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January 18th, 2021

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7, 2021


Paranormal Liberation War Arc

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Kaina Tsutsumi

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Chapters & Volumes Chapter 297 Images Tartarus ( タルタロス, Tarutarosu ? ) is the two hundred and ninety-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi ‘s My Hero Academia.


Tartarus is described as a detention facility constructed about five kilometers from the mainland, and that it is much seen as a ‘dumping prime ‘ for people who have threatened or threaten populace guard, careless of prison term. The inmates are monitored constantly and divided up among six cell blocks depending on their menace horizontal surface, and the more dangerous they are, the profoundly in the prison they go. It basically makes Tartarus the dark side of Quirk company. During the night, the Bronze Gate contacts the Mainland Gate of Tartarus prison which separates the bridge and the facility itself and its guards, Briareos and Gyges for a status report. Gyges reports that his brother is all in from the attack by the All For One controlled Tomura Shigaraki and his approach High-End Nomus, and Gyges calls for a code loss. All For One says it is uninspiring .
Inside the facility, two guards on the lowest grade are discussing Gigantomachia ‘s eventual arrival for the follow day. They talk about how he can ’ thymine be killed by guns, and because he ’ randomness technically human, there ’ s still some ethics for them to follow about blasting him with missiles. One of the guards, who appears to be the father of Seiji Shishikura scoffs at the think, saying how equitable like the stay of the inmates in the prison, they are all precisely dangerous beasts that alone this Quirk -based club has allowed to live for this long ; the early defend reminds him that they ’ re being recorded and that even the dissolved Hearts and Mind Party could use this to their advantage, but the defend doesn ’ thyroxine worry. As the code red reaches the prison, the floors get sealed off with the gate lowered and drones sent out to attack the Nomu. All For One, however, flies over the chaos on a flying Nomu, where Tomura wakes up and attempts to take back operate of his body. All For One tells him to rest, due to the Super Regeneration Quirk silent needing time to heal the body, but Tomura rebukes saying he told him to rest in the first stead, though All For One says he will after he finishes what he came for. He demands his body back again but All For One reminds him that this might is precisely what he wanted to spit at the hand that did n’t help him, and now that he has it, what does it actually matter. Tomura says he doesn ’ triiodothyronine want to be his instrument, All For One claims he is faulty : he is becoming “ the future me ”.

All For One/Tomura uses Decay to destroy the guard tower, escaping from the attacking robots. He uses Search to find his body located 500 meters below sea level, realizing that evening if he decayed the integral building, the water pressure would kill him, not to mention Tomura ’ south body is starting to fall apart faster. He thinks about how even if he had Gigantomachia with him, and evening if Tomura ‘s body was complete, it would barely be of any help ascribable to the measure of resources Tartarus has on hired hand. He figures the best and alone way is for a organize operation, both inwardly and out, accomplished through a shared awareness. As a result, inside the prison, the monitoring system is shut down by an EMP attack, and before the organization returns, All For One ’ s original soundbox utilizes another attack within his cell, frying his cellular telephone door and unlocking closely all the others on the floor. Suppression squads immediately head out to deal with the incoming threats, but are well taken out by the nowadays freed Goto and Moonfish. A female prisoner notices the prison falling aside and notices another door, which she opens and ends up letting out Kai, who quickly runs out calling for his party boss. Despite being release, the Villains know that without the bridge they have no way of escaping, All For One responds saying that if they desire freedom, they must submit to him. As his original body and Tomura ‘s appears before them, All for One says that the impend null earned run average will give advance to a more perfected monster overlord, and that this will be the history of how he will become the greatest demon lord of all .

chapter Notes

  • The Near High-Ends and Tomura (with All For One’s conscience) storm Tartarus by the order of All For One, who is planning to take over Tomura’s body. As a response, the Tartarus staff engage in combat.
    • At the same, Tomura and All For One mentally fight for the control of the former’s body.
  • Tartarus is hit by a sudden EMP attack by the AFO-controlled Tomura, shutting down the facility’s security and opening most of the cell doors. The inmates use this opportunity to escape and attack the guards. Among the freed include Muscular, Moonfish, and Overhaul.
    • Moonfish’s face is also fully revealed for the first time and his teeth have completely grown back.
    • Tartarus also contains cells that have to be manually opened, which is the type of cell Overhaul was placed in.
  • All For One, along with several other inmates, meet up with Tomura outside of the prison. All For One then persuades the newly-escaped convicts to submit to him and join him on his path to become the “greatest demon lord of them all”.

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  • Gyges and Briareos are in reference to two of the Hecatoncheires in Greek Mythology. The Hecatoncheires or the Hundred-Handed Ones are three giant brothers each with fifty heads and one hundred arms that acted as the guardians at the gates of Tartarus.

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