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On Simu Liu ’ s birthday this year – that ’ s April 19th, Marvel Blog True Believers – Marvel Studios released the trailer for the highly anticipated Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. nowadays, more trade for the approaching Marvel Cinematic Universe movie has made its way to stores, and with it, an ineluctable riddle has arisen : who ( or what ) is Morris ?

Morris Mystery Emerges

As many of you are already mindful, I have a habit of analyzing trade for clues about what might be waiting for us in upcoming MCU offerings ! This scheme has already proven effective for Shang-Chi, in fact, having given us a glimpse of his costume in a LEGO set long before the preview was released. now, I have stumbled upon another tantalizing tip of what ’ second in store when the movie is released in theaters on September 3rd, 2021 !
Marvel's Katy Legends Figure This reporter inaugural spotted the Morris in question when I discovered an accessory included with the “ Marvel ’ s Katy ” Marvel Legends action figure ( above ).

Katy is played by Awkwafina, but little is known about this character except that she ’ second Shang-Chi ’ sulfur acquaintance ( possibly even a close up friend… after all, they have been known to perform “ A Whole New World ” in concert at a karaoke barricade ) .
Katy and Shang-Chi Looking more close at the figure, it seems as though she may be an sagittarius ( affect over, Hawkeyes ) .
Marvel's Katy But I was specially intrigued by the accessory that comes with her… what appears to be some kind of animal that possesses six legs and four wings !
Move Over Hawkeye Katy is Here just what could this be… ?

The Name of the Mystery is Morris

My moment hint came from a different part of Marvel merch ! A modern Marvel Shang-Chi LEGO determined was released, and judgment by the names of the include mini-figures, this four-winged creature is called “ Morris ! ”
shang-chi and morris But who ( or what ) is Morris ? Are they connected to Katy, hence the inclusion with her action visualize, or is it plainly a matter of ensuring all of the allow accessories from the movie make their way to your Marvel display event ?

Shang Chi Lego Set in Action furthermore, could this be a case like Captain Marvel ’ s pet flerken, Goose, who got a name change on the means from the comics page to the big screen door ( see our theories on why this might be here ) .

Spin-off: Marvel’s Morris?

here at Marvel Blog, we can ’ thyroxine wait to learn more about Morris. While we aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate certain if they ’ re a pet or not, we do know that we are huge fans of many of the creatures who ’ ve been introduced on filmdom in the MCU .
Lockjaw From Lockjaw to Goose to Old Lace to Pizza Dog, we think we ’ ra about all the way to a full moon Pet Avengers roll – and that ’ s tied before we take devil Dinosaur into report !
Old Lace Will the future version of Redwing be a vampire-bird ( like he is in the comics ) ? Will Morris lead a team of mighty Marvel Pet Avengers into conflict ? We want to hear your theories, Marvel Blog True Believers ! Let us know what you think in the comment incision .
For all the latest Marvel Blog updates on MORRIS, click here !

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