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Maya Ibuki

伊吹 マヤ





First Lieutenant


24 (born July 11, 1991)

Known Relatives

( Friend and Co-worker ) Makoto Hyuga (Friend and Co-worker) Shigeru Aoba (Friend and Co-worker)

First Appearance

Angel Attack [ NGE ]
volume 1 [ Manga ]


Miki Nagasawa

Voice Actors

Kendra Benham [ NGE ] )
Amy Seeley [ D&R ] [ EoE ]
( Director ‘s Cut )
Christine Marie Cabanos [ NGE ] [ EoE ] ( Netflix dub )
Maria Koschny Ger

])][ Monica Rial (Director’s Cut)][] (Netflix dub)Maria Koschny

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First Lieutenant Maya Ibuki ( 伊吹 マヤ [ ? ] ) is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. She is one of the three independent calculator technicians at NERV HQ, along with Makoto Hyuga and Shigeru Aoba, and serves immediately under Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Maya frequently acts as Ritsuko ‘s adjunct, peculiarly with employment on the MAGI that control the basal, and calculator readouts from the Evangelion units. During combat against the Angels she, along with Aoba and Hyuga, operate the primary dominance stations on the Command Center ‘s bridge horizontal surface, monitoring the status of the Eva and their pilots in battles and directing subscribe for them .


Maya is an affirmative and cheerful though sensitive young woman, who much hides her eyes or retches during the more crimson Eva battles due to the fact that she is afraid of visible rake or internal organs. When the JSSDF soldiers stormed NERV headquarters in The End of Evangelion, she besides refuses to fire on any of them, saying that she does not have the boldness to kill another homo being.

Maya has besides been shown to have a congregation, trusting nature. She is in awe of the technological advancements current society has achieved. In particular, that this advancement followed Second Impact 15 years ago : unlike the 14 year old Eva pilots, Maya is old enough that she was a child at the time of Second Impact and thus unlike them probably remembers having to grow up through the ensuing global chaos in which homo refinement painfully rebuilt itself, in a club struggling to feed its people. It is potential that Maya idealizes human skill and engineering because it is what ultimately saved the universe she grew up in from the brink of collapse. Maya believes in the technical utopia that Tokyo-3 represents, remarking with starry-eyed exuberance “ That ‘s a city of skill for you. It ‘s very an era where science reigns sovereign ! “, though Aoba dismisses her belief by saying “ talk about an antique line ”. notably she admires Commanders Gendo and Fuyutsuki for their coolness in the stifling headquarters during a ability outage, not realizing that Fuyutsuki had his feet in a bucket of water ( Episode 11 ). Maya has some girlish affectations, including having a rabbit-face dagger on the english of her laptop screen, and a pink computerized tomography pillow which she sits on at her post. Maya is notably shorter than most of the other NERV personnel ( entirely halfway between the 5 ‘ 4 ” Misato and the 14 class honest-to-god Eva pilots ), so it appears she has to sit on a pillow sol she ‘ll be the proper acme at her dominance terminal. Maya ’ s cat pillow might be related to Ritsuko Akagi ’ s affinity for cats, since Maya has a potent bond with Dr. Akagi. She is seen reading what appears to be a romance novel during a slow day at NERV. Maya is friendly to the Eva pilots and supportive, probably since from her place in central Dogma and as the monitor of their vital signs she is aware of what they go through. She therefore expresses her misgivings to Ritsuko about particularly dangerous newly technologies, such as the Dummy Plug system ( Episode 14 ). Maya knows her way around the Magi system quite well, and she proves an invaluable adjutant to both Ritsuko and Misato during fight situations. Ritsuko admires Maya ‘s skill and efficacy, remarking on her fast type rush : “ Ah, Maya, fast as ever. ” It ‘s not clean barely how much Maya knows about NERV ‘s hidden agenda, but it is implied that, while Maya does n’t have the malicious matter-of-fact edge of Ritsuko and Gendo, as Ritsuko ‘s aide she ultimately knows more about NERV ‘s agenda than Misato or Hyuga. She does seem to think that the destruction of the final examination Angel would end NERV ‘s mission and she had no mind why SEELE would want to kill so many people to get the Evas, so it appears she honestly does n’t know that NERV ‘s true goal is the Human Instrumentality Project. At first Maya ‘s attraction to Ritsuko only appears to be a master admiration, enhanced by Maya frequently being seen working aside Ritsuko, and Maya constantly referring to the other woman as “ Ritsuko-senpai ” or merely “ Senpai ”, an honorific directed towards a person of higher rank. however, Maya ’ s passage guide in Episode 26 ‘ takes the form of Ritsuko Akagi, who types “ I need you ” ( literally : “ INEEDYOU ” ) on Maya ’ s laptop with her hands over Maya ’ s, and then embraces her. Before turning to LCL Maya cried “ Senpai ! Senpai ! Senpai ! ” with a spirit of ecstasy, tears flowing from her eyes. This implies that Maya may have been secretly in love with Ritsuko, though whether Ritsuko knew about this drawing card or reacted to it is uncertain, however Ritsuko often acts caring and about reciprocates Maya ‘s feelings at times.


  • Despite being a minor character, Maya is a disproportionately popular subject for merchandising, either on her own or alongside the more significant female characters. Hyuga and Aoba do not receive this kind of attention.
  • Maya is named after two warships—the heavy cruiser that convert to the cancelled light aircraft carrier Ibuki and the Takao-class heavy cruiser Maya of the Japanese Imperial Navy.[1]
  • According to ANIMA, her blood type is A.


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