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Real Name

Marcus Sun (Birth Name)
Marcus Shugel-Shen (Legal Name)

Main Alias

Monkey Prince


( adopted founder )
( adoptive beget )
Unnamed agnate half-brothers [ 1 ] Sun Wukong (father) Winston Shugel-Shen (adoptive father) Laura Shugel-Shen (adoptive mother)Unnamed paternal half-brothers


Shifu Pigsy (mentor)

Base Of Operations

Amnesty Bay, Formerly Gotham City





Secret Identity





Marital Status



Student, Demon Hunter







Black · Brown



Prime Earth


Gene Luen Yang · Bernard Chang

First Appearance
DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1
(July, 2021)
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Marcus Shugel-Shen [ 2 ], born Marcus Sun [ 3 ], is the Monkey Prince, son of the legendary Monkey King. He hates superheroes.


Marcus does n’t remember his biological father and was raised by loving adopted parents, who besides happen to be freelance henchpeople. He considers his dramatize parents his dependable family and has no regard for the Monkey King. [ 4 ] Marcus was unaware of his parent ‘s criminal setting and believed they were merely boring scientists. [ 2 ] When Marcus was a child the family lived in Gotham City, until one night Batman broke into their home during a thunderstorm and attacked his parents, looking for information on their current employer. When he realised there was a child in the house Batman left, but Marcus was traumatised and suffered panic attacks for years afterwards. He was left with an digest hatred for superheroes and phobia of bats, thunderstorms and water. The syndicate left Gotham and began travelling around the country as his parents sought employment with villains around the country. The frequent moves made if difficult for Marcus to make friends, as did his mental health issues .

Enter The Monkey

The family returned to Gotham for Marcus ‘ sophomore class as his parents took a job with The Penguin. Marcus attended Gotham City High School where he promptly ran afoul of a trio of bullies led by Rizalino Mayled, who saw him as an slowly prey due to his fears. The school janitor Mr. Zhu encouraged him to face his fears by leaping into the school swimming pool, and after a particularly bad incident where the bullies beat him up and stole his prize sneakers, he jumped in. He was transported to the Monkey King ‘s home on Flower Fruit Mountain, where Mr. Zhu told Marcus that Monkey King was his parturition church father and revealed his true identity as the Monkey King ‘s old comrade Shifu Pigsy. He placed a circlet on Marcus ‘ head and unlocked his powers, telling him a great evil was coming and his train had begun. Marcus returned to Earth in tamper shape and attacked the bullies who picked on him. Damian Wayne saw him and called his church father to tell him there was a metahuman lax in the educate. They tried to stop him as Batman and Robin, which resulted in Marcus getting his head cut off with a batarang. [ 5 ] Marcus survived thanks to his powers, but in his fear he began to revert to human form, and would have died if Pigsy had n’t saved him and reattached his question at the last moment. Marcus told Pigsy he wanted nothing to do with him and even removed the circlet, but the next dawn he woke up to find it back on his consistency. At educate, Pigsy told him that the circlet could not be removed and taught him how to transform at will. Pigsy made the circlet compress around Macus ‘s head and began his aim, telling him that he would loosen the circlet if Marcus could snatch an envelope from his hand. [ 2 ] Pigsy flew away on a magic defile and Marcus instinctively summoned his own cloud to chase after him. He was initially distracted by the trouble of the circlet but promptly realised that he was flying. Marcus managed to snatch the envelope by pretending to fall, then sneaking up behind Pigsy and snatching the envelope while he was distracted. Pigsy transformed the envelope into a mask that would hide his identity if he ever reverted to homo form and ended the lesson, saying there were demons nearby he needed to deal with. Marcus returned to school, where Kaya was inactive waiting although school had ended two hours ago. She revealed that Rizalino was her buddy and accused Monkey Prince of harming him, believing he was some kind of intent of vengeance that Marcus had summoned. Monkey Prince claimed that Marcus was a fan of his and that he had not hurt Riz, then left to look for him. Marcus finally tracked Riz to the football field, where he was being interrogated by Robin, who believed they were working together. He reluctantly fought Robin to rescue Riz and during the competitiveness, Robin ‘s bo staff sliced off his weapon despite not even being acuate. While Robin was distracted and disgusted by his discerp arm, Marcus grabbed Riz and flew aside, retrieving and reattaching his sleeve as he went. Marcus returned Riz to Kaya and she kissed him on the buttock as a thank-you. Marcus reverted to homo phase but thanks to the mask she did not recognise him. Realising he was human, Kaya impetuously kissed him on the lips, and Marcus happily flew away.

Marcus went home where Pigsy was waiting for him. Pigsy told him that the Golden Horn King, an ancient demon and enemy of his church father, had arisen and showed him a video recording trot of the Penguin, possessed by Golden Horn King, demanding that Batman face him or he would kill his hostages, who Marcus realised were his parents. [ 1 ] Pigsy told Marcus that they would need a detective to find his parents but Marcus refused to ask Batman for help, so he rather summoned Robin using a “ Robin Signal ” made of clouds. Robin initially refused to help, but agreed when Marcus agreed to answer any questions he had once his parents were safe. Robin deduced that Golden Horn Penguin was at the erstwhile Stahl Auction House, where he and Batman had first fought. They snuck in and Marcus found his parents, but before he could free them they were attacked by Golden Horn Penguin. Batman had besides worked out where Penguin was and came in to stop him. At the sight of Batman, Marcus had a panic approach and fell off his cloud. His body broke aside when he hit the background, but Pigsy was able to coach him to let his fear flow through him and depart, allowing him to reassemble himself. Marcus went to free his parents while Batman and Robin fight and restrained Golden Horn Penguin. however, Batman told him that the Shugel-Shens were criminals, a lot to Marcus ‘ shock, and he was going to arrest all of them. While the heroes argued demons sneak in and freed Golden Horn Penguin. The demons mobbed Batman and Robin, and Golden Horn Penguin began to devour Batman ‘s qi. Marcus attempted to escape with his parents but Pigsy told him that his mission was to protect the heroes of land from demons, as if they cosumed enough heroes they would become unstoppable, and gave him a can of blessed pop to exorcise the monster from Penguin. Unwilling to abandon his parents, Marcus let Robin cut him in half, so his upper body stayed to fight Penguin while his legs got his parents to guard. Marcus managed to stop Golden Horn Penguin draining all of Batman ‘s qi and banish Golden Horn King from Penguin ‘s body. Batman again tried to take Marcus and Pigsy in but they escaped .


The future day at school, Marcus met up with Riz, who apologised for picking on him, and Kaya. Marcus told Kaya that be believed he could make Gotham his dwelling, but his parents unexpectedly picked him up from school and told him they were moving to Amnesty Bay immediately, having apparently packed in a travel rapidly. [ 6 ] On his first day at school he encountered a girlfriend named Shellestriah, who knew he was the Monkey Prince and attacked him. He fought her off with the help of a new struggle staff that Pigsy gave him, but was unable to chase her when she fled into the sea. Pigsy told him that fortune had brought him to Amnesty Bay so he could face his reverence of the body of water, but Marcus refused to go in. [ 7 ] The future day, Pigsy met up with Marcus before school and Marcus apologised for not having the courage to face his fears. Pigsy told him how the Monkey King overcame his fear of death by serving a mission greater than himself, but Marcus was not inspired by the report. At school he attempted to make friends in the cafeteria but was rebuffed and went to eat lunch alone. suddenly, Black Manta rode a colossus silver crab past the school, which Marcus realised was another demon. Marcus transformed and attacked the crab louse but found that its shell was besides hood. however, Pigsy arrived and gave him another can of blessed pop, which Marcus used to exorcise Silver Horn King from the crab. Silver Horn King fled into the ocean and Manta and his two henchmen chased after him. Although they were wearing helmets, Marcus recognised Manta ‘s henchmen as his parents and realised he would have to follow them into the ocean to protect them. He and Pigsy dove in and MArcus discovered to his astonishment that he was able to breathe submerged. suddenly, they were surrounded by the Atlantean Guard. [ 8 ] The Shugel-Shens belated relocated to Philadelphia, where Marcus would attend Fawcett High School and befriend Billy Batson. [ 4 ]



other Characteristics

  • Phobia: As a result of witnessing Batman assault his parents, Marcus suffers from several phobias strong enough to cause panic attacks.[5]
    • Aquaphobia: Fear of water.
    • Astraphobia: Fear of storms.
    • Chiroptophobia: Fear of bats.
  • Power Instability: Monkey Prince’s powers are tied to his emotional state; he may revert to human form if he is afraid, or summon a wind too powerful to control if he becomes angry (and at that moment, his hair shines golden).[4] The instability of his power, sometimes also affects his endurance, making him more susceptible to being injured by physical attacks since he hasn’t been able to control his power properly.[1]


  • Monkey Prince’s Circlet: The circlet can be worn by Marcus on any part of his body (such as a bra, belt, bracelet, choker or tiara) — and it is no use throwing it away, for it will find its way back to its owner — and all he has to do is say the word 變 (Biàn, “Transform” in Chinese) to transform into the Monkey Prince.[2] When Monkey Prince loses control, his Shifu sings a chant that makes this band around his head tighten, like a discipline device.
  • Monkey Prince’s Mask: He needs to wear a mask even on his monkey form, as he can revert to his human form when injured or overcome by fear.


  • Flying Cloud
    • Flight


  • Jingu Bang: Monkey Prince wields the legendary magical battle staff Jingu Bang.

  • His father, the Monkey King, is one of the main characters in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.
  • In his human form he has black hair, in his monkey form he is covered in brown fur.
  • If he foils their boss’ schemes, he will let his adopted parents escape.
  • In his human form his blood is red, but in his monkey form his blood is purple.[5]


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