Momo Yaoyorozu

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Superheroine Student

Full Name

Momo Yaoyorozu


Everything Hero: Creati

Reading: Momo Yaoyorozu

(insult by Katsuki Bakugo)
(by some of her classmates)
Rich girl


My Hero Academia


Student at U.A. High School



Creation Quirk

Genius-level Intelligence
Weapons Expertise
Teaching Ability
Musical Talent



Drinking tea.
Spending time with her friends.


Become a Pro Hero.


Unnamed parents

Unnamed aunt
Unnamed paternal grandparents
Unnamed cousins


All Might (teacher)
Shota Aizawa (teacher)
Kyoka Jiro (good friend)
Shoto Todoroki (good friend)
Izuku Midoriya (good friend)
Ochaco Uraraka (good friend)
Tenya Iida (good friend/class-rep partner)
Eijiro Kirishima (friend)
Denki Kaminari (Best friend)
Tsuyu Asui (friend)
Katsuki Bakugo
Mina Ashido (friend)
Toru Hagakure (friend)
Itsuka Kendo (friendly rival)
Yosetsu Awase


All For One

Tomura Shigaraki
Twice †
Mr. Compress
Minoru Mineta (sometimes-on her side)
Nine †

Type of Hero

Spoiled Sweet Creator

We’ve got to start at the bottom and work up! And if we don’t earnestly cheer each other on… we’ll never be top heroes!
~ Momo Yaoyorozu.

Momo Yaoyorozu ( 八百万 百, Yaoyorozu Momo ) is the frailty president of the united states of Class 1-A at U.A. High School, where she got in through official recommendations, and is training there to become a professional hero. She is one of the main heroines of the My Hero Academia franchise. She is voiced by Marina Inoue in the japanese interpretation of the anime, and by Colleen Clinkenbeard in the english version.

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Momo is a improbable adolescent girlfriend with a preferably suppurate human body for her senesce. She has farseeing total darkness hair that is often tied back into a long shot glass tail, along with flimsy and dark eyes, accompanied by inadequate eyebrows normally set in a determine expression. ascribable to her Quirk ’ s want for fat cells, she prioritized keeping her calculate entire than her peers. During school fourth dimension, she is often seen wearing her traditional school uniform. Her bomber costume consists of a red, bootless leotard with white lines and two gold utility program belts around her waist. Her costume was designed to expose as much hide as it could, giving her more openings to use her Quirk to create things. Her winter costume includes her standard costume, vitamin a well as incorporating a loss cloak with a ring and gem .


Momo is a dedicate and highly intelligent girl with determination to become a Pro Hero, she normally shows herself to be one of the most intellectual in Class 1-A having come first gear put in the midterm examination. Despite coming from a identical affluent syndicate and background, Momo is by no means clannish, she is friendly and interactional with the respite of her classify and showed to be eager to hold a survey seance at her residence. During this, her bubbling and supportive attitude shined through most while lecturing her classmates and helping them improve. Given that her Quirk Creation, requires her to know the molecular structure of whatever she ‘s making, her intelligence is only highlighted by her manage of this baron. She is undoubtedly one of the smartest students in Class 1-A, if not the smartest. While her costume was intentionally designed to be revealing, it is shown that Momo is rather innocent when it comes to such matters, as such she ‘s frequently annoyed by the corrupt schemes of Minoru Mineta, referring to them as despicable. In other words, she has no intention of showing off her looks and her equip is only for maximizing the effectiveness of her Quirk. After being defeated in the Sports Festival, a well as endearing an internship with Uwabami, only being scouted alongside Kendo for being attractive enough to be in her commercial. Momo loses confidence in herself and becomes hesitant and nervous during the final examination examination, seeing herself as not firm enough. however, her confidence is restored with the serve of Shoto Todoroki who helps her overwhelm this and evanesce .



Creation : Momo ‘s Quirk allows her to create any inanimate object or material a long as she knows the molecular structure of whatever she is making. This cultivate by her transforming her lipids and fat cells into her creations, meaning that calories basically act as production corporeal. Momo is capable of creating anything she thinks of a retentive as she has the structure and blueprint in take care. It has shown to take longer to create objects of bigger size. due to Creation using Momo ‘s body fat ( probably the cause for her slender figure ), she is required to eat more in order to replenish forte for her Quirk. Furthermore, overusing this baron can result in Momo becoming frail, skinny and possibly anemic. Overall Abilities : Momo is a recommend scholar, which implies that she must have a identical good degree of skill. Her abilities earned her first locate in the Quirk Apprehension Test, an impressive feat considering about all her classmates had at least one superhuman result and the end leave was accumulative of all eight tests. Momo was able to hold her own against Fumikage Tokoyami, for short menstruation of clock during the U.A. Sports Festival .

  • Bukijutsu: Momo can skillfully wield several weapons to use against her opponent, for both offensive and defensive purposes, primarily bo staffs. Her bojutsu is quite remarkable, which allows her to knock out a large group of villains, as shown during the assault on the U.S.J.

Genius Intellect : Momo is ranked to have S-class intelligence, being a genius. Her analytic skills are solid, easily devising strategies and plans in conflict and pressing situations, which she has no trouble putting in apparent motion due to her Quirk ‘s versatility. academically speaking, Momo is highly efficient, having been ranked first stead in the mid-terms of her class, and understanding the writing of anything she wishes to create using her Quirk. The latter is a complicate tax for even the simplest materials. Regardless, Momo normally uses the objects from her Quirk to provide auxiliary support for her allies, a well as blindside her opponents, making her a very crafty individual, and reliable companion. What she lacks in raw force and destructive power, she makes up for with her ingenuity. When she was paired with Shoto Todoroki, against Eraser Head for the Final Exams, she realized that the Eraser Hero ‘s Erasure Quirk has a smaller time limit due to the injury he received from Nomu at U.S.J, and capitalized on that humble interval to blindside Eraser Head and secure victory for her and Shoto. During the Joint Training Battle, Momo demonstrated her ability to anticipate unexpected circumstances ; she took notice of the opposing team having a double plan. Shoto even stated that think and planning under pressure or in times of crisis is Momo ‘s area of expertness. She besides has good judgment, being fully mindful that once Itsuka Kendo took the equal to her own firm befit : close-quarters combat, Momo herself wouldn ’ t stand a probability. even when overpowered by Itsuka, Momo efficaciously blindsided the big-fisted heroine by creating a cannon at point-blank range, making it look like she was going to fire it at the latter. Taking advantage of Itsuka ‘s startled reaction, Momo cursorily turned the cannon in another steering and fired her golden cup of tea over the wall of letters to give supernumerary support to her teammates. even though Momo provided aid to her teammates, she was incapacitated by Itsuka, but not before the recommend student managed to tie herself to the latter before losing awareness .

  • Teaching Ability: Momo is considered an extremely good tutor by her peers, holding several study classes for other members of Class 1-A. The results have been noticeable judging by the U.A.’s First Term Final Exam, where none of the low-grade students failed in the written exam.


Momo Yayorozu Full Body Hero CostumeMomo Yaoyorozu Hero Costume Anime ActionMomo One's JusticeMomo heroCookedMiniatureAndeancondor-posterVolume 1 4 Anime CoverMomoYaoyorozuDisguise Momo in disguise .Momo terrified Momo afflicted with fear by the appearance of All For One .XpSrTVguvzVD7HQLEuFbo2VJ8mGWEUAQI56T7xjC8IASave Rescue Training 3 deliver ! Rescue Training OVA.

Season 5 Poster 2 Key Visual # 2 .Episode 89No. 1Work-studies2 Momo with Setsuna at their internship with Majestic Class 1-A eager to destroy All For One Momo and Class 1-A prepares to face All For One


  • The name Momo means “hundred” (百).
  • Momo’s surname Yaoyorozu means “eight million, myriads” (八百万).


  • Momo is the tallest girl in Class 1-A.
  • Her favourite thing is reading, especially encyclopedias.
  • Beforehand, Horikoshi claimed that Momo couldn’t create organic material, which was corrected to living beings due to her having produced creations involving the former.
  • Originally, Momo’s Creation Quirk was going to belong to a Pro Hero. However, Horikoshi came to realize that such an overpowered ability would be far more interesting in the hands of a novice in training.
  • Momo would have made her costume even more revealing if it wasn’t for restrictions on the amount of exposed skin a costume can show.
  • Momo, Minoru Mineta, Mina Ashido and Tsuyu Asui all share the same costume designer.


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