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Aaron Davis is known as the Prowler, a first condemnable and the most dangerous thief in America.

Cat Burglar

In Reality-1610, thief Aaron Davis exposes his brother, Jefferson, to organized crime by tricking him into attending a meet with Turk, a subordinate of Wilson Fisk. together, they lived a life of crime and went to jail for it. While Jefferson belated reformed from crime when he married Rio Morales and had a son, Miles Morales, Aaron became Prowler, the cat burglar .
Aaron and Miles spent time together watching martial arts movies, despite Jefferson ’ second wishes that Miles stay off from Aaron ’ s influence on report of his criminal background .
As the Prowler, he is hired by Phillip Roxxon to burglarize a closed Oscorp facility and left, unwittingly with Dr. Markus ’ specimen 42, an Oz-enhanced spider. His nephew, thirteen-year-old Miles, wins a lottery that enables him to enroll at the Brooklyn Visions Academy, a charter school ; while telling his uncle the news program, Miles is bitten by the enhance spider and gained spider-like powers, making him the next Spider-Man .
Heisted High-Tech Weaponry

Growing up a thief to survive, Aaron becomes the Prowler and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Though without superhuman powers, he uses technology made by the Tinkerer to aid him in his condemnable pursuits. He starts with the Getaway Jacket which electrocutes anyone nearby, allowing prison term for Prowler to escape. He late acquires an electric courtship, a winged suit that propels projectiles at high speeds, and electric gauntlets that fire brawny blasts .
Criminal Competition
Maximus Gargan, aka The Scorpion, a mexican kingpin is Prowler ’ s ganster rival in Mexico City whom Prowler demands money from without delivering a package. The scorpion comes to America for retaliation on the Prowler and in a hostile coup d’etat claims territory and becomes the kingbolt of New York .
Family Ties
When Aaron is new, he and his brother Jefferson engage in criminal activity to survive. He saves Jefferson ’ sulfur life but they both finally end up in imprison. While Jefferson reforms his life of crime, Aaron continues as the Prowler, a vomit burglar, which causes clash between the brothers. This conflict makes Jefferson restrict his son Miles ’ time with his uncle.

Miles Morales is Aaron ’ second nephew, son to his brother Jefferson. Aaron has an unintentional hand in helping Miles become Spider-Man and late uses him to take out his criminal contest, The Scorpion. In trying to control Miles, it results in a blood feud and ends in a deadly conflict where Aaron dies .
Prowler’s Rap Sheet
Prowler leaves New York City for Mexico City to face his equal The Scorpion who owes him money. He takes a getaway jacket that electrocutes anyone near him so as to defend himself from Scorpion ’ mho cronies, a crown that he acquired from the Tinkerer. After collecting his bounty from Scorpion, he leaves but gets held up by the cops, his jacket fails him and he ’ mho arrested .
Upon his fall to NYC, he attacks Tinkerer for selling him bad merchandise and questions him about the new Spider-Man in the papers. Tinkerer revealed that Osborn created a genetically-altered spider that created the nowadays dead person Spider-Man. Connecting the dots, he realized the fresh Spider-Man is his nephew Miles and to protect the secret, he kills Tinkerer with a photograph to the head. He takes Tinkerer ’ s technical school for himself including a fly suit, an electric lawsuit and gauntlets.

Deducing the new Spider-Man ’ mho identity, Aaron confronted Miles at school with the truth. He gets kicked off campus by campus security and later encountered The Scorpion back at Tinkerer ’ south warehouse. Using his new winged suit, Prowler attacked Scorpion by firing off wing shards that have no effect on him. As such, he fled Scorpion ’ south clutches .
As Uncle Aaron, he convinced Miles to meet him and revealed his identity as Prowler. He explained how the spider that bit him was a stowaway and proceeded to test Miles ’ abilities. He then bribed Miles to train him or else he ’ ll reveal his identity to his father who is anti-mutant. still Miles refused but then Prowler used Miles ’ hope to take down bad guys and convinced him to take down The scorpio, all to help him remove his competition .
To maintain control, Prowler threatened to tell Miles ’ founder he was Spider-Man, and when Miles refused to work for him, a fight ensued, during which Prowler ’ s gauntlet equipment malfunctioned, causing his death. Miles blamed himself and Jefferson blamed Spider-Man for Aaron ’ s end, reaffirming Miles ’ feelings that he couldn ’ thyroxine tell his parents he was Spider-Man .

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