Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is a member of the Survey Corps and the top ranked member of the 104th Training Corps.

Mikasa Ackerman

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Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Akkāman

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[ 9 ]
19 ( 854 ) [ 10 ]
22 ( 857 )

15 (850)19 (854)22 (857)


[ 1 ] ( 850 )
176 curium [ 2 ] ( 854 )

170 cm(850)176 cm(854)


[ 1 ] ( 850 )
70 kilogram ( 854 )

68 kg(850)70 kg (854)


  • Ackerman clan
    • Ackerman (father, deceased)
    • Levi Ackerman (relative)
    • Unnamed relative (deceased)
    • Kenny Ackerman (relative, deceased)
    • Kuchel Ackerman (relative, deceased)
  • Azumabito family
    • Unnamed mother (deceased)
    • Kiyomi Azumabito (relative)


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February 10th


[ 1 ]

Shiganshina District Outskirts? → Shiganshina District


Wall Rose



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Jōkan ? )

Officer (上官


  • Survey Corps Logo.png Survey Corps
    • Special Operations Squad

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  • 104th Trainees Squad Logo.png 104th Training Corps
    • Alpha Squad

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Solo: At least 11 [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ]
In team: At least 1 [ 8 ]
Total: At least 12

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To You, 2,000 Years From now

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Yui Ishikawa

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Quote1.png This is a cruel world. And yet…so beautiful…. Quote2.png
— Mikasa’s personal outlook on the world[11]

Mikasa Ackerman ( ミカサ・アッカーマン Mikasa Akkāman ? ) is one of the two deuteragonists of the series, along with Armin Arlert. After her parents were murdered by human traffickers, Mikasa was rescued by Eren Yeager and lived with him and his parents, Grisha and Carla, before the decrease of Wall Maria. She is the final descendant of the Shogun kin that stayed on Paradis Island, thereby related to the Azumabito family, and holds significant political exponent in Hizuru. [ 12 ] Though she desires alone to live a peaceful life, Mikasa entered into the military —where she is considered the best soldier among the 104th Training Corps. She late enlists in the Survey Corps to follow and protect Eren, becoming one of its greatest assets. She is presently serving as an policeman ( 上官 Jōkan ? ) in the Corps .


Mikasa is a fairly improbable and well-toned womanhood. She is of fond asian heritage, with pale skin, gray eyes, and bushy black hair that was long until she cut it to chin-length. By the year 854, her hair is shorter and cut improving to the back of her neck, though she simultaneously wears perceptibly longer bangs. She bears a tattoo of the Azumabito family crest on the outside of her correct wrist. There is a small scratch below her mighty center, which was due to an injury delivered by Eren ‘s Titan during the Battle of Trost District. [ 13 ] By 857, Mikasa ‘s hair’s-breadth grew perceptibly long and is tied in a ponytail. [ 14 ] Mikasa much wears the original Survey Corps uniform, whose equipment is horizontally at her hips, with a whiten blouse underneath and a black scarf joint that she about always wears. [ 15 ] She besides wears a fleeceable cape with the wings of freedom on the back during some missions. When off duty, Mikasa ‘s casual attire consists of a simple knee-length white dress, a light cardigan, brown university boots, and her signature black scarf. While in Marley, Mikasa wears a black Survey Corps uniform, which features a breastplate with the Survey Corps symbol ; many belts to accommodate all the unlike gear ; support rods around her breast for the flatulence canister ; and tall black boots. She besides carries guns, thunder spears, an extra flatulence tank car, and canisters running vertically down her legs. [ 16 ]


Before surviving with the Yeager family, Mikasa appeared to be a cheerful, outgoing, and gentle child. Her innocence allowed her to push anxious thoughts to the back of her mind, continuing to live with her parents and loved ones happily. Growing up, Mikasa has become emotionally recall and perceptibly dangerous, sometimes intimidating her enemies or evening her comrades. She is quite stoic and level headed, rarely seen to lose her cool or be at a loss of what to do, no matter how bleak the situation seems to be. Her will is signally potent, demonstrated when she managed to remain therefore outwardly calm when Eren was presumed dead ; only Armin could tell that she was battling with the pain of losing him. [ 17 ] Mikasa cares profoundly for her friends and caretakers, seeing them as the last remnants of a family she can not afford to lose. [ 18 ] She besides appears to have a gentle spot for children, evidenced by her bowing to a young daughter she saved and her instantaneously saving a Marleyan soldier, despite the latter having earlier killed one of her comrades. Mikasa is not completely immune to the effects of her emotions, however : Her firm feelings for her beloved ones, particularly when they are in damage ‘s means, does at times cloud her judgment in fury—sometimes to the hazard of herself and others. [ 19 ] A luminary exemplar was when Mikasa concisely gave in to her grief over Eren ‘s apparent death and lost the will to live, forgetting her duty for the lives of the soldiers she took upon herself to lead in the work. however, she was reawakened by her memories of Eren and a made decision to never give up again, as her memories would die with her .
From an early age, Mikasa was unusually perceptive, mindful of the harshness of nature by witnessing the manner in which predators search and kill weaker prey. Her peace was shattered when a band of criminals viciously murdered her parents before her eyes in a fail kidnapping undertake, entirely saving herself and her savior when she managed to abandon all prohibition and hesitation to kill one of her assailants. [ 20 ] Following this traumatic consequence, Mikasa would gain a generally cynical lookout on liveliness and accept the world as a barbarous invest where alone those who are solid are able to survive. [ 21 ] Her determination to protect her beloved ones adenine much as possible has contributed greatly to her phenomenal skills as a soldier. Though being among the best of the best, she remains humble and refrains from putting on airs or displaying arrogance. Mikasa has a strong smell of right and incorrect, doing everything she can to make her most capricious friends follow what she thinks is the correct lead. [ 22 ] In hurt of this, she is well aware that she can not constantly sway them in decisions and makes it a period to follow them wherever they go, barely therefore that she can be around to help out when trouble arises. [ 23 ] The lone cause she enlisted in the military and joined the Survey Corps after her gradation was to keep an eye on Eren, despite the fact that she sincerely wished to live out the rest of her days in proportional peace within the Walls alongside him. Mikasa ‘s shackle with Eren is undoubtedly her most important kinship and the one that defines her. Her personality as a adolescent was very much influenced by Eren, who told her she stood no probability of survival if she did not fight for it. [ 24 ] His words continued to stay with her, and she mechanically recalled them to spur her on when she was near to end. Mikasa wears the blacken scarf Eren gave her when they first gear met, holding on to it as a generator of intensity and comfort when she is disquieted. [ 25 ] She had openly cry tears of respite at his safety and developed revengeful grudges towards those who harm him, from enemies to her own superiors. She blushed when it was insinuated she and Eren were lovers ; [ 26 ] furthermore, after he insulted her and stated that he had constantly hated her, she was visibly hurt and finally left behind the scarf he had given her. [ 27 ] While she would regain the scarf joint from Louise, [ 28 ] Mikasa would not wear it again until moments before confronting Eren following his initiation of the Rumbling. [ 29 ] Mikasa ‘s sacrifice of a life with her beloved Eren and choosing to defy and kill him is ultimately the reason Ymir Fritz was freed and the Titans vanishing from the world. [ 30 ] Mikasa grieves for Eren as she visits his scratch, [ 14 ] and would continue to regularly visit it with her new family for several decades until passing away of old age while wearing the scarf joint. [ 31 ]


Mikasa was born to an asian mother, and her don was a member of the Ackerman kin. [ 32 ] She lived peacefully with her parents in the farmlands of Wall Maria, helping them since a young age. Mikasa underwent a painful scarring ritual from her mother, who cut into her skin the score of their syndicate. [ 33 ] Being the survive of their raceway made her mother and Mikasa high value targets to robbers. When she was entirely 9 years old, a group of traffickers killed her parents and attempted to kidnap her for the purpose of selling her in the human-trading market of the Capital ‘s Underground. [ 32 ] Frightened and shocked, Mikasa was rescued by Eren Yeager, the son of her family ‘s repair. He tricked and killed two of the kidnappers, but he was overwhelmed by the third base seller and on the scepter of being strangled. Eren desperately urged Mikasa to fight to win, who came to realize that the global can be callous and merciless before dispatching the robber from behind, who was trying to kill him. When Grisha Yeager arrived with members of the Military Police Brigade, Mikasa was given the scarf by Eren and accepted into his syndicate. This event awakened the contend instincts and perfect self-denial that runs in the Ackerman kin. [ 34 ] Mikasa then went to live with Eren ‘s class until the Fall of Wall Maria. [ 35 ]


Mikasa appears for the first fourth dimension in year 845 somewhere inside Wall Maria. She is seen waking Eren up, telling him that they need to return to home. She is surprise to see tears in his eyes and asks why he was crying. [ 36 ] On their way home, they meet Hannes. Mikasa watches as Eren complains about the soldiers slacking off while on duty. [ 37 ] Later, both Eren and Mikasa watch the return of the Survey Corps forces, witnessing so far another failure of their dispatch. [ 38 ] After returning dwelling, Mikasa tells on Eren, revealing to his parents his desire to join the Survey Corps. Annoyed, Eren leaves, with Mikasa following him. They save Armin, who is being beaten by local anesthetic bullies and together discuss their hope to go outside the Walls. [ 39 ] At that consequence, the three kids witness the sudden appearance of an highly grandiloquent Titan peer over the top of Wall Maria. The three are stunned to see one that large, only coming back to their senses when the Titan breaches the Wall ‘s gate. [ 40 ] [ 41 ] Mikasa and Eren run back to their home to find it crushed and Carla trapped under the debris. [ 42 ] In cattiness of their attempts, Mikasa and Eren are unable to free her, Hannes rescues them as a Titan devours Eren ‘s mother. [ 43 ] Mikasa and Eren are placed on a transport barely as the Armored Titan breaks through the inner gate, letting the Titans inside Wall Maria. She witnesses Eren ‘s vow to kill all the Titans as they are transported to base hit. [ 44 ] After the events of the Wall Maria ‘s destruction, the politics ‘s desperate try to reclaim the lands using the refugees leads to nothing but more casualties. This prompts Mikasa, Eren, and Armin to enroll with the army and become members of the 104th Training Corps. [ 45 ] During their train, Mikasa helps Eren arsenic much as she can as he initially fails to grasp the basics of the vertical maneuver equipment. [ 46 ] They manage to pass the modify tests, Mikasa cursorily proving her skills and is praised as one of the best trainees in military history. [ 47 ] At one point, Mikasa asks Annie Leonhart, a boyfriend trainee with exceeding skill, to teach her a self-defense proficiency that she was teaching Eren, which finally calls for a bet with the 104th Training Corps to see who is the stronger champion. [ 48 ] At the 104th Training Corps ‘ gradation, she is ranked first in the class. [ 3 ] As the Survey Corps parade through the street on its way to the gates, Mikasa, Eren and Armin stare at Captain Levi in astonishment. [ 49 ] Before having the gamble to fully apply in the Survey Corps so she can keep Eren safe, the Colossus Titan breaches Wall Rose the same means it did with Wall Maria. [ 50 ] much to her alarm, Mikasa is assigned to the back precaution to help fend off the Titans while the civilians escape into the safety of Wall Sheena. [ 51 ] Before fulfilling her duty, she makes Eren promise her not to do anything reckless. [ 52 ] by and by on, as an abnormal Titan approaches the escape civilians who are blocked at the gate. Mikasa kills it, saving everyone. [ 53 ] She then witnesses why the civilians are taking besides long to escape ; an overload cargo cart is blocking the way. Mikasa asks the businessman to move the handcart so that the people could escape, but when he refuses, she has to resort threatening him after knocking his guards unconscious, which scares the homo enough to relent and move his goods. [ 54 ] Seeing a mother and daughter show their gratitude for saving them, Mikasa flashes back to the prison term she lost her own parents and realizes that Eren is the alone family she has left. [ 55 ] With the elimination of Trost District citizens complete, she heads to the front guard in club to aid her comrades. [ 56 ] Mikasa finds that, because the supply team has barricaded itself inside the military headquarters, the surviving trainees no longer have enough gas to retreat. [ 57 ] Noticing that Eren is not award, Mikasa confronts Armin and learns that Eren was devoured by a Titan. Despite his open regret, Mikasa calmly comforts Armin and explains that they must not get emotional in their present predicament. Mikasa rallies the remaining trainees and leads them in a last ditch effort to reach the headquarters. [ 58 ] Because of her grief over Eren ‘s death, Mikasa rushes ahead of her comrades and promptly expends all of her gasoline, stranding herself in the middle of Trost. [ 17 ] As two Titans close in on her, she contemplates giving up but is motivated to keep crusade by memories of Eren. [ 59 ] When Mikasa stands up to kill the Titan in front of her, another Titan comes running from behind and saves her. [ 60 ] This Titan, which ignores Mikasa, gives Armin adequate clock time to rescue Mikasa and they both continue heading to the supply HQ. [ 61 ] As they watch the Attack Titan continue killing other Titans, they hatch a design to lure it to the HQ and relieve the siege there. [ 62 ] With its aid, the trainees manage to successfully refill their gasoline tanks and have open access to the Wall. [ 63 ] however, as they watch the Attack Titan dispose of the last Titans surrounding them, Eren appears out the nape of its neck. [ 64 ] Overcome with easing that Eren is alive, Mikasa quickly rescues and embraces him, everyone leaving for the Wall. [ 65 ] however, Jean, along with Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt are ordered to hand Eren over to victor officers under the command of Kitz Weilman and to treat the incident as something confidential. [ 66 ] Their refusal to do so causes Mikasa and her friends to be accused of treachery and find themselves surrounded by Captain Weilman ‘s men, who are prompt to execute them. [ 67 ] Mikasa attempts to defend Eren by drawing her blades and threatening to kill anyone who would try to harm Eren, [ 68 ] but witnessing Eren ‘s Titan form fight in Trost District, Weilman does not hesitate and orders a cannon to fire at them in hurt of the latter ‘s claim that he is a human. [ 69 ] Eren uses his power to block the cannonball and tries to think of a design of escape. He proposes that they either judge to flee over the Walls and escape into the Titan district or have Armin undertake to persuade the soldiers to spare them, leaving him to choose. [ 70 ] [ 71 ] Armin tries his best to convince the soldiers that Eren ‘s Titan abilities could help to save world, but realizes the commanding officer is far excessively frighten to think rationally. Before the order can be given to fire upon them once more, they are saved when Commander Dot Pixis, mind administrator of the southern region, intervenes. [ 72 ] They are sent on a mission to plug the transgress in the Wall with a rock that only Eren in Titan form can lift. [ 73 ] As the mission commences and Eren goes into Titan form, he loses see and attacks Mikasa before finally knocking himself out. [ 74 ] [ 75 ] The elect team, led by Ian Dietrich, Rico Brzenska and Mitabi Jarnach, designated to defend Eren as he carries the rock quarrel among themselves about what to do next. [ 76 ] Mikasa is on the verge of attacking them until Ian orders everyone to continue protecting Eren until he recovers. [ 77 ] Thanks to Armin ‘s intervention, Eren finally regains his senses and successfully places the rock down, albeit with many casualties. At that moment, they are saved by Levi as he kills the Titans approaching them. [ 78 ] After the battle of Trost District is over, Eren is brought before a military court to decide his future. [ 79 ] Despite Mikasa ‘s best efforts to defend him, she is forced to testify against Eren as his foolhardy actions have frightened many people in the court. [ 80 ] She is besides forced to watch helplessly as Eren is assaulted and humiliated by Levi .
Some time former, Mikasa and everyone else have their erect manoeuver equipment inspected in ordering to find out the perpetrator who killed the two captured Titans. [ 81 ] Later on, Commander Erwin Smith comes to recruit new members for the Survey Corps which is scheduling an expedition within a few months. [ 82 ] Many leave except for Mikasa, Reiner, Armin, Sasha, Krista, Ymir, Connie, Jean, Bertolt and a few others. [ 83 ] Mikasa is then seen to be a function of the 57th excursion. [ 84 ] concisely after leaving for Wall Maria, the Female Titan appears and defeats numerous Survey Corps members. The constitution finally reaches the Titan Forest, with Mikasa being stationed at its outskirts, making sure that no Titans enter the afforest. [ 85 ] As the Corps is preparing to return to Wall Rose, Mikasa hears the roar of Eren ‘s Titan and abandons her mail to go and help him. [ 86 ] Mikasa finds Eren just in time to see the Female Titan defeat and devour him. [ 87 ] After overcoming her initial shock, Mikasa begins an enrage assault on the Female Titan, cutting it up to try to rescue Eren. [ 88 ] [ 89 ] Her attacks prove to be futile against the Titan until she is joined by Levi. Mikasa insists that Eren is still alive and Levi agrees to help rescue him. With Levi coordinating their attacks, they quickly overwhelm the Titan but Mikasa becomes heedless and attempts to kill the Titan against Levi ‘s orders. Levi is hurt saving her from the Titan, but manages to cut open its yack in the process. Mikasa retrieves Eren from the Titan ‘s mouth and the group retreats. [ 90 ] Following the Survey Corps ‘s failure, Armin manages to convince Annie to help them out until they can gather evidence to prove to the King that the Walls need to be protected better. [ 91 ] During that time, Mikasa takes a notification of the lack of diligence and honor in the Military Police. [ 92 ] She prepares for battle when she gets fed up with Annie ‘s games and excuses. She takes off her disguise and draws out her sword to fight her, promising to “ cut up the Female Titan one more time. ” [ 93 ] When Eren is unable to initially transform and shows some hesitance in fighting Annie, Mikasa berates him and decides to go with Armin to distract Annie until Eren is able to transform. [ 94 ] Eventually Eren arrives and starts to fight Annie, but it is made apparent that he is not knock-down enough to defeat Annie by himself. Being the strongest and most brawny soldier herself, she decides to take the fight to her. [ 95 ] Despite being ordered to pull away by Hange Zoë, Mikasa manages to make it to Annie as she attempted to climb over Wall Sheena to escape to the bland lands. Since Annie had already climbed more than halfway towards the crown of the Wall, Eren throws Mikasa upwards so she can catch up with the Female Titan, and cut off all her fingers. She then proceeds to push Annie off to fall to the ground. [ 96 ] Annie is therefore capture, but encases herself in a crystal to avoid question. [ 97 ] however, it was army for the liberation of rwanda from over as Mikasa has just taken noticed of a Titan inside the Wall. [ 98 ] As both the Survey Corps and military Police take an cased Annie belowground to detain her, Mikasa realizes the Titan concealment in Wall Sheena is alive, but is excessively unaccented to move due to a miss of sunlight. [ 99 ] Mikasa remains at Eren ‘s bedside as Armin and Jean head down to a meeting involving Erwin and the Military Police. [ 100 ] Following the supposed breach of Wall Rose, Mikasa, Eren and the other members of the Survey Corps come to rescue Reiner and the others from the early Titans. She is among the others who learn of Krista ‘s actual name being Historia. [ 101 ] After they reach the top of the Wall, Mikasa is outraged when she overhears Reiner confessing that he and Bertolt were the Titans responsible for the attack on Wall Maria and wanted Eren to join them. She takes them by surprise, attacking them with her swords and tells Eren to run. however, she fails to kill them as Reiner stops her from doing so, transforming subsequently and attempting to kidnap Eren. [ 102 ] While Eren transforms, and engages in battle with Reiner, Mikasa faces her own troubles and regrets for not cutting off both his and Bertolt ‘s heads when she had the chance. [ 103 ] During the fight with Reiner, she sees Eren in trouble and tries to fight him off. however due to the thickness of the armor, Mikasa has a difficult time slicing the nape of Reiner ‘s neck. [ 104 ] Eventually, Armin sees a weak liaison in Reiner ‘s production line of defense in which his armor is breaking and gives Mikasa extra blades to replace her own. Taking advantage of the data, she cuts him at the spinal column of the knee crown. however, Bertolt manages to save Reiner thanks to his abilities of the Colossus Titan, knocking out most of the soldiers in the work. [ 105 ] late, Mikasa along with Hange and others from the Survey Corps are injured from the heat blast from Bertolt ‘s Titan form. While Armin helps them recover, he gives Mikasa the newsworthiness that she was dreading to hear : Eren along with Ymir was kidnapped by both Reiner and Bertolt. [ 106 ] Taking the scarf that he gave her, Mikasa covers her face with it and asks why Eren constantly runs off on them like that. She feels like she has failed in keeping her promise to Eren ‘s mother to always protect him and weeps. [ 107 ] As Armin tries to console her, Hannes arrives to give out rations to the Legion. It was him who reminds her that despite him running off the way he does and frequently lose fights, he never gives up on them. even though the odds are stacked against him and he is unwilling to admit it, Hannes constantly knew that Eren relied on both Mikasa and Armin when he needed them. His words and his aid reinvigorated them and are more determine to rescue Eren. Mikasa lowers her scarf joint and begins eating. [ 108 ] She joins the joint military operation to rescue Eren and heads to the forest of giant trees where they hope to find Reiner, Bertolt, and their captives. Once they arrive she joins Hannes and a number of her mate soldiers in searching the inwardly of the forest where they encounter Ymir in her Titan shape. Ymir kidnap Historia and flees while Mikasa and the others chase after her. At the forest ‘s edge, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan. Ymir jumps on his back and Bertolt, carrying an unconscious mind Eren, rides on his shoulder. [ 109 ] The soldiers follow the group on horseback and try to free Eren from Bertholdt, but Ymir interferes with their attempts. Realizing that armor was protecting Reiner ‘s joints this time, she alternatively targets Ymir and slashes into her face. [ 110 ] Historia jumps in the means, saying that Ymir does not have a choice but to help Reiner and Bertolt. Fearing that Ymir will be killed, Historia convinces her to back down, leaving the rest of the 104th rid to try talking Bertolt into letting Eren go, though Mikasa is well less forgiving than the others. [ 111 ] Jean and Connie hear to speak to Bertolt and coax him into surrender, but Mikasa coldly states that their reasons do not matter. [ 112 ] She is momentarily stayed by Bertolt ‘s apologies for what he and Reiner have done, [ 113 ] but when she requests again that Eren be returned, Bertolt refuses. Before the group can argue further, Hannes shouts a warn to them that a huge group of Titans is being led straightaway towards them by Erwin Smith. [ 114 ] Mikasa retreats, but it is not long ahead Erwin orders them to attack one more time, claiming this to be the key moment for humanness ‘s survival. [ 115 ] Mikasa makes a hyphen to reach Eren and launches herself at Bertolt, but she misses and sees Eren watching her in panic. Her trajectory carries her straight into another Titan that grabs her hard enough to crush her rib. Jean, who had been riding just behind her, attacks the Titan, burying his blade in its eye and allowing Mikasa to get release. however, he gets grabbed by a Titan and in malice of their initial shock, the soldiers, along with Mikasa, follow Erwin ‘s orders and continue advancing. [ 116 ] With Armin ‘s help, Erwin is able to cut Eren free from Bertolt and Mikasa catches him in the air travel. The two of them flee on horseback but are knocked to the reason when Reiner begins throwing Titans at the retreating soldiers. As they look up, they see the smiling Titan which ate Eren ‘s mother approaching them. Mikasa is unable to defend Eren ascribable to her wound, but Hannes buys them time in an attack to avenge Carla. Eren shouts for Mikasa to free his arms so he can help fight, but when he tries biting himself to transform nothing happens. [ 117 ] As Hannes is killed and the battle turns against the soldiers around them, Eren falls into despair, feeling that he has never had the might to do anything. Mikasa asks him to listen to her. He showed her how to live with purpose and he wrapped his scarf around her, and for that she is grateful. She smiles, with tears in her eyes, and Eren vows to wrap that scarf around her as many times as she wants. [ 118 ] He punches the smiling Titan, triggering something that causes all the other unmindful Titans to attack it. In the leave confusion, he carries Mikasa away on his back and besides sends the Titans after Reiner and Bertolt. They escape with the rest of the surviving soldiers and fall to Trost District. [ 119 ] Mikasa and the respite of the joint military operation participants arrive back at Wall Rose. Eren apologizes to Mikasa while she lies injured on a capstone. She is among the wounded carried away on carts. [ 120 ] however, she does not stay down long. A curtly time by and by, she has recovered enough that she feels well enough to cut firewood while she hides out in a outside cabin along with Jean, Connie, Sasha, Armin, Historia, and Eren ; the new members of Levi ‘s particular Operations Squad. [ 121 ] She is present when Levi holds a meet at the cabin with his squad and Hange ‘s. They discuss recapturing Wall Maria, assuming that Eren can harden his Titan shape to plug the hole. [ 122 ] There are complications, however, with the death of Minister Nick at the hands of the Interior Military Police. [ 123 ] Mikasa and the rest of Levi ‘s squad observe Hange ‘s experiments with Eren. They do not go smoothly though, and Mikasa has to resort to using her blades to cut Eren out of his titan after his third base attempt results in Eren only partially transforming and becoming unresponsive. [ 124 ] Eren remains unconscious mind for a wide day before waking. Hange jokes about being relieved so they will not be sliced to shreds by Mikasa. Levi gripes over their lackluster results since Eren can not harden himself, and without that ability they can not reclaim Wall Maria. Mikasa defends Eren ‘s efforts, but Levi assures her he does not blame Eren. He just needs to vent. [ 125 ] At night, they receive orders from Erwin and Levi asks those members of his team “ speechless adequate ” to trust the Commander to come with him. They manage to escape before intruders reach their cabin and haste to their rendezvous point in Trost District. There, a carriage comes crashing through and apparently kidnaps Eren and Historia. [ 126 ] however, the kidnapped victims are actually Jean and Armin in disguise. Mikasa joins Levi and the rest of their team in tracking the robbers to their hideout. [ 127 ] They attack the kidnappers before Jean and Armin ‘s disguises can be discovered, with Mikasa herself tackling the ringleader, who turns out to be Dimo Reeves, the merchant bos who was blocking the gate with his cargo the day Trost was invaded. Levi takes him for a talk on top of Wall Rose. [ 128 ] After hearing his narrative about being coerced by the Interior Military Police, Levi agrees to handwriting over Eren and Historia, to Mikasa ‘s alarm. however, Levi has multiple conditions that will require the wide cooperation of the Reeves Company. Dimo agrees and baits Djel Sannes and Ralph of the Interior First Squad into a trap indeed that they can be captured by the Survey Corps. [ 129 ] Mikasa and the remainder of Levi ‘s squad, minus the Captain, listen to Djel Sannes ‘ screams as he is tortured in the basement of their current hideout. She does not comment as the lie of the squad laments or endorse the actions they have taken up until this point, including beginning a coup d’etat against the government. Armin says they are not good people anymore. [ 130 ] The adjacent dawn, Levi holds a meeting with his squad along with Dimo and his son Flegel Reeves to discuss the information Nifa has brought from Erwin. Levi reveals that Historia is to take the enthrone as separate of the coup since the Reiss family is the true royal kin, surprising closely everyone else present. once he pressures Historia into agreement, Nifa begins to detail the operation where they will pass Eren and Historia over to the First Interior Squad and then track them to Rod Reiss, the true ruler within the Walls. [ 131 ] The kidnapping plan goes amiss when Dimo Reeves and his employees are killed. [ 132 ] Two days late, the murders are pinned on the Survey Corps and Mikasa and the rest of Levi ‘s police squad, sans the Captain himself, are in a stable on understudy in Stohess District. The team is uneasy about the coup and Levi ‘s discussion of Historia, but Mikasa thinks that their best option at the moment is to trust him. [ 133 ] As planned, Levi ‘s squad begins trailing the hearse carrying the two coffins that contain Eren and Historia. They hear gunshots, revealing that Levi has been discovered, and shortly after they see him swing into view. His pursuers are outfitted with specialize vertical maneuver equipment designed to allow the displace of guns. Levi lands in the wagon and orders his police squad to stop following the hearse because it is a trap. Their best choice immediately is to escape and he has Mikasa help him. The two of them use their maneuver gear to fight back against their pursuers, but one slips through and Mikasa kicks her down before she can shoot Armin. however, Jean is unable to finish her off and she retaliates before Mikasa can get close enough to stop her. [ 134 ] Armin reacts first to save Jean ‘s biography, by killing his attacker. [ 135 ] When they escape to a cabin safely in the woods, Armin throws up outside, causing Mikasa to worry over him. He asks if this happened to her angstrom well the first clock she killed, and she is surprised by the doubt. [ 136 ] When Marlowe Freudenberg and Hitch Dreyse come into the forest to look for Survey Corps soldiers, Mikasa and Levi ambush them while Armin distracts them as bait. Mikasa and Armin take their uniforms and put them on with the purpose of infiltrating the military Police to find out where Eren and Historia have been taken. They are to return to Stohess District in disguise to gather clues and capture anyone they think might be an Interior MP. [ 137 ] however, Marlowe and Hitch do not take their capture softly. Hitch berates Levi and Marlowe offers to help their induce. Jean asks if he can handle them and Levi allows him to secretly test their intentions. When they pass, the team uses their avail to launch an attack on an Interior Military Police compound. [ 138 ] After crippling most of the people inside, Levi and his team evasion with a hostage, but they do not find Eren and Historia. Levi viciously interrogates him about their location until the appoint “ Kenny Ackerman “ comes out. Mikasa is surprised upon hearing this concluding name and Levi reacts a well. Before they can question their hostage farther, they hear people approaching on foot and their hostage remarks that they have no chance. The Survey Corps is finished. [ 139 ] The newcomers turn out to be Hange, Marlowe, and Hitch, arriving with the news program that the false charges against the Survey Corps have been dropped and the capitol is now under the control of Commander-In-Chief Darius Zackly due to a coup d’état. Levi ‘s police squad celebrates the news program. They hush have to rescue Eren and Historia though, and Hange has an estimate regarding where they are. [ 140 ] Hange suspects that Eren is going to be eaten in order to obtain his Titan world power. Erwin had a report commissioned on the Reiss estate of the realm, and assuming that Eren and Historia were captured by the Reiss family, that is likely where they are being held. The day Wall Maria fell a group of bandits burned down the greenwich village chapel service while the Reiss family was at heart, but fire alone should not have destroyed a stone build. After escaping as the lone survivor, Rod Reiss rebuilt the place with his own assets. Hange finds it leery, so they head over there. [ 141 ] On the room, Levi warns his squad that Kenny Ackerman will be their biggest obstacle, because fighting him will be like fighting Levi himself. He asks Mikasa if she thinks Kenny might be related to her since they share the lapp final name. She thinks about it and tells him that she knows that her father ‘s family was persecuted, but not the rationality why. Levi then asks her whether she experienced a moment when she felt a sudden baron awaken inside her and she remembers the moment she took up the knife to kill her kidnapper. She reveals that she did, and upon confirming this, Levi tells her that he and Kenny besides experienced such moments in their lives. [ 142 ] They arrive at the chapel service and find the clandestine door leading belowground. The team makes preparations for facing the Anti-Personnel Control Squad, which is waiting for them below. [ 143 ] When they are fix, they send barrels of gunpowder and bags of vegetable oil down the stairs. Sasha sets fire to them with a flame arrow and fills the underground chamber with smoke, reducing visibility and the utility of firearms. Most of the squad provides extra cover with signal flares while Mikasa and Levi scout out their enemies using erect steer gear. Levi calls for his police squad to take out the Interior MPs and the team springs into action. After a concerted push, they manage to force the Anti-Personnel Control Squad into a retreat. [ 144 ] Mikasa and the rest of Levi ‘s team are abruptly stopped by a bright flash deep in the cavern. She realizes that it means a Titan has transformed and worries over Eren. [ 145 ] The squad arrives in clock time for Mikasa to catch Historia, who had been flung back against the Wall from the force of Rod Reiss ‘ transformation into a Titan. Mikasa asks if she is okay before taking the keys to Eren ‘s chains from her and throwing them to Levi so he can free him. The ceiling begins caving in, trapping the team. Eren apologizes for being useless, but Levi and Historia spur him into taking matters into his own hands. He gets up and grabs a bottle labeled “ Armor ” that had fallen out of Rod ‘s bag and breaks it between his tooth as he transforms into a Titan. [ 146 ] Eren ‘s Titan kind then crystallizes, stabilizing the cavern around the police squad, preventing them from being crushed. even after Mikasa helps cut him out of it, his season form does not disappear, which Levi states is a huge development, as they can now seal the hole in Wall Maria. [ 147 ] Mikasa joins the rest of her team in meeting up with Erwin and pulling back to Orvud District where they make preparations to fight the elephantine Titan that used to be Rod Reiss. [ 148 ] At dawn, the Titan arrives and Eren, Mikasa, and Armin assemble a stack of barrels filled with gunpowder at Hange ‘s commission. Mikasa finds Eren wipe up and prods him back to shape. however, to her surprise, he punches his own side to bring himself binding to his senses. [ 149 ] When Rod reaches the Wall, Levi instructs the Garrison soldiers to flee while the Survey Corps soldiers douse themselves in urine to withstand the heat. Eren changes into his Titan and uses the bosomy barrels as an explosive by shoving them down Rod ‘s candid mouth. Mikasa joins the rest of the Survey Corps in cutting down the pieces of Titan that rain down to ensure that the main body of Rod Reiss is slain. [ 150 ] After Historia ‘s coronation, Mikasa is seen with her friends looking for Levi in order for Historia to live up to the stopping point words that Dimo Reeves spoke to her. When they find him, Historia punches him in the sleeve and all of Squad Levi shouts and cheers. however, Levi smiles at his police squad and thanks them in response, much to everyone ‘s surprise. [ 151 ]

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Two months subsequently, Historia can be seen running an orphanage and taking care of abandoned children. Eren, Jean, and Armin talk about Historia ‘s new function and the nation ‘s situation while Sasha, Connie, and Mikasa avail carry supplies. When Historia finds them, she tells them to stop shirking. While Armin and Jean go on ahead, she has a small conversation with Eren, but they are interrupted by a stone-faced Mikasa, who takes the items Eren was carrying, saying he is tired from all his educate. Eren complains that she should not treat him like an previous man. [ 152 ] While the soldiers eat and celebrate the success of the Executioner from Hell fashioned by Hange, Mikasa remains mum throughout most of the conversation until Eren begins to remember the day he ate his father. Recognizing where his judgment is going, Mikasa stops him, saying that he should finish eating before talking. He does not stop trying to remember though, and on the spur of the moment he realizes that the world that his forefather met the day Wall Maria fell was their old teacher, Keith Shadis. They then decide to pay him a chew the fat. [ 153 ] The pursue sidereal day, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and others travel to the coach camp to talk with Keith Shadis. [ 154 ] They talk inside a small house and Keith tells them everything he knows : how he met Grisha Yeager 20 years ago outside the Walls, his relation with him and Eren ‘s mother during those years, and how he was salute in the night Grisha injected Eren with the Titan serum, but did not see anything, and at the end, does not know anything about Grisha ‘s secrets. [ 155 ] Some days former, thanks to Eren ‘s train and fresh technology developed by Hange, the operation to take back Wall Maria is fix to begin the adjacent sidereal day. [ 156 ] That nox, the soldiers have a big dinner to celebrate. [ 157 ] Mikasa is present, eating and watching Sasha ‘s rampage and Jean and Eren ‘s competitiveness. [ 158 ] [ 159 ] even when Jean blames Eren for the dangers that he puts in Mikasa, she calmly decides not to intervene. [ 160 ] When the fight ends, she sits with Eren and Armin talking about their future, what will happen once they reconquest Wall Maria, and wondering if everything will be like earlier. [ 161 ] however Armin not merely thinks in that : he considers that being partially of the Survey Corps will allow them to see the ocean and the whole populace. [ 162 ] The pursuit day, the Survey Corps are quick to go to Shiganshina District. After hearing the cheers of the citizens, Erwin starts the operation at sunset and Mikasa rides along the Squad Levi towards Shiganshina. [ 163 ] As dawn approaches, the Corps walk within a mountaintop forest. Mikasa leads Eren ‘s sawhorse, despite his complaints, as the others encourage him to rest equally much as possible for his approaching duties. Jean spots a nearby Titan and Hange quickly orders the group to illuminate the area with their fragments of the Reiss Chapel cave. Hange claims that it is dozing aside and the group moves on. A few moments after this, Mikasa begins to recognize the area they are in and claims that she collected firewood there once earlier. Eren and Armin besides begin to recognize the area and Mikasa notes that she can hear the river stream. The group then finds themselves near the Shiganshina District and race in on horses. Erwin orders that all soldiers switch to vertical manoeuver equipment and rush the main gate, covered by their hoods to distract any watch enemies. Mikasa is among the soldiers surrounding the gate as Eren flies up above to transform. [ 164 ] After Eren successfully seals the hole in Wall Maria, Mikasa retrieves him from his Titan shape, and returns him to the top of the Wall. Giving Eren her clothe, Mikasa accompanies the pillow of her team as they return to meet up with Erwin and the pillow of the Survey Corps. [ 165 ] however, before they can return, they see a signal flare fired by Erwin and stop to await far orders. From her stead, Mikasa and her comrades are able to observe as Reiner reveals himself to be hiding inside the Wall, and the Beast Titan and his army happen to engage the Survey Corps. [ 166 ] After taking up positions around the brawl Eren and Reiner, Mikasa waits until Eren is able to maneuver Reiner into an area of town with improbable buildings. once Eren has succeeded in this tax, Mikasa and Hange use their raw Thunder Spears to blind him. After her teammates destroy the armor covering Reiner ‘s nape, the entire team moves in and destroys Reiner ‘s nape with their big h Spears. [ 167 ] Afterward, Mikasa attempts to console a dismay Armin, but is interrupted by Reiner ‘s Titan form, which begins roaring. [ 168 ] After Armin reveals to Hange that Bertolt is approaching, Mikasa and the rest of the soldiers retreat from Reiner ‘s immediate vicinity, in order to escape being caught in the blast of Bertolt ‘s transformation to Titan form. When Bertolt chooses not to transform in order to check on Reiner, Armin attempts to negotiate with him. however, while Armin is attempting to talk with Bertolt, Mikasa takes the opportunity to attack Bertolt from behind. She is abortive in killing him, and comments on his drastic change in personality as he flees. [ 169 ] While Mikasa and Armin are returning to their comrades ‘ side, Bertolt finally transforms, and they are forced to hide behind a build up to shield themselves from the blast. They then regroup with the stay of Squad Levi and inform them that Hange ‘s squad has apparently been destroyed by the savage. [ 170 ] As Bertolt begins destroying Shiganshina, Mikasa observes that he does not seem to know their localization. Pointing out that they will not have clock to look for any survivors from Hange ‘s team, Mikasa suggests that Armin take the lead of their squad, though Armin then gives Jean command. [ 171 ] After retreating from Bertolt, Eren tries to get Bertolt ‘s care, but he ignores them. Deciding that they will have to engage Bertolt directly, Mikasa takes Connie ‘s Thunder Spear and prepares to engage Bertolt. While Eren attacks Bertolt directly, Mikasa and the rest of the squad spread out to try to find an first step to attack Bertolt. however, before they can act, Bertolt kicks Eren into the side of Wall Maria, to Mikasa ‘s horror. [ 172 ] jean assures her that Eren is not dead, and that their main business at the consequence is taking down Bertolt. Jean formulates a plan for he, Connie and Sasha to draw Bertolt ‘s attention while Mikasa strikes his nape with the Thunder Spears. Just as Mikasa moves in to strike Bertolt, he uses his steam to prevent her from reaching him. When Mikasa lands on a roof where the others already are, she is visibly injured. She explains that a nibble of the Thunder Spears hit her, but the wind is not deep. She asks arminius if he believes there is any possible direction for them to fight back, but he sees none. They are startled by the good of a theater exploding behind them. From it emerges Reiner, his head fully regenerated. [ 173 ] While Armin and Eren choose to confront the Colossus Titan, Mikasa agrees to join the others in an attack against the Armored Titan. [ 174 ] As Reiner begins to run to Eren, Mikasa sends one of her Thunder Spears into his knees, crippling him. She notices the Colossus Titan in the distance beginning to emit much steam, causing her to worry about Eren and Armin for a moment before she returns her concentrate to the attack on Reiner. While the others proceed with a design they devised to defeat Reiner, Sasha is injured and misses her thunder Spear attack on the hinge of the Armored Titan ‘s chew. Mikasa realizes that since she has the only Thunder Spear left and Reiner ‘s call on the carpet has not been completely unhinge, she can not proceed with the design to blow Reiner ‘s body out of his nape by sending a thunder Spear into his mouth. As she considers the position, Hange returns to the struggle, sending their own thunder Spear at Reiner and destroying his other chew the fat hinge. With the plan now on the verge of achiever, Mikasa jumps into Reiner ‘s sass, ordering him to get out as she sends her concluding boom Spear into his mouth, defeating the Armored Titan. [ 175 ] While Hange interrogates an hurt Reiner, Mikasa begins treating Jean ‘s injuries. Although Hange wants to execute Reiner, Jean convinces them to keep him alive long adequate to steal his powers with the Titan injection. Hange orders Mikasa to go retrieve the serum from Levi, and to send up a signal flare if there is a change of plans, so that Hange will know to kill Reiner. [ 176 ] When Mikasa arrives at Levi ‘s situation, she is horrified to find a hysteric Eren trying to keep a badly-injured Armin active. As Levi agrees to use the Titan serum to save Armin ‘s life, Mikasa shoots a flare to notify Hange that Reiner must be killed. [ 177 ] however, Levi ‘s judgment is swayed by the arrival of another soldier, who reveals that Erwin is besides mortally wounded. Horrified by Levi ‘s announcement that he will save Erwin and not Armin, Mikasa draws her blade and begins to advance upon him. [ 178 ] As Levi punches Eren in the front, Mikasa pins him to the rooftop and draws her blade to his neck. Noticing how wear out Levi is, she attempts to grab the Titan serum from his hand, as Levi reminds her that without Erwin ‘s strength, world can never defeat the Titans. When Floch approaches her, she flips her blade in arrange to strike him with the blunt side of the sword and knock him down, lone to be stopped by Hange Zoë. [ 179 ] As they both struggle, Mikasa finally capitulates, remembering a happier time when she, Eren and Armin were children, as tears roll down her face. After Armin returns to his homo class, Mikasa, along with Eren, foot him up off the grind as she cries tears of joy to see he is alive and well. [ 180 ] Atop the Wall, after Eren informs Armin of what has happened after the conflict ended, Hange orders Mikasa, Levi and Eren to continue surveying and head for the Yeager syndicate ‘s house. [ 181 ] Upon reaching the basement ‘s door, Eren tries to open the doorway ‘s engage and is surprised that the key does not fit. Mikasa says that she is certain that was the key Doctor Yeager had. Levi then proceeds and kicks down the door and they enter room. [ 182 ] They find it had been set up to appear equally a lot as possible, a coarse repair ‘s office, however, after far investigation, Mikasa discovers a keyhole on a engage drawer in the desk, which the cardinal unlocks. The draftsman seemed evacuate at first, but Levi notices the delusive penetrate and under it, were three hidden books kept intact with respective preservatives. Mikasa and Eren open the first book, [ 183 ] and within it they find an uncannily naturalistic portrayal of Grisha standing beside a blue-eyed woman and a child. On the back of it, Grisha had written that it is not an example, it is called a photograph and that humanness has not perished. [ 184 ] Upon returning to the Walls, Eren and Mikasa are put in prison cells as punishment for their actions against Levi. During this clock time, Armin visits them and logs Eren ‘s memories as he retells them of many events in his forefather Grisha ’ s life that matched up with what was found in the books in his basement. Among these memories is a conversation between him and Eren Kruger, an allied spy to the Eldian Restorationists. During this conversation, Kruger tells Grisha that anyone who has inherited the world power of the Titans will only live for 13 more years, as no one with this power can outlive its original owner Ymir Fritz who founded the state of Eldia and all its subjects. Upon hearing this revelation, Mikasa becomes very depressed and denies its validity, knowing that Armin and Eren only have a short number of years left to live if it is truthful. [ 185 ] After Hange, the stream commander, puts besides much pressure on Eren in the future prison cell, Levi ordered them complimentary. Mikasa leaves her cellular telephone, having lost weight unit in her state of low. [ 186 ] Mikasa attends a military converge, on how to proceed with the findings of the basement, in Trost. She sits mutely as Hange deliberates their interpretation of the events, but is shocked and confused when Eren shouts all of a sudden during the meet. [ 187 ] Mikasa then continues being quiet, until the decision of the meet, with the decision made to release all discoveries made by the Survey Corps to the public. [ 188 ] The nine surviving members of the Survey Corps late attend a ceremony, to be honored for their achiever in the Battle of Shiganshina District. Before the start of the ceremony, Eren gets into an argument with Floch over Armin being saved over Commander Erwin. When she attempts to calm Eren down, Floch commends Mikasa over her acting like an adult and giving up in saving Armin. This argument surprises and upsets her. [ 189 ] She would late go on to be commemorated for her courage in Shiganshina with a decoration .
roughly a year after the Battle of Trost District, the Titan Guillotines had eradicated all Titans within Wall Maria, allowing citizens to repopulate Shiganshina. The Survey Corps was able to hold an excursion beyond the Walls for the first gear time in six years. Mikasa ventures out on hogback, beyond the Walls for the first time. After following a deform Titans lead, the Survey Corps reach the edge of Paradis Island, and behold the ocean. [ 190 ] The Survey Corps dismount their horses, discard their boots, and promontory to the beachfront. Mikasa is startled by an ocean wave, but goes on to give Armin a warm smile. She listens, as Armin begins to gleefully talk with Eren over the size of the ocean. however, these happy moments fade as Eren solemnly states that the ocean does not hold exemption, and enemies are over the early slope. [ 191 ] One class after retaking Shiganshina, Mikasa goes with the early members of the Survey Corps to intercept a review ship sent from Marley. Like the others present, Mikasa is surprised to see two sailors rebel and force the others to surrender. While watching the two suffer with Levi and Hange, Mikasa ponders what their plan might be while trying to wake up Sasha. [ 192 ] An alliance is formed between Paradis and the group of rebels, calling themselves the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, and preparations and training begin for the impend war with Marley. While at a ignition range, Mikasa and Armin both agree that it is good to see both sides are getting along with each other, but are visibly disturb by Eren ‘s imperativeness that Paradis must launch a preemptive assail on Marley to buy themselves more time to prepare. [ 193 ] later on, Mikasa is among the Survey Corps members that meet with an ambassador from the nation of Hizuru named Kiyomi Azumabito. Mikasa is left dumbfounded when Yelena calls her attention to the fact that Kiyomi ‘s physical features strongly resemble her late mother ‘s, explaining that the similarities are ascribable to the fact that Kiyomi ‘s family are relatives of her mother ‘s. At a meet between the two parties, Kiyomi displays the peak of the Azumabito kin and Mikasa is shaken to see it is the like as the tattoo on her wrist. After some motivate by Eren, Mikasa shares it, saying that her beget gave it to her as a girlfriend and to pass it down to her children late on. Kiyomi describes how both Hizuru and Eldia were allies long ago and laments that the state suffered after the Great Titan War. Kiyomi finishes by stating that Mikasa is the descendant of Hizuru ‘s lost overlord and the hope for their state. Although Mikasa is overwhelmed by this information, Historia is ecstatic, believing that Hizuru will be more will to trust Paradis due to Mikasa ‘s ancestry. [ 194 ] late, after spending the day construction coach tracks, Eren mentions that he entirely has roughly five years left to live and begins to consider who he should pass his Titan abilities to. Mikasa immediately volunteers herself but Jean advises against it ; Mikasa is half-Asian, and they do not know what the Ackerman kin is ( if they are Subjects of Ymir or not ), so she might not even be capable of becoming a Titan at wholly. As the others volunteer themselves besides, Eren decides to not choose any of them ascribable to valuing their friendship and not wanting to have any of their lives forcibly cut short on his behalf. [ 195 ] Mikasa is one of respective Survey Corpsmen who journey to Marley ‘s mainland to meet with Kiyomi. When Eren leaves in the in-between of the touch, Mikasa and the rest of the 104th graduates go searching for him. [ 196 ] Mikasa finds him looking at a cluster of refugee tents. At first, she begins to reprimand him for going outside entirely when he is their enemies ‘ most want target, but then she realizes that he is looking at the boy who stole from Sasha and Levi earlier in the day, deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as the boy ‘s kin. Eren tells her that these tents are where these people live after losing their homes to war. The people here are like the two of them. One day life sentence stopped being normal and everything was taken away. He asks Mikasa why she cares about him indeed much, whether it is because he saved her when they were kids, or because they are family. Mikasa stammers at inaugural but then replies that he is family. The rest of their friends arrive and interrupt their conversation, disappoint Eren. The group end up having dinner with the family living near the Azumabito estate, spending the night drink and bacchanalian. [ 197 ] The soldiers sit in on a hearing between politicians to discuss Eldian mistreatment. They are horrified when the speakers begin calling for the hate being shown towards Eldians to be redirected towards the Eldians be on Paradis. As they are listening, Mikasa notices Eren softly depart from the converge. [ 198 ] As Eren begins his attack on the Marleyans, Mikasa joins the Survey Corps in retrieving him and attacking Liberio. During the battle between Eren and the War Hammer Titan, Mikasa attacks the War Hammer from behind, using a modify ride with multiple Thunder Spears. She launches all eight at the War Hammer ‘s nape, seven of which land solidly in the neck, where they explode. Mikasa lands on the shoulder of the beheaded Attack Titan and asks Eren to come home. [ 199 ] She belated questions him if he has an idea of what he has done, as he has killed civilians, including children, and there is no way to undo that. however, Eren does not answer the question and alternatively points out that the War Hammer Titan is still alive. Mikasa is shocked to see the Titan standing up, since she is sure that she destroyed its nape completely, and the War Hammer Titan then fires a expressway of its hardened substance towards them. Mikasa quickly grabs Eren and flees away of the Attack Titan ‘s torso, barely avoiding getting strike. Eren comes up with a plan to defeat and eat the War Hammer Titan, and asks Mikasa to distract the enemy enough for him to enact it. [ 200 ] Mikasa re-engages the War Hammer Titan while Eren transforms back into the Attack Titan and captures Lara Tybur, who was hiding under the ground encased in crystal and controlling the War Hammer remotely via a long cord. Mikasa watches as Eren severs the connection and prepares to eat Lara, but then is horrified to see Galliard attacking him from behind, and she and Levi go to aid him. [ 201 ] After Levi and Eren wield to hold off Galliard, Mikasa intercepts him and knocks him down off the wall with a thunder Spear. other Survey Corps soldiers come to fight the Titan but they are shot by the Panzer Unit on circus tent Pieck ‘s Cart Titan, although Mikasa is among the ones who manage to escape. She then sees Eren being caught off guard by the reappearance of the War Hammer Titan and then Zeke Yeager ‘s Beast Titan arriving to the conflict. As Zeke joins Galliard and Pieck and orders them not to let anyone miss and wipe them all out, Levi orders the Corps to face their enemies and to survive. [ 202 ] While the Survey Corps and Warriors clash, Mikasa attempts to destroy the War Hammer ‘s crystal with a Thunder Spear, but it fails to even crack. Staying close up to Eren, she watches as he then unsuccessfully tries to consume the quartz glass. [ 203 ] She witnesses an explosion at the nearby harbor, signaling the arrival of Armin and the Colossus Titan. When the Jaw Titan attempts to charge Eren, Mikasa intervenes. Having worn an update fixed of the traditional vertical steer gearing alongside the anti-personnel variant, she draws her blades and prepares to fight it once more. [ 204 ] Mikasa swings her swords at the Jaw Titan but it lunges out of the manner and goes for the Attack Titan. She follows it and tries to provide back and as it momentarily breaks off from the approach, Mikasa notes that this stream Jaw Titan is much faster and different from Ymir ‘s Titan. [ 205 ] It then switches its focus from Eren to an incoming airship that serves as the Survey Corps method acting of retreat from the struggle. Mikasa anticipated the Jaw Titan going after it and manages to catch it off guard ; she comes from underneath it and throws it off libra by slicing through both legs and severs one of its feet. Mikasa observes Eren using the Jaw Titan to kill and consume the powers of the War Hammer Titan. After Eren gets caught by surprise from Reiner ‘s Armored Titan, Mikasa flies to Eren and convinces him to come back home. She then leaves with Eren and flies toward the entrance airship. [ 206 ] After they board the airship, Levi kicks Eren due to his insubordination, infuriating Mikasa ; she tries to protest, but is stopped by Armin. [ 207 ] The four converge with Zeke and Yelena at another separate of the ship. A whirl ensues outside and Connie and Jean enter the room, carrying two capture stowaways. jean announces that one of them shot Sasha and she is unlikely to survive, prompting Mikasa and Armin to run out of the board to see her. [ 208 ] Sasha dies from her injuries, with Mikasa and Armin futilely trying to wake her. [ 209 ] After the Survey Corps fall to Paradis Island, Mikasa attends the funeral service held for the eight soldiers lost during the struggle in Liberio. Afterward, she remains by Sasha ‘s grave to continue mourning. [ 210 ] As Mikasa is visiting Sasha ‘s grave, she is interrupted by the sound of Connie and Jean saving Niccolo from being harassed by a military Police Brigade soldier. As Niccolo pays his respects to Sasha, Mikasa informs him of how she died. [ 211 ] Later that night, Mikasa is with Armin, Connie and Jean, with the latter express depress that the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers were arrested .
When Connie mentions they should be prepared to kill Eren if he sides with their enemy, Mikasa opposes him but he glares at her and asks if she would side with the foe excessively. Mikasa says no, but claims that Eren still cares for them and tries to convince them his late demeanor is reflective of that. [ 212 ] The others do not believe her and Jean brings up the fact that despite this, Eren still had no problem forcing them to fight and that resulted in Sasha ‘s death. Mikasa is further shocked when Connie stated that Eren laughed when order that Sasha had died. Armin decides they should prepare for a worst-case scenario to have person turn and kill Eren if he proves to be a terror ; Mikasa protests that he hush has several years left, but Armin states they will decide what happens after confirming where Eren stands. [ 213 ] After a group of Survey Corps recruits leak the news of Eren ‘s catch to the public and are found out, Mikasa attends the listening that Hange conducts with them. After hearing them out, Hange orders the perpetrators jailed for their actions, and Mikasa escorts one of them, Louise, to her cell. Louise tries to justify Eren ‘s actions and convert Mikasa to help free him, but Mikasa merely cuts her off and leaves. [ 214 ] She meets up with Armin and notifies him that Darius Zackly has agreed to see them. Both of them are stunned to hear Zackly refuse their request to see Eren and Mikasa is taken aback by the possibility that Zeke Yeager has been controlling Eren ‘s behavior and movements anterior to the attack on Liberio. [ 215 ] After being sent away, Mikasa notices respective Military Police soldiers enter Zackly ‘s function and decides to eavesdrop ; [ 216 ] Armin tries to persuade her not to, but she insists on knowing what commission the Survey Corps is going. on the spur of the moment, she grabs Armin and dives away equitable as an explosion goes off in Zackly ‘s office. They both go outside and experience Zackly ‘s dismember cadaver from the smash ; Mikasa is speechless about who could have been behind the assassination as the crowd of protesters chant in approval. [ 217 ] During an emergency meeting by the other heads of the Military, Mikasa hears Armin testify that he observed several recruits from the Survey Corps leave the area and were most likely responsible for the explosion. She is shocked to hear Eren has escaped parturiency and blocked his escape road thus no one could follow him. [ 218 ] Mikasa accompanies Armin, Hange and Onyankopon as the military demeanor a search for the renegades, staring blankly ahead and unresponsive to Armin as he tries to calm her. [ 219 ] subsequently, Mikasa attends another meet to plan the military ‘s reaction to the emergence of the rebels, now dubbed the “ Yeagerists. ” As the meeting concludes, Kiyomi pulls Mikasa digression to ask her to consider fleeing to the Azumabito ‘s transport if the need arises. Mikasa thanks her for her retainer, though makes clear that she sees herself as an Eldian first, and intends to see the destiny of the island that raised her. furthermore, after Kiyomi tells her of the Azumabito ‘s precarious political situation, Mikasa says that this is all the more situation to not rely on the family. Despite Mikasa ‘s words, Kiyomi states that no matter what happens with the island, the family will protect her. Heading outside with the other Survey Corps veterans, Mikasa briefly squabbles with Connie over Eren ‘s connection to the Yeagerists, and over being suspected. Believing Zeke to have a secret system, the corporation depend on out to a leash ; a restaurant employing Marleyan workers. [ 220 ] After arriving for their investigation and meeting up with Niccolo, Mikasa and the others wait in a backroom for him to finish his work. A abruptly while later, Armin calls everybody into the chief room, where Niccolo is attacking the run-away Warrior candidates over the murder of Sasha. finally, when Mr. Blouse ‘s understand attitude calms the situation down, Mikasa goes over to the female campaigner to check on her wounds. on the spur of the moment, another young female child named Kaya attempts to stab the campaigner, however Mikasa blocks the attack. Mikasa and Armin take her into the following room as the Blouse family cry. [ 221 ] In a discriminate room, Mikasa sits with Gabi and Armin ; when asked by Gabi why she saved her, Mikasa does not give any cause why when Eren by chance appears. Before they can say anything, Eren mutely holds up his right hand which is bleeding. Understanding Eren ‘s intent if they do not comply, Mikasa and Armin obey his request to sit down at the board. [ 222 ] As they hear Floch lead the others away, Mikasa can lone sit in amazed silence while Eren and Armin begin to talk. When Eren mentions himself ultimately being exempt, Mikasa says that he is not and is being controlled by Zeke. She mentions how Eren was not like this always earlier and brings up how he saved her from being kidnapped all those years ago, pointing to the scarf joint Eren gave her. [ 223 ] Eren glares at her and firm reminds her to keep her hands on the table. Stunned by this reaction, Mikasa mutely complies .
After Eren calls Armin a useless traitor, Mikasa asks Eren what he is doing and hears that Eren learned about her syndicate ‘s descent from Zeke deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. She hears from Eren that the Ackerman kin can manifest the power of the Titans while remaining in human form and will activate in the presence of a person recognized as the king. He muses that her instincts as an Ackerman are the sole argue why Mikasa has stuck by him for then long. Bringing up the example of her try kidnap, Eren reminds Mikasa that she only acted when he told her to. [ 224 ] Realizing this, Mikasa tries to explain it off but Eren remarks that Ackermans besides suffer dangerous headaches ascribable to their true selves fighting the urge to protect the host. Recalling that it happened to her, Eren flatly states the real Mikasa died that day in the hut and all that is left are her Ackerman instincts. Mikasa is unable to speak and starts to break down and cry when Eren claims he has always hated her, calling her nothing more than an obedient slave. [ 225 ] When Armin tries to assault Eren, Mikasa swiftly blocks his attack and slams him into the board, much to both their jolt and horror. As Eren starts beating Armin, Mikasa continues to cry and begs him to stop. Eren then orders her, Armin and Gabi taken away to Shiganshina District. [ 226 ] Afterwards, Mikasa is relocated to a prison cell alongside the other captives. [ 227 ] During her imprisonment, Jean inquires more about her recent brush with Eren from Armin but Mikasa rebuffs the remarks not wanting to explain. They are then interrupted by Yelena who came to explain Zeke ‘s true intentions. [ 228 ] Afterwards, Mikasa remains baseless as the others react to Yelena ‘s explanation of the euthanization design. [ 229 ] As the contend on the rooftop ensues, Mikasa and the other prisoners wonder what the sound overhead them was about. [ 230 ] Onyankopon arrives shortly to release them, requesting that all imprison soldiers join the fight against Marley to keep Eren safe. As they head to put on sets of vertical manoeuver equipment, Mikasa and Armin discuss what Eren ‘s motivations might be for pushing them away. Although Armin is diffident of Eren ‘s intentions, he assures Mikasa that Eren was lying about her Ackerman genes, and just used his cognition of her headaches to give his lie credence. [ 231 ] As she is suiting up, Mikasa is visited by Louise, who tries to alliance with her. Mikasa ignores the female child, and departs for the conflict battlefield ; before leaving, she folds up the scarf given to her by Eren and leaves it behind. [ 27 ] Along with the others, Mikasa notices Zeke getting shoot and falling off the wall. As Armin decides they must neutralize the Cart Titan, both of them are shot at by respective Marleyan soldiers hiding in a nearby house. [ 232 ] After Connie destroys it with a Thunder Spear, Mikasa goes with Armin to the Cart Titan while Commander Pixis and Nile Dok of the Military Police coordinate efforts on the reason. suddenly, a loud belly laugh is heard throughout the zone ; Mikasa sees respective flashes of light and realize that Zeke has transformed the affect soldiers into Pure Titans. [ 233 ] Reaching the circus tent of the wall where the Cart Titan is stationed, Mikasa saves Armin after he destroys the Titan weapon cannon atop its back. Cutting through the soldiers accompanying it, Mikasa then glares at Pieck. She is then charged by the Cart Titan and angles out of crop while preparing to strike it. [ 234 ] Before they can engage, Eren and Zeke make contact, causing the Wall to collapse and abruptly ending Mikasa ‘s attack. [ 235 ] Mikasa and Armin are horrified to see the Titans inside emerging. Looking at Eren ‘s newly Titan phase, Mikasa wonders if there was any early option they could have made, or if she had answered differently when Eren had asked her what he meant to her, that could have avoided the conflict they find themselves in now. As the Wall Titans begin to march, Armin assumes that Eren is using the Founding Titan to send the Wall Titans to attack the forces amassing in Marley to attack Paradis. however, he is perplexed to see that all of Wall Maria is crumbling, telling Mikasa that an attack on Marley should have only required the Titans contained in Shiganshina ‘s out Wall. They are interrupted by Eren, who begins speaking to all Subjects of Ymir through the Founding Titan. To Mikasa ‘s shock, Eren declares that he is going to be using the Founding Titan to wholly exterminate all life outside Paradis Island. [ 236 ] Mikasa and Armin regroup with Jean and Connie, who have Falco with them. Noticing their fellow soldiers being attacked by Titans, Armin and Jean go to help them but Mikasa points out that they need to deal with Falco. Jean suggests feeding the male child to one of the Titans while Connie argues that his beget should be allowed to eat Falco. Armin does not want to sacrifice Falco at all, arguing that killing him will only breed more animosity with the Warriors. The group is attacked by a Titan, allowing Connie to flee with Falco before the group can stop him. [ 237 ] The group returns to the military headquarters where they rally the soldiers trapped inside to help them kill the Titans which have amassed around the build. After clearing out the first wave of Titans, Mikasa ‘s group lies in wait at the build up while more soldiers lead the remaining Titans to the build to be killed, subsequently clearing all of them. [ 238 ] When battle had ended, Mr. Blouse brings Mikasa and Armin to go meet with Gabi, who begs them to return Falco to her. Armin explains what has happened to Falco and Gabi urgently tries to argue that Eren can return Connie ‘s mother to normal with the Founding Titan in order to spare Falco. Gabi argues that he was capable of even removing the Armored Titan ‘s hardened skin, prompting Mikasa to ask Gabi about Reiner ‘s whereabouts. [ 239 ] Mikasa tries to convince Armin not to pursue Connie to Ragako, but is abortive. As Armin is leaving Mikasa tries to ask Armin what they will do about Eren, causing Armin to lash out at her for not focusing on more pressing issues that they have. He then tells her that Erwin would have had better judgment in that here and now, and departs. As Armin leaves, Mikasa notices that her scarf is no longer where she left it. Mikasa late finds Jean and Floch with a dead Volunteer and demands to know what happened. Floch claims to be acting on Eren ‘s behalf to wipe out any resentment Paradis might have. Floch attempts to recruit Jean but Mikasa interrupts him, demanding to know what happened to Hange and Levi. Floch claims, to her shock, that Zeke killed them. [ 240 ] The adjacent good morning, Mikasa finds Louise in the hospital wear her missing scarf. Louise claims that Eren told her to throw the scarf away, so she decided to take it alternatively, prompting Mikasa to demand that she return it immediately. [ 241 ] Later, Mikasa and Jean are contacted by Hange, who informs the two of the plan to join forces with Marley to stop Eren. Mikasa agrees to it. [ 242 ] After receiving the signal from Jean to leave the military headquarters, Mikasa departs with her comrades. [ 243 ] On their way out of Shiganshina, they pick up and join forces with Annie and Reiner. [ 244 ] That nox, the combined forces of Marley and Paradis share a meal as they discuss how to oppose Eren. [ 245 ] As tensions run high between the Survey Corps and the Warriors, Annie demands to know if the Corps will be able to kill Eren if no early option is presented. Mikasa states that killing Eren is not the entirely way to stop him, confirming Annie ‘s suspicions that Mikasa and her friends would try to stop the Warriors from killing Eren. Mikasa steps up to confront Annie, but she defuses the situation by assuring Mikasa that she has no issue with Eren living if he can be convinced to stop the Rumbling. [ 246 ] The next day the group travels to Paradis ‘ harbor with the intention of using the Azumabito kin ‘s airship to pursue Eren, only to find that the harbor has been occupied by Yeagerists. [ 247 ] As the group gears up for a confrontation Annie suggests launching an all-out fire and Mikasa reminds her that they can not risk getting the Azumabito killed in the crossfire. The discussion is interrupted by Hange, who reveals to everyone ‘s horror that Eren and his Titans have apparently already reached Marley. The group settles on a design to try to trick Floch into handing over the Azumabito mechanics so that they can operate the transport. Floch alternatively tries to execute the Azumabito, necessitating Mikasa to intervene and save them. Mikasa helps Kiyomi disarm Floch and his guards, but Floch manages to escape and alert the other Yeagerists to their attack. Mikasa, Hange, Jean and Magath lead Kiyomi and the mechanics to the basement of the build up they were being kept in and take protection there therefore that Annie and Reiner can transform and fight without hazard of collateral damage. [ 248 ] After it is decided that the flying boat will be taken to Odiha so that it can be prepped for flight under more favorable conditions, Mikasa brings news of the switch to Annie and Reiner and instructs them to protect the Azumabito service gang. As Mikasa engages the Yeagerists, she is alerted by Hange about reinforcements arriving by train but is shocked to see the string derail itself. once the boat is ready to depart, Mikasa helps carry an hurt Annie onboard. [ 249 ] On board the ship, Mikasa and Jean are seen holding bet on Annie, who is in distress, after Hange reveals that Liberio can not be saved from the Rumbling anymore. [ 250 ] Upon arriving in Odiha, Mikasa helps out with the preparations for the flying gravy boat to take off. While working, Mikasa suggests that Annie practice with the raw anti-personnel equipment but Annie reiterates that she does not intend to continue helping the group. Mikasa notices Annie watching Armin and reminds her that he will be going with them to find Eren, but Annie does not change her mind. Annie asks Mikasa if she will kill Eren to save humanness and Mikasa claims that she will not. [ 251 ] As ferment on the flying boat nears completion, Mikasa and the other soldiers prepare to depart. however, Floch reveals himself inside the airdock, having followed them across the ocean, and fires on them. Mikasa fires one of her anchors into Floch ‘s throat, killing him before he can harm anyone, but she is not promptly enough to stop him from rupturing the gravy boat ‘s fuel tank car. As Eren ‘s Titans arrive in Odiha, the group is forced to depart without Hange, who stays behind to buy them time to escape. [ 252 ] En route to Eren, Mikasa participates in the meeting to discuss the best plan to stop him. During the suffer, Mikasa inquires about Reiner ‘s hunch that Eren wants to be stopped by person. The suffer is interrupted as the group is being pulled into Paths by Eren. As his comrades try to talk Eren down, Mikasa pleads for Eren to return to them. Seeing Eren in the distance, Mikasa and the others try to reach him but are unable to get any close. Eren tells them that he called them to Paths to let them know that they will have to kill him to stop the Rumbling, before sending them back to the flying boat. [ 253 ] As the flying boat reaches Eren it comes under fire from the Beast Titan. Mikasa and her comrades leap from the boat and use their steer gear to evade the Beast ‘s projectiles before engaging it directly. [ 254 ] The group makes short study of the Beast Titan, only to find that Zeke is not inside its nape. Mikasa is alarmed when Armin decides to transform and use the explosion to find Zeke, but Armin reassures her that he does not intend to kill Eren. however, before Armin can execute his plan an united states army of Titans begins generating atop Eren and abducts him. Pieck is disabled while trying to blow up Eren ‘s nape and Levi orders his squad to focus on saving Armin .
They do not get far ahead Bertolt Hoover ‘s Colossus Titan appears. It disables Reiner ‘s Titan and throws it at the group, knocking them off Eren ‘s Titan. Mikasa is left the only soldier with functioning maneuvering equipment in any state to fight leaving her as the only one to defend her comrades from the approach Titans. She is promptly overwhelmed defending all of her comrades and Levi uses up the final of his lastingness to aid her, but passes out from his injuries in the process. Mustering her persuasiveness, Mikasa prepares to make a stopping point stand against the Titans, only for them all to be whisked to safety by Falco, who has learned to fly in his Titan shape. [ 255 ] Atop Falco ‘s Titan, Mikasa reveals to Annie that Armin has been captured by Eren ‘s Titans and asks Annie to help rescue him. Levi decides to have the group split up to simultaneously rescue Armin and detonate the explosives on Eren ‘s nape, to Mikasa ‘s horror. Mikasa tries to change her friends ‘ minds but is abortive and Annie orders her to focus on rescuing Armin to take her heed off Eren .
Arriving at Eren ‘s Titan ‘s tailbone, Mikasa, Connie and Annie identify the Titan which took Armin and begin their avocation of it. As the three fight off the Titans which attack them, the Okapi Titan which took Armin flees and Mikasa has Annie throw her in its management in the hopes of catching up to it. however, other Titans begin physically shielding it and she finally breaks her blades on the clamber of an Armored Titan. Annie saves Mikasa from the Armor, but the two of them and Connie are left surrounded as the Okapi flees to Bertolt ‘s Colossus Titan. [ 256 ] Just as they are about to be overwhelmed, Bertolt ‘s Titan intervenes and begins fighting alongside them. Mikasa uses the opportunity to pursue the Okapi again and is finally able to cut Armin out of its mouth after Gabi shoots it in the head. [ 257 ] Jean manages to detonate Eren ‘s nape thanks to the help of their raw allies and Mikasa joins her friends in evacuating atop Falco ‘s Titan so that Armin can transform. [ 258 ] As the group touches down in Fort Salta, Mikasa begins suffering from another headache, grieving that the last conversation she had with Eren ended with him claiming he hated her. The group is relieved to see that Reiner survived Armin ‘s transformation, but they are disheartened to see that Eren and the centipede besides survived. To Mikasa ‘s distress, Levi decides that the only hope they have of stopping the Rumbling is killing Eren so that the source can not reattach itself to him. The source begins emitting roll of tobacco into Salta and the soldiers realize that it is attempting to transform the Eldians in the fortify into pure Titans. Leaving behind Jean and Connie, Mikasa joins Levi and Pieck in boarding Falco and departing to face Eren once again. [ 259 ] As they draw near to Eren, Mikasa experiences another potent headache and is abruptly brought into a way place by Eren. Mikasa is living in isolation with Eren following their decision to run off from the Paradis-Marleyan conflict. Eren notices that Mikasa has been crying, and Mikasa wonders if it is all right for her to be there. Eren muses that the only choice they had was to run away and live out the rest of his four years in peace together, since he could not bring himself to allow Historia to suffer or to Rumble the people living outside the Walls .
Mikasa apologizes for bringing up the past, and Eren asks her to forget about him when he dies. In the real world, Mikasa says that she can not forget him. Tying her scarf around her neck once again, Mikasa tells Levi that Eren is inside his Titan ‘s mouth and asks him to help her reach him. Levi uses a thunder Spear to blow a trap in Eren ‘s Titan mouthpiece and Mikasa enters it, immediately severing Eren ‘s head from the spine. Kissing Eren, Mikasa bids him goodbye. [ 260 ] Carrying Eren ‘s head, Mikasa finds Armin on the battlefield and the two mourn their acquaintance ‘s death. Mikasa tells Armin that she plans to leave on her own thus that she can give Eren a proper burial. The two agree that the best identify to bury him is at the foot of the tree he liked to nap under. [ 261 ] As Mikasa departs she sees the apparition of Ymir. Understanding that Ymir ‘s love for Fritz was a curse that she can not undo, she rather thanks Ymir for bringing the life into the world which allowed for her to be born. Mikasa wishes Ymir a good rest as she continues on her way back to Paradis. [ 262 ] Mikasa returns to Paradis Island and, true to her news, makes a humble grave for Eren at the tree he liked to sleep under outside of Shiganshina District. Three years after his death, Mikasa visits Eren ‘s grave and reveals that their friends are going to be coming to visit him soon. Wishing to see him again, Mikasa begins to cry. Her tears are interrupted by a bird, which grabs the end of her scarf and tightens it before flying away. As she watches the bird fly away, Mikasa thanks Eren for wrapping the scarf around her once more. [ 263 ] Years former, Mikasa continues to regularly visit Eren ‘s dangerous with her modern family for decades before finally passing aside at an old long time and is buried with Eren ‘s scarf. [ 31 ]


While she was calm training, Keith even noted that Mikasa ‘s performance is exemplary in every subject and that she is sincerely a flair. [ 47 ] Having a colossal skill in upright manoeuver equipment, she can use blades to well strike and slash Titans with accelerate and efficiency. This has led to her being mentioned as a military ace many times and “ a valuable as a hundred average soldiers. ” [ 264 ] Her command and noteworthy will allows her to display a deadly force against Titans rarely seen among soldiers, recruits or veterans alike. This has been proven true when she took on Annie in her Titan form, who had killed numerous experience veterans with rest before, and survived. [ 89 ] While being a new manner of weapons manipulation, Mikasa easily mastered how to use Thunder Spears. She has the military capability to carry up eight spears with still, before simultaneously throwing and detonating them on Titans with greater accuracy than the weapon inventor. [ 265 ]


Owing to the want to protect Eren who frequently runs off looking for trouble, Mikasa had honed herself to be a talented combatant at a identical youthful historic period. She frequently threw boys bigger than her with facilitate and scared them enough to run away upon seeing her despite their superscript numbers. [ 266 ] Having undergo acute education, Mikasa is impregnable enough to lift Eren and respective equipment boxes off the ground without attempt. [ 267 ] [ 268 ]

Mikasa Ackerman ‘s statistics as of class 850 [ 269 ] :

Love for family

Being an Ackerman, Mikasa has “ awakened ” a abeyant power within her earlier in her life when her parents were murdered and she was going to be kidnapped until Eren saved her. It has been described as “ knowing precisely what needed to be done, ” [ 270 ] developing fighting instincts and perfect self-control of her body far above the modal human. This is because she can access the Power of the Titans to a express extent without transforming. She is able to connect to every single Ackerman before her via the paths and gain their conflict have. [ 271 ] Being the child of an Ackerman and an asian, Mikasa retains the ability to resist memory handling from the Founding Titan. [ 272 ]


  • Mikasa’s mother and father – Mikasa shared a loving bond with her parents, and was happy with the simple life they shared. Being one of the last members of an Asian clan, Mikasa’s mother had Mikasa undergo a scarring ritual involving the engraving of their clan’s mark on her right forearm. She praised Mikasa for receiving the mark without making a fuss and encouraged her to carry on the legacy with her own children.[33] Mr. Ackerman was a kind father to Mikasa, and she was very relaxed around him. She was not shy of asking either parent anything she did not know, and trusted them completely. The day a trio of robbers attacked and killed her parents in front of her, Mikasa lost all hope and believed her world had gone cold until Eren’s father decided to take her in.
  • Grisha Yeager – Though he initially hoped Mikasa would get along with Eren as a friend, in the end Grisha took in Mikasa after the brutal murder of her parents.[273] He treated her kindly as if she were his own daughter, and for that Mikasa respected and gratefully relied on him as a father figure.
  • Carla Yeager – Carla took care of Mikasa during her stay in the Yeager household. Much like her husband and son, she treated Mikasa as a family member and took care of her. The two seemed to have an implicit understanding between them when it came to keeping Eren out of trouble. Carla urged Mikasa to look out for Eren and give him help when he needed it. During the Titans’ assault on their home town, she desperately tried to lift the roof beam preventing Carla from running away from the danger.[274] Despite Carla’s pleas, she tearfully refused to leave her and could not bring herself to watch as a Titan eventually killed and ate her.
  • Eren Yeager – She always wears a scarf, given to her by Eren, as a token of the moment when he first wrapped it around her in an attempt to comfort her when she had first lost all hope. From the time he saved her life and accepted her into his home, Eren had been a great source of strength and comfort for her, and when she had thought him dead, she very nearly allowed herself to die as well, but kept living on to remember him, and when he turned out to be alive, she bursted out in tears of relief. She became distraught when learning Eren had been abducted, wrapping the scarf over her face to hide her sadness. Because he was the only family she had left, she would go to any lengths to ensure his safety, and vowed to follow him wherever he may go, stating her only wish was to remain by his side; when she discovered that Eren would die in a few years due to the “Curse of Ymir,” Mikasa visibly had trouble accepting this and, not wanting to face the reality that she would lose Eren, blatantly said it was not true. Due to Mikasa’s protective nature over him, Eren often became annoyed and told her not to treat him like her baby brother. Because of her intense devotion to him, several people, from Ian to Jean and even Levi, are confused about the nature of their relationship. Interestingly, Mikasa only ever blushed when Eren was involved. Examples of this include her embarrassed blush when Ian mistook him for her lover during the reconquest of Trost,[26] Armin leaving her alone with Eren after capturing the Female Titan,[100] and, when she believed she was about to die, thanked Eren for everything he had done for her.[275] After going across the sea, Eren asked Mikasa about what he meant to her. Mikasa stammered a little before replying that he was “family,” as the others arrive and interrupt them, disappointing Eren. Their relationship somewhat suffers after interacting with some Marleyans and after the Battle of Liberio; seeing Eren seemingly dismissive of her concerns about the numerous innocent civilians he killed prompts Mikasa to see that he had become colder and more detached, worrying her about his overall state of mind. Their bond was, at least temporarily, tested once Eren seemingly fully committed to the Yeagerists and insulted her, claiming he had always hated her.[276] During the start of the Rumbling, Mikasa recalled back to Eren’s question of their bond, wondering if things would be different had she given a different answer. She was determined not to kill Eren and simply bring him back to his senses; however, when Eren stated that the only way to stop him was by fighting and killing, Mikasa was extremely torn by this revelation. Shortly after the Rumbling was stopped, Mikasa experienced a Paths life and place Eren brought her to, where the two ran away together to live his remaining four years in peace, later admitting to Armin about his feelings for Mikasa and desire to be with her, wishing she would remember him for the rest of her life and not love anyone else. Mikasa would continue to mourn Eren while visiting his grave for decades with her new family until passing away of old age while wearing his scarf.
  • Armin Arlert – Mikasa is a very close friend of Armin’s. She frequently helped Eren fend off the older boys who bullied him when they were children. Mikasa recognizes Armin’s ability to reason out the best solution and come up with the best strategy during dire situations, and is faithful to him and trusts him deeply, as shown when she refused to leave him behind to his death during the Battle of Trost. She encouraged him to have more confidence in himself whenever he doubted or criticized himself. Her faith in him, along with Eren’s, were responsible for Armin’s boost in confidence from the time he attempted to convince a hostile brigade of soldiers of Eren’s value as a military weapon.[277] Additionally, when Armin was dying from being almost burned to death she is seen breaking down because Levi would not give Armin the Titan injection, staging a mutiny to get Armin revived, demonstrating how much she cares for his well-being, and when he is brought back, she smiles with tears flowing down her face.[278] Years later, after the Battle of Liberio and Eren’s betrayal, Mikasa has come to rely on Armin for emotional support and reassurance, the pair often accompanying one another.
  • Hannes – it is implied that Mikasa was grateful towards Hannes for rescuing her and Eren from being killed by the Titan that ate Eren’s mother. Despite admitting to his cowardice in front of her, she did not resent him for failing to rescue Carla, and she valued him as one of the few people left with whom she shared memories of more peaceful times. Hannes comforted her when she was depressed over losing Eren, and also encouraged Mikasa not to give up, which snapped her out of her grief. When she was seriously injured, Hannes defended both her and Eren from the Smiling Titan, only to lose his life in the end.[279] Retreating on horseback the safety of Wall Rose, Mikasa appeared to be in anguish over his loss, and still grieves for Hannes with Eren and Armin.
  • Annie Leonhart – Mikasa had a rivalry with Annie when they were both part of the 104th Training Corps.[citation needed] This would turn into outright animosity once Annie was confirmed to be the Female Titan who was responsible for the deaths of countless soldiers and Eren’s attempted kidnapping.[citation needed] Mikasa is likely jealous of Annie’s relationship with Eren, since she throws Reiner bodily on top of Eren and Annie in order to interrupt their training when Annie is demonstrating how to do a throw.[280] It appears that her hatred towards Annie has cooled off considerably once both sides began working together; Mikasa would even console Annie as the latter would comment how she was done fighting for people who have treated her poorly all throughout her life.[281]
  • Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover – It is not known if Mikasa had any interaction with either Reiner or Bertolt but after it is revealed they were behind the fall of Wall Maria, Mikasa has shown nothing but rage and anger towards them. However, Mikasa realizes that when she attacked both of them after Reiner revealed their identities as the Armored Titan and Colossus Titan, she hesitated and was unable to finish them off. She agonizes over this failure, recognizing that she should have been able to kill them with her level of skill.[282] When she finally caught up to them, she flew into a murderous rage, threatening Ymir and even Krista when they came between her and the traitors. Calling them a “plague upon humanity,” and stating that there is no reason to care what their reasons and motivations might be, she also encouraged the others to kill them without mercy. However, her rampage was stalled by Bertolt’s emotional confession. While it is currently unknown if her feelings towards the two have changed over the following years, it is known that Mikasa has at least temporarily put aside her animosity towards Reiner and is willing to work alongside him to stop the Rumbling.
  • Jean Kirstein – Her primary interactions with him relate to his rivalry with Eren, and it is unclear whether she is even aware of his affections for her. When he grimly admonished Eren for attacking her, Mikasa felt Jean was attempting to discredit Eren, and quickly became defensive on his behalf. It is implied that he continues to harbor feelings for Mikasa, as he lost his composure when he saw a Titan had grabbed her, and furiously attacked it head-on in order to save her.[283]
  • Sasha Blouse – Though the two have distinct personalities. Mikasa respected Sasha’s instincts. Sasha and Mikasa get along really well as the two have been roommates since their cadet days. Even though Sasha snores in her sleep, Mikasa does not seem to mind. The two joked around and were close enough for Mikasa considers to her be one of her closest friends besides Eren and Armin. When Jean told the others about Sasha getting shot and that Sasha would not make it, Mikasa ran out of the room to be by Sasha’s side. When Sasha died Mikasa shacked Sasha’s body in a vague attempt to ring her back. Sasha’s death distressed her immensely. After Sasha’s funeral Mikasa stayed by her grave and started talking about what had to be done for the Eldians to live.
  • Louise – After Mikasa saved a young Louise and her mother during the Battle of Trost, Mikasa left an indelible impression on the girl. After this, Lousie began idolizing Mikasa, which ultimately became her primary reason for joining the Survey Corps.[284] Years later, Mikasa reunites with Louise but is slightly put off by her constant idolization and also disapproves of how she has decided to follow Eren and the Yeagerists.[285] Nevertheless, Louise continues to look up to Mikasa for strength and leadership, wanting to get closer to her. When Mikasa came to a hospital for her scarf where a dying Louise was in, the latter revealed her motivation of how Mikasa inspired her to join the Survey Corps and devote her heart. However, Mikasa demands her scarf back and silently leaves, remaining indifferent to Louise’s integrity.
  • Levi Ackerman – Their relationship began in a negative fashion, as she witnessed him beat Eren during a military trial.[286] She once swore to make him pay for his abuse and lashed out at him when the Female Titan managed to kidnap Eren after slaughtering Levi’s squad.[287][288] Regardless, he expresses an understanding of her and is wounded saving her life—while temporarily sidelined, he repeatedly offers her advice, and she herself agonizes over causing his injury.[289] It is unknown if she still bears a profound grudge against him, though she eventually comes to accept his leadership.[290] They both share the last name Ackerman, although their exact relationship is unknown.[291]

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