Ava Ayala (Earth-616)

White Tiger

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Ava Ayala [ 1 ]

Current Alias

White Tiger

Affiliation and Relationships


Daughters of Liberty


A.I.M., New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Heroes for Hire, Avengers Academy


unnamed grandmother [ citation needed ]
Parents :
( father, deceased ) ;

Grandparents:unnamed grandmotherParents: Nestor Ayala (father, deceased);

Maria Ayala (mother, deceased)
Hector Ayala (brother, deceased);
Filippo Ayala (brother, deceased);
Awilda Ayala (sister, deceased)
Other Relatives:
Nieces and Nephews:
Angela Del Toro (niece);
Rey del Toro (nephew);
Marisol del Toro (niece)

Relatives by marriage:
Soledad Ayala (sister-in-law);

Unnamed brother-in-law

Unnamed brother-in-law

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[27]




5′7″ ( 1.7 m )


131 pound ( 59.42 kilogram )



  • Brown



Origin and Living Status


Human, mystically enhanced by the White Tiger Amulet (human mutate)

Living Status




Place of Birth

New York City, New York [ 1 ]

Personal Information






Adventurer; former mercenary, student

Base of Operations

Savage Land ; Avengers Island ; Avengers Compound, Los Angeles, California ; Gem Theater, Manhattan, New York City, New York ;

Formerly Avenger Base Two Avengers Mansion, Manhattan, New York City, New York

Creators and Appearances


Christos N. Gage, Tom Raney


Avengers Academy # 20
( October, 2011 )
Quote1.png  I’m the beast that hunts in the darkness now. I’m the monster who even monsters fear. I’m the White Tiger. Quote2.png

White Tiger[src]


early life

The powers of Ava Ayala, alias White Tiger, came from the White Tiger Amulet, inherited from her niece Angela Del Toro. Her class was murdered by Gideon Mace. [ 2 ]

Avengers Academy

She joined the expanded Avengers Academy roll at the California -based Avengers Compound, as the first newfangled full-time scholar since the Academy ‘s origin. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] Her initial pastime in why Reptil was n’t a more active hispanic function model led to early on tension between the two, [ 4 ] with Reptil not seeing why he needed to be more than he was. [ 5 ] With the other students she battled the Purifiers [ 6 ] and Hybrid ( Jimmy Marks ) [ 2 ] who was banished from the school. [ 7 ] She besides attended many train sessions at the school. [ 8 ]

Mighty Avengers

Ava joined the Heroes for Hire, along with Luke Cage and Víctor Álvarez, the new Power Man. They all started believing they were meant for something more and decided to create their own Avengers team. [ 9 ] Based off a hashtag, they named themselves the Mighty Avengers.

Since joining the Mighty Avengers, Ava and Victor bonded enormously, together they discovered two modern abilities to fuse her White Tiger God based powers and his chi manipulation. The first being him able to move qi from people within their area into Ava creating a White Tiger made out of chi. [ 10 ] The tiger was so mighty that it was able to destroy a splinter of Shuma-Gorath. [ 11 ] Feeling grateful that Victor enabled her to control that kind of world power, she late repaid him by transferring some of her power to him. Being that Ava had a lot more chi than the median person, it gave Victor frightful amounts of power, enough to take out a cerberus or demonic three-headed pawl. He and Ava called their jazz band the “ New York Tiger-Style Kung Fu. ” [ 12 ] Victor helped White tiger when she tried to kill Gideon Mace for the death of her parents and was being possessed by the Tiger God that gave her powers. [ 13 ] With the intervention of the Mighty Avengers, White Tiger was prevented from crossing the line and killing Mace. [ 14 ] For her own safety, Ava was kept restrained in Kadesh, the lab and home plate of her teammate Blue Marvel. Disappointed by Ava ‘s failure in killing Mace, the White Tiger idol confronted her and threatened to kill her. however, Ava convinced the god that if he killed his last avatar, the Mighty Avengers would surely destroy the Amulets, endangering the White Tiger himself. therefore, Ava left the tiger theology with the choice to submit to her or die. The White Tiger chose the first option, giving her entire see of his powers. [ 15 ]

New Avengers

After the Mighty Avengers disbanded, [ 16 ] White Tiger and Power Man joined Sunspot ‘s New Avengers, though they stopped dating and remained only friends. [ 17 ] Following an gamble in Rome, Ava was targeted by Angela Del Toro, who deludedly thought that Ava had stolen the Amulets of Power from her. Angela had besides been equipped with a version of the Amulets of Power from an alternate universe, acquiring the powers of a White Tiger god from another reality. During the ensuing fight, this world ‘s White Tiger realized that with the presence of another set of amulets and another electric potential embodiment, he no longer needed to submit to Ava ‘s will, and abandoned her. [ 15 ] In hurt of losing her powers, Ava kept pushing herself and continued carrying the mantle of the White Tiger. [ 18 ] A newfangled chance for Ava to prove herself against Angela presented itself when Sunspot ‘s Avenger Base Two was attacked by the Maker ‘s New Revengers, a team which included del Toro in its ranks. [ 19 ] Following an arduous fight against her niece, Ava managed to snatch the Amulet of Power from her neck and break it, freeing Angela from both the Hand ‘s and the White Tiger ‘s monomania, bringing her back to her senses in the process. [ 20 ] Both White Tigers fight against the New Revengers back-to-back, [ 21 ] and continued working in tandem when Sunspot targeted rogue A.I.M. splinter cells to shut down. With the mission accomplished, Ava decided to retire from being the White Tiger and convinced Angela to do the same. [ 22 ]

The Defenders

Ava had apparently become the White Tiger once more ( though still without the amulet ) after Luke Cage sent out a distress call to Misty Knight to “ bring everyone ” while he and the Defenders were in a street brawl with Diamondback and his henchmen ( Fixer, Titania, and Moonstone ). Among those who answered the call along Ava were Elektra, Spider-Woman, Echo, Colleen Wing, and Misty herself. [ 23 ] Whether or not Ava has embraced the mantle of White Tiger once again remains indecipherable .


Power Grid[28]


none .
former PowersAmulets of Power enhanced Ava’s strength, speed, stamina, agility, dexterity, reflexes, reaction time, coordination, balance, endurance and gave her access to experience and abilities of a master martial artist.

  • Enhanced Strength: Ava’s physical strength is enhanced beyond of human potential. Her physical strength is above a normal human being.
  • Enhanced Speed: Ava is able to run and move at speeds superior to those of any olympic athlete.
  • Enhanced Durability: Ava’s body is more resistant to physical injury, to variable degrees than that of an ordinary human. She seems capable of taking several gunshot and puncture wounds as well as beatings and still stand on her feet.
  • Enhanced Agility: Ava’s agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Ava’s body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in her muscles and her musculature generates considerably fewer fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting her superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. The Amulets also sustained Ava, so she didn’t need to sleep or eat as long as she wore them.[15]
  • Acceleration Recuperation: Especially effective by placing the amulets on the wounded area of her body. She is able to heal broken bones, torn muscles, several gunshot and knife wounds and other severe injuries within moments.
  • Heightened Animal-like Senses: She can see with greater clarity and greater distances than an ordinary human. Ava’s vision extends into the ultraviolet and infrared areas of the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing her to see in near-total darkness and retain the same level of clarity. Ava’s hearing is similarly enhanced, enabling her to detect sounds normal humans can’t and sounds they ordinarily could but at much greater distances. She can track a target by scent and track them to the exact location.
  • Camouflage: The White Tiger Amulets allow Ava to blend in with her surroundings if she remains perfectly still. Whilst not rendering her completely invisible to keen-eyed superheroes, they nonetheless make her easier to miss by average observers.
[24] enhanced Ava ‘s lastingness, amphetamine, stamina, agility, dexterity, reflexes, reaction time, coordination, balance, survival and gave her access to experience and abilities of a master martial artist. Captain America ( Sam Wilson ) and Tony Stark considered her to be a Gamma Level Threat.


Studying under Tigra, White Tiger possesses exceeding combat art, which are complemented by her powers and claws .



  • White Tiger’s Suit
  • Amulets of Power


  • The White Tigers of the Ayala and del Toro clans are unrelated to the High Evolutionary’s White Tiger (an artificially evolved tiger-woman who voluntarily resumed her original animal form after a stint with Heroes for Hire)[25] and urban vigilante Kevin “Kasper” Cole, alias White Tiger, an acolyte of the Panther Cult and a protégé of the Black Panther.[26]

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