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Muichiro and his older duplicate brother, Yuichiro, were born to a woodcutter and his wife. When they were ten years old, their mother caught a cold which developed into bronchitis, killing her. Their forefather, who had gone to fetch medicative herbs for their mother during a ramp, ended up falling off a cliff to his death. [ 1 ] The two orphaned siblings survived together, with Muichiro taking after the emotional and kind nature of their father. adverse to him, Yuichiro held a cold and deadpan lookout on liveliness. [ 2 ] In the come bounce, Kagaya Ubuyashiki ‘s wife, Amane Ubuyashiki, arrived to recruit the twins for the Demon Slayer Corps. Muichiro ‘s excitement was opposed by Yuichiro ‘s unwelcoming and rejecting reception. In an outburst, Yuichiro revealed that he blamed the death of their parents on their hardworking and altruistic natures which led to him adopting his coldness demeanor, hoping that it would keep himself and his brother alive. [ 3 ] While Amane continued to visit the twins, Yuichiro chased her away each time. In the following summer when the twins were football team, a Demon arrived at their cabin during the night and attacked, resulting in Yuichiro losing his left arm while trying to protect Muichiro. As the Demon badgered them for their worthlessness, Muichiro lost himself in a rage and destroyed the Demon with all the tools at their administration and wooden logs. [ 4 ]

By sunrise, the Demon withered into ash and Muichiro dragged himself back to the house. There, he found Yuichiro near death beg to the heavens that his brother might survive. He laid adjacent to his brother and grasped his hand as he passed away. [ 5 ] Amane and her daughters late arrived to heal a sternly injure Muichiro .
Afterwards, Muichiro would lose his memories and leave his old life behind to serve the Demon Slayer Corps. Due to his big lastingness and highly across-the-board educate, he quickly rose to the rate of a Hashira in a bare two months. [ 6 ] With his memories gone, Muichiro began taking after his older brother ‘s personality and became aloof and immaterial. however, he constantly felt an incredible anger thick inside him which drove him to hunt the Demons. During this menstruation in the Demon Slayer Corps, he besides met Kyojuro Rengoku, who told him that they should do the best they could adenine fellow Hashira. [ 7 ] Additionally, Muichiro became acquainted with his belated swordsmith, Tetsuido, who expressed an understanding and empathy towards the male child and his harsh circumstances. [ 8 ]


After Tanjiro Kamado is brought to the Hashiras ‘ meet for interrogation, Muichiro is show and belated introduced as the Mist Hashira. When questioned on how he felt about Nezuko Kamado being kept alert, he retorted that he did not mind and would forget about the circumstance anyways. [ 9 ] When Tanjiro on the spur of the moment interrupts Kagaya in the center of his meet with the Hashiras, Muichiro flicks him in the head with a pebble and advises him to not interrupt their master, telling him to leave. [ 10 ] Muichiro is seen receiving the news from his crow about Kyojuro ‘s death .
While Tengen Uzui is battling against Gyutaro, Gyutaro compliments him on his presuppose natural endowment for fighting. Tengen denies this and alternatively thinks of Muichiro and Gyomei Himejima as individuals with especial aptitude towards swordsmanship. [ 11 ] Muichiro first appears in the Swordsmith Village when he is seen arguing with Kotetsu. He tries to convince the latter to provide him with the samara to Yoriichi Type Zero, slapping him when he refuses to comply. Tanjiro intervenes, grasping his weapon and attempting to crush it like he did to Genya Shinazugawa after the Final Selection. however, to his storm, Muichiro does not budge despite having a smaller frame and thin arms, rather punching Tanjiro in the stomach and reprimanding him for his failing. He sees the box on his back and reaches for it, sensing a Demon, but Tanjiro slaps his handwriting and tells him not to touch it while rescuing Kotetsu from his compass. Kotetsu continues to refuse pass over the key even under torture, and Muichiro chides him for his talk, stating how he is wasting a Hashira ‘s time and that swordsmiths are merely good for making weapons. Tanjiro interrupts, angry at Muichiro ‘s inconsiderate attitude, but he gets knocked out by him .
After Tanjiro regains consciousness, he goes with Kotetsu to watch Muichiro competitiveness against the mechanical dame, witnessing him breaking it. Muichiro remarks about the utilitarian train and takes one of Type Zero ‘s swords, asking Tanjiro to dispose of his break one. Tanjiro does n’t sense any malice coming from him, but he is still upset about his attitude. belated that week, Muichiro pinches Tanjiro to wake him up, inquiring him about the whereabouts of Kozo Kanamori, his new swordsmith. When Tanjiro offers to go with Muichiro to find him, the latter questions why he would do so. Tanjiro replies that helping others could end up positively affecting himself, leading to Muichiro abruptly feel a feel of familiarity and he questions Tanjiro about what he barely said. however, before he can do indeed, Nezuko awakens and breaks the flow of their conversation, Muichiro wondering where he saw her before. Their conversation is on the spur of the moment interrupted by the entrance of Upper Rank Four, Hantengu .
Muichiro immediately attacks Hantengu using Mist Breathing, Fourth Form: Shifting Flow Slash. Hantengu dodges and he comments on his focal ratio, attacking him again after Tanjiro and cutting off his question. Tanjiro, remembering the site with Daki and Gyutaro, yells at Muichiro to keep focus as Hantengu splits into two bodies, Sekido and Karaku. Karaku attacks Muichiro and blasts him out of the build and into the afforest. As he rushes to return to the greenwich village, Muichiro sees Kotetsu being attacked by a Demon. He contemplates saving him but suddenly remembers Tanjiro ‘s words and beheads the Demon, telling Kotetsu to escape. When Kotetsu intensely thanks him and apologizes for his original hatred towards him, Muichiro ‘s memories spur as he remembers recovering under the worry of the Ubuyashiki class.

Kotetsu leads Muichiro to where Kozo is. As Kozo starts making for the shed to retrieve the new sword, Muichiro pulls him back as he senses the presence of Upper Rank Five, Gyokko. Muichiro attacks him, but Gyokko moves to different pots and avoids his slashes. He summons more pisces Demons that send an array of needles towards Kozo and Kotetsu, but Muichiro shields them and tells them to move out of the way. Gyokko reveals the needles are poisonous and berates Muichiro, resulting in another sudden memory recurring to him. He tries to attack Gyokko, but gets trapped in his Blood Demon Art: Water Prison Pot, his try to break out using Mist Breathing, First Form: Low Clouds, Distant Haze abortive. As he thinks about his approaching death, he abruptly hears his forefather talk from Tanjiro ‘s body. Kotetsu swiftly arrives to provide him with a breath of atmosphere and he is able to break out using Mist Breathing, Second Form: Eight-Layered Mist, remembering it is his father who said the like thing as Tanjiro had earlier .
After escaping from the water prison, Muichiro ‘s memories of his by all come back. The anger over his brother ‘s death manifests into his Demon Slayer Mark, his speed and abilities dramatically increasing as he goes into the shed and attacks Gyokko, who comments on his relax face. Gyokko retaliates with his Blood Demon Art: Octopus Vase Hell, and Muichiro ‘s blade breaks trying to cut it, prompting Kozo to promptly hand him his new one. Muichiro slices through the Demon ‘s attack and thanks Kozo, in which he replies that he only followed the instructions of the belated Tetsuido. At the note of his diagnose, Muichiro remembers his honest-to-god swordsmith ‘s worry for him and internally apologizes, remarking that he is o immediately and uses Mist Breathing, Fifth Form: Sea of Clouds and Haze, landing a reverse on Gyokko ‘s neck. Muichiro and Gyokko start insulting each other, with the latter growing angry after the former insults his potentiometer. He uses another Blood Demon Art: Thousand Needle Fish Kill, but Muichiro easily counters it with Mist Breathing, Sixth Form: Lunar Dispersing Mist and Mist Breathing, Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash, slicing the steer of the Demon ‘s molt as he escapes to a tree. When Gyokko tries to show off his new form, Muichiro ‘s indifferent attitude towards it enrages him again and he attacks, which Muichiro dodges and smiles, commenting on the inutility of his discourtesy .
Another hassle between the two ensues, with Gyokko using his Blood Demon Art: Killer Fish Scales and Muichiro responding with the class he personally developed : Mist Breathing, Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds. When Gyokko tries to find him in a sea of mist, Muichiro effortlessly decapitates him. In the consequence of the battle, Muichiro starts foaming at the mouth due to poison and falls unconscious after verifying Kotetsu is alert, his syndicate congratulating him on a occupation good done in his consciousness. [ 12 ] When Tanjiro is running after Hantengu, Muichiro throws Hotaru Haganezuka ‘s unfinished Nichirin Sword that is retrieved from Type Zero, granting Tanjiro the ability to defeat him. After the struggle ends, Tanjiro and Muichiro thank each early, Muichiro for the sword and Tanjiro for helping him regain his memories. Mitsuri Kanroji later pulls them all into a group hug .
After the events of the battles at the Swordsmith Village, it is mentioned by Goto that both Muichiro and Mitsuri slept for two days after the incidental and were back at full power by the third. [ 13 ] An emergency column meet is held in the Ubuyashiki Estate, and Muichiro is seen there with his boyfriend Hashira. When Iguro asks how he and Kanroji are doing, Muichiro states that he is silent not back to his wax forte yet. Amane Ubuyashiki appears in the place of her husband for the meeting, and Muichiro and the others bow respectfully to her. [ 14 ] Amane mentions the presence of marks appearing on both Kanroji and Tokito during their battles against the two upper berth moons and asks about how they gained the marks and what condition they were put in to obtain them. Both of the Hashira seem to be surprised by her inquiry, not knowing anything of what she is talking about. [ 15 ] Mitsuri first explains her experience in battle with a large use of airheaded words and effects that leave Muichiro and the others speechless. After Mitsuri apologizes for her overexcitement, Muichiro says that he was n’t even aware of any marks. He realizes that, looking back on the previous struggle, he had become mindful of several things that were unlike and that if those conditions are filled, possibly everyone could get the same marks. [ 16 ] Muichiro beginning begins telling everyone of how he could not move from the poison in his struggle against Gyokko, and he used breaths to slow down and delay the poison from circulating through his bloodstream. He recalls how Kotetsu had closely lost his life trying to save him and that his memories of the past came back to him in that moment. Tokito had become then angry that he had lost complete restraint over his emotions, and he thinks that his heart went over 200 bpm and that his body was inhumanly blistering. Muichiro states that he believes his body temperature was over 39 degrees. Shinobu Kocho affirms that that condition would most decidedly be dangerous, and Muichiro agrees that that fact is precisely why he thinks it can be used as a screening test. He presumes that the difference between those who do have the scar and those who do n’t is the question or will you die, or will you not. [ 17 ] Amane asks about what Muichiro said about his pulse and his body temperature. Muichiro acknowledges that when Shinobu was treating him, he apparently had a fever of 39 degrees. He guesses that his body temperature was the like then as when the commemorate appeared. [ 18 ] All of the Hashira discuss the subject with Amane a bit more before the confluence is dismissed. When Giyu Tomioka tries to leave while the other Hashira judge to stay and talk a spot more and when Sanemi Shinazugawa about starts a contend with him, Himejima loudly claps his hands, surprising and shaking Muichiro and everyone else in the room. [ 19 ]

Tanjiro later on narrates that, after Mitsuri ‘s educate, Muichiro deals with the quick movement educate. Going along with that, Tanjiro besides explains that those who already gained a stigmatize will train so they can continuously country in their ‘marked country ‘. When telling this, a movie of a glad Mitsuri stand on both Tanjiro and Muichiro ‘s knee and Nezuko laying on the earth is shown. [ 20 ] After Tanjiro gained permission to go to the adjacent train session after Uzui ‘s, Muichiro is seen fighting against Tanjiro. Muichiro tells him that he has improved a set in his adeptness and that he is trying to help Tanjiro ‘s muscles ease up and for him to be able to tense up more smoothly. Tokito states that once Tanjiro is able to do that, he will improve a lot. After they finish battling, Muichiro happily says that Tanjiro ‘s coordination is perfect and that he is release to go to the following pillar even though he ‘s only been there for five days. Tanjiro asks if he is certain, and Tokito says yes, telling him that he has done everything he had equitable said. When the other monster slayers in train ask if they can leave excessively then, Muichiro ‘s expression attitude wholly switch. He calls them arrant nincompoops and tells them that they are going to train so hard that the whole area will collapse on itself. The bias is very clear. [ 21 ] When Kagaya address of the sleep creature that absolutely despises Muzan Kibutsuji to him, Muichiro, Tanjiro, Nezuko, and the early Hashira are shown. [ 22 ] As Muzan is about to kill Kagaya, an emergency summon is held for the attack on the Ubuyashiki Estate, and Muichiro and his companion devil slayers rush to the picture, hoping to make it in time. [ 23 ]



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