that the alone person who has free will is whoever is controlling this timeline. That ‘s the last we see of Ravonna this season, but in the comics she and Kang are romantically involved, so this hints at some kind of kinship to follow in Loki Season 2 ( which Marvel has now confirmed is happening ) .
But Loki saves the biggest braid for death. back at the TVA where Loki has been sent, everything is in disorder. Agents are preparing for war and everyone fair lets Loki run right past them. Loki ultimately finds Mobius and Hunter B-15 ( Wunmi Mosaku ) and tells them that he and Sylvie screwed up. The timeline is branching and “ countless different versions of a very dangerous person ” are coming “ and they ’ re all rig on war. ” But Mobius is unphased. He tells Loki to calm down. “ Take it comfortable. You ’ re an analyst correct ? What division are you from ? ”
The camera then shifts to show that near the elevators, where there used to be statues of the three Timekeepers, there is now just one statue, and it ’ s of Kang. A full-on Planet of the Apes wind. The Tempad that Sylvie used to send Loki second to the TVA didn ’ triiodothyronine send him back to his reality, it send him to one of those alternate universes, one in which Kang openly controls the TVA. One in which Mobius and Loki don ’ thymine know each early .
And that ’ sulfur where the stopping point ends .
so what does this intend ? Well for one, the multiverse is wide unfold. As the title suggests, the have film sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will find Benedict Cumberbatch ’ second Doctor Strange dealing with the Multiverse alongside a amply evolved Scarlet Witch ( Elizabeth Olsen ). And this December ’ s Spider-Man: No Way Home is already rumored to include Spider-Men from different franchises, besides bringing the multiverse into opinion .
sol who ’ s to blame ? While we thought Spider-Man might explain how the multiverse gets opened, it turns out it ’ s all Loki and Sylvie ’ s mistake. The Loki stopping point suggests their actions are why the timeline is branching, and why Loki now finds himself in a different universe run by a different ( and probably animated ) Kang .
loki-episode-6-ending Image via Marvel Studios speak of, Majors was first announced as playing Kang for the sport film sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. That movie is due to start filming this class, and we by and large assumed that film would first introduce Kang. not so. The interview then is which Kang version is in Ant-Man 3 – is it the one from Loki ’ s newfangled timeline, or so far another random variable ? Kang did caution Loki and Sylvie that there were “ thousands ” of him, so jonathan Majors may be getting a reasonably big MCU exercise in these adjacent few movies .
And then there ’ mho besides Loki Season 2 to deal with. We have no idea when Loki Season 2 will start film or be released, as Marvel has its own collected design where specific pieces fall into plaza at specific times. so given all that might happen in Doctor Strange 2 and the Spider-Man sequel, Loki Season 2 could find Hiddelston ’ s quality in a very different plaza than when we leave off in this stopping point.

Whatever the font, Loki has been one of the most pleasantly surprise and emotional MCU journeys so far, and we can ’ metric ton expect to see what happens future .
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