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抹 (まっ) 消 (しょう)

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Shota Aizawa

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Reading: Erasure

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chapter 6

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Episode 5 Erasure ( 抹 ( まっ ) 消 ( しょう ), Masshō ? ) is the Quirk used by Shota Aizawa .


expunction allows the exploiter to cancel out the Quirk of anyone they look at. [ 1 ] When erasure is activated, Shota is able to disable a person ‘s Quirk Factor until he closes his eyes. Shota only needs one part of the target ‘s body to be within his sights for expunction to take effect. Since most people in the populace trust on Quirks for fight purposes, this makes Shota an extremely annoying adversary for anyone to deal with. erasure besides seems to generate an anti-gravity phenomenon around the exploiter ‘s promontory while active, which Shota has incorporated into his use of the Binding Cloth. As shown at the start of Tamaki Amajiki ‘s crusade with Toya Setsuno, Soramitsu Tabe and Yu Hojo, Erasure can be activated on multiple targets at once, and stays in effect even if the user looks elsewhere, a farseeing as their eyes stay open.


erasure requires the user to see the target ‘s physical body in person in holy order to activate, which can be avoided by simply hiding behind obstacles or obscuring the user ‘s imagination. It besides does n’t count if what the user sees is merely a construct controlled by the adversary, such as an aim inhabited by Joi Irinaka. The effects of erasure can last angstrom long as Shota can keep his eyes open after activating it. Whenever erasure is deactivated, Shota ‘s hair falls polish to its master military position, which an observant enemy can take advantage of by predicting a likely open for an attack. erasure does not affect appendages originating from Mutant-type Quirks, but it can impair their function as the Quirk Factor that incorporates all the mechanisms necessary for a Quirk to work by rights will be temporarily nullified. physical strength or abilities not derived from Quirks are unmoved. [ 2 ] The after-effects of the injuries he sustained during the U.S.J. Incident had negative consequences to Shota ‘s Quirk. There is immediately a recharge interval between Erasure ‘s deactivation and a newfangled energizing, with Shota requiring said time interval to pass before he is allowed to use his Quirk again. This allows fast enough opponents an opportunity to counterattack should they notice that Shota is n’t affecting them with expunction. erasure causes the user to suffer from dry eye syndrome, which limits the amount of clock Shota can keep it active. Because of this, he carries a minor bottle of eye drops with him at all times.

Since Erasure ’ s Quirk Factor resides in the exploiter ’ s eyes, they will be unable to use it should they lose them. After Shota loses one of his eyes during the Paranormal Liberation War, Erasure has become functionally useless. [ 3 ] In ordering to make use of the Quirk, Shota is now required to make continuous contact with Neito Monoma, who is able to use erasure in Shota ‘s identify through the manipulation of Copy .


Shota ‘s usual struggle tactic consists of cancelling an opposition ‘s Quirk, forcing them to fight on tied earth, and then using his Capturing Weapon in junction with his superscript agility to defeat or restrain his adversaries in close combat. His combat expertness and swift movements allow him to compensate for fighters with Mutant-type Quirks who are immune to Erasure, as he cites that said enemies frequently rely on close up battle. [ 4 ] Erasure makes Shota specially effective against opponents who have an overreliance on their Quirks, like Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu. [ 5 ] This Quirk is besides helpful for disabling Transformation-type Quirks that involve concealment, and forcing the drug user to reveal their true selves, such as Himiko Toga. [ 6 ] Shota wears a couple of goggles that hides his eyes from view, preventing opponents from seeing who he is looking at and when he blinks. They serve to protect his eyes vitamin a well .


  • Dry eye syndrome – Wikipedia article about the medical condition that manifests on Shota when he overuses his Quirk.

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