Ms. Marvel Showed How to Weaponize Privilege

The following contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Season 1, Episode 6, “No Normal,” streaming now on Disney+. The finale of Disney+ ‘s Ms. Marvel largely revolved around heroine Kamala ( Iman Vellani ) and her friends striving to protect Kamran, the son of one of her now-deceased enemies. Kamran sought out Bruno, and they were joined by Kamala, Nakia and Kamala ‘s older brother Aamir at the local high school to defend Kamran — who ‘s being pursued by the Department of Damage Control. They ‘re surprised to run into Zoe, a popular girl, and even more surprise when she offers to help .
Unlike in the comics, Zoe is n’t shown as an outright bully toward Kamala. In the first sequence, they compliment each other in a artificial interaction ; late, at the AvengerCon cosplay contest, a recently empowered and disguised Kamala saves Zoe from certain death, which just increases Zoe ‘s popularity and infamy both at school and on-line. Kamala ca n’t take credit for this, and she and Zoe do n’t discuss it, but the DoDC interrogates Zoe. They manage to get some of Kamala ‘s dim identify details ( approximate senesce and ethnicity ) out of her, which Zoe intelligibly feels bad about.

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Ms. Marvel co-stars Rish Shah and Saagar Shaikh disguised as Captain America and Iron Man cosplayers When Zoe reappears in the stopping point ( explaining that she films her TikToks in the school auditorium ), Kamala and her friends are disbelieving, but she ‘s earnest about wanting to help them protect Kamran. She ‘s figured out by now that Kamala was the person that saved her, and she sincerely wants to return the party favor .
The kids come up with a plan that, as Kamala reveals, hinges on Zoe herself. While she and the others are stopping the DoDC agents pursuing Kamran, utilizing props found around the educate, Zoe goes live and tells her on-line following about the unfair and disproportionate way the agents are treating Kamran and those trying to protect him.

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The deviation is that Zoe is a popular, well-liked and presumably affluent white daughter. For better or worse, people ( in real number liveliness and on-line ) are more probable to trust her and listen to her. Having her rally her fans as depart of the plan to stop the DoDC basically gives Kamala and her gang the popular vote : Zoe vouches for them and brings positive attention to their cause. In the final collage of the usher, there ‘s a clip of Zoe and Nakia addressing Zoe ‘s on-line following again, with Zoe saying she wanted to be a good ally to Nakia — and while it ‘s cringy, it shows that she ‘s using her privilege to do the correct thing.

Season 1 of Ms. Marvel is available to stream on Disney+ .

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