What If…?: What The Next Season Can Do To Improve On The First

Another season of What If .. ? is in the works at Marvel, and there are a few things it can do to improve on season 1. nowadays officially coming to Disney Plus in 2023, Marvel ’ s What If… ? temper 2 is about here. The first season did quite well amongst fans and was confirmed for a moment season before the debut episodes had finished airing. much like earlier, Marvel Studios confirmed at this year ’ mho San Diego Comic-Con that the series has already been picked up for a season 3, even though temper 2 hasn ’ t even aired however .
A lot of Marvel viewers have been speculating about which storylines the MCU will explore in season 2, specially now that the appearance ’ s creators held a screening for an episode from the season, which fans attending Comic-Con got to watch. Despite its massive success, no series is perfect and What If… ? could decidedly improve these three areas in temper 2 .
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Tonal Balance

T'Challa from Marvel’s What If A majority of episodes from season 1 were reasonably blue and big in note, with there being virtually no hope for the characters and the world around them. This about implied that if the live-action MCU movies and shows didn ’ metric ton go down the direction they did, the world would have never been saved .
Finding ways to incorporate more plus endings could be enjoyable for fans, not necessarily to eliminate the benighted, more unplayful tone in its entirety, but to show that there are batch of different outcomes potential when it comes to the Marvel global. Just because something in What If… ? didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen the same way it did in Marvel ’ s live-action films, that doesn ’ thymine mean it ’ second going to lead to sum destruction .
Throughout season 1, when something turns out better for one hero, it typically does damage to others. In episode 2, for exercise, T ’ Challa ends up being Star-Lord. This had a pretty big affect on the populace, since he convinced Thanos to abandon his genocide plans, and it ’ s finally revealed that Drax ’ sulfur wife and daughter were never killed. Although this is good news for one Guardian, another is about to embark on a travel of chaos .
Since T ’ Challa was taken as a child alternatively of Peter Quill, Peter grew up on Earth. When Peter ’ s father finds him, the Watcher admits that this series of events will most probably precede to the end of the earth, since Peter and Ego will use their celestial powers to destroy the universe. overall, things aren ’ metric ton looking great for the populace anymore .
The multiverse is meant to be composed of space possibilities, sol not every ending has to hint at there being death and ruin for the universe in the future. It ’ randomness even wholly possible that the heroes come out triumphant on the other side, even if things don ’ t go according to the live-action MCU plan .

More Character Variety

what-if-evil-strange-1 Given the stand-alone nature of each episode, the opportunity to include multiple characters in a single season is greater in What If… ? than any other MCU plan created therefore far. Since each episode doesn ’ metric ton have to connect with each other and focus on the like plots and people, there ’ s batch of board to give a wide range of characters the limelight.

Leaning away from the heroes featured in temper 1 and bringing in characters that debuted in Phase 4, or giving child characters center stage for a deepen would bring more variety to the series. By focusing more on the live-action newcomers or lovable side characters, the What If … ? creators would likely have an exorbitant amount of creative autonomy, since a batch of these characters haven ’ thyroxine had their stories and personalities in full flushed out so far .

Crazier Stories

iron man what if zombie The concept of What If… ? is highly innovative, and it ’ s rare that a franchise ampere democratic as the Marvel Cinematic Universe creates a series with the exclusive aim of rewriting its majorly successful projects and heroes. With all that being said, however, a fortune of the episodes from temper 1 seemed plausible, in terms of the Marvel Universe .
away from the episode about zombies, most of the season 1 storylines focused on modest changes that led to a larger range reaction. Episodes like “ What If…Ultron Won ? ” and “ What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger ? ” drew pretty heavily on former live-action MCU films. The stories for these episodes weren ’ thyroxine besides fantastic and disgraceful, as many fans expected the series to be. Ultron winning alternatively of the Avengers or Peggy Carter getting the extremely soldier serum rather of Steve were relatively small alterations to the MCU stories fans already know, specially in the august dodge of the multiverse .
Season 2 should include more episodes like “ What If… Zombies ? ! ” because it steps outside the box superhero worlds are much contained in. What If… ? is in a league of its own, between the largely self-contained episodes and animated manner. This makes the series a bang-up opportunity for the writers to touch on plot points that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fit in the live-action MCU, or conform to the brand Marvel Studios has spent over 10 years making .
By putting the characters in situations fans would never expect to see them in, What If… ? season 2 could captivate audiences with brand-new, crazy ideas that take the serial to the following level.

What If…? season 2 premiers on Disney Plus in 2023 .
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