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Character Abilities Unlocked By Iron Man (Mark 6) Smart, Flight, Explosives, Projectiles  Complete Sand Central Station Iron Man (Mark 7) Smart, Flight, Explosives, Projectiles  Complete House Party Protocol. Iron Man (Mark 42) Smart, Flight, Explosives, Heat beam, Projectiles  Complete Rebooted, Resuited. Tony Stark (Underwear) Smart  Complete Rock Up at the Lock Up. Iron Man (Heroic Age) Smart, Flight, Explosives, Projectiles  Find Heimdall in the Industrial District and fight off the Ice Giants until you unlock this token.  Iron Man (Heartbreaker) Smart, Flight, Explosives, Heat beam, Projectiles Hulk/Bruce Banner Super Strength, Transformation, Smart   Complete Sand Central Station. Spider-Man / Peter Parker Senses, Projectiles, Web-Swinging, Grapple, Transformation, Acrobatic, Take Photos (as Peter Parker)  Complete Sand Central Station. Spider-Man (Future Foundation) Senses, Projectiles, Web-Swinging, Grapple, Transformation, Acrobatic,Take Photos (as Peter Parker)  Find Ghost Rider at the Dockyard and race him to unlock this token. Captain America Deflect, Projectiles, Activate Shield Switches, Acrobatic  Complete Times Square Off.  Captain America (Classic) Deflect, Projectiles, Activate Shield Switches, Acrobatic  Complete The Brick Apple. Mr. Fantastic Smart, Transforms into Objects (normally a teapot, but can change depending on Fantastic Four platform), Slip through vents, Glide, Grapple  Complete Times Square Off. Mr. Fantastic (Future Foundation) Smart, Transforms into Objects (normally a teapot, but can change depending on Fantastic Four platform), Slip through vents, Glide, Grapple  Beat Ghost Rider in a race starting in West Harlem. Hawkeye Acrobatic, Projectiles, Explosives, Grapple  Complete Exploratory Laboratory. Wolverine (Cowl) Senses, Dig, Acrobatic, Sharp Object  Use Mr. Fantastic to slip through the grate in Put Up Your Dukes Human Torch Fire, Heat beam, Flight, Projectiles, Fire Aura, Walk through Fire  Complete Red Head Detention. Thor Electricity, Flight, Projectiles, Electric beam, Super Strength  Complete Bifrosty Reception.  Thor (Classic) Electricity, Flight, Projectiles, Electric beam, Super Strength  Blow up the silver objects on the right side of Bro-tunheim and then dig up the token. Cyclops Heat beam, Projectiles  Complete Juggernauts and Crosses.  Cyclops (Astonishing) Heat beam, Projectiles  Taxi the character in the Financial District to his destination. Storm Projectiles, Hover (can put out fires by hovering over them), Electricity, Electric beam  Complete Juggernauts and Crosses. Iceman Ice Beam, Projectiles  Complete Juggernauts and Crosses. Invisible Woman (Future Foundation) Stealth, Telekinesis, Deflect, Senses, Projectiles  Blast the silver padlock off the cabinet in the Stranger Danger side mission. Thing (Future Foundation) Super Strength  Use a heat beam, explosives, and telekinesis to destroy three round windows in the side mission Reptilian Ruckus. Maria Hill Stealth, Projectiles  Beat Maria in the Go-kart race atop the Helicarrier to unlock her token. Agent Coulson Projectiles, Explosives  Complete Tabloid Tidy Up. Absorbing Man  None  In the construction zone in the Upper West Side, destroy a drain cover, then ride the geyser of water up to collect this token. A.I.M. Agent Projectiles  Complete That Sinking Feeling. Ant-Man Can Shrink, Smart, Slip through vents  Destroy a car that’s covering a dig spot at Fisk Tower, then dig up this token. Archangel Flight, Projectiles  Destroy the pipes on the side of the Avenger’s Mansion within the time limit.  Aunt May None  Meet Deadpool in West Harlem and help him beat up some thugs. Beetle Flight, Explosives, Projectiles, Heat beam  Find the alley in Yorkville with all the spiderwebs. Jump on top of them and collect the studs above. Once you have them all the token will appear. Black Bolt Flight, Projectiles  Play the switch cup game in Central Park, lifting the cup with the ball underneath with a telekinetic character. Do this three times to unlock the token. Black Cat Senses, Dig, Acrobatic  Head to the East Village and find the store with a shutter blocking the entrance. Pull the grapple points to open it up, then use a character with super senses to find a switch that will open the container holding the token. Black Panther Senses, Dig, Acrobatic  Talk to Black Panther in the East Village, then track down his cat dressed up as Captain America. Follow the cat, fighting off the enemie3 that appear until Black Panther and his cat are reunited. Blade Sharp Object  Talk to Blade in East Harlem after completing two previous tasks for him. He will ask you to destroy three vehicles. Ram into each one until they are scrap to unlock Blade. Bullseye Projectiles  Look for a building in the Industrial District with four basketball goals. Destroy all four within the time limit. Captain Britain Flight, Beam, Projectiles, Senses  Find Captain Britain in the Lower East Side. Fight off some enemies with him to unlock his token. Carnage Senses, Projectiles, Grapple, Symbiote Travel, Web-Swinging  Find the roof in Yorkville with a multitude of Mr. Fantastic grates. Next to three of them are puddles of water. Freeze each one and slide through the remaining grate to exit underneath the Carnage token. Colossus Super Strength  Fight off the Sentinel in front of the X-Mansion. Destroy its silver chest plate, then gold plate, and finally the cracked plate. Curt Connors/Lizard Smart, Transformation, Super Strength  Complete Reptilian Ruckus. Damage Control None  Put out all of the fires on the Helicarrier’s deck. Daredevil Senses, Projectile, Acrobatic  Complete Feeling Fisky. Deadpool Projectiles  Buy all Deadpool Bricks. Destroyer (MiniFig) Fire, Projectile, Heat beam  Complete Bifrosty Reception. Doctor Octopus Senses, Super Strength, Grapple  Complete Times Square Off. Doctor Octopus (Ultimate) Senses, Super Strength, Grapple  Build three pictures on the walls in the side mission Tabloid Tidy Up. Doctor Strange Smart, Flight, Beam, Stealth, Projectiles, Sand Pit Travel  Complete Stranger Danger. Dormammu Beam, Projectiles  Complete Stranger Danger.  Drax Projectiles, Power Cosmic  Talk to Drax on top of Marvel Comics H.Q., then head down to Central Park and hop on the Lion there. Ride him back up to the roof via the ramps on the side of the building. Electro Electric, Flight, Electric beam, Projectiles  Complete A Shock Withdrawl.  Electro (Ultimate) Electric, Flight, Electric beam, Projectiles  Taxi the character in front of the Oscorp building to her destination. Elektra Sharp Object, Projectiles, Acrobatic  Look for a claw switch on top of a building in West Harlem. Activate it to lift a shutter below. Finally, smash through the cracked wall section to reach the token. Emma Frost Stealth  Use mind control on a student in front of the X-Mansion, guiding him through the hedge maze. Gambit Projectiles, Explosives  Talk to Gambit and Central Park, then find and return his card to him. Gamora  None  Talk to Drax in Times Square and agree to find his saxophone. Follow the ghost studs to a building with closed shutters. Solve the matching game to activate a platform you can stand on to pull a switch, opening the shutters. Grab the saxophone and carry it back to Drax. Ghost Rider Heat beam, Projectiles, Grapple  Complete Stunt Show Surprise. Green Goblin (Ultimate) Super Strength  In The Thrill of the Chess, use the claw switch at the back of the room to open a cell containing this token.  Groot Super Strength  After the first mission you complete for Groot, talk to him again at Inwood and then play whack-a-mole on the wall behind Groot.  Gwen Stacy None  Fight off some enemies with Drax in Times Square. Havok Projectiles, Electric beam  On top of a building in Washington Heights are two laser cannons. Deflect their beams into the golden fan with Captain America’s shield. Heimdall Sharp Object  Talk to Heimdall in Little Italy and then escort his Asgardian friend back to his location. H.E.R.B.I.E. Smart  Complete Times Square Off. Hydra Agent Projectiles  Smash through the cracked wall on top of a building in Washington Heights to find this token. Iron Fist Acrobatic  After the first race with Blade, find him in the East Village and fight off some bad guys. Iron Man (Hulkbuster) Super Strength, Hover, Explosives, Projectiles  On the Stark Tower helipad are eight vents. Destroy them within the time limit. Juggernaut Super Strength  Complete Juggernauts and Crosses. Kingpin Super Strength  Complete Feeling Fisky. Kingpin Henchman Projectiles  Charge up the transformer behind the bar in the side mission Feeling Fisky. Kraven the Hunter Senses  Hit five targets next to the reptile house in Central Park. Kurse Super Strength  Defeat Kurse in a fight with one of your giant super strong characters near the Roxxon Power Station Laufey Projectiles, Ice beam  Complete Bro-tunheim. Leader Telekinesis, Control Others  Wall-jump up between two billboard next to Fisk Tower. Liberty  None  Complete Taking Liberties. Magneto Magnetic, Hover, Projectiles  Complete Magnetic Personality. Magneto Acolyte Electricity, Projectiles, Electric beam  Complete Magnetic Personality.  Malekith Projectiles, Control Others, Telekinesis  Complete Bro-tunheim. Mandarin Acrobatic, Heat beam, Projectiles, Telekinesis, Can Control Others  Complete Rebooted, Resuited. Mandarin (Film) None  This token is on a high platform in the side mission Stunt Show Surprise. Mary Jane Watson  None  Look for a small alley in Yorkville with a black box. Use Spider-Man’s senses to reveal a grapple point. Pull it to open the box and unlock this token. Mastermind Telekinesis, Mind Control  Complete Taking Liberties. Mini Sentinel Projectiles, Beam  Fight the Sentinel in Columbus Circle. Destroy its gold chest plate, then silver, then cracked. M.O.D.O.K Projectiles, Beam, Hover, Smart  Complete That Sinking Feeling. Moon Knight Projectiles  In the side mission A Shock Withdrawl use mind control on the character behind the glass and make him pull a switch. Ms. Marvel Flight, Heat beam, Projectiles  Melt the golden Hulk statue at the beginning of Nuff Said. Mysterio Projectiles, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Heat beam, Sand Pit Travel  Complete The Thrill of the Chess. Mystique Acrobatic, Projectiles, Stealth  Complete Rapturous Rise. Nightmare Projectiles, Mind Control, Telekinesis, Heat beam  Complete Stunt Show Surprise. Nova Flight, Heat beam, Projectiles  Run through the race rings on top of the buildings in Yorkville with an acrobatic character. Pepper Potts  None  Fight off some baddies with Black Panther in the Industrial District. Rescue Projectiles, Flight, Heat beam  Talk to Black Panther in the Industrial District and agree to sabotage a contraption. To do this, use a magnetically powered character to remove the blue objects from the round building behind Black Panther, then hit a shield switch. Next, look for another shield switch near the water below. This one will extend some platforms, allowing you to solve a match game to unlock Rescue. Power Man Super Strength  Fight off several enemies in an alley in Yorkville to collect this token. Professor X Telekinesis, Control Others, Smart  Talk to the professor in front of the X-Mansion, then use telekinesis to arrange the blue blocks into an ‘X.’ Psylocke Acrobatic, Control Others, Deflect, Telekinesis, Sharp Object  After the first mission for Captain Britain, find him again in the Financial District, then beat him in a race. Punisher Projectiles  After three missions for the Punisher, find him in the Industrial District. Destroy the marked vehicles to unlock his token. Pyro Projectiles, Heat beam, Fire  Complete Juggernauts and Crosses. Red Hulk/General Thunderbolt Ross Transformation, Super Strength  Defeat Red Hulk in the Industrial District to unlock him. Rhino Super Strength  Complete Rapturous Rise.  Rocket Raccoon Projectiles  Talk to Rocket Raccoon in the Lower East Side and he will ask for a picture of a giraffe that’s climbed a building. Fly to Fisk Tower and transform Spider-Man into Peter Parker to take the picture. Ronan the Accuser Projectiles  Underneath a monument in Central Park you will find a room with a gold and silver plate. Destroy them, then charge up the transformers behind them to unlock this token. Roxxon Guard Projectiles  Complete Sand Central Station. Sandman Projectiles, Sand Pit Travel, Slip through Vents  Complete Sand Central Station. Sandman Goon Projectiles, Sand Pit Travel, Slip through Vents  Smash the cracked wall on a column in Yorkville, near the water’s edge, to unlock this token. She-Hulk Super-Strength  Smash seven cracked wall segments in the Scrapyard within the time limit. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Projectiles  On the ramp underneath the helicarrier is a turret. Hop on it and shoot down the targets. Silver Samurai Sharp Object, Projectiles  On top of a building in the Industrial District is a clear maze with a ball inside. Use a character with super senses to uncover the maze’s path, then use telekinesis to guide the ball to its end.  Silver Surfer Projectiles, Flight, Power Cosmic  Talk to Silver Surfer in East Harlem and he will tell you that he lost a piece of his board. Follow the ghost studs to the thug with the piece, beat him up, then carry the piece back to the Surfer. Spider-Woman Flight, Senses, Projectiles  Look for a building in the Financial District with spiderwebs inside. Destroy them to reveal a switch that will open a box on the roof containing the token. Squirrel Girl Projectiles, Explosives, Glide, Dig  Destroy several bushes at the Dockyard to reveal dig spots. Dig them up until you find a button that opens the shutter on a small building. Next, use magnetic powers to activate the switch inside the building, opening the box containing the token.  Stan Lee Web Swinging, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Control Others, Magnetic Powers, Heat beam, Transformation, Projectiles, Senses, Smart, Grapple, Dig, Sharp Object, Acrobatic  Complete every Stan Lee in Peril.  Star-Lord Projectiles, Flight  Talk to Rocket Raccoon in the Upper West Side, then defeat all the enemies. Superior Spider-Man Senses, Projectiles, Web Swinging, Grapple  Skydive off the Empire State Building, falling through the rings of studs. You will collect this token near the ground. Super-Skrull Flight, Fire, Projectiles, Heat beam, Stealth, Grapple, Smart, Slip through vents, Super Strength  Melt the ice underneath a water tower on a building in the Upper East Side. Symbiote Scientist (Hazmat)  None  Complete Exploratory Laboratory. Taskmaster Sharp Object, Deflect, Projectiles  Destroy a silver padlock on a floating platform high up in the sky between the helicarrier and Liberty Island. Toad Acrobatic, Senses  Talk to Toad on Liberty Island after completing his first challenge. Jump along the lily pads again to unlock him. Venom Symbiote Travel, Senses, Projectile, Transformation, Super Strength, Grapple, Web Swinging  Complete Exploratory Laboratory. Viper Projectiles, Grapple  Destroy the gold padlock on a chest in Central Park. Vulture Flight, Projectiles  Complete Nuff Said. Iron Patriot Flight, Projectiles, Explosives  On top of the Empire State Building are three American flags. Activate a claw switch to raise one, pull a grapple point to raise another, and finally super senses to reveal a switch to raise the third.  War Machine Projectiles, Explosives, Flight  Complete House Party Protocol. Wasp Flight, Projectiles, Explosives, Shrink  Work your way through the maze on top of Ant Man’s lab with a small character, deactivating the electrical barriers as you go. Whiplash Electricity, Grapple  Mind control a character inside a building in Yorkville and make him pull a switch, revealing this token. Wizard Flight, Electricity, Telekinesis  Use a magnetically powered character to pull a switch on the front of the Baxter Building, opening the container with this token inside.
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