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Don’t worry, Flag, I got the bird!

Mongal was an estrange warrior from the satellite Warworld that was made part of the initial Task Force X rap team sent to Corto Maltese. Upon reaching the island, Mongal accompanied her allies to confront Corto Maltese ‘s soldiers, where she tried to attack a helicopter, but died in the work, by chance killing Captain Boomerang vitamin a well .


early life

Mongal was born as the daughter of Mongul the Elder, originated on the planet of Warworld, Mongal finally became a warrior and traveled to Earth. [ 1 ] After arriving on Earth, Mongal at some period committed multiple crimes against world such as batch mangle, war crimes, menace to the patrol and destruction of property, what led to her being incarcerated in Belle Reve prison. [ 2 ]

mission in Corto Maltese


In 2021, Mongal accepted the marriage proposal to become a member of Task Force X in rally for reducing 10 years of her prison prison term. She was assigned on the first strike team of a mission to Corto Maltese to destroy the prison and lab known as Jotunheim, once used by the Nazi Party, vitamin a well as wiping out everything to do with the dangerous Project Starfish .
once the day arrived, a nano-bomb was placed in Mongal so that he would not escape and her weapons were returned. She was then sent to go to the helicopter by the guards in a avant-garde, where she and her companions waited for Savant ‘s arrival. After Colonel Flag arrived with Savant, Mongal and the rest of the team made their way to the Sheba helicopter, where they ultimately traveled to Corto Maltese. During the trip, Mongal was quiet and annoyed by the conversations Harley Quinn and Javelin shared. [ 2 ]

Upon arrival, Rick Flag gave the ordering to jump into the water and swim to the shores of Corto Maltese, Mongal along with her companions then complied with the order by locating in their position on the shores, where Mongal was located hide in a stone along with Harley Quinn, while she was completely silent for most of the deputation. After Blackguard ‘s treachery, and the conflict that followed with the Corto Maltese Armed Forces, Mongal watched as Harley threw a bazooka at the soldiers and then tried to protect herself on the stone and using her duplicate blades .
When Rick Flag was frustrated to see that the military was defeating them after T.D.K. ‘s failure to defend, she attempted to take down an enemy helicopter, flush though desperately told not to by Rick Flag. The helicopter began to rotate with big speed scaring Mongal who could not control it. finally the vehicle started to crash when entangled with trees near the jungle, killing some soldiers on the manner. [ 2 ]


When it crashed on the grind, the helicopter exploted killing Captain Boomerang as it approached him, and killing Mongal herself, dying from being burned alive while screaming asking for help and trying to escape the displace. initiate watched as Mongal along with other of his companions died in battle, scaring him and motivating him to try to desert the mission. [ 2 ]


Mongal was tough, resilient, and aggressive, more than able to hold her own in a fight. however, she was very stubborn and instinctual, diving headfirst into a fight without intelligent of the consequences, which ultimately got her and Captain Boomerang killed. She besides seemed reasonably invaginate, not conversing with any Squad members until in the heating system of conflict. And besides slenderly humorous, looking amused when Blackguard expressed his concern of being ride next to Weasel. [ 2 ]

Powers and abilities


Is Mongal an alien or some type of god?

―Flo Crawley[src]
  • Superhuman strength: Due to being an extraterrestrial of Warworld, Mongal had super strength. She displayed this when she attacked a helicopter while holding on to the landing skids.
  • Superhuman durability: Mongal was impervious to many things that would kill most humans.
  • Superhuman speed: While not as fast as someone like Flash, Mongal showed signs of super speed, having ran considerably quickly to gain the momentum to jump on a helicopter.


  • Twin-blade wielding proficiency: Mongal usually wielded two retractable arm-mounted blades skillfully, which she used to attack and defend herself in combat.



  • Twin arm-mounted blades: On top of her incredible strength, Mongal also sported two retractable arm-mounted blades on her uniform that she used to attack and defend herself in combat.


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  • Mongal’s file states that she weighs 145 pounds.[2]
  • In the comics, Mongal has a brother and father, both named Mongul.

Behind the scenes

  • This is the first live-action adaptation of Mongal.
  • Courtney Chen was a stunt double for Mayling Ng in the role of Mongal.


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