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Dead Water,
Queen Mera


( father, deceased )
Unnamed mother ( deceased )
( twin sister )
( husband )
( daughter )
( brother-in-law ) Lammia (paternal grandmother) Ryus (father, deceased)Unnamed mother (deceased) Hila (Siren) (twin sister) Arthur Curry (husband) Andy Curry (daughter) Orm Marius (brother-in-law)


Aquaman Family,
Justice League Reserves,
Atlantean Royal Family ·
The Others

Formerly Justice League United

Base Of Operations

Amnesty Bay, Atlantis · Formerly Xebel





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Xebelian · Atlantean

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Queen of Atlantis, former Xebel princess, Assassin












Prime Earth


Jack Miller · Nick Cardy

First Appearance
Aquaman Vol 7 #1
(November, 2011)
Quote1.png The absence of water is not my weakness. It’s all of yours. Quote2.png

Mera src

Mera is the crown princess of the submerged kingdom of Xebel, the former Queen of Atlantis and the wife of the hero Aquaman.

early animation

Mera was born to King Ryus and his wife in the kingdom of Xebel, one of the seven Atlantean kingdoms of old which had split off from the main Atlantis during the event that swallowed the continent into the deep. [ 1 ] When Mera was young her mother died, and her church father was left entirely to raise her. [ 1 ] One night Ryus took Mera out of the kingdom to see their ancient enemy Atlantis up close, where she was disgusted by its beauty, believing it did n’t deserve such luxury. [ 2 ] Mera was incredibly close with her grandma – Lammia, who trained the sea beasts used in Xebelian wars. Mera was forged into the perfect warrior over years of her life by her father ‘s chief taskmaster- Leron. [ 3 ] and was taught the royal secret of hydrokinesis .
As a young adult, Mera was promised to be wed to the military foreman Nereus by her church father. Ryus believed that vengeance should be exacted on Atlantis, and then task Mera with finding and assassinating the King of Atlantis, after returning from her job she was to marry Nereus. Before she left, Mera was given a Shell of Sounds by her forefather, this device contained a message for Mera from her mother which she was to open after making it to the open. With craze and hatred in her heart, Mera set out to find and execute the King of Atlantis. [ 1 ] Upon reaching the surface she asked a group of sailors where she could find the King of Atlantis. The sailors showed Mera a newspaper article of the supposed King of Atlantis – Arthur Curry/Aquaman, whom Mera learn was a hero rather of a tyrant. finally she found him rescuing wounded whales and was completely taken aback by his forgivingness. Impressed by her hydrokinesis powers, Arthur asked Mera to join him for lunch, which she agreed to. Arthur asked her what the blast around her neck mean, making her recognize she had n’t listened to her mother ‘s message even. In the message, her mother told Mera that she should make her own path in animation rather of following the demands of her kingdom. Taking this advice to heart, Mera gave up on killing Aquaman and alternatively fell in love with the hero. [ 1 ] Having decided to wholly abandon Xebel to pursue a life on estate with Arthur, Mera helped defend Amnesty Bay when it was attacked by a carnivorous submerged species called The Trench. [ 4 ] Mera and Aquaman followed the Trench, which had taken hostages to the Marianas Trench. There they discovered the predators dying out and desperately trying to feed their children in the remnants of an Atlantean craft. Mera and Arthur saved the captives, and Aquaman reluctantly caused the Trenches ‘ extinction by pushing a tectonic plate over the Trenches ‘ lair to prevent far loss of homo life. After this incident, Arthur and Mera adopted one of the victim ‘s andiron and named him Aquadog. [ 5 ] soon after, Mera was arrested while buying frank food when she broke the branch of a homo who grossly harassed her. Although she initially struggled, Mera willingly gave herself up when she heard patrol chatter of a hostage site she thought she could stop. When the patrol got to the crime scenery, Mera broke out, apprehended the condemnable, and fled the fit. Later, a charwoman named Jennifer Posey, who had seen Mera catch arrested, visited the hero and volunteered to get Mera supplies whenever necessary, as she knew what had very happened at the store and supported her. [ 6 ] While Mera and Aquaman were investigating some abnormal submarine activity with Batman in Gotham City, a giant wave began to emerge and threaten the city. Arthur believed that the wave was his brother ‘s doing, following the Atlantean War plans against the surface. [ 7 ] Mera attempted to keep the beckon back but was overwhelmed by its size. Arthur went to meet his brother the Ocean Master, who ordered war upon the surface due to a U.S. submarine firing on Atlantis. Ocean Master banished Aquaman and several other members of the Justice League to the Marianas Trench for opposing him, forcing Mera and Cyborg to rescue them. After the heroes were saved, the Justice League unleashed the trench to hold back the incursive Atlantean united states army and stop Ocean Master ‘s plot. [ 8 ] With Ocean Master captured and Aquaman restored to the throne, Arthur and Mera realized that the actual person behind the war was Arthur ‘s personal adviser and mentor Vulko, who hoped that the incidental would incite Aquaman to return to his rightful place in Atlantis. [ 9 ] erstwhile after the invasion, Mera resided in Amnesty Bay, as she knew a princess of Xebel would not be welcomed in the kingdom of Atlantis. however, she was discovered and arrested for her previous assault agitate. [ 10 ] Mera fled from the patrol but encountered a mysterious man, who used ice handling to knock her unconscious mind. [ 11 ] Mera late woke up on a boat outside the Bermuda Triangle. Her kidnapper told her that he was the man who designed the imprisonment of Xebel, as he was Atlan the first King of Atlantis. Atlan wanted to use Mera to bypass Xebel ‘s security. however, she escaped and attempted to warn the submerged city ‘s inhabitants of the at hand threat. Upon getting to the bottomland of Xebel she was greeted by Nereus, her early fiance, who asked her where she had been all those years. [ 12 ] Mera was deemed a double-crosser by Nereus after she told him about what had happened during her time on the surface. Before Mera could be arrested, Atlan broke through the barrier and froze all the people in Xebel including Mera. [ 13 ] Aquaman soon broke Mera out of her frost prison and began fighting Atlan while Mera began freeing the soldiers of Xebel. however, despite all this, the Xebelians sided with Atlan anyhow as they saw him as their truthful king, forcing Aquaman and Mera to leave Xebel. [ 14 ] Arthur and Mera attempted to warn Atlantis of the nefarious king ‘s reappearance, but Aquaman was sent into a coma during a coincident disjoined attack by the Scavenger. With their hero incapacitated and without a drawing card, Atlantis fell to Atlan. [ 15 ] Mera was imprisoned for six months, often going days without body of water as punishment for her escape attempts. finally Arthur returned and, together, he and Mera led a disgust and freed all of the captive Atlanteans. Arthur forced Atlan into a lava go to bed where the old king melted away. With their master defeated, Nereus and the Xebelians fled back to Xebel. As the menace was averted, Mera returned to Amnesty Bay to live her life of isolation but soon decided to rule alongside her spouse, believing she could rise above the prejudice. [ 16 ] however, as she expected, she faced opposition. She would by and by survive an assassination try by xenophobic assailants loyal to Ocean Master and finally brought them to justice. [ 17 ] While investigating a solicitation of mysterious structures that appeared to kill anything they touched, Mera was kidnapped and held hostage by her sister Hila A.K.A. the Siren, and the Coven of Thule, who were behind the structures ‘ sudden appearances. The Coven were Atlantean warlocks who split Atlantis into two dimensions, where they could prepare for an invasion. Siren stole Mera ‘s appearance using charming and ruled Atlantis for respective months while she was captured, weakening it for the invasion. [ 18 ] however, finally, Mera was able to break loose and defeat her baby with the serve of Garth, Tula, Swatt and Murk. With the serve of their allies Mera and Arthur were able to destroy the Coven, ending their invasion .
Some time afterwards, Arthur asked Mera to be the face of the political campaign between Atlantis and the Surface World, which she accepted. Mera decided to in full embrace her raw role as she donned the same Atlantean Chainmail as Arthur and began calling herself “ Aquawoman “, [ 19 ] but this nickname was short lived. [ 20 ] While Wally West, the master Kid Flash, was escaping the Speed Force in what could be described as his “ rebirth ”, Mera was brought to Paradise Island where Arthur proposed to her and the two became engaged. [ 21 ] Knowing of their engagement, Aquaman ‘s arch bane Black Manta attempted to kill Mera to hurt Arthur. [ 22 ] Arthur was able to defeat Manta, however the integral situation caused Spindrift – the facility where their fight was held – to lose its condition as an embassy. due to this Mera and Aquaman traveled to the White House to discuss the trouble with the President. [ 23 ] Upon arrival, Arthur was arrested due to an american english transport called the Pontchartrain being attacked by a group of “ Atlanteans ”. As tensions grew worse between Atlantis and the Surface World, Mera broke Arthur out of prison against his wishes. [ 24 ] The pair fought off an integral U.S. battalion until Superman arrived on behalf of the government to stop them. Aquaman and Mera retreated into the water, but not before Superman encouraged them to fix the mess that had been created. [ 25 ]

N.E.M.O. and H2.0

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At some period, it became well-defined that the people of Atlantis were displeased with Arthur and were planning a revolution to replace him with Corum Rath. [ 26 ] After the coup d’etat started, Mera witnessed Arthur being apparently killed by Atlantean soldiers [ 27 ] and, for a menstruation of time after this, went into a phase of mourning at the Curry beacon. however this was shortstop lived as Tula told her Arthur was possibly animated. [ 28 ] Upon hearing this, Mera traveled to Atlantis where she used her powers for days, attempting to break through the Crown of Thorns, the invisible, charming barrier that had been placed around Atlantis. [ 29 ] Mera, while attempting to shatter the dome keeping her from her fiancé, was confronted by the Justice League due to the massive tidal waves she had unintentionally caused by her attacking the Crown of Thorns. After a drawn-out conflict between herself and the team, she finally calmed down after hearing that her actions threatened millions of civilians. [ 30 ] Impressed by the extent of Mera ‘s hydrokinetic abilities and her excellent skills in combat, Batman invited Mera to join the League as a irregular surrogate for Aquaman until they could find a means to help him. [ 30 ] While working as a member of the League, Mera had a total of adventures on the surface populace. She joined them in battle with Shirak, and besides faced the time-displaced descendants of the Justice League. [ 31 ] This undertake led to Mera ‘s encounter with her daughter from a possible future, Serenity. [ 32 ] The descendants of the League traveled back to the past in ordering to prevent the rise of The Sovereign who had ravaged their futures. [ 33 ] Returning to rescuing Aquaman from the world who usurped their kingdom, Mera approached Garth – the early Aqualad – and pleaded with him to use his potent charming abilities against the Crown of Thorns. Knowing what was at post, Garth agreed to help Mera bring down the Crown. Mera successfully infiltrated Atlantis using a charming necklace Garth gave her, but the the detail had an unexpected side effect that permanently removed her ability to breathe subaqueous, forcing her to flee to the surface. [ 34 ] During the invasion of the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse, Mera and the rest of Atlantis were changed into pisces monsters known as dead Water by the Drowned. She was returned to normal when the Dark Knights were defeated by the Justice League, with Aquaman, animated, among them .
Mera survived another assassination attempted, this prison term by the nefarious Eel. The assassin was hired by Corum Rath, the current ruler of Atlantis, who was threatened by the erstwhile queen ‘s undertake to depose him. [ 35 ]

Mera besides lost a fight to Ocean Master, having returned from his multi-year absence and declared that rather he would depose Corum Rath and take his true stead as Atlantis ‘ ruler. [ 36 ] After some healthy discussion, the enemies decided to team up against their common foe. [ 3 ] Mera and Orm worked together to convince Nereus, Mera ‘s ex-fiance and pass of the Xebelian military, to aid them in deposing Rath. Nereus reluctantly agreed to help, but only if Orm was assured to get the enthrone, since he did not trust Mera. In an attempt to show her worth through battle, Mera challenged Orm to a fight in a Xebelian sphere where, by the hide of her teeth, using everything she had, managed to best the Ocean Master and become the true successor to the Atlantean toilet. [ 37 ] In the months since Mera ‘s passing Atlantis grew worse. Corum Rath had been corrupted by the Abyssal Dark, a afoul magic trick which helped build Atlantis. The colored transformed Corum into a hideous creature hell-bent on the destruction of Atlantis as he believed Atlantis could only be great again if it were reborn in the ashes of tradition. Aquaman, working as a exemption champion, led a last haunt attack against the harebrained king in which his trident was shattered by the dictator. [ 38 ] When all seemed lost Mera arrived with the war hosts of Xebel to even the competitiveness against Rath and his forces. In the final fight, Rath was defeated and his magic corrupted, turning him into a pisces. Taking pity on him, Aquaman used his powers to commanded him to leave Atlantis and continue his new liveliness among the other fish. [ 38 ] While celebrating their victory. All of a sudden the crunch began to shake and Atlantis began to rise. Arthur told Mera that during his battle with the Dark Multiverse invaders he had worn a set of the reality-altering Tenth Metal armor and made a wish. He had wished for a place that existed between the two worlds of land and sea, a target where he could live his life happily. Arthur ‘s wish had been granted in the worst possible room, Atlantis had risen out of the urine and onto the domain. [ 38 ]

The Suicide Squad Strikes

Sitting immediately in the middle of Europe and the United States, Atlantis was immediately viewed with caution by the coat dwellers, many nations preparing for war. Determined to prove that Atlantis meant no damage, Mera invited the Secretary of the United States to attend her coronation as Queen. After her coronation, Queen Mera spent no clock sitting idly in her throne waiting for her problems to sort themselves out, immediately scheduling a private meet with U.S. ambassadors in order to quell the fear and distrust felt by many on the come on earth. She besides tasked many of her labourers to rebuild the parts of Atlantis destroyed during the civil war. [ 39 ] During the coronation, a secret penal black-ops team known as the Suicide Squad was sent by american english xenophobic extremist Admiral Meddinghouse to destroy the kingdom. fortunately, Aquaman caught scent of this and led his former undertone forces against the Squad. [ 40 ] Disgusted that a extremity of the U.S. Government was attempting to destroy her city, Mera rose the water system levels around America ‘s coasts, threatening to sink America into the deep if they did not back down. [ 41 ] Fortunately Aquaman was able to stop the Squad and, in the aftermath, America and Atlantis returned to their flimsy state of matter of alliance. Admiral Meddinghouse was swiftly arrested on charges of high treachery for sanctioning the mission. [ 42 ] erstwhile after Mera ‘s coronation as king, the waters began to rise once again. however anyone who touched the water system was turned into an aggressive ocean beast hellbent on destruction. Mera evacuated the civilians into the upper separate of the city while Murk and the Drift attempted to hold off the infect. Ondine informed Mera that the oceans were rising all across the earth, with both humans and Atlanteans facing extinction. After comforting some civilians, Mera contacted the Hall of Justice to see who of Earth ‘s heroes remained alive. After a moment Batman answered her call and told her that Arthur had gone missing during a mission to the Arctic six hours anterior and that the current crisis was probably estrange in nature. Mera held back the water from Atlantis arsenic much as she could but failed to contain it all, and most of Atlantis ‘ citizens were transformed into sea beasts. [ 43 ] Out of options and meter, Mera headed to the highest steeple of Atlantis where Orm was kept locked away. Breaking through the wall of his cell she asked him for avail, when he agreed she gave the Ocean Master his trident back and the two formed another uneasy alliance. [ 43 ] Mera and Orm began fighting their way outside of the city, finally making it to the memorial to the dead kings of Atlantis. There, a valet named Captain Gall introduced himself as an foreigner ocean deity and one of the three leaders of the invasion known as the Triumvirate of Sea Gods. Gall instantaneously overwhelmed the pair, forcing Orm to transform into one of the sea-changed before Mera escaped. [ 44 ] Mera traveled across the ball until she found Superman and the Flash being chased by sea-changed heroes. After saving the pair from the clutches of Swamp Thing, she used a charming crown she acquired to teleport them to the location of an Atlantean weapon that could stop the invasion. Discovering they were besides late, Mera, Flash and Superman were met by Black Manta, who revealed that it was him and his allies in the Legion of Doom who had summoned the Triumvirate to Earth. [ 2 ]

Mother Shark

When Mother Shark restores Arthur Curry ‘s memories, it is revealed that Arthur actually survived the alien invasion and returned to Mera. however, they kept it a unavowed from the rest of Atlantis. Mera stops them from being amatory to talk about the politics of Atlantis and how the Widowhood wants her to marry. Arthur confesses his beloved for Mera once again, again proposing they get married, but Mera is hesitant with all the drama they ‘ve endured. however, she then reveals she ‘s meaning. Arthur affirms that he loves both Mera and their unborn child but, afraid that he wo n’t be able to give his child the life it deserves, asks to go home and think. Mera, infelicitous that she and her love do n’t seem to be on the like page, loses control, “ kills ” Arthur, and is late found by the Widowhood and Atlantean guards. [ 45 ]

Amnesty, Finale : Xebel ‘s daughter

As Mera ‘s pregnancy progressed, Arthur returned to life and Amnesty Bay, however, he did not go to Mera nor she to him. Arthur ‘s bane Black Manta destroyed an ancient Atlantean historical locate to draw Mera to the surface, where she and Aquaman met and mutely reconciled. Manta attacked the pair with Mecha Manta, provided by Lex Luthor. Mera and Arthur ‘s new buddy Jackson Hyde destroyed Mecha Manta with a giant electrified hydrokinetic construct of her, but the huge amounts of power she was forced to use put her in a coma. She was rushed to an Atlantean hospital and gave birth curtly afterwards to a pamper girl, who was named Andy. [ 46 ]

The marriage

Mera reawakens after 10 months in a coma. With the ruse of a fake marriage to Vulko she calls to Atlantis the leaders of the 7 submerged kingdoms. Prior to the wedding, she has the stallion widowhood arrested. once all 7 kingdoms are assembled, to their storm, Mera announces that she was dissolving the Atlantean monarchy and that she intended to pass power to the people. Orm attempts to take office for himself, however, Orm and his forces are stopped by Aquaman, assisted by the Justice league and the Sea gods. Following this, Mera last embraces her daughter, as she and Arthur settle down in Amnesty Bay. Soon afterwards Mera and Arthur marry in the bearing of their family and friends, in what was in the first place planned as a welcome back party for her. [ 47 ] Following the abolition of the monarchy, Arthur and Mera intended to hold themselves aside from Atlantis to allow the city to govern itself, but they were forced to intervene when the Frost King ‘s forces attacked the city during what was intended to be their honeymoon. Arthur journeyed into the city ‘s heating system vents to meet with the Fire Tolls who lived in the tunnels below Atlantis, hoping they could be an ally against the Frost King. Originally Mera agreed to stay behind to guard Andy but quickly followed him, arriving in time to save Arthur from a Fire Troll with a hydrokinetic attack. The Trolls were in fear of this and swore loyalty to her. With her army of Fire Trolls, Mera and Arthur defeated the ice creatures attacking Atlantis. [ 48 ] Incomplete
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After abdicating the throne, Mera devoted herself to promoting democracy within Xebel and encouraging fusion with Atlantis. She had some success but was unable to get the Xebelian Guard to end the conscription of children. [ 49 ] She besides helped Jackson ‘s mother Lucia, a refugee from Xebel, slip Xebelians out of the city and secretly settled them in Amnesty Bay without Arthur ‘s cognition. Mera was scheduled to speak at a peace league in Xebel while Arthur was aside on a mission to Mars. Jackson was framed for a terrorist attack and Mera helped him escape the city. [ 50 ] Mera attended the league as planned, which was attacked by a Xebelian terrorist group called the Xebelian Liberation Front. She and the other delegates were saved by Jackson, Lucia and Lucia ‘s clandestine daughter Delilah, but Lucia was critically injured and left in a coma. Mera gave an ardent speech saying that they owed it to future generations to try to make a better populace. [ 49 ] Orm attacked the United Nations Building but was foiled and captured by Arthur and Jackson. [ 51 ] soon subsequently, Jackson called Mera and told her that Arthur was secretly working with Black Manta and he needed to speak to the entire Aquaman Family. He besides asked her to bring an adept in Atlantean biology, then bring Stephen Shin in to consult. Jackson had brought the dead body of a man that Black Manta had purportedly killed and subsequently autopsied in Paris, and told them that when he had tried to arrest Manta for mangle, Arthur had stopped him. Garth and Tula believed that Arthur was trying to trick Black Manta somehow, but Mera admitted that Arthur had been acting queerly always since he returned from Mars. Doctor Shin examined the body and determined that the man had been born Atlantean but had been modified to be half-human, allowing him to survive on country without dehydrating. He besides had a transciever installed in his mind, and they realised that the absolutely man had been some kind of deep-cover Atlantean agent. abruptly Tula received a call from the surface that a firm in Ohio had blown up and carbing had been left in thr ground. The carvings were anicent Atlantean glyph which read “ Atlantis remembers ” and the date of an anoint spil which killed seven Atlanteans. [ 52 ] Mera realised there was more going on than they realised and went to Mars to speak with Frankenstein, who Arthur claimed to have been with while he was away, but Frankenstein told her that Arhut had been on Mars for only three hourse and left again, despite being aside from dwelling for days. When she returned home, one of her agents in the Atlantean Guard told her that Arthur and Manta had been spotted on the outskirts of Atlantis. She besides learned that Jackson had gone to Orm ‘s cell and tortured him for data, believe that he was behind the Atlantean sleeper agents. Mera was concerned about Jackson ‘s unusually aggressive and heedless behavior since Lucia was hurt, and called him to try and talk about it, but he would only tell her that he was in Gotham chasing down a lead. She tracked down Arthur and Manta and demanded to know what was going on. Arthur admitted the accuracy to her : during his beginning reig many years ago, an Atlantean cosmopolitan named Mako took him to a hidden vault broad of weapons developed for a likely war against the surface, and revealed that he had placed sleeper agents on the surface to retaliate in case the coat always attacked Atlantis. Arthur had believed he shut the program down, but the sleepers had somehow been activated anyhow. [ 53 ] Arthur met with the stallion Aquaman Family and told them the truth about everything, including that he was working with Black Manta to stop the sleepers. During the meeting Arthur revealed that he had lost some of his memories when he died and they had merely equitable started returning, and Tula realised that Mera had been the one who killed him. Arthur told them all that he and Black Manta planned to use Manta ; randomness Orichalcum trident to deactivate the sleepers, but to do so they would need a broadcast tower. Mera brought in Mister Terrific to design the loom, which she and Jackson would create from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean itself. [ 54 ] Mera and Jackson created the tugboat and began to broadcast the sign, although even with the two of them holding up such a huge construct was a capital strain. Black Manta incidentally crashed into the tugboat while battling Orm ‘s confederate Scavenger and knocked the trident out of position. This forced Jackson to carry the trident back to the top of the tower and hold it in place, while Mera held up the loom alone. She finally could no longer do it and the tugboat collapsed, but they managed to send the deactivation bespeak. [ 55 ] With the menace of the sleepers neutralised, Arthur gave Mera control over General Mako ‘s vault and told her she could use or destroy the weapons inside as she saw fit. Mera was still angry with him for keeping secrets and lying to her, but before they could talk about it Arthur was called off on a Justice League hand brake. He left, promising they would talk when he got back. In the vault, Mera found a gauntlet which she discovered allowed her to use her hydrokinesis to heal. The open governments began debating a answer to the attacks by the sleepers. Mera listened in on the converge with shroud bugs, but barely as they were about to vote to attack Atlantis, the earth leaders all simultaneously received reports that the integral Justice League, including Arthur, were dead. Mera went to the dock outside the Curry Lighthouse to grieve, and Jackson came to comfort her. [ 56 ]


  • Hydrokinesis: Mera can control water due to her being royalty within Xebel. She often uses her aquakinesis to drain a person of their bodily fluids, quickly disabling them.[59] She can even draw upon water sources such as the Tear of Extinction, a divine elixir of death.[66] She cannot control snow or ice, and she does need a source to pull water from, as she cannot create it.[11][6]
    • Liquid Construct Creation: Mera has very fine control over water and can cause it to take any shape or form she chooses,[4] such as hands, piranhas and people.[1]
    • Toxikinesis (Formerly): When The Drowned altered her into a Dead Water hybrid, she gained the ability to transmute water into debilitating poison which could even disorient Aquaman.[67]


  • Deception: Mera was trained in the art of deception in order to kill Aquaman.[1]
  • Diving
  • Master Combatant: Mera was trained by her father to murder the King of Atlantis, and was vigorously trained since childhood order to prepare herself.[6] She has fought Black Manta to a standstill,[62] and bested the Ocean Master in combat despite being in a weakened state.[59]
  • Historiography: As a princess of Xebel, Mera was taught the traditions and lore of Xebel from an early age to prepare her for her role in the Xebelian monarchy.[3] She also knows many Atlantean and surface tales such as the legend of King Arthur.[44]
  • Leadership: Mera has been deemed a great enough leader by the elders of Atlantis that she was chosen to rule the nation after the downfall of Corum Rath.[68]
  • Political Science: Mera was temporarily the figure head of surface world and Atlantis peace negotiations.[69]
  • Swimming: Mera has lived underwater her whole life. As such she is an expert in swimming and has taken to it like humans take to walking.[64]
  • Swordsmanship[70][71]


  • Shell of Sounds: A relic that can contain recorded memories and dialog from the user, in order to convey their memories to future generations.[1]
  • Gauntlet: Mera discovered a mysterious gauntlet in a vault of experimental weapons.[56]
    • Healing: The gauntlet allows Mera to use her hydrokinesis to heal severe injuries.[56]


  • Mera’s Trident: Mera often wields her own trident during combat.
  • Orm’s Trident (Formerly)
  • Clarion
    • Tear of Extinction (Formerly): Mera formerly wielded a fragment of the Tear of Extinction, capable of killing Gods. She has channeled this water into a scabbard and the Clarion so she can use it as a sword.[66]

  • Mera only used the alias Aquawoman briefly, but the public often uses this name for her.


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