How Miles Morales Becomes Marvel’s New Captain America

Miles Morales has become Marvel Comics ‘ new Captain America, but how precisely did that happen and what does it ultimately mean ? Warning! Spoilers for What If…? Miles Morales #1 by Marvel Comics
In a brand new What If … ? series from Marvel Comics, Miles Morales becomes the fresh Captain America in a world where Steve Rogers died. In the alternate population, Miles never became Spider-Man but rather by chance took the Super-Soldier Serum, transforming him into a different type of bomber. immediately, Morales proves to be worthy of the mantle of Captain America .
Earlier this year, Marvel revealed a modern What If … ? miniseries that will imagine Miles Morales taking on the role of unlike heroes across the Marvel Universe. Taking locate across different interchange universes, the comic will show Morales becoming Wolverine ( in a series written by John Ridley ), the Hulk, and Thor. however, first gear up, readers are introduced to a version of Miles who became the Captain America of his population – as his beginning and life are drastically changed with elements from Spider-Man ‘s original backstory silent entire.

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In What If … ? Miles Morales # 1 by Cody Ziglar, Paco Medina, Walden Wong, Victor Olazaba, Sean Parsons, Chris Sotomayor, and Cory Petit, readers learn Miles Morales ‘ uncle Aaron stored the Super-Soldier Serum in his electric refrigerator in his effort to make himself a hero. however, Miles incidentally ingests the serum, giving him the strength and powers of Captain America. Morales would finally become Marvel ‘s new Captain America – as the original was killed in action. Captain America and Falcon ( Tiana Toomes ) learn the Prowler is working alongside the Grey Skull to use the Cosmic Cube to power a transdimensional-fracker able of traversing realities. Captain America and Falcon stop the Grey Skull after learning the thought-to-be-dead Uncle Aaron is the Prowler. Miles and Tiana wield to shut down the knock-down device while being shown a glance of early versions of Morales from across different timelines. The comic ends with Uncle Aaron with a shard of the Cosmic Cube revealing he intends on opening the doors to the Multiverse.

Miles Morales does an excellent occupation as Captain America, with the report retaining several plot points from his Spider-Man origin. For model, Uncle Aaron ‘s Prowler kink is still in topographic point in the comedian, Tiana is his partner ( do n’t call her a buddy ), and Ganke is a tech-expert, albeit initially working with Grey Skull .
ultimately, seeing Miles Morales become Captain America and thrive in the function well makes for a capital What … If ? fib. While the original Miles will constantly be Spider-Man, in realities where he wasn’t bite by a spider, it ‘s cool to see he is silent destined to become a champion. Readers can see Marvel ‘s fresh Captain America in natural process in What If … ? Miles Morales # 1, in comic book stores nowadays.

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