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Mezo Shoji

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Biographical Information

Kanji Name

障 (しょう) 子 (じ) 目 (め) 蔵 (ぞう)

Rōmaji Name

Shōji Mezō

Reading: Mezo Shoji


Shokushu Hīrō Tentakoru ? )

Tentacle Hero: Tentacole (触手ヒーロー テンタコル,

Personal Description


[ 1 ]

February 15


15 (First appearance)
16 (Current)


Male.png Male


[ 1 ]

187 cm (6’1½”)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type








Fukuoka Prefecture




U.A. high School

Fighting Style

Melee + Support Combat

First Appearance

Manga Debut

chapter 3

Anime Debut

Episode 4


Japanese Voice

Masakazu Nishida

English Voice

Ian Sinclair Image Gallery Mezo Shoji Images Mezo Shoji ( 障 ( しょう ) 子 ( じ ) 目 ( め ) 蔵 ( ぞう ), Shōji Mezō ? ), besides known as the Tentacle Hero: Tentacole ( 触手ヒーロー テンタコル, Shokushu Hīrō Tentakoru ? ), is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a pro Hero .


Mezo is a tall, muscular young man with pale gray hair swept forwards, covering most of his confront, and bent downwards at about a right angle over his eye. He has six arms, all attached to each other by a web of hide, which are very physically strong, and while his Quirk is not in use only the front two arms have hands, the lie ending in reduce stumps. While less pronounced in the zanzibar copal, he has a slenderly elongate face, his eyes set more towards the sides, the majority of which, for some argue, he has constantly kept hidden by a blue disguise, which covers him from precisely below his eyes to the base of his neck. He has never been seen without it on, as he does n’t appear when the early students are bathing in the blistering springs, and he wears it with every equip. To speak and eat, he merely grows a mouth on the end of one of his tentacles, although once, in the Forest Training Camp Arc, when his arm was injured, he has been seen speaking with his actual talk. Although he has no discernible ears, he does n’t have to use his quirk to hear. During school hours, he wears the regular male U.A. uniform, the merely luminary difference between his and the other students ‘ being that his is bootless to make board for his six tentacles, and he wears a vest rather than a blazer. He besides does n’t wear the common brown dress shoes, rather replacing them with a pair of thick-soled bootleg espadrilles. His hero costume consists of a besotted blue tank top, six whiten markings resembling eyes, connected at the acme to a dark, more indigo-colored masquerade, its design the lapp as the one he normally wears. He has a belt out with another, larger center form embedded into its focus on, this prison term yellow, below which he wears slightly baggy trousers to match his shirt, two dark lines running down the sides of his legs, and indigo boots .


Despite his frightening appearance, Mezo is a very friendly and gentle person who will work nicely with anyone. He is not the type to hold grudges, showing no ill will towards those that harm him unwillingly. Mezo is quite altruistic and volition to risk his life for anyone. He can be empathic and sympathy, but still shows a sense of adulthood and province that prevents himself from acting under emotional impulses, even if he feels regretful about it. It is discernible that he is very protective of his chap classmates, specially if they are hurt or injured. The Ultra Archive book states that his feelings for his friends are stronger than anyone else and does n’t mind sacrificing himself. [ 2 ] Mezo claims to hold no desire for fabric needs, being fine with having few possessions of his own. This is a trait he has been carrying since childhood. Mezo is besides quite thick-skinned, as he said he was used to being feared and seemed unfazed when Pony Tsunotori called him an octopus and said she did n’t like to look at him. In Mezo ‘s hometown, there is still bias against those whose bodies are altered outwardly by their Quirks and people were often frightened of him. He started wearing his touch mask because his face made a young girl war cry and he did n’t want to be the campaign of anyone ‘s sadness. [ 2 ]


Overall Abilities : Mezo has proven to be a highly capable individual, as his skills allowed him to earn 6th place in the Quirk Apprehension Test. He besides has a estimable wield on his Quirk, Dupli-Arms, which he can use for both fight and centripetal purposes. Dupli-Arms makes Mezo excellent for spying and venture out missions since his tentacle-created sensory parts have heightened functions. While Mezo is firm enough to carry more than one person on his back with minimal attempt, he is further adequate to of shielding or hiding them from danger thanks to his Dupli-Arms having a lacy social organization. Mezo besides possesses dear chumminess, using his quirk to detect nearby enemies, and using his tentacles to cause a distraction so that his comrades can take their opponents by surprise .
Utilizing physical art and Quirk handle, Mezo has repeatedly displayed the capacity to swiftly fend off dangerous villains such as Kurogiri and Himiko Toga, effectively providing binding for his comrades, and emerging unharmed. During the third match of the Joint Training Battle, he faced off against Pony Tsunotori, one of the fastest students in Class 1-B, effectively countering her barrage of cornet attacks, including the surprise attack she attempted to use, until Mashirao Ojiro intervened to restrain Pony. Afterwards, Pony admitted that, even with her abilities, she overall could n’t defeat Mezo. On Nabu Island, Mezo had enough heart to take on Chimera but was promptly subdued by the latter before he could fully act. The next day, while getting Mahoro and Katsuma Shimano to safety, Mezo was confronted by Nine, who used his Bullet Laser Quirk to attack the masked hero. Mezo was soon assisted by Mashirao and Kyoka, and all three of them were able to surprise the villain and pivot him down, forcing Nine into using the full ability of his Air Wall Quirk to defeat the three of students. His abilities finally garnered the attention of Gang Orca, giving Mezo the opportunity to intern under the No. 12 ( once No. 10 ) Pro Hero and improve on his search techniques .

  • Enhanced Strength: Mezo possesses a high degree of physical strength, as he was able to exert as much as 540 kilograms (1,188 pounds) of force during the Quirk Apprehension Test. The strength displayed during this test indicates he has more than enough strength to crush a human‘s skull with just one of his many hands. For combat, Mezo’s Quirk multiplies his already great physical brawn by replicating his arms, giving him force equivalent to at least half a ton when using just one set of his tentacle arms. He was able to carry both Tsuyu Asui and Minoru Mineta on his back without any difficulty, as well as send Himiko Toga flying several meters away with a mere slap. Mezo has also shown to be strong enough to crush solid bone, as shown when he broke Pony Tsunotori’s horns.
  • Enhanced Speed: Despite his size and muscular physique, Mezo possesses impressive speed. He was able to pull several of his classmates out of the way before Kurogiri had the time to warp them to different locations. He was also able to run away from a full-power Dark Shadow to reach Katsuki and Shoto, all while injured and carrying Izuku. Soon after, he was able to intercept Himiko Toga, a swift villain with whom Shota Aizawa and Izuku had trouble keeping up, before she could further harm an injured Izuku.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Mezo also has a deep supply of stamina. After a long day of rigorously training his Quirk at the forest training camp, he was able to continuously evade a full-power Dark Shadow while carrying Izuku for a substantial amount of time. He was also able to sprint at full speed after Pony, one of the Class 1-B’s fastest students, for 15 minutes without letting up. He endured Nine’s Bullet Laser assault, and despite the severe injuries, Mezo had enough strength to tackle him to the ground before being defeated by the villain.
  • Enhanced Durability: Mezo has been shown to withstand a great amount of damage. During the Vanguard Action Squad Invasion, he had 1 arm dismembered, 3 others burned by Dabi’s flames, and his legs withstood a great fall after being thrown high into the air by Ochaco and Tsuyu. Afterwards, Mezo continued to battle as well as was save Izuku from Himiko, showing no signs of a hindered performance. In addition, during Nine’s second attack on Nabu island, Mezo was the only member of Class 1-A capable of using his body to protect Mahoro and Katsuma from falling debris caused by Nine’s assault. Soon after, he was able to endure a good amount of Nine’s Bullet Laser Quirk but was moderately injured.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Mezo has extremely good reflexes. He was able to simultaneously dodge Dark Shadow and save Izuku in The Beast’s Forest, while during the Joint Training Battle’s third round, Mezo was capable of countering Pony’s high-speed horn attacks she fired at him. The latter feat was exceptionally impressive seeing as her horns were too fast for even Shoto Todoroki to react to them.

Keen Intellect : Mezo is known to be quite healthy, scoring tenth position in the midterms, displaying his skill in academics. He is besides very analytic, as he was able to efficaciously discern that the argue Fumikage lost control of Dark Shadow, which the Jet-Black Hero had trained to keep under restraint in the darkness, was due to Fumikage ‘s negative emotions influencing Dark Shadow, making the Quirk flush more knock-down and disobedient in the dark. Mezo was besides able to deduce the mechanics behind the Quirk of Mr. Compress from seeing the after-effect of the latter ’ second power once .


Dupli-Arms ( 複 ( ふく ) 製 ( せい ) 腕 ( わん ), Fukuseiwan ?, light. “ Replication Arm ” ) : Mezo ‘s Quirk grants him a set of tentacles alongside his arms. He can transform the tips of these tentacles to replicate other parts of his body ( ex-husband : mouth, ears, eyes ). The duplicated consistency parts are more efficient than the originals ; as a leave, Mezo is able to hear better, diaphanous more angles at a time, and they grant him much higher degrees of potency. His detection ability from his Quirk is thus mighty that he is able to hear the movements of Toru Hagakure in ordering to counter the clandestine capabilities of her Invisibility Quirk. This feat renders sneak attacks ineffective against Mezo. He besides uses these arms to talk most of the prison term through double mouths, rather than his actual mouth. Mezo is besides able to extend his tentacles, and, with an arm at the end, can use them like grappling hooks to scale walls, grab onto pipes to promptly evade attacks, or get to a vantage point. As separate of his discipline, Mezo swiftly created multiple tentacles, with eyes and ears, to seek out the invisible Toru, all to increase his centripetal capabilities. In the Obstacle Race, Dupli-Arms can be seen acting like a pair of wings, which enables Shoji to glide in the vent for a short clock time, thus able to jump from a stone column to another without needing to touch the ropes. [ 3 ]

Ultimate Moves


  • Ultra Archive
  • Ultra Analysis
Power 5/5 A
Speed 2/5 D
Technique 4/5 B
Intelligence 3/5 C
Cooperativeness 4/5 B

Mezo’s stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book

Power 5/6 A
Speed 2/6 D
Technique 5/6 A
Wits 3/6 C
Camaraderie 5/6 A

Mezo’s stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book

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  • While Mezo’s face has not been officially unveiled in the series yet, a piece of concept art showcases what could possibly be Mezo’s true face, featuring a wide mouth with a set of jagged teeth. The same concept artwork also implies that Mezo is capable of using his Quirk to replicate miniature versions of his head.
  • According to Mezo’s Volume 3 profile:
    • His favorite foods are takoyaki and squid ink pasta.
    • To keep himself warm during winter, Mezo wears a poncho.
    • Horikoshi considers Mezo fun to draw due to his less human-like features.
    • Horikoshi wants to tell Mezo’s backstory, but still doesn’t know when he will be able to do so.
  • Mezo’s known U.A. academic data is as follows:
    • Student No. 11 in Class 1-A.
    • Ranked 6th during the Quirk Apprehension Test.
      • Mezo’s Grip Strength record is 540 kilograms. His previous record was 46 kilograms in middle school.
    • Ranked 10th in Class 1-A’s mid-term grades.
    • Ranked in the Top 42 of the U.A. Sports Festival First-Year Stage.
  • Mezo’s surname contains the kanji for “to harm” 障, shō ? 子, jemaah islamiyah ? 目, me ? 蔵, ?
    • Mezo’s surname is also a type of Japanese sliding door 障子, shōji ?
    • Mezo’s name comes from an old saying: “walls have ears, doors have eyes” “ 壁に耳あり障子に目あり ”

      , kabe ni mimi ari shōji ni me ari ?Guanzi.

  • Measuring at 187 centimeters, Mezo is the tallest student in his class.
    • He is also, ironically enough, the youngest of the class, with his birthday taking place in late February. He is younger than Tsuyu by three days who is the second youngest student in Class 1-A.
  • Mezo’s Japanese voice actor, Masakazu Nishida, also voices Sen Kaibara.
  • Horikoshi considers either Mezo or Jurota Shishida to be the physically strongest first-year students without using their Quirks.[4]


  • (To his classmates, regarding Katsuki Bakugo’s kidnapping) “I get it. Kirishima’s pain over not being able to do anything… and Todoroki’s regrets over having Bakugo snatched away before his eyes. I regret it all too. Still… this is no time to let our emotions get the better of us.“[5]
  • (To Pony Tsunotori) “I’m no stranger to being feared.“[6]


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