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Misato Katsuragi[2] ( 葛城ミサト ) is a Captain, and late a Major, at Nerv. She is in dominate of Nerv HQ ‘s tactical Operations branch, creditworthy for coordinating the Evangelions in actual battle ( as opposed to the Science Division, headed by Misato ‘s longtime acquaintance Dr. Ritsuko Akagi ). She is the daughter of Dr. Katsuragi, and the lone survivor of his expedition, otherwise wiped out as a leave of Second Impact. As an adult, Misato is transferred to Tokyo-3 shortly before the Angels reappear. She takes Shinji Ikari, and belated Asuka Langley Soryu, into her home. She besides seems to have worked directly with Asuka in Germany [ 3 ]. She has a pet “ hot springs penguin ” named Pen Pen .


beginning workweek in Tokyo 3

Misato ‘s first appearance comes in Episode 01, when she comes to pick up Shinji in the cable car good in the middle of the attack of Sachiel, the first saint. She gets him out of danger in her car drive vitamin a firm as she can to guard. After they introduce themselves to each other and arrive in the Nerv facility, Misato tells Shinji she arrived here recently once they get lost. After being found by Ritsuko Akagi, she guides both Misato and Shinji the cage of Unit 01, where Gendo is waiting for Shinji. After Shinji refuses to pilot, Misato tries to support him and give him advice, but that does n’t do much for changing Shinji ‘s decisiveness.

finally, Shinji agrees to pilot. After being discharged from the hospital due to injuries sustained, Shinji is told about the set-up to live with his father. With Misato already aware of the complicated relationship the two have, she decides to have Shinji bouncy in her apartment as her foster ma .


200px Proposal 18 misato Misato in the Proposal. Note the lipstick and the shoulders of the consistent. Misato is described by Hideaki Anno as person who “ lives life so lightly as to barely allow the possibility of a homo touch. She protects herself by having surface level relationships, and running aside ” [ 4 ] Misato has surely shown fear to commitment, responsibility, and emotional disclosure throughout the series, specifically the psychological arch. In another interview, Anno besides described Misato as an older Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon ( whose haircloth is alike ) [ 5 ]. In the series, our foremost time seeing Misato, she appears to have two sides to her personality : at work she is a bad, competent Tactical Operations director, and at home she is a goofy, uninhibited person who likes to wear lean dress and knocking back beer after beer [ 6 ] in her messy apartment. however, overtime, the hidden Misato is revealed to be a profoundly perturb woman, with multiple unsolved family and social issues. part of this is due to trauma from being on the locate of Second Impact, but it has ampere much to do with her class life, particularly her at odds emotions towards her father. Despite being the head of Nerv ‘s Tactical Operations division, Misato is obviously a relatively new arrival at Nerv HQ, as she gets lost on her way into the base, prompting Ritsuko to comment that she ‘s “ lost again ”. In the adjacent episode, Misato says that she fair moved to Tokyo-3 “ the other day ” and there are even many unopened boxes in her apartment .

Misato ‘s Relationships

With her beget

250px Ep 21 misato Young Misato being kept under observation following second Impact According to her, Misato ’ s founder was very much like Gendo Ikari [ 7 ] in that he buried himself in work and shrink from human contact, but besides like Shinji in that he was described as delicate and weak. Misato thought she hated her founder, but then he saved her life during the Second Impact by placing her in an escape pod. With Dr. Katsuragi dead and no chance to explore what she saw as a sudden turn in their kinship, Misato was left both highly ambivalent about her feelings for him and with a burn desire for retaliation against the Angels. In Episode 12, Ritsuko even accuses her of putting her vengeance ahead of the destiny of the world by concocting a mission that had about no probability of achiever .

With Kaji

When she met Ryoji Kaji in college, Misato was at first base felicitous with him, but by and by dumped him by telling him she loved another person. late on in the series ( episode 15 ) she admits to him that this was a lie, and that actually she found that Kaji reminded her besides much of her father, and fearing the implications of this, Misato fled from him. [ 8 ] It is besides implied in Episode 25 that Misato was in some manner afraid of the pleasure she felt with Kaji, because ( among other reasons ) she did not feel she deserved it. In Episode 25, Misato besides says that though she first wanted to be a “ dependable child ” for the sake of her beget, she grew disgusted of that, and wanted to stain herself and her repute. She is asked if that ’ sulfur why she slept with “ that man ” ( presumably Kaji ), but is unable to sort out her feelings. The other characters in Instrumentality call her disgusting, and Misato has besides said that of herself, admitting using sex as an escape from reality and aloneness. Despite the intimate nature of their kinship, Miasto and Kaji savoir-faire each other quite formally, using their family names, Katsuragi and Kaji, preferably than their personal names, Misato and Ryoji. [ 9 ] After Kaji ‘s end, Misato switches from drinking beer to obviously equal amounts of can coffee .

With Shinji

Misato ‘s relationship with Shinji is a very multilayered one, with sealed aspects of it being the subject of firm controversy. Misato ‘s first action regarding Shinji sending him a photograph of herself to let him know what she looked like when she picked him up : A humorously inappropriate ( and revealing ) photograph of her wearing shortcut jeans and leaning ahead in a tank acme, winking at Shinji and giving him the V-sign ( She besides left a lipstick kiss on it ). The japanese write on it translates as “ To Shinji : I ‘ll be picking you up, thus wait for me, okay ? ” ( apparently written in creator Hideaki Anno ‘s own handwriting ). Misato besides punctuated the photograph with the highly inappropriate message, “ Pay attention ! ! ” with an arrow pointing to her breasts. This could be an early indication of Misato ‘s strange personality even before she appears on screen. As the series progresses, Misato ‘s function and kinship with Shinji grows up to be more than barely a legal defender and proceeds to be a rather building complex one, although chiefly of a syndicate type of bond .

With Ritsuko

In college, Misato was very close to Ritsuko, the daughter of scientist Naoko Akagi of Gehrin. After recovering from her injury from witnessing the second Impact, Misato has put on her champagne persona. Over time, they become co-workers at Nerv, and a friendship grows. however, once Misato starts digging around the secrets of Nerv, Ritsuko starts becoming more hostile and cold. When suggesting to destroy Leliel by firing missiles at its body without minding that Shinji is however trapped inside the saint, Misato gives her a heavily slap across the front. The two grow more and more apart as Ritsuko refuses to tell relegate information to a thwart Misato. It comes at a climax when Ritsuko shows her and Shinji the tank of Rei clones. As the clones break apart at the control of Ritsuko, she starts to break down and weep about how she was such a horse around, wishing for Misato to kill her. Misato does n’t, only replying that she truly was a jester her stallion animation .

In Rebuild of Evangelion

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Unlike her series counterpart, Misato knows that the giant star in Terminal Dogma is Lilith, and even identifies it as such to Shinji. Misato ‘s social station in Evangelion 1.0 is “ lieutenant Colonel ” while in Evangelion 2.0, she is promoted off-screen to “ Colonel ”. This places her higher in Nerv ‘s hierarchy ( however, any officers outranking her, apart from Gendo and Fuyutsuki, are however to appear ). In Evangelion 3.0, Misato is the naval Captain of Wille ‘s airborne flagship, the AAA Wunder. She wears her hair in a knot and speaks in a far sterner tone of voice, but differently appears to have aged little over the 14-year timeskip. In Evangelion : 3.0 + 1.0, Misato is revealed that she had a child with Ryoji Kaji, named Ryoji Kaji arsenic well. The younger Kaji works at repairing the Wille-built machines keeping the Village-3 barren from being turned to core. Kensuke explains to Shinji the site with the elder Kaji ‘s death and Misato ‘s current express, stating that Kaji Sr. sacrificed himself to stop Third Impact, and Misato immediately stays away from her child so that she can protect him from afar. Kensuke besides says that Misato regrets making Shinji shoulder all the burdens, and that is why she does n’t want Shinji to pilot an Eva again. former on, Ritsuko and Misato discuss their intentions in a quad aboard Wunder dedicated to preserving seeds of life for all species, which is mentioned to be the original aim of the vessel. The final confrontation begins, and AAA Wunder descends from orb towards Antarctica with the objective being the neutralization of Eva-13, in what Misato calls “ Operation Yamato ”. The Wunder breaks through a hexangular barrier that encloses an sphere of “ high L density ”. Misato and Ritsuko confront Gendo, with Ritsuko shooting him. It is revealed that Gendo has used the Key of Nebuchadnezzar and has thrown away his world by adding “ information that surpassed the logic of the universe ” to his body. Shinji asks Misato to pilot Eva-01 to stop Gendo. Midori Kitakami and Sakura are appalled at the prospect of Shinji entering the Eva and fire at him, but Misato blocks Sakura ‘s bullet with her own body. Misato thanks Shinji for saving them all from destruction using Eva-01 fourteen years previously, and explains that as his superior, the responsibility for his actions was ultimately hers, and since Shinji is hush her subordinate, she will take duty for his actions. Misato and Shinji have a conversation in which Misato is glad to hear that Ryoji Kaji ( Jr ) is well and asks Shinji to take worry of her son. Amidst the struggle of Shinji and Gendo in the anti-Universe, Misato prepares to turn the AAA Wunder into another Spear to hurl at a giant Red Rei, using Ritsuko ‘s cognition to transform Wunder ‘s spinal linkage system. Eva-08 boards the spinal anesthesia system as Misato uses the Wunder to ram the center of the giant star Rei-being. Misato sacrifices herself to hold back Gendo ‘s Additional Impact and manifest the Spear of Gaius, representing humanness ‘s will. The Gaius materializes in miniature shape between Shinji ‘s hands as Misato completes her sacrifice. She wishes her son and Shinji adieu looking at their photograph.

Misato in other Media

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In the Manga


Transformers adam Evangelion : Transformers Mode “ Eva ”

In the crossing over Misato sees the Angel assaultive and the arrival of the Autobot Sky Lynx, where the ghostwriter of the Decepticon Starscream possesses the Angel and becomes the loanblend Angel-scream where she sent out Eva-1 to combat the Angel. She was surprised when the Autobot drawing card Optimus Prime scans Eva-1 and gains the size and colors of the Eva, where she watched them competitiveness. once Eva-1 was disabled by Angel-scream Misato radioed the Autobot Wheeljack that she has faith in Optimus was there is no other Eva available to help him out. She managed to help out the Autobot leader by transforming Tokyo-3 to travel Angel-scream allowing Optimus Prime to finish off the Angel-Starscream hybrid. After the conflict when Optimus returns to normal size and having NERV upgrade his preview where the Autobots connect with NERV to combat Decepticons and Angels alike to Misato ’ s anxiety and exception. [ 10 ]


300px Misato Proposal Misato ‘s early designs300px Gendo Misato Ritsuko Proposal Some early designs of Gendo, Ritsuko and Misato. Like most characters in Evangelion, Misato was named for a transport : the Katsuragi, an Unryū class WWII Japanese aircraft carrier. Her given identify is from a heroine in Minako Narita ‘s manga Aitsu. [ 11 ] Hideaki Anno described Misato as “ a charwoman, twenty-nine, who lives life thus lightly as to barely allow the possibility of human refer. She protects herself by keeping relationships on the surface, and by running away. ” [ 12 ] Anno originally intended for the supporter to be a girlfriend, and Misato as a “ older-sister ” figure supporting her. Sadamoto developed this Misato was conceived as a “ girl following door ” in the military. [ 13 ] The name Misato means “ smasher ” ( mi ) and “ greenwich village ” ( sato ). however, assorted parents may choose to write it as “ ocular village ” or “ truth village ”. In addition, alternatively of the more common kanji for “ village ”, a version meaning “ home village ” with the lapp pronunciation can be used, making the appoint Misato mean “ beautiful base village ”. [ 14 ] Misato ‘s surname Katsuragi means “ victory ” ( katsu ) and “ to flow ” ( ragi ). To outline her personality, Anno was inspired by Usagi Tsukino, the 14-year-old supporter of the Sailor Moon serial, thinking of Misato as a more adult Usagi. [ 15 ] Sadamoto consequently drew her taking inspiration from Usagi ‘s character design, incorporating her hairdo. [ 16 ] The aesthetic similarities of the characters were emphasized by the choice of the voice actress, Kotono Mitsuishi, who played both roles. Some staff members, such as Jun’ichi Satō, had already worked for the animate version of Sailor Moon. [ 17 ] For her countenance, staff was besides inspired by Fujiko Mine from Lupin III and by the japanese writer Aya Sugimoto. [ 18 ] early on she was described as an older sister for Shinji, and initially would have been a 1st Lieutenant. [ 19 ] Sadamoto decided to give her the appearance of a motorcyclist, inspired by the clothes worn by racers. [ 20 ] As a motorsport fancier himself, Sadamoto depicted her as a fan of sports cars. It was his idea to give her a modify Renault Alpine A310, designed by mecha designer Ikuto Yamashita, [ 21 ] as a tribute to the first sequence of Lupin III, where there is a Renault Alpine A110. [ 22 ] Misato has a bit of an affinity for european cars in the original serial, and is a fan of this especial trade name, on her bedroom wall she has a post horse of an A110 during a race. She has besides been seen driving a loss Ferrari 328 GTS when arriving at Tokyo-3 ‘s school. In Rebuild of Evangelion, however, she forgoes the Alpine for a egg white Mazda Cosmo Sport 110, with a red racing stripe. [ 23 ] She carries a Heckler & Koch USP as her personal sidearm, compared to the Glock 17 that the other NERV personnel are seen wielding. It is only seen a few times in the series, but she demonstrates great skill with it. [ 24 ] As with early characters, Anno described Misato as a separate of himself. Misato would be, alongside Asuka and Shinji, share of his conscious self. however, Anno felt difficulty in representing a female character, and liked to read love story novels written by women to better understand their feelings. [ 25 ] Misato ‘s handwritten note to Shinji in Episode 1 was actually written by Anno himself. [ 26 ] Similarly, Misato ‘s apartment is actually a reproduction of Anno ‘s own. [ 27 ] Misato ‘s imply sex scenery with Kaji in Episode 20 was said by Anno to actually be a massage scene to television receiver Tokyo in order to get permission to air it. [ 28 ] Misato had no production line in the script, so Anno left it up to her voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi. The script just gave her a note by Anno : “Mitsuishi-sama, I look forward to working with you. Respectfully yours, Anno.” [ 29 ]


  • Misato’s ID card is fully visible in episode 25. Her age is listed as 29. Her blood type is AO (both the genotype “AA” and “AO” are indistinguishable as the “type A” phenotype). Her height is listed as 1.63m (5’4″). Her bust is 83cm (32.7 inches). Her waist, 59cm (23.2 inches). Her hip measurement is listed as 82cm (32.2 inches). Her weight is 47kg ( 103.4 pounds).
  • According to Sadamoto, Misato is a car buff[Source needed], and her apartment is littered with several car magazines; Gainax character designer and animator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto is himself a car enthusiast. Misato’s Car is Renault Alpine A310, and in the new Evangelion movies, she eventually drives a Mazda Cosmo.
  • She has a faint scar running diagonally under her right breast. This scar was a result of an injury inflicted (presumably by flying shrapnel) while Misato was taken by her father to safety minutes before Second Impact.
  • The theory that Misato had killed Kaji was caused by a shot in the originally aired version of Episode 21 of her room’s door with her name on it after Kaji’s death. This was changed in the Director’s Cut version of Episode 21 to just a shot of her apartment complex. The change and some of the reasoning behind it are detailed here. While the original source for the quote is missing (and hence unverifiable), Director Anno apparently raised the possibility that it could have been done by Japan government or Seele agent. The film-book also states that the killer was not a main character. This is also referenced in the Tsurumaki, FUNime March 2002 interview where Tsurumaki says that Kaji was tricked and killed by one of his informants, not Ritsuko or Misato.

Misato ‘s role in Second Impact

It is unknown why Misato was in Antarctica during Second Impact since once would not normally take a adolescent female child along on a highly relegate expedition, specially one as overabundant with danger as the Katsuragi expedition. It has been speculated that Misato may have been intended to have a part in the Contact Experiment with Adam, in separate because Misato was at the time approximately the same historic period as the Evangelion pilots would be fifteen years former, however, there is no attest presented in the appearance to support her direct engagement in the Contact Experiment. Since Yui apparently had no fuss bringing Shinji along for her Contact Experiment in Episode 21, it has been suggested that, like her, Dr. Katsuragi wanted to show his child the “ bright future ”, which would make feel if cipher present with the Katsuragi dispatch ( Except possibly Gendo Ikari ) was aware of the apocalyptic consequences of a Contact Experiment with Adam. More prosaically, Dr. Katsuragi may have brought his daughter along to care for her and keep her close to him after his wife left him, out of love and a concern of losing her or possibly due to realizing that he had neglected her due to his knead.


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