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Mei Terumī ( 照美メイ, Terumī Mei ) is the Fifth Mizukage ( 五代目水影, Godaime Mizukage, literally meaning: Fifth Water Shadow ) of Kirigakure. After the dreadful predominate of Yagura Karatachi ended, she became Mizukage and worked indefatigably to reform internal policies and recreate diplomatic relations with other villages. [ 2 ]


As a new girl around the age of nine, Mei had to endure Kirigakure ‘s barbarous academy commencement ritual. [ 1 ] Living through the colored days of the Village of the Bloody Mist, she had fought drenched in the rake of others and her own for the sake of the greenwich village. [ 3 ] After taking office as Mizukage, Mei came across challenges while struggling to undo the negative inheritance left by the Fourth Mizukage and the greenwich village ‘s own history. [ 3 ] In the zanzibar copal, during the consequence of Yagura ‘s communicate, Mei received a letter from the Fifth Kazekage and Hokage, asking if Kirigakure would participate in the approaching Chūnin Exams that their villages were hosting. After listening to her aids, Mei informed the Hokage that her village would n’t be joining. [ 4 ]


Mei is generally a kind and cheerful person, speaking well of others and attempting to avoid conflict. Mei proved to be more open-minded than the early Kage, as she had shown deference and was will to listen to Gaara, at one point even defending him from the Tsuchikage ‘s aweless behavior, and belated showing admiration for Gaara after seeing how pure-hearted he was. Mei besides can be very coquettish, as she remarked to Sasuke Uchiha that he was good looking, and expressed repent that she must kill person then fine-looking, but would give him a kiss before that. [ 5 ] She is besides shown to be quite respectful to others despite her condition as a Kage. She often ends her sentences with “ kudasai ”, which translates roughly to “ please ” and refers to all her fellow Kage with the suffix “ -sama ”, which translates to “ Lord ” ( “ Lady ” if the person is female ). She besides stated to Madara that though she liked when men complimented her, she would hold off in his casing. [ 6 ]

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Mei seems to be reasonably sensitive when it comes to her love life, as shown when she misheard Ao say that she was “ past marriageable age ”, and threatened to kill him for such an “ abuse ”. This seems to be a run joke, as she has made similar mistakes on multiple occasions. She besides has low allowance towards insults about her historic period and appearance, as she was immediately angered when Karin called her an “ old hagfish ”, and beat up Ao while Fū Yamanaka possessed his body and insulted her. Despite this, she is besides identical sharp-witted as she pretended to be able to undo Ao ‘s barrier proficiency protecting his Byakugan to fool Fū into exposing himself possessing Ao ‘s body. Befitting her function as the village ‘s leader, Mei cares about the wellbeing and history of Kirigakure. Under the belief that Yagura, her harbinger, had been manipulated by Tobi using genjutsu, she was prepared to fight Danzō Shimura, who besides possessed a Sharingan which could cast a alike genjutsu. Though Mei is brave and steady in struggle, she is not above realising her or any one else ‘s limitations as seen from her receptive acknowledgment that it seems as though Madara could not be stopped. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] Despite normally being quite unafraid and determined in battle, she possesses a pessimistic mentality against stronger opponents as witness during her battle with Madara ; though she felt they were fighting a lose battle and voiced the fact that their efforts seemed bootless, this did not ultimately prevent her from fighting alongside her comrades. [ 9 ] japanese apricot does care a distribute about her marital status ampere well as her companion Kage. In her Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, she dreamt she was married with the other four Kage celebrating it with her. She is besides a person of honor as when Sasuke broke a wall and risked leaking her acidic Boil Release to the other Kage, she changed the ph to avoid harming them .


Mei is a tall, slender charwoman with fairly skin. She has park eyes, and ankle-length, auburn hair styled into a herringbone form at the back, a top-knot tied with a blue blue band, and with four bangs at the front. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are hanker, crossing each other on her break, just below her chin. She wears a long-sleeved, dark bluing apparel that falls merely below the knees. It seems to be closed at the front with a zip up, and is kept open on the front-right side from the waist down. The dress only covers up to the upper function of her arms and the bottom of her breasts. underneath, she wears a enmesh armor that covers slightly more of her upper body than her dress. She besides wears a surround in the like color as her dress and, underneath those, mesh topology leggings reaching down over her knees. Around her waist, she wears a belt out with a bulge attached to the back on the left along with high-heeled sandals, shin-guards reaching up over her knees, dark blue breeze through polish on her fingers and toes, and is normally shown with purple lipstick ( fuchsia in the anime ). Years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Mei developed minor wrinkles near the corners of her lips. Her hair was besides perceptibly shorter, only reaching to her lower back .


Mei is a powerful kunoichi whose abilities earned her the entitle of Fifth Mizukage. [ 10 ] She is sedate, law-abiding and perceptive and can pick up on rebuff discrepancies in another person ‘s personality, as seen when she detected the difference in Ao ‘s behavior when Fū Yamanaka inhabited his body. [ 11 ] Her office was adequate to force Sasuke Uchiha into a corner and hurt him despite his custom of Susanoo. She has besides shown some skill in taijutsu, being able to intercept Black Zetsu from attacking the daimyō with a unmarried gripe during the Fourth Shinobi World War .


nature transformation

Mei is technical in the nature transformations of Water, Fire, Earth, and Lightning Release. [ 1 ] With Water Release, she can create a big downpour that can extinguish a mighty Fire Release proficiency used by Madara Uchiha, and promptly use the same water to form a colossus dragon. Mei can besides use the Hiding in Mist Technique to obscure the movements of herself and her allies. [ 12 ] Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, her mastery of Water Release enabled her to successfully protect her greenwich village from the massive meteorites that had broken off from the falling Moon. [ 13 ] Mei besides possesses two elemental kekkei genkai, [ 14 ] the foremost of which is Lava Release. By combining the earth and fire natures, she can spit out acidic mire that can melt about anything in its path. The great amount of steamer generated after the fluid strikes can serve as an effective smoke screen, allowing for a follow up assail while the enemy is distracted. [ 15 ] A significant sum of exposure was adequate to partially melt Madara ‘s Susanoo ribcage. [ 6 ] The second kekkei genkai, Boil Release, allows her to simultaneously use body of water and fire natures to release a corrosive mist that can melt about anything it touches. It even managed to burn through Sasuke ‘s Susanoo ribcage. [ 16 ] She besides has the ability to alter the potency and sourness of the mist created by her Boil Release techniques, and is apparently not affected by the mist herself. [ 17 ]

depart II

Five Kage peak

chief article : basketball team Kage acme When Mei leaves for the Kage Summit, the villagers of Kirigakure cheer for her. One of her bodyguards, Chōjūrō, expressed worry that he will not be able to protect her, indeed Mei cheered him up by voicing confidence in his abilities. [ 18 ] She continued to speak charitable to Chōjūrō during their travel to the Land of Iron. similarly, whenever Ao, her other bodyguard, tried to scold Chōjūrō for not acting like a serviceman, Mei mistook his words and threatened to kill him. [ 19 ] When the Summit began, Mei proved to be more open-minded than the early Kage, as she had shown regard and was volition to listen to the Fifth Kazekage ; even at one point defending him from the Third Tsuchikage ‘s aweless demeanor. The Fourth Raikage explained his suspicions of the early Kage, and stated that Mei and the rest of her village were the least trustworthy ; as the Summit was being held to discuss Akatsuki, and Akatsuki is rumoured to have been created in Kirigakure, the village ‘s actions made it distrust. Over Ao ‘s objections, Mei admitted that many in Kirigakure believe her predecessor to have been manipulated by person. When Tobi ‘s participation with Akatsuki was brought to alight, the Summit mediator, Mifune, suggested forming an alliance to be headed by Danzō Shimura. Although Mei does not object, Mifune explained that Akatsuki ‘s speculate ties with Kirigakure left her ill-sorted to lead a job storm meant to eliminate the constitution. Ao soon afterwards exposed that Danzō ‘s manipulation of Mifune. Before he can be questioned about it, Zetsu infiltrated the meeting and informed them of Sasuke Uchiha ‘s bearing. The Raikage broke Zetsu ‘s neck while trying to learn Sasuke ‘s whereabouts, prompting Mei to scold him for killing a potential information reservoir. Mei and her escorts remained in the Summit room while the Fourth Raikage, and Fifth Kazekage, went to deal with Sasuke. Believing Danzō ‘s mind-controlling dōjutsu may somehow be related to the manipulation of the Fourth Mizukage, she instructed Ao to not let Danzō out of his sight .
Sasuke soon arrived in the Summit hall to kill Danzō who fled. Sasuke tried to follow him, but Mei uses her Lava Release to block his path. She advised that the Tsuchikage should get out of the way if he was not intending to participate in the struggle and attacks Sasuke again. Chōjūrō forced Sasuke into an adjacent hall, where Mei sealed him in with her, intending to destroy him by filling the hall with a corrosive obscure. As a weaken Sasuke began to feel the effects of her proficiency and the bones of Susanoo ‘s ribcage visibly melting, Mei was caught in Zetsu ‘s Spore proficiency before she can finish him, which transferred her chakra to Sasuke. As he broke back into the Summit hall, Mei neutralises her Boil Release so that it did n’t harm anyone else. She returned to the hall once she had recovered and, finding Tobi, was told about his eye of the Moon Plan. As he ended his explanation by requesting the Kage give him Naruto and Killer B, Mei and the other Kage refuse, leading Tobi to declare the beginning of the Fourth Shinobi World War. With the outbreak of war, Mei and the other Kage harmonize to form a Shinobi Alliance to be led by the Raikage. Mei is the first to argue that Naruto and B should be protected from Akatsuki, which the early Kage agree to in the end before returning home. Mei and Chōjūrō take a detour to look for Ao, who had followed Danzō. They find him in meter to stop him from decapitating himself. He explains that his body was being controlled by another ninja and asks that Mei remove the navy seal protecting his Byakugan. Since Ao would never ask her to do indeed, Mei knows his body is still being controlled and she asks to borrow Chōjūrō ‘s Hiramekarei. Ao calls her a hagfish before she can use it on him and she beats him up, unaware that he has finally been released. When they return to Kirigakure, they hear that the daimyō have approved the geological formation of the Shinobi Alliance .

Fourth Shinobi World War : countdown

main article : Fourth Shinobi World War : countdown
A few days belated, the Kage convoke again to discuss war tactics, Ao accompanying Mei once again. Mei expresses relief that the Fifth Hokage returned to her stead. She then suggests the villages combine their news networks in an feat to locate Akatsuki ‘s base of operations. After learning that information on the jinchūriki was leaked to Akatsuki, Mei comments, that the enemy wo n’t send a large number of soldiers. It was agreed on that the Tsuchikage will be going to the island as reinforcing stimulus. When the Tsuchikage is returning from the island, she then meets the Tsuchikage and begins to discuss what went on at the island. After she is briefed then the concluding meet is held in order to amply prepare for the war. japanese apricot orders Chōjūrō to contact Ao in the Sensor Division and tell him that they need to hurry .

Fourth Shinobi World War : confrontation

main article : Fourth Shinobi World War : confrontation
Mei was tasked with leading a team of elect shinobi tasked with guarding the daimyō and ensuring their safety from their homelands into protective detention. She explained to the Frost Daimyō their defense plan, where the daimyō would travel between five break hideouts at regular intervals ampere well as being guarded by some of the Shinobi Forces ‘ most mighty ninja to keep them safe. When Black Zetsu who was sent after the daimyō, found them, before he could launch an attack, he was confronted by Mei. Black Zetsu prepared to fight her but she told him that she ‘s not the only one he will have to defeat, but her integral team equally well. As the battle waged on, Naruto ‘s shadow clone finally appeared on the battlefield and charged at Black Zetsu who simply sidestepped the attack. With this newfangled addition to the battlefield, Mei looked on bewildered as to what was occurring ( though, in the zanzibar copal, she realised that it was Naruto who appeared ). After Raidō and Genma merely confirmed that Naruto ‘s foolhardy nature had not changed in the slightest, Chōjūrō, who took advantage of Naruto ‘s distraction, was ultimately able to land a hit on Black Zetsu and pin him down, ending the contend to everyone ‘s astonishment .

Fourth Shinobi World War : climax

main article : Fourth Shinobi World War : climax
At that decimal point, Genma was notified by Shikaku of the reincarnation of the real Madara Uchiha. As Mei contemplated leaving to aid her fellow Kage, she was reassured by Chōjūrō that she could leave this battle to him, as he would protect it with his life — this caused Mei to marvel on how much personal emergence he ‘d made since the war began. Using the combine abilities of Genma, Raidō and a third ninja from the Hokage Guard Platoon, Mei was teleported to the front-line via the Flying Thunder God Technique. Mei then stood alongside her chap Kage as they confronted Madara .
To buy Tsunade prison term to heal Ōnoki and Gaara, Mei and A attacked Madara with a series of lava-based and lightning-enhanced physical attacks, forcing Madara to use his Susanoo. As he complimented their discourtesy, Mei replied while she liked being complimented by men, she would hold off in Madara ‘s case. Madara then attacked with his Yasaka Magatama proficiency, which was blocked by Gaara and Ōnoki ‘s unite defense. Mei asisted A and Ōnoki ‘s assault on Madara by using the Hiding in Mist Technique to obscure Madara ‘s imagination. Before Naruto ‘s clone dispersed, she and the other Kage told him to defend the other battlefield and left him with one give voice : “ win “. As the conflict dragged on, Mei fell back to be healed by Tsunade while A and Ōnoki attacked Madara, who soon created a forest. As Mei warned the others not to inhale the pollen, Madara ‘s Susanoo ambushed and knocked them into the forest. Mei tried to counter Madara ‘s subsequent fire proficiency, alone to pass out with the other Kage from inhaling the surrounding pollen. They recovered after Ōnoki destroyed the forest in time to see the face formed from the First Hokage ‘s deoxyribonucleic acid on a regenerating Madara ‘s chest. When Madara decided to kill Tsunade first, Mei retorted that killing a platoon ‘s medical officer was a basic scheme that he would not get away with. Madara corrected her, saying he was targeting Tsunade due to her heritage, not because she was a medical officer. She belated smirked as Tsunade refuted Madara ‘s claim she was a decrepit charwoman who inherited nothing from her grandfather .
slightly traumatize initially as Tsunade stepped forward to attack Madara, Mei interjected to counter Madara ‘s fuel proficiency with a big volume of water followed immediately by a body of water dragon, sending him flying into the air where he was attacked by Tsunade, A, and Ōnoki. Mei late stared in shock as Tsunade was impaled by Madara ‘s Susanoo Sword, revealing they had sealed Madara ‘s wood ringer rather of the very one. Tsunade promptly recovered and launched a counterattack aboard Ōnoki on Madara, to no avail. As Madara retorted Tsunade ‘s parody for his use of clones, Mei told Madara to not look down on them because they were fighting him all in all, but alternatively take it as an recognition of his office. Madara created twenty-five wood clones to surround the five Kage, returning Mei ‘s comment and asking them if they want the clones to use Susanoo or not .
Mei became submerge by five of the Susanoo-clad clones, but rallied to the side of the other Kage after once again being spurred on by Ōnoki to continue fighting. After Ōnoki destroyed all of the Susanoo-clad clones, Mei, A and Gaara attacked Madara with a backbone and lightning – enhanced body of water dragon to prevent him from escaping. As the sealing closely completed, Madara foiled their efforts by releasing his complete Body — Susanoo, declaring that even the power of the five Kage was futile against his technique. Awestruck at the newly-formed colossus construct, Mei was knocked off her feet along with the other Kage from a single swing of Madara ‘s Susanoo sword. As she and the other Kage later stood to face Madara again, she listened on to the Ōnoki ‘s words of encouragement. As Madara prepared another approach with his Susanoo sword, however, Mei remarked that it seemed like the end for them before being silenced by the still-defiant A .
Bewildered as a easy suddenly surrounded Madara, Mei wondered what precisely was transpiring before being told that the Impure World Reincarnation technique had been cancelled. When Madara did n’t disappear with the technique ‘s deactivation, Mei questioned whether he had been restored. Madara responded by severing the Impure World Reincarnation ‘s abridge with the summoner, allowing him to remain in the live world with his reincarnation benefits. He criticised a horrified and shock Mei for not understanding that, after fighting him, he was not one to let himself be under person else ‘s control. As Madara prepared to leave to capture Naruto, Mei urged a silent defiant Ōnoki their opposition was excessively firm, to which Ōnoki responded that they needed stop Madara no matter what. Despite their attack to stop Madara from leaving their battlefield, Mei and the other Kage were ultimately defeated and left hard wounded .
late, upon the arrival of Karin, Suigetsu and Orochimaru at the battlefield, Tsunade was healed by Karin. After being well healed, she in turn helped in healing Mei and the early Kage. With no prison term to lose, they all made their way to the battlefield atop Gaara ‘s sandpaper. While closing in on the battlefield, the Kage noticed the corner imprint of Ten-Tails in the distance and were updated by Katsuyu as to what was happening on the battlefield. They are late contacted by a reincarnate Hashirama Senju telepathically to update all everyone on what he had uncovered during his struggle with Madara. As Naruto ‘s wrath at the comrades he had fought thus hard to protect grew, his emotions and memories were channelled to everyone within range of Ino Yamanaka ‘s proficiency .

parturition of the Ten-Tails ‘ Jinchūriki

chief article : birth of the Ten-Tails ‘ Jinchūriki
late when Hashirama — through the lapp average — shared his own memories, Mei recognised the scene as the first gear summit of the five Kage before arriving on the battlefield as Hashirama declared his wishes for the future of the earth. After echoing A ‘s sentiments that protecting their dream was a consider compass point, Mei made her way to one corner of the battlefield. Rallying the parade there, Mei noted that it was unacceptable to be late to the battlefield as a woman before telling those around her that they were heading out .
She later confronted Tobi alongside A and Ōnoki. After being overwhelmed due to not being able to use jutsu because of her chakra flush, she and the remainder of the Allied Forces were saved from Tobi ‘s elementary attacks by the Third Hokage ‘s shadow clones. Afterwards, she fell victim to Madara ‘s Infinite Tsukuyomi and was bound by the holy tree afterwards. Inside of the genjutsu, she dreamed of finally getting married while the early Kage attended the ceremony .

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes

main article : Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes ultimately, Mei and the perch of the world were freed from the genjutsu by Naruto and Sasuke who ended the war.

Blank Period

Kakashi Hiden : lightning in the Icy Sky

independent article : Kakashi Hiden : lightning in the Icy Sky Mei and the early Kage inspect the Blood Prison to determine the suitability of its new warden, Kahyō. To prove herself, Kahyō uses her frosting to freeze off the Raikage ‘s beard. A is humiliated, which Mei and the other Kage feel is reason enough to keep her on as warden .

The last : Naruto the Movie

independent article : The last : Naruto the Movie Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, with the moon beginning to descend towards Earth, the five Kage band in concert once more to discuss their solution to this ongoing threat. Mei was late seen destroying meteorites with her Water Release and Lava Release. When Kakashi pleaded with A to halt blasting the daydream due to Naruto and the others being on there, Mei voiced her digest, noting that Naruto, as the hero from the former war, is one worth betting on .

Sasuke Shinden : book of sunrise

independent article : Sasuke Shinden : book of Sunrise Mei watches as a ship with one hundred Kiri-nin sets sail for Kumo to take function in a joint trail practice. She marvels at how different things have become since the days of the “ bloody Mist ”, when Kiri ‘s ninja acknowledge ceaseless violence, competition, and deception. She knows that some will reject the village ‘s newfangled peace, but she believes it is worth fighting for. The ship is intercepted and the Kiri-nin are forced to take part in suicide attacks against the concealed villages. Because of Konoha ‘s ninja, the attacks are repelled and many of the capture Kiri-nin are safely freed. Mei asks the Hokage to recruit those behind the fire – chino, Nowaki, and Amuda – to join Kirigakure in rooting out the injustices of the world that caused them to attack the shroud villages in the first place .

New earned run average

In the watch years, Mei worked to continue modernising the village, both in its cultural purpose and of passive relationships between people. finally, Mei stepped down american samoa Mizukage and passed on the title to Chōjūrō, who continued her work and succeeded in advancing the greenwich village. Twelve years after the war, she remained single, complaining about the scarcity of nice men in her life. On the day of the Five Kage summit, she and the early retired Kage inflict Ōnoki at the Tsuchikage ‘s mansion, where he remained living at .

School Trip Arc

main article : school Trip Arc In the anime, to improve relationships with the two concealed villages, it was approved for Konohagakure ‘s Academy class to visit Kirigakure. On the class ‘ way to meet with Chōjūrō, Mei passed by, who was introduced to the class by Kagura Karatachi. While the Kiri representative praised Mei ‘s repute, the retire Kage meanly brushed it off, noting how her era of being in the spotlight was all over .
subsequently, Mei met with Anko Mitarashi and Shino Aburame about the growing conflict between the Land of Water and neighbor countries. As the Land of Water wishes to expand military might into the border seas, Mei feared that this could escalate into war again. Despite this, Mei assured them that Kirigakure was powerfully against all this and that she with the Sixth Mizukage would work to prevent it all. When it was learned that the Seven Mist Swordsmen blades were stolen by Shizuma Hoshigaki ‘s group thanks to Kagura ‘s help, Mei and Chōjūrō began discussing how to handle this. They were interrupted by Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha, the latter of which insisted that Kagura was merely being manipulated. Boruto besides insisted to treat this as a children ‘s battle so a to not make a public setting. While Mei admired Boruto ‘s brightness on how to minimise the situation, she still had her doubts about this, until Boruto pointed out that as the Hokage ‘s son, being injured by rebels could result in an international problem. Mei conceded to Boruto ‘s boldness. Chōjūrō agreed to this on the condition that he join them in ending the revolt and if it was completed before curfew. former, Mei learned and gained proof that members of the Land of Water ‘s forces were conspiring with the Land of Waves. With this, she cursorily rounded up the traitors to interrogate them. Mei saw the Konoha class off as they returned home .

Mitsuki ‘s Disappearance Arc

chief article : Mitsuki ‘s Disappearance Arc In the anime, after the frustration of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki and Konohagakure recovered from his approach, a Kage Summit was held. Mei and the early retire Kage were in attendance to discuss the still looming threat of the Ōtsutsuki .

In other Media

Video Games

Mei Terumī is a playable character in the come video recording games :

initiation and conception

Masashi Kishimoto noted that in order to give the Mizukage a measuring stick of attraction, he could not make her besides young, and as such she is in her thirties. Her long hair, and elaborate hairdo is besides done to aid in this effect. due to her age, he decided to make her tidal bore to get married angstrom well. overall, he noted that it took bang-up trial and erroneousness to get Mei to look the way he envisioned. In the earlier stages of her invention, she was drawn with high heels .


Springtime of Youth The Springtime of Youth wiki has an article about this topic:
Mei Terumī
  • Mei as the Mizukage can be seen as a sign of change for the village as ninja with kekkei genkai were once feared and persecuted in this village. Mei herself has stated that the dark days of the village were over.
  • The kanji for “Terumī” means “shining beauty”. However, they are usually pronounced with a lengthened “I” sound. This, together with the fact that the furigana are written in katakana, suggests that her name is meant to invoke a different meaning.
  • In Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, as seen in the mailing system in-game, Ao tells a tale of when he saw Mei without her make-up, making suggestions to how horrifying she looked, but breaking off mid-sentence. Also, as shown in several side quests, she enjoys being called “Miss” Mizukage by Naruto.
  • In Tsunade’s Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Mei, along with A and Ōnoki, were killed and transformed into human puppets by Sasori.
  • According to Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky, only families who were annexed into Kirigakure were to partake the Academy’s death match graduation ritual.[20] Mei, having participated in it, indicates her family was conquered by the village.[1]



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