Midnighter and Apollo: DC’s Ultimate Power Couple, Explained

After bursting onto the setting in WildStorm ‘s The Authority, Apollo and Midnighter have become improbable fixtures of the DC Universe. When DC acquired WildStorm in the mid-’90s, DC acquired the rights to Stormwatch and The Authority, and, in turn, the rights to Midnighter and Apollo. The two characters beginning appeared to be a medley of Batman and Superman in Stormwatch, and they were congress of racial equality members of The Authority, which is equal parts a sarcasm of traditional superhero teams and extraordinary, cinematic action. While they might initially appear to be fascinating characters in their own correct, they ‘re besides in one of comics ‘ most outstanding same-sex relationships .
Under the WildStorm standard, Apollo and Midnighter exploded in popularity as The Authority become the most hype comic on stands. Since then, they went through numerous relaunches before ending up in the main DC Universe. now, CBR is taking a expect back at Apollo and Midnighter ‘s shared history and their farseeing path to the DCU.


Authority Widescreen Both Midnighter and Apollo debuted in Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch ‘s critically-acclaimed run on the WildStorm title Stormwatch, where they were survivors of a black-ops team that fought crime together. however, the characters in truth came into their own in Ellis and Hitch ‘s The Authority, where team founder Jenny Sparks recruits them as part of an try to establish orderliness and peace on the planet .
Apollo is a solar powered superhero who is often confused for a god, while Midnighter is a human with a batch of gadgets. a few mild superhuman abilities and martial artwork skills. The characters were shown to have a close friendship until The Authority # 8, where we learned the two were indeed in sleep together .
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While both characters are satirical reflections of Superman and Batman, the two are distinct in how they both support and caution for one another above all else. Neither are caricatures or played for laughs, and their relationship is taken wholly badly. Both heroes are absolutely devoted to one another .
Although Midnighter leaves the authority after he is convinced by what he believes to be a future version of Apollo that the team will bring about a ball-shaped fascist dictatorship, the two finally wed and adopt the young superhero Jenny Quantum .

Controversy and Acclaim

The Authority is subject to a distribute of critical acclaim and controversy, depending on who was writing the title. Ellis and Hitch ‘s run on The Authority earned a GLAAD award for the convinced portrayal of Midnighter and Apollo ‘s same-sex kinship .
During their tenure on the entitle, Mark Millar and Frank Quitely included respective major moments in the couple ‘s history. But not all of these moments are inevitably highlights. In The Authority # 14, Apollo is attacked by a Thor-pastiche named Storm God. Apollo is viciously beaten, which culminates in what is strongly implied to be sexual assault. In retribution, Midnighter uses a air hammer against the Storm God similarly. These scene was depart of a larger competitiveness sequence between the Authority and an Avengers-like team that was censored for its ultra-violent contented .

After Millar ‘s tenure on the title ended, Apollo and Midnighter were fixtures of the WildStorm Universe until it folded in 2010 .


The WildStorm Universe became part of the DC Multiverse as of 52, and Midnighter, Apollo and the pillow of the WildStorm Universe were folded into the main DC Universe in the wake up of the New 52 relaunch.. Midnighter and Apollo debuted in the New 52 ‘s relaunch of Stormwatch. here, the two characters met for the first gear time, without any of their anterior relationship flush being hinted at. however, over the course of the first 18 issues, the two begin to realize their attraction for one another. finally, the two reverted to their original WildStorm selves, remembering everything that had happened pre-New 52 .
The pair ends up breaking up when Apollo starts to feel excessively disturbed by Midnighter ‘s increasingly violent actions. But the two end up reuniting following DC Rebirth, with Midnighter going to Hell to save Apollo ‘s soul from the monster Neron in typical DC Universe fashion .
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One curious element of DC and WildStorm blend is that Midnighter and Apollo exist in the same outer space as the characters they were in the first place a response to. And, queerly enough, Midnighter has apparently been assimilated into the extended Bat Family .
During the series Grayson, super-spy Dick Grayson forms a working relationship with Midnighter, with the two working together to take down crime. In an odd become of events, the sarcasm has become separate of the thing that he was created to respond to in the beginning position .
After co-star in a miniseries in 2017, both Midnighter and Apollo appeared in The Wild Storm, which offered a new take on the heroes in another alternate universe. however, careless of the changes to the earth around them, Apollo and Midnighter have always found their way back together .

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