My Hero Academia: 10 Most Powerful Female Characters, Ranked

The female heroes of My Hero Academia are badass. The female heroes are fabulously strong and reliable in their own right, much saving the day with their own singular strengths and powers .
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A hero ‘s power and popularity can be gauged by the current rankings in the Pro Hero roll, which is largely dependable, with a few flaws such as a degree of randomization. For heroes with a low number or no rank at all, their might level is determined by how good they fare against respective opponents, using minor rankings from the Ultra Analysis Book. But careless of the measurement, all of these ladies are boisterous and ferocious .

10 Uwabami

Uwabami from My Hero Academia surrounded by a crowd of fans This Pro Hero has no hero rank numeral or alter-ego name, but gladly helps the other heroes combat villains or enemies when they arise. Uwabami prefers her fame modeling career over the life of a hero, but always rises to the occasion when she is needed. The snakes on her mind have very acute senses, enabling Uwabami to locate criminals or civilians in indigence of help .
Uwabami frequently assists rescue operations, and at one point used her Quirk to locate people who were trapped under fallen debris after a particularly explosive fight between All Might and All For One. While her power is on the broken side, her news and proficiency more than make up for her lack of physical persuasiveness .

9 Himiko Toga

Close up of Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia. Toga is a big menace throughout the appearance, as she systematically faces off against the U.A. students, respective teachers, and Pro Heroes. Toga ‘s Quirk is Transform, which enables her to change into anyone american samoa long as she has ingested some of their blood. Toga has been shown in the zanzibar copal to replicate looks, but in the manga, she can besides replicate certain people ‘s Quirks, making her much more knock-down than fans first presumed .
Toga is decidedly a threat to anyone she fights, and although she is a villain and has no hero rank, she is an important member of the League of Villains, much becoming implemental in their plans to take down the heroes. She is one of the most beloved villains in the series, and her Quirk makes her furtive and cunning a well as physically potent .

8 Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia smiling and activating her yellow spiral quirk from her hands A junior at U.A., Nejire is one of the Big 3, the strongest students in the school. She is cutthroat in battle despite her normally cheerful persona, and her insanely firm Quirk, Wave Motion, puts her in a place to surpass the forte of a lot of Pro Heroes. She systematically teams up with the Dragon Hero Ryukyu to take on big opponents despite her altitude disadvantage .
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Wave Motion allows Nejire to release her department of energy in spirals from her hands and feet. Although these spirals are not very fast, the shockwaves they produce are highly powerful and allow her to fly deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as bang enemies from long and short-circuit ranges. Her exponent ranks an A according to the Ultra Analysis Book, one of the highest in the MHA draw .

7 Emi Fukukado / Ms. Joke

Ms Joke from My Hero Academia grinning with her eyes closed and hand to her face Like mate teacher Midnight, Ms. Joke is a pro hero but has no number ranking. She teaches sophomore class 2 at Ketsubusu Academy. Her Quirk Outburst allows her to incapacitate her enemy with uncontrollable laughter, much like Midnight ‘s Somnambulist immobilizes opponents with sleep-inducing aromas .
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Despite their similar powers, Ms. Joke is more herculean than midnight since she is more focused on melee fight, whereas Midnight acts more as a support agent. Midnight besides has a rank of D for her power, making her a little less potent than Ms. Joke .

6 Wild Wild Pussycats

Pixie Bob from My Hero Academia grimacing and holding her hands up in annoyance The Wild, Wild Pussycats champion team includes female heroes Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, and Ragdoll, alongside their male collaborator Tiger. together they make up number 411 on the Pro Hero rankings. Ragdoll is presently Quirkless in the anime due to All For One, but advance had the Quirk Search, which could monitor up to 100 people at once .
Pixie-Bob has Earth Flow, which allows her to manipulate the earth around her, and Mandalay has Telepath, allowing her to communicate with people over long distances. This hero team specializes in mountain rescue, having saved many lives on the dangerous terrain around them, and helped train the U.A. students during a Quirk Training Camp.

5 Yu Takeyama / Mt. Lady

Mt Lady from My Hero Academia smirking and holding up her hand in a wave Mt. Lady is presently the number 23 Pro Hero. It is worth noting that not all Pro Heroes have been named in the zanzibar copal or manga, so there may be other nameless female heroes above her in the rankings .
Mt. Lady is conceited and loves being a celebrity, but she will never risk harming a civilian and constantly steps up when hero work must be done. Her Gigantification Quirk enables her to grow to over 200 meters tall, towering her over most buildings. Her flying recoil is devastating, but her lastingness is even more impressive as she willingly puts herself in injury ‘s way to protect civilians .

4 Eri

Eri smiling in My Hero Academia laughing and running to someone for a hug Eri was used as a human guinea farrow to develop a Quirk-erasing drug for the villains, ascribable to her Quirk Rewind, which reverses a person ‘s torso back to a former country. This power was used to erase one of the Big 3 ‘s Quirks. Overhaul’s experiment on Eri is a truly shocking My Hero Academia moment, but she has come out of her beat and tried to be a good hero since escaping her atrocious restriction .
As a child, Eri is not physically strong, and may not reach the heights of the acme 10 Pro Heroes, but her Quirk is extremely brawny and easily manipulated if put in the incorrectly hands .

3 Ryuko Tatsuma / Ryukyu

Ryukyu from My Hero Academia crossing her arms and looking serious The stream number 10 hero uses her Dragon Quirk to transform into a terrify dragon that can fly and rip aside integral buildings. While Ryukyu is passionate about saving people, she has a softer side and has stated that she would have refused her number 10 rank if possible, due to her inability to save one person ‘s life sentence .
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Her enhance intensity and lastingness make Ryukyu a formidable opposition, specially as her power and intelligence both rank A according to the Ultra Analysis Book .

2 Rumi Usagiyama / Mirko

Mirko from My Hero Academia flexing her arm and looking serious Mirko presently ranks one-fifth in the Pro Hero roll after Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist, and Edgeshot. Mirko faces down much stronger opponents with determination, refusing to back away when people are in danger. Her Rabbit Quirk enables her to use enhance listening to locate criminals and civilians, use her enhanced physical abilities to overpower enemies, and her high pain permissiveness that enables her to keep fighting even after she has been gravely injured .
Mirko ‘s baron, accelerate, and ‘bounce power ‘ all rank A in the Ultra Analysis Book, and in the zanzibar copal, she has shown that she is capable of taking down Nomus and mighty enemies with relief .

1 Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura from My Hero Academia smiling and facing the camera on a snowy day As the seventh exploiter of One For All, Nana is one of the most herculean characters in the MHA universe. Nana is kind and dedicated, with a potent sense of justice. She taught her pupil All Might to always smile while saving people, to reassure their hearts in the face of danger.

Nana ‘s Quirk Float allows her to hover in mid-air, in addition to her inherit One For All Quirk, which allows Nana to elevate her physical abilities to superhuman levels. All Might and Deku have enhanced the Quirk ‘s abilities, but Nana inspires them both to take the ability to newfangled heights .
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