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Chapter 327




REST (レスト) !!!



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Ochaco Uraraka
Izuku Midoriya
Mina Ashido





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September 27, 2021

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43, 2021


Tartarus Escapees Arc

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Chapters & Volumes Chapter 327 Images Rest!! ( REST ( レスト ) ! ! !, Resuto!!! ? ) is the three hundred and twenty-seventh chapter of Kohei Horikoshi ‘s My Hero Academia.


The boys of Class 1-A immediately drag Izuku to the bathroom and proceed to strip him down and wash him thoroughly before getting in the bath themselves. Katsuki yells at everyone to scrub Izuku beginning earlier throwing him into the bathe straight away, hopping in himself, as Fumikage takes note that even after his dear apology, he still has n’t changed. Katsuki, however, reminds everyone that his goal to become number one has n’t changed, which makes everyone his rivals calm, including Izuku, who he tries to refrain from calling him “ Deku. ” Izuku, however, tells Katsuki that he does n’t have to force himself and can even call him Deku. After the bathtub, the kids return to the dorms as Izuku learns that Ochaco has fallen asleep after her speech, and some others besides. Izuku once again apologizes for the perturb he felt he caused and they forgive him, while besides asking some questions about One For All ( with Fumikage annoyed he did n’t tell Hawks to pick up his earphone ). Shoto appears and tells everyone to leave Izuku be therefore he can rest, but Izuku tells him he feels he ca n’t, at least not until he apologizes to All Might for pushing him away .
on the spur of the moment, All Might appears at the dormitory and apologizes himself to Izuku for not helping him adequate despite Izuku ‘s protests. The other kids demand an apology for leaving them abruptly as All Might says that the decisive battle is drawing near. He tells everyone that he has acquired some modern information that will help them, thinking back to Stain ‘s words, and that he has decided to continue supporting everyone tied though he is Quirkless. Izuku speaks up though and tells All Might that the food he made for him gave him military capability, and chalked his hardships to not having him at all. now, they all will fight for what they love together.

glad with this, All Might leaves the group to meet up with Endeavor and the rest of the Heroes, who Shoto says is n’t at the school due to wanting to keep a distance between the civilians because of Dabi ‘s disclosure. By that point, Izuku had finally fallen asleep as Shoto gives him a blanket, besides saying he feels he may be a cause for concern for the others due to being Dabi ‘s brother. Eijiro says that he is going through a distribute even though he views him as innocent, but Shoto corrects him saying his hate of his lineage blinded him to his origin, but he feels he has changed and wants to prove it thus no one will be concerned for him anymore .
Kyoka thinks about Shoto ‘s words about the evacuees not having a full moon change of heart yet, dragging Denki, Fumikage, Katsuki, and Momo closer to her, stating that just like the last prison term there were other people that regarded them with apprehension, they need to do something to reassure them and bring smiles to their faces, good like they did at the Culture Festival. Class 1-A comes second in concert, as they declare they won ’ t just bring the populace back to how it was, but to make it a better position than earlier, and do it all together. On the outskirts of the demolish Tartarus, Hawks tells Best Jeanist that thanks to Doctor Kyudai Garaki ‘s question, the research of the Nomus in Central Hospital, and the testimony of the assassins Izuku defeated, they have deduced that Tomura needs two months of rest before his body is complete, and that All For One is trying to get One For All before it is finished. With it already having been a month since the Assault on Tartarus, they have one more month to make their move and take the crusade to All For One. Hawks continues that that the composition Stain gave to All Might read more like a love letter to him, meaning he only wanted him to receive his information. The dagger, however, contained a data phonograph record regarding Tartarus ‘ security records, and as Endeavor flies off, they note how they never thought the Hero Killer would end up a Hero ally .

chapter Notes

  • Izuku finally cleans up and rests back at U.A.
    • Him and All Might apologize to each other and resolve to work together to fix everything.
    • The rest of Class 1-A decide to come up with a plan to help reassure the still nervous civilians.
  • It is revealed that Tomura requires two months of rest until his body is complete, so they have about one month until it is.
  • The information Stain gave to All Might is revealed to be a data disk containing Tartarus’ security records, as well as a “love letter” for All Might.

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