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Pandora’s Box

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Pandora ‘s Box


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Pandora’s Urn


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Pandora, Sorcerer, Tyrannus

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Olympian, Magical, Urn created by Zeus to store all the evils of the world



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Captain America ‘s Weird Tales # 75
( November, 1949 )



Pandora’s Box, in Greek mythology was a mystic “ Urn ” created by Zeus to store all the evils of the world. [ 1 ] After Prometheus stole arouse from Olympus and gave it to mankind, Zeus decided to punish the mortals by sending them Pandora. He besides gave her the urn and told her to never open it. She afterwards opened the box, from which the evils flew out over the Earth. Hope alone remained inside, the hat having been shut down before she could escape. [ 1 ]

Pandora was exiled to an island in the Pacific Ocean ages ago after defying the will of Zeus and unleashing all the evils in the world from her black box. [ 2 ] then, the Eternal sorcerer Sersi, under the identity of Circe, gathered the evils back into the Box and shut it with a spell. [ 3 ]

fifteenth century

Th box fell into the monomania of a itinerant, who sold it to Ben Jackson in 1426 at an English field. They used the property in his Pandora play with his love Nancy Terry in the go function. Nancy was absorbed into the box by one of the evils, but Hope aided in retrieving his love. He tossed the box into a fire in hopes of destroying it constantly. [ 4 ]

twentieth hundred

Dan Harper was shipwrecked on island and was tricked by Pandora into opening the box. She attempted to use the thing in the Black Box to conquer the world, but Harper escaped and then returned with mirrors to surround Pandora and show her her on-key countenance. Pandora to return the thing to the box in return for the removal of the mirrors. [ 2 ] While on a camping vacation to Shadow Mountain, George Ashton encountered Pandora. Although initially tricked into releasing one of the monsters within her excommunicate box, George defeated Pandora by revealing her true appearance in the mirror image of one of his well-shined cook pans, forcing her to retrieve the thing in the Black Box. [ 5 ]

modern Age

Centuries former, the box was found by the Sorcerer who used the imps inside it to try and take over the world. however, he was stopped by the Human Torch who sealed the box close and threw it into the ocean. [ 3 ] Tyrannus and Red She-Hulk stole the urn from a museum in Rome. The match tricked the Hulk into helping allowing them to escape from the authorities. Dr. Banner and and Dr. Sofia Di Cosimo tracked them down and warned them of what would happen if they opened the Urn. The Knights of Rome attacked the group in hopes of retrieving the Urn. [ 6 ] He was able to defeat the police squad of enforcers using their own magic trick to create a giant effigy of himself to defeat the Hulk. He then opened the urn releasing “ hope ” but being trapped for millennium drove it harebrained, leading it to want to destroy the earth. The Hulk was able to absorb the entity and burned it away using his rage. [ 7 ]

Occupants of the Box

Imp of Hatred

When unleash causes everyone around to start irrationally hating everyone. [ 3 ]

Imp of Forgetfulness

When unleash causes everyone around to forget an unspecified sum of things. [ 3 ]

Imp of Sleepiness

When unleash causes everyone around to fall asleep until commanded to awaken. [ 3 ]

Imp of Disease

Spreads nausea and disease, was not returned to the box but was burnt away by the Human Torch. [ 3 ]

Imp of Laziness

An Imp with the ability to slow down objects such as bullets. [ 3 ]

Imp Of Fear

When unleash causes everyone around to suffer an irrational number fear of everything. [ 3 ]

Imp of Paralysis

When unleash causes everyone around to freeze in place. [ 3 ]

Imp of Foolishness

When unleash causes everyone about to start uncontrollably laughing. [ 3 ]

Fiery Imp

An Imp composed of arrant fire who rather than put back into the box is absorbed by the Human Torch. [ 3 ]

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Icey Imp

When unleash freezes everyone solid and they finally thaw out. [ 3 ]

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