Marvel Kills a Major Moon Knight Character

The following contains major spoilers for Strange #4, available now from Marvel Comics.

The new Sorcerer Supreme has equitable sent Moon Knight ‘s long-lost brother back to his true rest set among the dead .
strange # 4 sees the Blasphemy Cartel crash the Sorcerer Supreme ‘s already awkward dinner date with her Faltine mother, Umar the Unrelenting. After breaching the walls of the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Cartel unleashes their latest weapon in the form of a gruesomely resurrected Shadow Knight. Prior to Shadow Knight ‘s re-appearance, Marvel ‘s Strange series has additionaly brought back Thunderstrike, a reasonably obscure Thor character, who Clea besides sent back to the grave .
associate : Marvel ’ s Sorcerer Supreme Just Reunited With Her Mother strange 4 how did you do that Despite the Cartel and Shadow Knight ‘s best efforts, Clea is able to dispel whatever force has taken oblige of his cadaver. This efficaciously kills the Shadow Knight wholly over again by way of a spell of Clea ‘s own Faltine invention. It besides stands out to her other latest enemy, the Harvestman, who has become known as Death ‘s identical own anti-Sorcerer Supreme.

Randall Spector was first introduced as the younger brother of Marc Spector, aka Moon Knight, in writer Doug Moench and artist Bill Sienkiewicz ‘s narrative “ Bights Born Ten Years Gone ” from the pages of 1979 ‘s Hulk ! # 17. Randall was always near to Marc on the surface, though this was merely a way of letting his secret contempt for his brother fester unnoticed. This finally drove Randall to murder a woman Marc loved during a mission gone incorrect, which in turn led to him being closely killed by the brother he had scorned .
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With the help of cybernetic augmentations, Randall was reborn as Shadow Knight, as was his deathless crusade against everything Moon Knight stood for. As the wind antithesis to Moon Knight ‘s already barbarous persona, Shadow Knight cursorily became one of the worst threats that the hero had ever faced. After Shadow Knight usurped Marc ‘s place as Khonshu ‘s living avatar, the latter was forced to take drastic action. In 2010 ‘s Shadowland : Moon Knight by writer Gregg Hurwitz and artist Bong Dazo, the titular hero finally delivered the fatal blow to Shadow Knight that he failed to decades anterior .

strange # 4 is written by Jed MacKay and features illustrations by Marcelo Ferreira, inks by Roberto Poggi, colors by Java Tartaglia, and letters by VC ‘s Cory Petit. Main cover art is provided by Lee Garbett, with form cover charge artwork courtesy of Logan Lubera and Rachelle Rosenberg. Strange # 4 is on sale now from Marvel Comics .
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