MCU Movies, TV Shows: Marvel Release Dates for 2022 and More

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is always expanding. The superhero movie franchise will fair keep growing in 2022 and beyond with these highly anticipate flicks .
Spider-Man : No Way Home had Marvel fans on the edge of their seats ahead of its December 17 liberation, and that ’ s not just because of the cast ( which included past Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire ). With the inclusion of the multiverse, a concept first explored in both Loki and What If… ? on Disney+, the film changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU ) as we know it .
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even confirmed that the third Spider-Man movie will clear the path for some other stimulate projects to be announced .
“ There ’ ll be news program. There ’ ll be diverse events, ” the Marvel foreman promised Screen Rant in December 2021. “ obviously with the pandemic, the way we ’ ve announced things has changed and altered, and in some ways, that ’ s been good, because it ’ sulfur kept the concentrate on what ’ s next. It ’ s kept the stress on the projects as they come out. ”

The batting order presently available international relations and security network ’ t little by any means. After Spidey ( Tom Holland ) swing into theaters, Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) returned to the large riddle with the Multiverse of Madness. Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) made history as the first MCU bomber to get a fourth alone film, and Black Panther : Wakanda Forever will show the bequest of T ’ Challa after actor Chadwick Boseman ‘ s death. And those are precisely the 2022 movies.

Disney+ allows for more Marvel subject than always. New heroes, including Moon Knight ( Oscar Isaac ), She-Hulk ( Tatiana Maslany ), Ironheart ( Dominique Thorne ) and Ms. Marvel ( Iman Vellani ), are being introduced via miniseries on the stream platform. meanwhile, supporting characters such as WandaVision ‘ s Agatha Harkness ( Kathryn Hahn ) and Hawkeye ‘ s Maya Lopez ( Alaqua Cox ) will get their own chances to shine as leads in new spinoff shows.

There will besides be some characters that are new to Marvel Studios. Disney bought twentieth Century Fox, which held the rights to the X-Men, including Deadpool. Feige confirmed that Ryan Reynolds ‘ snarky franchise will continue .
“ It will be rated R and we are working on a handwriting right field now, and Ryan ’ s overseeing a script justly immediately, ” he told Collider in July 2021. “ It ’ s exciting for it to have begun… A very different type of character in the MCU, and Ryan is a impel of nature, which is just amazing to see him bring that character to life. ”
That ’ s not tied all the contentedness Marvel has announced correct now, but that ’ s why Us Weekly has this complete guidebook to all the MCU movie and television receiver shows coming in 2022 and beyond. Scroll down for release dates, titles and more info on the live-action projects :

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