Michael Keaton Teases How Much His Batman Has Changed In The Flash Movie

The Flash is set to change the status quo of the DCEU by exploring the Multiverse and bringing back Michael Keaton ‘s Batman. The seasoned actor beginning portrayed Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton ‘s Batman back in 1989, with the titular hero going up against Jack Nicholson ‘s Joker to save Gotham. After Keaton ‘s successful debut, the actor returned in a sequel titled Batman Returns in 1992 .
While the post-Batman Returns history of Keaton ‘s Dark Knight has already been explored in a comic book series called Batman ’89, The Flash is set to shed some more lighter on the quality ‘s future as Ezra Miller ‘s Barry Allen will end up on his land to form an confederation to save the populace. The film ‘s trailer besides revealed that other facets of the character, such as the Batcave and the Batmobile will besides return, giving fans a accomplished feel that showcases nostalgia from Burton ‘s Batman films .
now, Keaton has shared an interest uncover about his Batman rejoinder in a new interview .

Michael Keaton Addresses Batman Return in The Flash

Michael Keaton, Batman, Flash

Michael Keaton sat down with Variety to talk about his approaching role as Batman in Ezra Miller ‘s The Flash movie in 2023.

With respective stars, now up to a fantastic total of seven, having donned the hood since Keaton, the actor admitted that it was a little confuse to dive back into the populace of Gotham ‘s Caped Crusader .
Keaton shared that his Bruce Wayne has n’t changed a moment since his final appearance in 1992 ‘s Batman Returns though. In reply to the notion that the character of Bruce Wayne and Batman has changed over the years, Keaton just said, “N ot mine.”
stopping point year, Keaton told Variety that “there has to be a reason” for him to return as Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie. Fast-forward to this year, the release followed up by asking what the reason is for his comeback, to which Keaton responded by saying that “it seemed like fun:”

“ It seemed like playfulness. I was curious what it would be like after this many years. not indeed much me doing it — obviously, some of that — but I was just curious about it, weirdly, socially. This whole thing is gigantic. They have their wholly own world. So, I like to look at it as an outsider, thinking ’ Holy moly ! ’ ”

Michael Keaton as Batman

The Batman and Batman Returns actor continued by crediting Richard Donner and Christopher Reeves for spearheading the superhero earth with 1978 ‘s Superman, but he asserted that Tim Burton is the one who “changed everything.”

Keaton besides noted that the writers of The Flash crafted a “really good” script, making him curious “to see if [he] can pull it off:” 

“ The write was actually very well ! So I thought, why not ? It ’ s cool to drop in and I ’ megabyte curious to see if I can pull it off. ”

Michael Keaton’s Exciting Comments Tease a Powerful Performance

Michael Keaton ‘s latest confirmation that his Bruce Wayne did n’t exchange after his last on-screen appearance is fitting, particularly considering the positive answer of fans toward his depiction of Gotham ‘s defender .
In the two Batman movies that he starred in, Keaton managed to humanize Bruce Wayne, portraying a quality that is relatable and who is struggling to keep the duality of the Batman character. On clear of that, the actor besides made the iconic Dark Knight voice celebrated, setting the standard that other actors tried to copy over the years .
In addition to Keaton ‘s Batman voice returning, many would agree that the actor ‘s portrayal of Bruce Wayne is a definitive fill, and seeing it come back on the big screen is a welcome give for traditionalist fans of the fictional character.

A previous rumor already revealed that the test audiences of the movie are responding good to The Flash, and there ‘s a solid prospect that Keaton ‘s Batman is one of the reasons behind such positivist feedback .
meanwhile, Keaton ‘s comment about having fun returning to his iconic role as Batman could translate to his on-screen appearance, therefore cementing another solid performance in the movie .
The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on June 23, 2023 .

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